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Esign for document templates and reports

Started by amber jenkins in Feature Requests | Idea

Hello Xero

We love Xero and it is fast becoming the hub of our business. We are a small plumbing business and use Xero to send out Quotes to our clients. We also have to send contracts and legal documents for clients to sign when the job is won. It would be great if the Adobe Sign feature currently available to businesses on Xero Practice Manager was also available on the everyday business plans.

The integration between Adobe Sign and Xero has already been created and is in use (for practice manager) so why can't all Xero users have access to this feature???

Yes, I agree totally as I would also like to the Financial Statements being signed as well.

Fred Walker

Has there been any motion on this issue? Integrating Xero and Adobe esign for all users is high on my want list as well!

Darlin Gray

Is it possible to use Adobe sign for electronic quote signatures?

Jason Hill

I'd like to be able to package multiple tax returns and financial statements into one package & get them all e-signed together. I would hazard a guess that most Xero practices, have client groups, rather than single tax return clients.

Having to send multiple emails to get things signed is not efficient. Currently I have to ask clients to sign the tax returns via e-sign (with one email per tax return??), but then print, sign & scan the directors declarations? I understand that the tax signature is the first in the series, but right now I am regretting signing up for E-sign.

Nathan Watt

Yes, much needed feature for streamlined operations.

Donnie (Reports) Buchanan

Merged: e-sign financials

I would love to see digital signing of financial statements and the ability to maybe send them with the tax return compilation.

Louise Lennox

E-sign Financials is coming... not sure of the time line though... still.a way off as I understand it.

Anthia Clark

Hiya Louise and Anthia - we don't have immediate plans for adding the ability to e-sign right now. I'm going to merge to this larger request. If there are any plans to develop this we'll be sure to let you all know there.

Kelly M (Community Manager)

It would be good to be able to send out customizable contracts to customers that includes information of $ and goods from pre / pro forma invoice, It would be good to have $ amount limits so that internal people can sign off on the document before it goes out to the customers for signatures. It would be good to have the system follow up on the contracts on a defined period of time set by the contract creator.

Edward Howard

Merged: Digital Signing for Financial Statements

To coincide with Xero tax and digital signing, the financial statements should also be able to have a digital signature.
It's the only part which requires manual signing.

Charles Domin

I would really like to see TPAR, STP Event and Standing Authorities as well as STP Finalisations added. Heaps easier when all e-Sign processes are together!

Carmen Green

any updates on this yet?

Christopher Le

Has been requested for the digital signature of financial statements for over a year. We would love to have it soon.

Elva Bachmayer

Nice update for all our Partners here! We’ve released a new feature ‘Xero Sign’ powered by Adobe. With the use of Xero HQ you can create Document Packs, made up of your clients tax returns, financial documents as well as the ability to upload supporting documents.
From your document packs, edit your docs to add e-signature requests within, before sending to respective clients.
Find out more of the in’s & out’s through our Blog, and help in over in Xero Central. Connect your account and get going, it's free of use through to 30 Sep 2020.

Kelly M (Community Manager)