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Holiday entitlement - is it/can it be worked out and taken in hours rather than days?

Started by Sally Hilton -   in UK Payroll


My apologies if this question already exists. I couldn't find it and I'm not prepared to search through 29 pages to look for it.

The payroll system I'm currently using can only deal with holiday entitlement in days. I work out my employees' entitlement in hours and they book their time off in hours, which means I currently have to manually put in their holiday pay as an "other payment" that I've had to create manually and call "holiday pay".
I use Xero for my accounting and I'm thinking of switching for my payroll as well so that it's all in one place but i need to know the answer to this before I make the switch, as my current one is free.

I have 1 employee (soon to be 2) who's job role has 2 rates of pay. They're contracted to 30 hours per week but 5 of those hours are at £12 per hour and 25 are at £5.55 per hour.
They work 5 days but they work different hours across those days (Mon = 8.5, Tues = 7.5, Wed = 7.5, Thurs = 5.5, Sat = 1) so it's unfair and inaccurate for make her take annual leave in days.
e.g. If she was to mainly only take Saturdays & Thursdays off, she's not getting as much time off as she would if she took Mondays or Tuesdays off.

Can Xero accrue holiday entitlement in hours and be taken in hours? And can an employee request time off in hours, such as if they're working 8.5 hours in 1 day but want to just book off half a day, could they request 4.5 hours holiday for that day? And will the holiday balance show her remaining entitlement in hours?

Please can someone help with this. I can't seem to find the answer anywhere.
Thanks :)