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Expense Claims - Force user to add file attachment for certain expenses

Started by Elton Bartel in Feature Requests | Idea

It would be good if we could force user the user to add file attachments to certain expenses eg. New Capital It, Repairs & Maintenance, Donations. The setting for this could be in the chart of accounts edit account.
This would save a lot of time for those who have to follow-up on all Expense Claims! Would be interesting to see more feedback on this (also, don’t forget to add your own vote to this).

Brittany H (Community Manager)

+1 (out of votes!) this would be great

Richard Swift

great idea!!!

Michael Fox

+1 for me, I do the payments of reimbursements etc. so this would make it easier for all of us.

Antony Daamen

Has my vote....great idea

Mitch Uzelac

Has my vote

Karen Johnston

This is a must for us. We require a receipt for ALL expenses.

Jason Kiesel

All receipts to be added, great idea

Carla Pearce

Merged: Expense Claim - Requirement for file to be attached to receipt

I would like a setting that will require a receipt when a employee is submitting a expense claim. if no receipt then they can not support it.

Also if there is a report that can show expense claims with no receipt.

Ruzanna Jurian

Would definitely assist with record keeping.

Lynne Jankovic