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Customer is also a Supplier

Started by Christos Iacovou -   in Accounting

I have a Customer who I also Rent space from as well and he sets of the rent from the balance he owes me. How can I have One Statement to show both Transactions so that I can see the REAL Balance he ownes me.

If you find your customer on the list of Contacts it will show separate figures for "you owe them" and "they owe you". If that is not what you what, you could record the customer's rent bills as Sales Credit Notes. This way the customer's Accounts receivable balance would be net of any rent owed.

John Knight  

Good idea, John.

@Christos, you could also check out the Contact Transations reports - The Summary will give you a quick over view, otherwise you can drill into the different sections of the report to view individual transactions within Receivables & Payables.

Kelly M (Community Manager)