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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Reporting

4.7 out of 5 stars
Based on 50 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Figured, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Figured

The complete online livestock tracking, farm budgeting and forecasting tool that works hand-in-hand with Xero.
For more information, check out Figured.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Figured, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support & product information, contact the Figured team.

Once set up (thanks Diprose Miller) the budgeting and forecasting tools are simple to use for our 50/50 sharemilking operation. The power for us with several stakeholders is the ability to easily produce and share management reports and updated forecasts amongst the group. The Figured team are great to deal with via the green bubble.

Adam Martin  

Figured really does take financial reporting to the next level. It is hard to remember life without it. Stock recs, budgets and forecasting are so much easier than they used to be.

Kathy Duff  

I have found using Figured useful, especially for my budgets. Easy to track my actual spending and budget through out the season.

It also is good for keeping a record of stock. We have dairy cows and beef stock so keeping track of every animal is a challenge. Every time we sell or buy an animal and reconcile an invoice or income on Xero it carries the entry through to Figured, which is easy to reconcile.

Finally the online support is excellent, with a person on line to help with queries if they occur.

Hazel Bourke  

I've been using Figured for over 2 years now. It's been a great tool for our business - being able to see what our expenditure and income is broken down into cents per kilo of milk solids is great. The livestock tracker saves an awful lot of time - we run for cattle and for dairy goats - love the fact that you can give your bank manager rights to view - they can see what they need without disturbing you and taking up time. Love the fact everything just flows through from the bank account, Fonterra, Farmsource, Farmlands etc, no double data entry.

Really recommend Figured to any agri business. Well done Figured!

Donna Morton  

I have been using Figured for approximately 4 years. There has been a great amount of improvement with the product over this time which has made it easier for both accountants and the end user.

The support team are fantastic - they are very responsive and knowledgeable.

I would highly recommend.


Louise Mason  

I have been using figured for just over a month and have found it really user friendly. The support team are so helpful and really quick at responding to queries! It has so many neat features, such as the livestock tracker to really keep on top of things and make reporting especially for end of year so much easier! The scenario tool is definitely one I'm looking forward to using as there aren't any other products I know of that offer this kind of reporting. Would 100% recommend for farming clients!

Chloe Lea  

We've been using Figured for our Farming clients for the last few years. Most of my clients are Dairy Farmers and with Fonterra so the link to their Farm Source accounts is brilliant and saves a lot of time at month and year end.
I find the whole set out of Figured very user friendly and similar enough to Xero which is makes teaching our clients a lot easier.

The three different subscriptions are great as my clients can pay for only what they need.

Figured is a great product and would highly recommend.


Theresa Farmer (Baker Tilly Staples Rodway)  

Figured has got to be one of the best Xero add ons there is!

I have been using Figured for just over a year now and it is very user friendly. It doesn't take long at all to learn the skills needed to help our Agri clients.

The Agri clients love seeing the breakdown of how the surplus from livestock trading is shown by using the great reports Figured has to offer.

If you ever get stuck on anything, the Figured team are always very helpful and quick to respond. I have received most of my help from Jessie and Nick who are very friendly and can help you find the solution in a way that is easy to understand.

Overall, this is a great product! Well done Figured.

Charles Newberry  

I have been using figured for the last 3 years and it is has developed into a great tool for us and our Agri clients.

The end of year stock rec headaches are a thing of the past with all livestock movements being kept up to date during the year.

Budgeting is really easy and the reports available help farmers to track progress against budget during the current season.

Lastly, the Figured team are really friendly and responsive so if you're stuck on something, they will sort it out for you.

Tom Hanning
Polson Higgs, Business Advisors

Tom Hanning  

I have been using Figured for a couple of years now and slowly getting my head around all the handy features they offer. If I do have any issues their customer service is excellent (especially Jessie) and everything will be sorted in no time. Figured is perfect for all our agri clients.

Amelia McDonald-Nairn  

I have only been using Figured for the last six months, and use it in combination with Xero. It works very well for us, we use it for the dairy farm and suits our needs very well. Budgeting and reporting is easy to use as is stock management.
I have not used all parts of the program yet, but what i have seen of it so far has impressed me.
Silvia Haddock
Financial administrator
Four Peaks Dairy Farm Ltd

Silvia Haddock  

Just started using Figured after years of using excel spread sheets for budgeting. Its so much easier in figured and i find it really easy to navigate and get help.
The seamless integration with Xero makes it so easy to compare Actual v Budget and forecasting is a pleasure


Mike Perring  

We are just a few years with Figured and I must say their sound business and morals are inspirational to say the least . They are prepared to help as much as possible .I would recommend them to any one involved in farming. Figured appear to be in this for the right reasons. I think Figured help connect your whole farm business support operation .Thankyou Suds and the team for everything so far
Brenden Reidy Farm Manager
Hawkes Bay

Brenden Reidy  

I've been using Figured for a few years now. I'm a CA and have been helping a farm through it's organic conversion. It has been invaluable in helping me forecast cash flows and compare actuals to budget. Part of the farm is in dairy so it really helps us get a decent handle on the cash income situation too. It also makes it super easy to create reports and send them out to budget owners on the farm for monthly reviews. Not to mention our bank loves the fact that we can provide them decent reports and updates in no time at all. Highly recommend Figured if you're doing anything in the Ag sector and already on Xero.

Alex Novak  

We have been using Figured for a couple of years now and love how easy it makes tracking livestock and milk production, makes reconciliations and valuations so much more simpler than our old spreadsheets. The Budgets are great to use and so useful to be able to give access to bankers and farm advisors as well.

Wendy Oliver  

We have been using Figured since moving onto the Xero Accounting system. It is a great tool for us. We have 5 dairy farms and several run off blocks. With the Syncing between Xero & Figured means that every thing is Tracking correctly and budgets and forecast are so much more accurate especially since you are really working from one source.
I can recommend Figured as a great farming programme option in conjunction with Xero.

Mary-Anne Lindsay  

We have recently started using both Xero and Figured for our businesses and are very impressed. The fact that Xero & Figured work together saves a lot of double handling with data. We can now simply enter actual data into Xero and our actual + forecasts automatically updates in Figured. Figured is absolutely brilliant for completing budgets, being able to lock them down and then updating forecasts to give us a true reflection of our current and forecasted cash flow position. The ability to run a wide range of reports also helps with our discussion and decision making as a team. The ability to have all our information available at our finger tips and in a very easy to use and presentable format is also great for working with our trusted advisers and professionals.
The help from the Figured support team has been great every time we had a question or needed some help.

Kalahari Farms Pty Ltd  

I have personally used Figured for the past 3 years. As a practice we use Figured for small dairy farms through to large multi farm businesses. Some of the key benefits is that is allows us to create and lock down budgets and reforecast cashflow for a business throughout the year. A great feature is the automatic importing of Fonterra KgMS into the milk tracker for reforecasting.

I have been impressed with the assistance and support which Figured provides. They are quick to respond and have great follow up service.

Adrian Wisse
KPMG Hamilton

Adrian Wisse  

i use Figured regularly with a variety of clients and have no problems recommending it to others. The integration with Xero is fantastic and I love the ongoing updates as well as the outstanding support. Whenever I've had issues (9/10 times user error) the support team has been quick to respond with the solution.

Daniel Kemp  

The Figured/Xero system has been a tremendous accounting and production tracking process for us. We have livestock and crops and this system encompasses both very well. The support when I have questions has been wonderful to help me understand and correct any problems. When I have wanted to develop more areas of tracking, the Figured team has been diligent to help out. This system covers so much tracking data but is simple to use.

Jana Strahm  

Figured really helps! Its usable, I can create forecasts, amend forecasts, track cattle, milk volumes etc. I have farm staff giving me comments on their variances so my monthly reports are meaningful and real!

Its great!

Pam Bicknell  

For the first time in my computing farming life I have got a budget/cash flow that is accurate is easy to amend and that you can trust. The help team are pretty good too when you have a senior farmer moment..You would be a mug not to give Figured a try.

James Aitken  

I am heavy user of Xero, as a book keeper for some clients, but I am also a director for a Family Mixed Cropping and Ag Contracting farm with my brother.

I have been using Figured from early on and I was really encouraging Figured to develop their crop tracker (I knew about Figured from the development stages as a friend is one of the original shareholders).

Working on Forecasts for mixed cropping units can drive you mad.

The farm has over 14-20 separate revenue lines and multiple payment terms and we also have carry over large stock (seed and hay stock's) every season. Nearly a quarter of our revenue is received in the first quarter of any financial year from carry over stock.

Attempting to track cash flow and provide the detailed forecasts for banks was previously costing a fortune in accounting fees, time and with often inaccurate results.

The ability to create easy variance reports to track process was almost impossible.

I have found figured has been very helpful, reduced the amount of time working through the process and is more accurate.

The reports I am able to deliver to my brother (That he can understand and make decisions on) and the banks have been invaluable.
From a banking perceptive the detailed and accurate data has also allowed the business to negotiate reduced interest rate costs.

One of the things that hasn't been so good is transferring the invoice data created within Xero into Figured. Unfortunately the current process means I need to manually re enter invoices into Figured for the Crop tracker.
Considering the farm issues upwards of 700 invoices a season and half of those need to be reentered in Figured is a negative. It is impractical for our operation to create invoices within Figured as the data then transferred to Xero is accurate enough for me.

I believe this is to addressed in updates.

Outside this I would still give Figured a 9 - I would be lost now without it as a tool and I look forward to further improvements.

Andrew Brydon  

Hi, We have been using Xero and Figured for several years. We find it easy to use and the fact everything is linked means we can acurately monitor our cashflow which keeps everyone happy, especially the bank!

Katherine Mccallum  

hi, we have been using Xero and Figured for our Dairy farming Business for 12 months, after using a different program for many years. Our accountant recommended switching to Xero and Figured. i found it easy to switch over to, easy to use, and the help team and our accountant are great. i love the way the work together, and sync regularly,

Caroline Harrison  

I've been using Figured for just over a year now and wouldn't look back. We were using a tired software package which meant a lot of doubling up of data, but now with reconciliation in Xero, and syncing in with Figured it makes the job so much easier. What used to take me 1-2 hours to do monthly accounts now only takes 1/2 an hour (max!).

Not only does it free up more time for farmers, but also being on the cloud means more accessibility for data to assist for decision making.

Hamish Thomsen  

We as a practice have been using figured since Version 1. We have found the staff at figured excellent to work with, they are always willing to help and find solutions to any issues we may have. Figured is now an integral part of all of our major Farming enterprises and allows us to work closely with the client and their Management team to get timely up to date information, helping their businesses move forward.

Bridget Telfer | Chrisp & Davidson  

As a practice we have been using figured for a touch over 3 years. The key benefits for us the ease of use of the production trackers that feed into budgets and re-forecasting across the season. Being in the cloud we can have great conversation with our clients regardless of where they are looking at the same data and updating as we go.
The forecast cash position on the dashboard is quite handy for a glance by clients.

The figured team are constantly developing new features and updates which is good to continuously improve the program. The support team are really handy when things go south.
The Key development we are looking forward to being based in Bay of plenty is the build out of horticulture trackers to handle Kiwifruit and Avocado producers.

Trevor Knyvett
KPMG Tauranga

Trevor Knyvett  

Figured has created efficiency gains in our business by reducing data input to one set of numbers that our accountant, banker and advisors can view. Figured creates disciplines in our business by providing actuals to budget monthly and then the ability to re-forecast before buying/selling. The tool is simple and easy to use and you can create any report necessary to assist in driving profitability in your business. Love it!

Nicole Killen  

Figured has really helped us keep track of our stock. It is also great to budgeting and reporting.

Zoe McNair  

As an early adopter it has been great to see Figured develop into a powerful financial and livestock tool to improve profitability. I have really enjoyed the ability to track my financials alongside livestock valuation movements and get a real accurate picture of how my profitability is tracking without having to wait until the accountant produces the P&L statement at end of year. Support is great and always there to help solve and queries. The team are always prepared for feedback and seem to get onto updates and improvements quickly based on suggestions.

Will Foley
Foley Farming Enterprises Ltd
Waipukurau, Hawkes Bay

Will Foley  

Figured gives farmers and their professionals the ability to view real time data from the same source which is ideal. The Figured chat box is great and the quick response times by the support staff is excellent!!

Joseph O'Donoghue  

I use the reporting in figured as the comparison to budget and forecast is in a good format for sharing with Farm Managers. I would love to see more structured training available - similar to what is available to Xero partners.
The scenarios option would be great if you could start with current position as an option.

Kim Vernon  

Finding the cashflow forecasting element of Figured really useful, along with the trackers. The support from the Figured team is excellent.

Jaclyn Dale  

Figured has been a really easy product to use. I value the support provided by the team at Figured and their willingness to help.

It is a great tool for businesses and enables them to make much more informed decisions.

Rachel Barker  

Figured is a great tool which makes life so much easier in terms of reconciling stock for year end and knowing what is on hand at any given time. The reports are clear and easy to follow. The budgeting and forecasting tool is simple to use easy to edit. The support team are quick to respond and sort out problems - we have asked for some tweaks to be made on the velvet tracker which they did immediately.

I would like to see the ability to export reports to csv files in Excel rather than the current copy and paste which does not allow for easy manipulation of data. Also, a tracker summary report which could show all the trackers at a specific date on one report rather than having to run them individually would be fantastic.

We love it and so does our bank.

Nicole Ewen  

My firm has been using Figured for two years now and found it hugely benificial to our customers. The ease of forecasting and updating that forecast for the year ahead, along with the ability to update to the latest Fonterra milk price is critical for us.
Figured gives us clear, conscise reports with the ability to drill down into further detail where we need, as well as keep accurate stock recs and account for stock movements all in one place.

Ann-Marie Longthorn  

As a Sheep and Beef Farmer, I have been a Figured User for the past year and a half and have found it to be a very useful tool that allows me to have an improved level of knowledge in relation to my business and where it is headed each year. It allows me to have the foresight to make changes to my forecast as the seasons change in a timely manner.

The online Support is exceptional and an added bonus. Thank You.

Jonathan Miller

Tess & Dick Miller  

It is so easy to use. I like the way that Figured reconciles the stock and links easily with xero. Figured also makes the reporting so easy compared with what we had to work with before. if we needed help the process was easy and efficent.

Libby Fisher  

Xero plus figured are easy to use common sense programs that allow the use of real time information in real life decision making. The tools in figured make the benefits to your business endless

Amanda Burling .(Baker Tilly Staples Rodway)  

Hi, we have been using Xero and Figured for the past year. We are very impressed with real time financial data that we can quickly compare to budget and see how we are tracking.
A very powerful tool as part of our business.

Steve Broughton  

We have been using Figured now for 18 months and although there have been a few small issues, the best part about Figured is the fact that they are prepared to hear about your experience and listen and action on any feedback or improvements/changes that you feel are required.

Figured is a very easy to use program and the fact that it works alongside Xero has been a huge bonus to our business.

Figured staff are happy to hear about your experiences (good and bad) and use this feedback to improve their program on a regular basis. It is always being updated with new features and any repairs that are required to help it run smoothly.

The cropping side is continuously improving and even though there are still a few small issues to sort, I know when I am talking to them they are on the same page as me and are working towards achieving the same results/changes that I require.

Overall very happy that we made the change.

Stacey Storrier  

Support is great, allows a conversation at farm level between operator and Accountant, clients love thew information real time, banks we have worked with think it is great, getting referrals from banks now

Ian Watson  

As a farm administrator using Figured and Xero for up to 12 sheep and beef farms at any one time, I can definitely recommend the synergy between the two. It has made budgeting and reporting very simple, and sorted out those pesky stock recs!

The support team are always ready to help out which is great when you are starting out.

Joanna Terry  

Having recently joined figured, I've been really impressed with the level of customer service. The app is easy to use once you get your head around it and the team at figured have assisted in this process ensuring it was painless. The team at figured are willing to hold your hand through each step which has saved me both time and money with my accountant. Well worth the monthly investment to have the level of detail figured provides around our farm performance.

Paula Bishop  

We have been using Figured and Xero for nearly two years and have been surprised with the easy synchronisation of information between the two platforms.

Budgeting and forecasting using the 'Trackers' is relatively straightforward, especially with the benefit of accounting for quantities that Xero does not. The seemless integration with Xero enables easy Actual v Budget comparison reporting and reforecasting as well as the sharing of reports to any number of users/recipients.

The greatest benefits are having all users (client, accountant, banker and farm adviser) working on the one data source and the extra interest clients have shown in wanting to understand their financial statements and KPI's.

Figured's help desk is also second to none.

We look forward to the continued development of this product and would like to see some work on accounting for Winter Milk suppliers.

Stephen Graham
BDO Rotorua Limited
Farm Accountants and Advisers

Stephen Graham  

We are a rural accounting practice and was an early adopter of Xero. To be honest - we thought it was Christmas when Figured came along & were going to provide us with a cloud solution (which integrated with Xero) to produce our milk & livestock statements for Annual Financial Statements. Yes, as early adopters we experienced some pain but the rate of continuous updates & improvements has been really impressive. I have had a bit to do with the Figured team over the years & think they are fantastic with good knowledge & a "can do" attitude.

Milk & livestock statements are of course only the beginning. Figured are so much more than that. In this new cloud world we can now run budgets & rolling forecasts for our clients which was impossible to do cost effectively in any prior software solution.

Keep up the great work team.

Martin Pipe
The Business Results Group Limited
Chartered Accountants
Te Puke


Martin Pipe  

We have been an early adopter of Figured. Their team have a deep understanding of the industry they work in. Their product allows the farmer and their advisors to all connect and work off the same financial data, not only raising financial awareness but empowering users to make better financial decisions.

Figured have continued to work tirelessly on improving their product with the desire to make the product as intuitive as possible. Over the years they have developed into a serious brand in the rural financial services market. We have been impressed on the capability of the product working with large multi farm entities right down to smaller rural businesses.

Keep up the good work and continuing innovation.

Brett Bennett
FARMit Accountants Ltd

Brett Bennett  

We have been using Figured now for the past 2 years and find it has been increasingly a very good product to use. We have put all our farmers and lifestyle blockers on the system now as a result of moving our accounting platform over to Xero.

The LITE package works very well with our Lifestyle Block owners and farmers not so computer literate and we use the more featured Figured program for the larger farms and small farms that want the extra information.

The system now replaces all of our livestock valuation and stock movement workpapers. Farms are encouraged to report stock movements on the system as they happen instead of at the end of the year when purchases and sales are forgotten.

No problem with recommending this package to potential users.

Mark Foster
UHY Haines Norton Auckland Ltd

Mark Foster  

We have been using Figured alongside Xero for a year or so and it has worked well for us. We started using Figured as we had farming clients using Xero and needed a way to report livestock and milk income in their annual financial statements. We are increasing our Figured client base as more clients are moving to Xero.

As with any software the more you use it, the more familiar you become with all areas and how to work out any difficulties. We are confident Figured will maintain a good reporting base for all our farming clients. The majority of current clients have a Figured Lite subscription and we do have clients that are using the full program which includes budgeting. The budgeting tool looks great but will require time from the client to create it initially. Figured is a great system as multiple users can have access to view financial progress during the year, for example, farmer, accountant, banker and farm advisor.

The help and training videos are a great asset, these are easy to understand and cover most of the topics we have needed to find information on.

We would be happy to recommend Figured as a farming reporting and budgeting system.

Katie Jones
Accounted4 Limited

Katie Jones  

The figured/Xero combination as worked well for us. We run a business with dairy cows, kiwifruit, avocado's and a number of smaller interests. The cross platform and cloud based infra-structure is better than anything else we looked at in the NZ rural market. Support from the local KPMG office as also been important.

Lesley Jensen  

Who can use figured?

Maria Torres  

My first impression of figured is that it is very simplistic, (to simplistic) especially Milk statements, I’m not very impressed.

The layout do's not take into account all the variables. it needs to reflect the full statement especially trading statements, etc.

It would be nice, see similarities to the actual mill statement layout or customize it for the client. Example Murray Goulburn, or any of the others.

This includes costs, trading statements, loans and other payments deducted from the milk statement. I would like to personally see a lot more detail or the ability to place more detail into the program, by adding more, names and linking them to the clients chart of accounts.

And for Australia to down load the statements into the app.

I hope these things will be implemented in the future,

Adrian Connolly  

As an early adopter of Figured on Farm, we have experienced all of the problems associated with an app that is being developed.

What we have been impressed with is the personal level of support from all the people at Figured, they understand the industry that we are working in and provide useful guidance assistance and solutions.

Having spent time with their people recently I was lucky to get to understand the vision and drive that they collectively have.

As they continue to deliver on their promises, I am convinced that we will have a tool that will be extremely valuable for farmers, bankers, advisers and of course us accountants to use collectively and in doing so be able to better informed than we ever have been.

Greg Newman
Winstanley Kerridge Chartered Accountants Limited

Greg Newman