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4.3 out of 5 stars
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About Abacus

Expenses without the report. You submit your expenses as you go, and get paid back right away with direct deposit into your bank account. For more information, check out Abacus.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Abacus, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the Abacus support center or this page for information on connecting Abacus to Xero.

The UI in Abacus is nice and the integration works as advertised. But Abacus' expense import algorithms are fairly buggy. Some expenses appear twice while others appear to not import at all. The mapping of credit cards is quite painful and seems to double up for no apparent reason. We'll continue using for a while in hopes that they fix up these issues, but you test the app heavily before rolling it out.

Jerry Johnson  

Simple app, could integrate with tags, categories, and budget lines before even Expensify could. Great, inexpensive, VERY intuitive tool that is robust but shockingly simple.

Philip Radford  

Hey Kelly, I completely hear where you're coming from and just so you know, we're in the process of building a new Abacus accrual accounting sync to Xero, where each expense will be able to sync in with the exact vendor as well as transaction date into the system, which will allow you to do exactly that kind of reporting - stay tuned!

Omar Qari  

When the abacus bills auto feed into Xero it really makes for very easy accounting, however, there are some issues I've encountered. While the charge gets coded to the proper expense account through the abacus bill, we have no way of tracking what the money was spent on. Say we want to know how much we have spent on marketing expense with XYZ Company. Yes we can see the payments to XYZ that we've made via check, ACH or credit card through the 'expense by contact' report but what about payments that were made to that company by an employee who then sought reimbursement through Abacus? Those expenses are captured only under the 'Abacus' contact. Is there a fix for this coming? Like using some kind of system where abacus is simply the 'sub contact' or something like that and we can record the true contact? If someone from Xero could chime in on this, that would be great. Thanks!

Kelly Johnson  

Finally. My expense problems are solved. We just give everyone phones instead of corporate cards.

Randall Bennett  

Hey there Xero community, we're a new startup trying to kill the expense report and make it way faster to submit, approve and reimburse employee expenses! We already have a bunch of customers on Xero, so super excited to now share our latest integration with you publicly.

Omar Qari