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Started by Xero API -   in Add-on Reviews |eCommerce

2.6 out of 5 stars
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If you are a user of Xero and Squarespace, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

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I signed up for Xero due to its sync with my Squarespace ECommerce site, but am extremely disappointed to find that it doesn't sync the inventory. This leaves me to make an inventory adjustment manually every month :(

Andrew Johnson  

I'am in the same situation. I was under the impression that the inventory would be synchronized with Xero. Now that I have my Xero account, I find out that I have to enter my inventory all over again in Xero. Double the work! That is very frustrating.

Saul Gutierrez  

I, too, am more than frustrated. Squarespace does have super themes/layout to build a website.
I chose Xero over QB largely because of the SS/Xero integration and I just prefer Xero.

I have been discussing Xero's integration with Squarespace in back and forth emails for about three months.

I believe Squarespace would respond to increased interest/requests to complete the Xero integration which should include the inventory movement as inventory is the reason for the financial activity in the first place.

Nice to know I am not by myself.


Debby Carmichael  

We Deffinetely need integration

Pablo Freund  

To even advertise that the Squarespace and Xero integrate, should almost be considered false advertising if the inventory doesn't integrate. I have invested a lot of time into both systems at this point. I almost thought I had everything work right. I was shocked when I ran the manual feed yesterday. I made sure I used exactly the same item code for my inventory so that they would update. Although I never mapped it anywhere so I was skeptical if the inventory would update. The advertising should be "Integrates your sales data beautifully, but doesn't update your inventory!" The lack in basic accounting features (like inventory integration and distributing freight costs on a bill with inventory) make me feel like both companies do great marketing, but lack basic functionality to do business without making you do a bunch of work arounds. It is hard to get all the needed details on features until you sign up. I was attracted to both because the advertising was great and I wanted accounting integration for my store. I signed up for Squarespace first. They attracted me the most. Then, I signed up for Xero. I really thought both companies were trying to make Ecommerce easier. I am disappointed. I'm leaving Xero and Squarespace as soon as I find an alternative. I will definitely warn others who are selling inventory to stay away.

Corbin Thomander  

I can't seem to figure out the process.
Squarespace sends an invoice to Xero. That invoice sits there is Drafts until someone approves it. Once approved it sits there is Awaiting Payments until the payment gets put in. Then the Stripe sends the payments to Xero and so does the bank. Now I have 2 transactions in the bank matching.

What do I do? Is there a process article I can read?


Marilynn Schroeder  

I am with you Corbin. Xero has been nothing but a disappointing, frustrating hot mess for me. And SqSpace...not too much better. Throw stripe in between and it gets worse. Trying to learn more about QBO. I am out of here as soon as I can build up the strength to through the set up again.

Kenneth Weimar  

I can hear it now: "not another application to muddy the water!"
Perhaps beneficial to some; worth a look I think: https://www.ordoro.com/

The "all-in-one" leader at this stuff: http://www.emc.com/en-us/index.htm?fromGlobalSelector

Marty Kilian  

I agree with most things people have complained about. Inventory integration is key and doesn't seem like it would take that much work. I think it will give Xero users a key metric they need to run a tight ship.

On the customer service side, I have really enjoyed speaking with them. I've been walked through a lot of various things such integration with my bank accounts (making sure the numbers are the same).

I've also had no complaints from my tax guy when I gave him access to my account.


Dennis Lee  


This integration is nice at first, and then once you realize the reconciliation process you want to swallow a shotgun.

Can we PLEASE get an easy way to integrate the Stripe payment that comes from Squarespace with the invoice and Payment data Squarespace sends to Xero? How about a guide? Anything?

James Moore