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Welcome to Community!

Started by Brittany H (Community Manager) -   in Using Xero

Welcome to Community!

This forum gives you a space to ask, and answer, questions about Xero, accounting, and beyond! You're also able to request features, engage with the Product team, and receive updates on a feature you want developed.

Who are we?
Community is managed by Brittany, Kelly , Kavi, and Lauren, and we do read every comment! We all studied accounting at Uni, and know a lot about how to use Xero. We can't answer questions on how to account for things though - this is where our wonderful Partners come in. You'll see them floating around, jumping in when they can. You'll also get to know a bit about our Product team, who read your comments, provide updates, and ask for your feedback. These are the people that make the decisions on what's developed - some of them accept bribes...

Common questions:

How many votes does it take for a feature to be released?

There's no magical number here. Votes can help the team prioritise, but they're not the only factor the team consider. Some requests have zero votes, but are still implemented as they're a great idea. Some have 500, but the team may not be in position to add it to their plans.

Why hasn't this request received an update?
A little while ago we added an Official Xero Update. It's the first thing you see when you're looking for an update. Appreciate that you may want to hear regular updates from us - but that gets harder the more requests we get, and we don't want to repeat the same message. We'll update you when we have an update to give - so as to not bombard everyone's inboxes.

Why haven't you built the feature I requested?
This is a tricky one. I tried to answer this question in a Blog post - which you can read about here. But the gist of it is that we can't do everything at once, and we have a lot of different people requesting different things. We'd love to develop everything at once - but it can't be done. So we have to prioritise.

This thread is X days old, why hasn't it been developed?!
The age of a request doesn't necessarily push up it's priority. We still have a bunch to do - eventually we'll get there! Sometimes we look to solve more than one problem at once. So instead of making a bunch of small additions along the way, we'd rather make one big improvement - which can take a bit longer. This can mean requests seem to take a while to get looked at, but in reality it's been part of the bigger picture.

Hire more developers!
Throwing more people at a problem doesn't always work :) If you do know of anyone that'll be great for the job though - send them here: Xero.com/Careers

What are you working on?
If you take a look at the Feature Request section, and filter it by Working On It, you'll get a feel for what the teams are building. Not everything has a feature request though - and there's a bunch of other projects that we haven't necessarily shouted from the rooftops about.

Why hasn't my question been answered?
Community's a forum, primarily for peer to peer support. This isn't live chat, and us Community Managers won't answer every question. This is to help facilitate conversations between Xero users. There's no fun for others if we answer everything! If you've a burning question, you can send it through to Support, and when you get your answer make sure you update the Community :)
Official Xero Reply
Hi everyone, sorry if there's any confusion. This thread's not the best place to post your questions. If you're trying to reach the wider Community it's best to 'Post a new Discussion' within the most relevant Topic which are listed in the Home page.

Each Topics' page has a blurb at the top if you're wondering if your question fits there. Brittany and myself will also move new threads to the correct Topics where appropriate.

@Gemma - Thanks, I can see you've already re-posted this question here, in Small Business. I've responded to you there, in case there are others in the same position looking for advice. :)

@Amanda - There's already a feature request for showing Credit Notes in bank rec. Take a look and feel free to add your thoughts and vote there.

@Roy - Similarly there's a thread requesting the ability to add an address when raising an invoice for a new contact, that you might be interested in.

@Hazel - Likewise, this has already been raised as a request that you're welcome to contribute to. As per the Official reply there, we'll continue to update everyone there of the changes for invoicing.

Kelly M (Community Manager)