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AU Payroll - Show employee DOB in timesheets

Started by Alexandra bonner in Payroll Feature Requests | Idea

When entering timesheets would be good to have the employees age next to their name so its easy to know what pay rate to put in. When we have a n umber of employees i have to go back into their employment details to find out their age then go back into timesheets to fill out the correct pay rate.
If you enter the rate into the "Pay Template" section of the employee, the rate will automatically be loaded into draft payslip when you run a payrun. This means you only need to enter the hours. Hope that helps.

John Cierpiatka

Slightly different issue but still relating to employee ages - wouldn't it be fantastic if Xero could alert us when a junior employee is included in a payrun if they've had a birthday since they were last paid. Something along the lines of "Joe Smith has turned 17 - does the payrate need to be updated?"

Lyn Ireland

Hi John,
The timesheets that employees enter could be made better as pay rates change with times they have worked during the day e.g. rates for 9-5pm are different from 5-10pm and so on. aLSO the timesheet system doesnt capture split shifts. So it would be mucg beter for employees to input the from and to times rather than the total hours as this creates a lot more work for the employer. Simply have an ADD button to enter a split shift.

Alexandra bonner

HI Lyn, yes it would be great to have the updated message but if you still have a handful of employees its hard to always remember their age. i guess the pay template covers this in a way .... it would be good to have that updated message until the pay rate is actually updated or you can select a "update not required" option. E.g. for employees over 21 ... pay rate doesnt change (for the award we use anyway)

Alexandra bonner