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Contacts: Allow duplicate contact names

Started by Adam Jackson in Feature Requests | Idea

We have 14 clients who are part of the same group, each of which has a unique site address to which the invoice has to go but all of which have exactly the same company name. If we don't invoice the company name exactly correctly they return the invoice.

In Xero, I have one of the sites entered but when entering another it says there is already a client with that name, but I don't have the alternative of using a different company name or we won't get paid.

Can we have the ability to have clients with exactly the same company name? There are other requests on here for multiple addresses per client but this is one address per client but each client having exactly the same trading name.

Changing the address in Xero for each invoice is a messy way around it and causes problems with statements and copy invoices down the line.
Official Xero Reply
Coming up Feb 2020, there's been lots of change in Xero since my last official reply in 2018 and I'm sorry we've not much commented here since then.

We have some fresh eyes owning Contacts, and while their initial focus is the delivery of ship-to addresses, and development of credit limits there's a lot of groundwork that's been done to give focus contact structure

Some of the strongest feedback concerning Contacts relates back to it's underlying structure and design within the product - This doesn't mean any immediate movement to share on duplicate contacts names, however with the next piece of work lined up being centred on the overarching contact record I do want to assure you that naming convention is certainly going to be looked at

I'll revisit to update later in the year when existing works have been released, and we have more shape of what's to come in Contacts.

Kelly M (Community Manager)