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AU Payroll - Payroll Leave Accruals

Started by Leanne Cole -   in AU Payroll

How can I get Xero to accrue leave on other ordinary time earnings rates? We have apprentices who are entitled to accrue annual leave, personal leave & rostered day hours for days that they attend TAFE, we have set up an ordinary earnings rate called TAFE and it does not appear to be accruing leave as I need it to, the balance of the week is paid from ORDINARY EARNING RATE. I don't want to set up a fixed rate accrual, but it appears that they may be my only option. We need to show the hours that they attend TAFE on their payslip. I would appreciate some help.
I would log a support request with Xero. If it is set up as Ordinary Earnings Rate it should accrue.

Joy Moore  

Thanks, Joy! Yes, Support's the right way to go as we can't really look into issues like this on Community.

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

Hey Leanne - If the TAFE earnings rate is in addition to their normal earnings rate, it would need to be set up in the payroll settings with a rate type of 'Multiple of employee's ordinary earnings'. When you use this rate type, there's an additional option at the bottom that allows you to accrue leave on these earnings.

Quenby S (Community Manager)