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Capsule CRM integration stopped working

Started by JJ Kennedy -   in Using Xero Connected Apps

We have been using Capsule CRM integrated with Xero for a few weeks now without any problems. Today it just stopped working. No changes to the settings have been made.

After doing some research I have found that there is an API call limit. How can we check if this has been reached?

In Capsule CRM we are getting the following error when trying to export a contact to Xero.

“Error exporting contact”

Existing linked contacts show the following message.

“Accounting service unavailable”

We are also having the exact same problems as of today!!

Sally Cage  

Sally - FYI I have also sent a support request to Capsule, so hopefully we can get this resolved ASAP!

JJ Kennedy  

Brilliant, thanks JJ!

Sally Cage  

This has now been resolved by Capsule. Their response below:

There was a problem with the configuration of our Xero integration with caused the problems you were seeing. This has now been resolved and we're putting steps in place to stop this problem from happening again.
All you need to do is logout and log back in again and the problem should be resolved

We're really sorry about this and hope it didn't cause too much trouble.

JJ Kennedy  

That's fab news - thanks so much, JJ!

Sally Cage  

I am also experiencing the “Accounting service unavailable” error - I have tried logging out and back in and also using a different browser but I'm still experiencing the same issues.

Any advice?

Venuemob Team  

As an addendum - am also experiencing the "Error exporting contact" message when I try to export a new contact to Xero.

Venuemob Team  

After having no problems for months exporting contacts from Capsule to Xero, I am now getting "Error exporting contact". - Any ideas on how to resolve this?


Paul Lynch  

I am getting the same errors yesterday and today. I don't want to create a new contact in xero to get the invoice out as I then won't be able to link them again I don't think. Or can I. Please help

Donna Martin  

I am trying the same thing.. contact export from Capsule to Xero ...and getting an error message. Who can help?

Mike Daly  

@Mike the Xero integration was developed by the Capsule team so ideally you should contact them for more information. We work closely with them to resolve any issues our joint customers have, so will be happy to help out if there is any info/assistance we can lend them.

If you are not getting anywhere though, please drop a line to support@xero.com and we can see what we can do to assist on our side.

Ronan Quirke (Community Manager)  

Hi, I'm also having a similar issue - have gone through the steps t integrate Capsule and Xero but I don't get error message, it's just that nothing happens and I have no contacts in Zero. Am I best to contact Capsule or are there steps / pointers Xero can give me?


Julien Lesage