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4.2 out of 5 stars
Based on 6 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Figured, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Figured

The complete online livestock tracking, farm budgeting and forecasting tool that works hand-in-hand with Xero.
For more information, check out Figured.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Figured, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support & product information, contact the Figured team.

We have been an early adopter of Figured. Their team have a deep understanding of the industry they work in. Their product allows the farmer and their advisors to all connect and work off the same financial data, not only raising financial awareness but empowering users to make better financial decisions.

Figured have continued to work tirelessly on improving their product with the desire to make the product as intuitive as possible. Over the years they have developed into a serious brand in the rural financial services market. We have been impressed on the capability of the product working with large multi farm entities right down to smaller rural businesses.

Keep up the good work and continuing innovation.

Brett Bennett
FARMit Accountants Ltd

Brett Bennett  

We have been using Figured now for the past 2 years and find it has been increasingly a very good product to use. We have put all our farmers and lifestyle blockers on the system now as a result of moving our accounting platform over to Xero.

The LITE package works very well with our Lifestyle Block owners and farmers not so computer literate and we use the more featured Figured program for the larger farms and small farms that want the extra information.

The system now replaces all of our livestock valuation and stock movement workpapers. Farms are encouraged to report stock movements on the system as they happen instead of at the end of the year when purchases and sales are forgotten.

No problem with recommending this package to potential users.

Mark Foster
UHY Haines Norton Auckland Ltd

Mark Foster  

We have been using Figured alongside Xero for a year or so and it has worked well for us. We started using Figured as we had farming clients using Xero and needed a way to report livestock and milk income in their annual financial statements. We are increasing our Figured client base as more clients are moving to Xero.

As with any software the more you use it, the more familiar you become with all areas and how to work out any difficulties. We are confident Figured will maintain a good reporting base for all our farming clients. The majority of current clients have a Figured Lite subscription and we do have clients that are using the full program which includes budgeting. The budgeting tool looks great but will require time from the client to create it initially. Figured is a great system as multiple users can have access to view financial progress during the year, for example, farmer, accountant, banker and farm advisor.

The help and training videos are a great asset, these are easy to understand and cover most of the topics we have needed to find information on.

We would be happy to recommend Figured as a farming reporting and budgeting system.

Katie Jones
Accounted4 Limited

Katie Jones  

The figured/Xero combination as worked well for us. We run a business with dairy cows, kiwifruit, avocado's and a number of smaller interests. The cross platform and cloud based infra-structure is better than anything else we looked at in the NZ rural market. Support from the local KPMG office as also been important.

Lesley Jensen  

Who can use figured?

Maria Torres  

My first impression of figured is that it is very simplistic, (to simplistic) especially Milk statements, I’m not very impressed.

The layout do's not take into account all the variables. it needs to reflect the full statement especially trading statements, etc.

It would be nice, see similarities to the actual mill statement layout or customize it for the client. Example Murray Goulburn, or any of the others.

This includes costs, trading statements, loans and other payments deducted from the milk statement. I would like to personally see a lot more detail or the ability to place more detail into the program, by adding more, names and linking them to the clients chart of accounts.

And for Australia to down load the statements into the app.

I hope these things will be implemented in the future,

Adrian Connolly  

As an early adopter of Figured on Farm, we have experienced all of the problems associated with an app that is being developed.

What we have been impressed with is the personal level of support from all the people at Figured, they understand the industry that we are working in and provide useful guidance assistance and solutions.

Having spent time with their people recently I was lucky to get to understand the vision and drive that they collectively have.

As they continue to deliver on their promises, I am convinced that we will have a tool that will be extremely valuable for farmers, bankers, advisers and of course us accountants to use collectively and in doing so be able to better informed than we ever have been.

Greg Newman
Winstanley Kerridge Chartered Accountants Limited

Greg Newman