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AU Payroll - Single Touch Payroll Update

Started by Sam Wright in Payroll Feature Requests | Done!

As the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) moves to a digital platform for all business interactions, digital “real time” reporting within payroll is one of its initiatives.

Single Touch Payroll proposes to streamline the administration of employee payroll, tax and superannuation obligations for employers.

When does STP start?

It is proposed that Single Touch Payroll will be available from July 2017 for early adopters; and all organisations of 20 or more employees will be required to start transmitting from July 2018.

Does Xero have a Payroll update coming to include Single Touch Payroll ATO requirements?
Official Xero Reply
Hiya everyone, happy 2019!
As most here'll know, Single Touch Payroll is now available to all AU organisations in Xero with 20+ employees. We'll mark this thread as Done now, and return each of your votes here.
Again, we have some great info around STP and Xero here on our website, or come on into our specialists at Support if there's anything you're needing help. Thanks :)

Kelly M (Community Manager)