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Running a payroll inclusive of dividend payroll item and wage earnings

Started by Susanne Carrier -   in US Payroll

I am new to Xero and seem to be having trouble with figuring how to setup a payroll with the following items:

Sample Earnings:
Wage/Salary Amount $2,750
Dividend $2,000

The Wage/Salary Amount is taxable via Federal, FICU, State, Unemployment, etc. taxes
The Dividend Amount is taxable via FICU, State, Unemployment, etc. taxes.

I have used Quickbooks and have always run my payroll with these type of earnings. My accountant had advised me to fun my payroll in this manner. Recently changed OS from Windows 10 to iOS Mac. Quickbooks for Mac doesn't have a payroll feature so it has to run online.

I have purchased Parallels to run my Windows based Quickbooks but it's so slow that I lose interest, usually take over 20+ minutes just to open my QB, very frustrating. Decided to seek another alternative to Quickbooks. I also considered their online service but the cost is higher. Found Xero and absolutely love the interface and functionality however can't figure out how to make the earnings work on the payroll. Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks!!