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AU Payroll: Settings - Additional Employee Group

Started by Cyril Martinez -   in AU Payroll

Currently, we are opening a branch and we hope to put a different tracking category but it seems like the payroll setting does not allow two employee group to be selected. We like to track the employees assigned to other location and which division they are in.
Hey Cyril - There are 2 types of tracking in Payroll. Employee Groups and Timesheet Tracking. Employee Groups are static and you can only choose one per employee. Timesheet tracking allows you to track hours worked against multiple categories. Note that you can only use a tracking category for either Employee Groups or Timesheet Tracking. They can't be used for both. Check out this page for more details.

Quenby S (Community Manager)  

In our organization we need to track employees by both division and location - we do not use timesheets and do not wish to. This is something we would like to see happen as well.

Rebekah Garrett  

I have the same issue would really like tow tracking options without using timesheets as this does not track annual leave, Bonus etc either

Sarah Dougherty  

Thanks for coming into the Community here Sarah, Rebekah and Cyril. As Quenby mentioned, you can only set up 2 tracking categories in Xero Payroll - Employee groups and Timesheet tracking. If you're wanting to apply tracking on top of employee groups, you'll need to use Timesheet tracking.

Re. branches, if your company is opening a second branch, we'd recommend setting up a new Xero org (even if the same employees will be working in both) to ensure calculations for PAYG and super are correct as well as EoFY information.
This'll allow you to set up an employee group for each branch. If you've got any specific questions about this, feel free to reach out to our support team who'll be more than happy to guide you through it.

I'll close this request and return your votes to you so you can add your support to other areas where you'd like to see change 😊

Cassidy Hall (Community Manager)