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User Roles - Limit which users can delete Files uploaded to Xero

Started by Glennis Stuckey in Feature Requests | Idea


To give our clients peace of mind about being paperless for bookkeeping, we would like to limit which users can delete documents from Files.

I know, a malicious staff member probably wouldn't throw out a folder of receipts, so why would they bother deleting documents from Xero Files?

Risk may be low, but it would still be good to dictate it.

Actually this would be a very useful thing to have

Sarah Lochead - Macmillan

As a client of Glennis Stuckey I would agree that this is definately a feature i would like to protect my accounts

Lisa Mackay

This would provide some serious peace of mind - has this happened and I just didn't find the link?

Rachel Mesite

Hi Rachel,

No this hasn't happened yet :-(. We need to drum up some votes :-).

Thanks, Glennis

Glennis Stuckey

Hello Glennis,

This is definitely an issue the Xero team should be working on to improve security.

As an example, an employee with only draft invoice access could delete the receipts images he/she submitted along with the expense claim that is already approved and paid. The document would then be gone forever without the knowledge of the person who approved it.

After the file has been deleted, the file link still appears in the history section of the claim but nothing happens when you try clicking on the link to open the deleted file.

You get my vote on this.



Daniel Vézina

Thanks Daniel. I'm pretty security conscious, but aside from that, our paperless clients won't meet IRD requirements if their paperwork has been deleted from XFiles (Xero Files) and they were paperless.

Glennis Stuckey

Another vote for this. We have a client generates boxes and boxes of creditor documents a year and would love to go paperless but have far too many staff who won't be able to access the areas of Xero they need to if I set their permission levels low enough that they can't access purchases. It needs to be tamper proof.

Gillian Krzanich