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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Time tracking

4.8 out of 5 stars
Based on 39 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Chrometa, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Chrometa

Track your time automatically and create timesheets and invoices effortlessly. Chrometa captures every minute of your time as you work on your PC and/or Mac. For more information, check out Chrometa.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Chrometa, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the Chrometa support centre or this page for information on connecting Chrometa to Xero.

Hello this is vamshi from india,
Its a very good experience of using your time tracker
But your website design is little bit low on quality
I prefer you to improve your website user interface (I dont know how but), your website looks are not very attractive
Make it attractive

Im loving being part of your website

ravivamshi muthyalu  

This is the time tracker that I could find, the passive ability to track the programs you are on, when using your desktop great, but tracking emails subject lines, and email address used is beyond. The app tracks your activities on your phone and is great in conjunction with desktop and all the info is integrated with Xero.

Vasso Vass  

Chrometa definitely solves my problem of forgetting to log hours and then spend hours trying to remember how I filled them all. It's relatively simple to use, and although I had a few bumps during setup, the support team were extremely efficient in assisting with my problems.

Kate Els  

I run Chrometa on my all devices. And it is so good to have your personal time asisstent :D

Miljenko Makic  

Time heals everything. So download Chrometa coz you can be master of time!

Luka Ismajlovski  

I have 3 best friends, and when I use this app I can be sure to spend same time on all three of them. Love it coz it made me better person.

Cecilija Curic  

This modern world take us so much time and we are doing 100 things in same time. With this app we can manage how much time we will spent on which device. We can be more organised. Thank you Chrometa

Olivija Probuti  

I never imagined that some day I will have app for calculating my time. Time is money, this app saves money. Download it! Now ;)

Lucija Kokic  

This is a very good idea... We need to show people how much of their precious time they loose on smartphones or computers. Thank you for awesome aplication for every age !

Marko Neferanović  

Chrometa is very useful and clever application for our pc's and phone's. Now we can menage how much of our precius time we spent on ps/smartphone and use this time for bigger things.

Marina Rašić  

Crometa is great app if you have a problem with your time organizing ;) I am delighted!

Izabela Vrtar  

greate application!:)
Now you can do other things,because you know how much time you spend on computer,mobile phone...


Arrange your time with Chrometa now fast and easy !!

Leo Vugrinec  

Awesome app! I never knew I was running a charity until I installed Chrometa! I bought it 2 months ago and now i can appreciate my time more than ever.

Hana Bartolec  

If you want to arrange your time properly download Chrometa right now!

Sani Buhin  

This app helps you to learn manage your time well. Chrometa is what you need if you have problems with time.
It really help me, because my time is running without my knowledge...now I have more time for friends, family and everything else. I really reccomend :)

Ena Bartolec  

When friend told me that this app is so good I didn't believed him. But now... I'm checking app all the time. It helps me alot to calculate time for everything and everyone. Try it!!!

Branka Bartolec  

Awesome app! If you have ever had problems managing your time - Chrometa is what you need. Now I can spent more time with my family and friends. I recommend.

Leonarda Hrain  

If you need to understand why you keep running out of time, this will definitely not help. Once you learn how to manage your time well with Chrometa, you could channel the extra minutes or hours into making more money, spending more time
On yourself or your family. The possibilities are endless and I thank Chrometa for making them a reality.

Stephanie Opara  

I use this app just free trial, but it is so awsome that I'll buy it for sure. This kind of time manager, wooow. Amazing, no other words. Amazing

Tin Bartolec  

If you have ever had problems managing your time properly, then Chrometa is what you need. The fact that I can see how much time I spend doing the things I do the most everyday is just unbelievable. So from now on, whenever I say "I don't have time", I'll know what to do to fix that. Amazing!

Emeka Opara  

I am only on a free trial but Chrometa has been great so far. Would recommend it to all my friends. It is very efficient and professional.

Nicole Uchendu  

Incredible, amazing, superb, fantastic. You can add as many adjectives as you want! But nothing can justify Chrometa! This software saves time, tracks time and helps me stay on schedule!


tiffany wright  

Like it new to this.it'll take time figuring out,seems self explanatory I'm sure I'll be OK..its neat however ..nice they came up with such a good thing to use..for any organization or anything..

Kerry Gray  

Love it! Since I charge my clients for time spent and I multi-task a lot, it's a real benefit not to have to worry about time logs.
Only wish they would add new integrations (with Google Inbox, Franz, etc.).

Patrick P  

Chrometa is a fantastic online timekeeping solution for my creative agency. I've been running my business for the past 10 years and I wish I discovered this program ages ago. My graphic designers no longer have to log their time at the end of each day, it's all done automatically and accurately throughout the day. I love the way you can set rules and the time logs under each project - artwork/project management/meetings/research depending on which application they are on. I also love the way I can access the time allocated to each project - real time. This feature allows me to keep clients in the loop and ensure we deliver projects on budget. Well done Chrometa !!!

Jane Maguire  

This is a time tracking app that even Ron Baker can love. (For those who don't know him, Ron is an author, speaker, and thought leader who loathes time sheets and has good thoughts on the long term trend of moving away from billing hours, and moving toward pricing based on client value).

Chrometa is a tool for office workers which has an agent you run on your PC that tracks what you do, the documents you work on, and keeps it in a log which you can use to assign time to jobs/clients. There are also iOS and Android apps which can be used to track time/calls as you do them. This application lets you worry more about the details of your work, and does much of the time tracking in the background for you.

Time tracking, for better or worse, is part of the road to self-improvement in accounting. If you don't know how you spent your time (or if you're not conscious enough to track it contemporaneously), you may not see where you're wasting time and getting stuck in your work. If you bill by the hour (even though you should probably be moving to value pricing models), If you will use Chrometa, I think you'll pay for your annual Chrometa license in the first week you use the tool by capturing additional billable time (assuming you have the will to bill that extra time). Even if you don't end up billing the time, you will gain powerful, indisputable data about where you go on the internet during the day, what e-mails you sent, and what you worked on in apps like OneNote, Evernote, and others.

A final caution - time tracking is like exercise, and Chrometa is like a gym membership - it doesn't work if you don't use it. Track and review the data on a daily basis, especially for the first six weeks, which are critical in forming/breaking habitual behavior. And never forget - applications like Chrometa can't help people who, at their core, don't want to be helped, or won't acknowledge their problems with time tracking.

Brian Tankersley, CPA,CITP, CGMA
Former Technology Editor, The CPA Practice Advisor

Brian Tankersley, CPA, CITP, CGMA  

I have been using Chrometa for about a year now and it's great for logging time without having to create a spreadsheet.

Although I am a Xero user, I have not integrated the billing as it is not something my clients need.

Josephine Nattrass  

I've used Chrometa for about a month. Previously, I had been very lackadaisical with time tracking. Now my billable hours are logged & it's very easy to provide the necessary justification for my research time. Would definitely suggest Chrometa for anyone who wants an automated time-tracking solution.

Ian Peterson  

Chrometa - wish I had found this earlier.

Chris Patterson  

I was always hesitant to use Chrometa due to the price, but then I figured all of the other programs I had pieced together to accomplish some of the same things. The best features are the Android app (finally I can catch and bill for text messages) and the Outlook add-in - I spend 60% to 80% of my day in email, and I was losing so much income because I would get frustrated figuring my time, and just bill clients a tenth of an hour no matter how much time I would spend emailing them.

Anne Wilson  

Very good product with GREAT support! Adam, you are my hero. You help me right away every time I need the help! Rest of the team is really nice too.

Emma Johnson  

The Outlook Add In is worth my monthly subscription price many times over. I was never able to reconcile all of my email time effectively on my own. With Chrometa it's easy because every email I touch is captured as a time entry, with all the info I need to invoice for it in Xero.

Laura Thomas  

As I travel for my work at lot, I find myself using my cell phone more and more while on the go. Now that I have the Chrometa Android App, I see that I was losing thousands of dollars’ worth of time by not itemizing these calls. In fact, I downloaded the new app while on the road, and was able to sync my phone calls retroactively within minutes! Yeah Chrometa! I love the new Android App, and can’t wait to see your other new features.

Justy Namentel  

My boss liked the Activity Detail I submitted with my invoice so much that she now includes a blurb in her sales pitch and proposal about how detailed and accurate we are with our time reporting.

Pankaj Singh  

Not sure what Tom is referring to - all reports are available on every plan level. This is fantastic for billing. I always thought I was losing time but had no idea how much until I started using this. As Viv said the ROI is huge.

Becky McDonald  

I never knew I was running a charity until I installed Chrometa! The first day I ran it I found over one hours worth of billable time. Without the Timeline feature, I'd have lost it - and never billed for it.

I run Chrometa on the PC in my office, my Mac at home, and on my Android phone. It captures the time I spend on each device and syncs it up centrally for me in my main account.

I use Xero as the central source of my client list. Chrometa syncs up with this list, so that I can assign my time entries to the right client (or better yet let the rules do this for me) - and then I send the time entries back across to Xero as invoices.

Once you start keeping your time automatically you'll never go back to notes and timers!

Carson Gross  

$52,000 per year is how much more Chrometa will enable me to catch in billing. I calculated my underbilling as a minimum 4 hours per week. At $250 per hour ($1000 per week, $52,000 per annum) I'm elated with the way Chrometa picks up every billing minute through Gmail, iPhone, Outlook and Word & Excel Documents. I have connected Chrometa to XERO (one-touch process). Chrometa charges in 1, 6, 10-minute increments if I ask it to. I am quite computer illiterate, yet was able to install the programme, learn how it worked, with the help of online Videos and other written instructions. There is an online HELP service if required. I am an employment lawyer in Petone. I am very, very happy with this programme.

Viv d'Or  

Not true, you can export the excel reports for free. The price range is comparable to the Harvest app but the features are well on Chrometa side.

Dragos Ailiesei  

Chrometa could be good but to get any useful information out of it you need to buy reports that are not included in the monthly fee. This takes it out of what I consider to be a reasonable price range.

EDIT: The review below this, from Dragos Ailiesei, says my claim is not true, because there are reports you can export. Unfortunately, the reports you can export are not very useful for billing. That is why Chrometa charges for the useful ones.

EDIT: Motivated by Dragos's response, I tried Chrometa again and they have indeed improved their reporting enormously. As this was the only thing making it useless, I am trying it again and so far it is looking good.

Tom Trainer