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Batch Payments: Reference from the Bill instead of Contacts

Started by Campbell Dawson in Feature Requests | Working on it

When generating a batch payment for multiple bills, the reference column of the batch payment is driven from the reference field within the supplier contact.

When a batch payment is made the reference is automatically set from contacts rather than the reference on the invoice. This means that in the reference column of the batch payment the invoice reference is required to manually added, doing this also updates the contact which means this process has to be completed every month otherwise you end up exporting payments with the previous months invoice reference as the payment reference.

The simplest fix is just make the reference for the payment driven from the reference on the invoice, as this is the information the supplier wants to see when the payment hits their bank statement.
Official Xero Reply
Completely get the frustration here, and I'm sorry we've not updated this thread before now (Oct 2019), everyone.

Batch Payments is something that's been high on our radar for quite some time. It's one of the more original parts of Xero, so we know that it needed some dedicated love to make it relevant for you all doing in business in 2019, having been originally released 10 years ago. This does mean a full research, design, testing, and then building of the feature, rather than a small tweak.

The good news is a new Batch Payments experience is now well underway. The team have been taking on board feedback from a range of sources, including your thoughts here, and it's been a pivotal part of how the feature has been developed. As requested, I'm happy to let you know the reference from the bill always show when a batch payment is created, in a separate column.

We'll be progressively rolling this out over the coming wee-while, starting with those of you in Australia. Keep an eye out and we'll let you know once it's on the way to you.
- Lauren

Lauren C (Community Manager)