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AU Payroll - Super Stream Payment Failure

Started by Adeline Fernandez -   in AU Payroll

We submitted a super payment yesterday which ended up failing. We have used Xero clearing house consistently in the past and this is the first time the payment has failed. The error message we received was

"You cannot pay Super via Non-SuperStream, please select a SuperStream enabled fund"

That's all we got, with no further explanation and I haven't been able to find this error message anywhere on the help function within Xero. Anyone able to help with this?

We need to make this payment urgently as the super payment deadline is looming!

Official Xero Reply
Hey everyone - Yes, there has been an increase in the number of fails occurring with Auto Super batches, due to SuperStream becoming mandatory for all employers and super funds on 31 October last year (2016).

There are a number of funds which are no longer SuperStream compliant, which is one element, there are also some organisations that have not updated old SPIN's to USI's, or updated ESA's for self managed super funds, which will cause batches to fail as well.
When a batch fails, we do our very best to get the notification to the registered auto super authoriser in that organisation as quickly as possible. However, during peak times (ie, around 28 January), the volume of submissions is extremely high, which pushes the volumes of fails up as well.

The notification that we send will contain the details of the fund or other data that is causing the fail, as well as instructions on how to fix it. Please check with the registered authoriser for auto super, as we will not send this to any other user in the organisation (don't forget to check Spam/Junk folders). If they haven't heard from us within a few business days, please contact our Support team. Do not submit the batch again, as it will continue to fail until the right details have been fixed.

Just a quick tip in regards to deadlines - the process takes between 4 and 5 business days from the time you approve the batch in Xero. Please keep an eye on your notifications in Xero coming up to quarterly cut off dates, as we'll send out a message with a recommended date to submit your batches by, so they reach the super funds in time.

Quenby S (Community Manager)