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How to reactivate a cancelled subscription

Started by Deirdre Connolly -   in Small Business


I didn't realised it immediately deleted the account when you cancel subscription. I need to print out all the invoices so is there a way I can reactivate an account so I can get all my information from it.

Thank you
I need this too, so I am hoping someone responds with an answer! :)

Barbara Campbell  

Info isn't deleted; Xero stores your data according to legislative requirements :) Just get in touch with the team and let them know you'd like your account reinstated to export out your data.

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

I've got in touch with the team but no response!!! I need to reactivate an account ASAP. Would love contact Xero!

Andrew Laing  

Hi Andrew, I am sorry it did take a little longer than we'd like to get back to you on this. I see Jess has helped sort out the reactivation of your org, but just let us know if you need any more help.

Kelly M (Community Manager)  

could you please reactivate just Mary Hong Art LLC. if I want to reactivate our account for use continually where can i do that? please advise. Thanks, Mary

Mary Hong  

Hi Mary, have you contacted Support? I can't see any recent emails from your user login here. The Subscriber will need to reach out to the team to request a reactivation of a Xero org.

Kelly M (Community Manager)  

Brittany and Kelly,

Please can you tell me how long data is retained for? If a subscription is cancelled can we come back to it 10 years later if tax authorities wish to investigate something?

Mark Larrington  

So to confirm we keep data according to legislative requirements. At least 6 years in the UK.

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

Hi Brittany,

I only need to do yearly book keeping / accounts. Can I subscribe for a paid subscription for 1-2 months and then cancel the subscription and only to resubscribe 10-12 months later and do this repeatedly across the years.

Will all my company data be stored?

I understand that there is a reactivation fee as mentioned in Help Centre section. May I want how much is the reactivation fee?


Peter Soh  

Hi I need to get my payroll information for all of my past employees but I don't have an active subscription. Can you help me do this?

Greg Price  

Hi Greg, the Subscriber of the org can do this by contacting our Support team to request temporary access so they can reactivate the org and you can export your data - More details on the effects of cancelling a subscription in our help center.

@Peter - We've have a help page with options on this sort of scenario. As you'd be opening and closing the account periodically you'll need to discuss fees with our Support team. Happy to get them in touch if you want more detail?
As Brittany has noted above, we will keep data according to legislative requirements.

Kelly M (Community Manager)  

My old accountant wouldn't pass my information on to my new accountant and cancelled my subscription for xero because he's trying to cause trouble, how can I get back on i need to do my book work.

Kelly Board  

Hey Kelly - sorry to hear that you're having some troubles with your previous accountant. I know you reached out to our team directly, and they're definitely best placed to help you through this.

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

Hi, Xero deactivated my account which I have been using since April 2014. I wrote to the help team to have it deactivated and was advised that it was a “trial” account so they did not keep the data! I had a paid subscription not a trial! I have over three years worth of my business transactions stored there and I am shocked that your organisation could show such disregard for safeguarding customer information.
Please help to restore my information. Surely you cannot have simply deleted it?!

Stephanie Low  

Hi Stephanie I've taken a quick look into your email with Support and it's not 100% correct. I'm sorry if this has caused you any stress! I can confirm that your organisation wasn't a trial, and so wasn't deleted. I'll get the team back in touch to talk you through how to reinstate your organisation. They'll need to you email in from the subscriber's email address though.

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

PLease Help me restore my account! The state needs info by the end of this week!! Lloydelectrics

Jason Lloyd  

Hey Jason - I've taken a look at your email to Support, and have escalated so the team will get back to you as soon as they can.

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

Hi there - I have 4 companies and 2 are now closed. If I shut the subscriptions down, how long does Xero keep the records on file for? I am based in Australia. Thanks Kate

Kate Holz  

Hi Kate, while we recommend you keep your own backups as well, when a subscription's cancelled Xero will hold data based on common small business retention guidelines - For example in AU at least 5 years.
The Subscriber can access the org's data at any time, by reaching out to support and reactivating the subscription, for a fee.

Kelly M (Community Manager)  

Hi there, can someone contact me urgently regarding reactivating a cancelled subscription. I was informed by my accountant that it was all good to cancel the subscription and now the ATO is asking for overdue activity statements!

Jason Aboukalam  

Appreciate your wanting to get access back into your org, Jason. Have you come into Support about this? I'm having trouble locating any recent emails from this login.
We will need to receive an email from you as the Subscriber of the org, in order to take the steps to reactivate and provide access.

Kelly M (Community Manager)  

Hi, really needing some help to get my account re activated? How do I do this is there any phone numbers for Xero to get help? Thanks

Garry Bailey  

I have been here before trying to restore my account-last time I logged in (which I have again now) and was then told I needed to log in to be verified. I also do not have access to the original email. How can I get the sub back so we can access the accounts?

Lance Martin  

Hi Lance, our Support team will be able to help verify your identity, and arrange access to the account.
I can see you came in back in March on a similar issue, if you don't have access to the original email, but can still login to Xero you can verify yourself by reaching out to Support when logged into Xero. This'll be recorded against your user account, which the Support team can then verify.

Kelly M (Community Manager)  

Can you please advise:
1. If you re-activate a file after many months or years after cancellation, do you have to back-pay for the missed months/years or do you just restart with the current monthly fee?
2, Please advise how much the 'reactivation fee' is. I can't find anywhere in the support notes how much this fee is. Under what circumstances would it be payable?

Ian Wheeler  

Hiya Ian, when you cancel a subscription you'll be sent a 'final bill' with the last lot of charges. You'll not be charged for any time in between cancelling your subscription and reactivating. Currently a reactivation fee only applies if there are any outstanding charges from the time you originally cancelled your organisaiton.

We keep organisation's data to comply with record keeping requirements, this is dependant on current legislation.

If you do need to get access to an account you've cancelled, the Subscriber can reactivate the organisation whilst logged into My Xero.

Kelly M (Community Manager)