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Rich Text for Quote Summary and Terms

Started by Robert Palmer in Feature Requests | Idea

For the Summary and Terms fields on the New Quote screen, it would be great to have the capability of having simple rich text formatting (like bold, italic, ordered and unordered lists). My Summary and Terms fields often have several sections, and it would be hugely helpful if I can format those sections (with headers, for example) so they look better and more understandable to the customer.

One option would be to change that field to include a rich text editor (not unlike the one I'm typing in now: https://cl.ly/gvDw) where I can add simple formatting with a toolbar.

Alternatively, if that field recognizes and properly formats plain text (akin to the Markdown or Textile formatting syntax) that would be amazing. I understand that freeform HTML in there is probably not the best idea, which is why implementing a formatted plain-text syntax might be a good compromise.

I would like to see simple text formatting (bold, italic, underline, colors) available in purchase orders, quotes, and invoices so I can highlight items on a line by line basis. This would not be a custom template (I already do that), but the ability to do simple text formatting within the form itself.

Warren Payne

Excellent suggestion, this would be so useful.

Robert Nabney

Agreed - this is pretty standard in most software like this. It would be useful to have basic formatting in the quote line description box, so you could include titles or highlight points with bold / italic etc.

Andrew Redman

Fairly obscure, without the ability to underscore, make font bold or italic. Would be the bearly minimum to expect from a tool like XERO, which otherwise is very well done!

Ivano Celia

And definitely please also in the line item description of PO's, Quotes & Invoices. It's really hard to create any quote structure for services (e.g. Phase 01 (bold heading) / Task 1, Task 2; Phase 02 / Task 1, Task 2 etc) - where either tasks are individual line items with an amount each or there is a subtotal amount for that group next to heading.

Andrew Redman