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Reconciliation - Different colour for bank rules vs suggestion

Started by David Harris [Russell Turner] in Feature Requests | Idea

It would be good to have a different color/colour for when a bank rule is applied on the bank reconciliation screen. This way it is more obvious to whoever is doing the bank rec the difference between transactions where a bank rule is applied vs when Xero makes a suggestion.
got my vote :) easy and simple to apply

Antony Daamen

Merged: Reconciliation: Bank Rules - Change colour of matching rule

Would be nice if transactions matched with a bank rule were coloured differently to others in the bank reconciliation screen (e.g. matched invoices etc show up green, unmatched items are all blue, make bank rules different also - just makes them easier to identify

Adam Sellars

Thanks Adam - yes it could be made clearer with a different colour! Will let you know if plans are made to change this.

Brittany H (Community Manager)

Thanks Brittany

Adam Sellars

Merged: Colour bank rule matched items

Hi, I would like to see the matching item due to a bank rule match highlighted in green to make it easier to spot.

Alison Grocott