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Batch Payments: Reference from the Bill instead of Contacts

Started by Campbell Dawson in Feature Requests | No plans

When generating a batch payment for multiple bills, the reference column of the batch payment is driven from the reference field within the supplier contact.

When a batch payment is made the reference is automatically set from contacts rather than the reference on the invoice. This means that in the reference column of the batch payment the invoice reference is required to manually added, doing this also updates the contact which means this process has to be completed every month otherwise you end up exporting payments with the previous months invoice reference as the payment reference.

The simplest fix is just make the reference for the payment driven from the reference on the invoice, as this is the information the supplier wants to see when the payment hits their bank statement.
Official Xero Reply
Hi everyone, I'm David a Product Lead within the team developing Xero's payment experience. Thanks for all your contributions in this idea, appreciating the feedback I did want to engage myself to explain a little more of the logic behind the scenes - Xero allows references to be pulled from either:
- what has been entered as a reference for the contact, or
- the bill reference.

Saying that, we understand the frustration here - not all our customers need the reference to be hard coded to the contact record. Batch payments is designed to cater for businesses that require the same reference for every invoice via the reference entered in the Contact record. An example of this would be utility companies needing an account number entered as a bill reference; so that the utility company knows who paid them.

However,  if you need to have all the payee references be pulled from the bill instead of the contact record then just remove the reference from the contact field when processing your batch
- Moving forward all of the bills selected for the batch payment will have their reference pulled into payee details. We hope this helps, and are considering changes to make this process clearer in our help, too. 

Giving clarity on how references work in Xero, should help you understand how to accommodate the reference you need to be surfaced when processing batch payments.
While we’ll continue to enhance the flows and visuals through this batch experience, we don’t have any intentions of changing the way in which the reference’s here behave at this point in time and we’ll close this request to set the expectation for all.

Thank you

David Yam (Xero Staff)

Best Reply as chosen by Kelly M (Community Manager)
Mike and all, thoroughly appreciate your engagement and enthusiasm to see movement in the idea here.
I'm in discussions with the team at present, and we're working to get a better view of the entirety of where the team's focusing and what this means relative to the needs expressed here.
Though I can't give an exact date, I'll be returning to share more of an update soon.

Kelly M (Community Manager)