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Reporting: Insert page breaks

Started by Tom Limroth in Feature Requests | Done!

Is there a way to insert page breaks in reports such as the Balance Sheet so that Assets appear on one page and Liabilities & Equity on the next?
Official Xero Reply
Hi everyone, I’m Brigitte from the team that’s been developing page breaks in Xero reporting.
About a month on from Kelly’s last update, I’m pleased to share that we’ve just released page breaks in Xero’s financial reports.

Using the layout editor there’s now a page break icon in the top toolbar that allows you to insert page breaks in between sections and rows of your report.

Once inserted, simply click the PDF icon to export a copy so you can see where your inserted page breaks visually appear within the report.

Thank you to everyone from the conversation here and those that participated in the feedback we requested on Xero Central. Look forward to hearing your feedback 😊

Brigitte A (Xero Staff)