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Business Importer

Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Other

4.9 out of 5 stars
Based on 27 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Business Importer, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Business Importer

Automate Import Invoices, Receipts, Payments, Items and other entities from Excel to Xero. For more information, check out Business Importer.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Business Importer, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the Business Importer support centre or this page for information on connecting Business Importer to Xero.

What a game changer...I ran into a small issue and chatted with Lizzie. She understood the issue and submitted the ticket. The issue was resolved within several hours and I was able to jump right into importing transactions. This app saves a ton of hours!!!

Jason Fry  

I am so impressed with this application. I have been searching for a tool that can import payments to knock off invoices in XERO. Finally i found it. It is so easy to use, and the result is spot on in XERO. Not to forget, the live chat is also very helpful. Sasha from the live chat who attended to me is very patient and professional. Worth to explore and definitely useful.


Brandon SOH  

Fantastic - love this app! This saved me tons of time when a conversion to Xero required the importing of purchase orders. Worked perfectly too - no bugs

Joanna Monteith  

Xero and business importer have made reconciling invoices and automatically going into Xero a dream and has sped up our accounts dramatically. I highly recommend it

Adrian Nichols  

We have found this software to be a HUGE timesaver for importing information from an internal system into Xero for Purchase Orders. Being able to instantly and accurately import line details is a huge benefit for our business. Very good value for money. Would

Nikki Douglass  

We have been using this software for well over a year. Although there was a bit of trial and error in the original set up process, once in place it works very well and reliably.

I particularly like the fact that it can import directly from excel rather than having to save the file as a csv first which not only makes our monthly process easier but also makes it easier to investigate when things go wrong (invariably de ti user error, rather than the package)

Only complaint would be that it is not possible to easily define Entity (bill, invoice, payment etc.) and mapping combinations. I regularly make 4 uploads from a single spreadsheet and have to maintain a sheet showing tab > entity > mapping combinations separately to avoid the risk of error, would be really good if these combinations could be automated

Anthony Frankal  

Loving Business Importer - easy and flexible UI which reads XL direct without going via CSV and covers wide range of Xero trans types. Big time saver.

Kris Sparks  

We love Business Importer, it's really easy to use and creates huge efficiencies in our workflow, saving lots of time on what would otherwise be laborious manual tasks.

Kate Mooney  

We need to import additional records into the Chart of Accounts and this works far better than the Xero importer.
The Xero importer effectively "wipes out" your existing chart on import and so can be very dangerous to use - yes it does give lots of warnings and I have had a support discussion on this. It also completely wrecks any custom P&L reports you have created and you have to do them all over again. The Xero importer also only works with CSV files.
Business Importer just does the job and imports additional accounts easily and quickly without any danger to the existing chart and reports. Great that it uses a direct link to G-Sheets much better than fiddling around with CSV files.
We will look at for other imports now such as Invoices.
Many thanks.

Mike Barritt  

Business Importer has saved me a ton of time on what used to be manual entry. I tried the Xero built-in import first but it didn't allow me a sufficient level of flexibility to bring in the transactions the way I needed. B-importer was the first app I tried and also the last, as it is affordable and - once you get your templates set and understand how to use them - efficient.

My only suggestion at this time is to improve on the user guide for all transaction types. The import template was helpful but it took some trial and error at first to figure out exactly how to format it.

Would definitely recommend to others looking for bulk data import into Xero.

John Comerford  

this app is amazing and its so useful as it saves a lot of time. We are working with a large volume of sales invoices and purchase orders and due to it its multiple templates we are able to choose the one we need and tailor it accordingly.

Maria Calikova  

Our order processing system generates a lot of purchase orders each day and Xero has no way of uploading them. With Business Importer, we've been able to seamlessly import the records and then use Xero to quickly match them against incoming supplier invoices. It's saved us loads of time! I strongly recommend it.

Simon Pearce  

when importing data with business importer, field headers are complicated and no flexible. I want to link as my header and xero account but it doesn't. It's also limited 50 rows so it's not effective.

Thet Thet  

It is very good software for importing invoices, payment and purchase orders. Highly recommended.
This app works great! I use it to import checks that are cut from another system. The import setup is very easy to use and allows simple mapping to my CSV file.
It is extremely easy to use and to understand,

Mohammed Siddiqui  

thanks to business importer I don't have to input 20 lines or more to create a PO. I'm also able to upload new inventory items easily. I only had one challenging experience when business importer was down and I couldn't use it. Other than that, I would highly recommend it.

Sandra Corbeau  

Great app for bulk uploads of data, particularly when transferring from another accounting system or monthly uploads from an unconnected system.

customer service is also great, if you have any issues they always get back to you very quickly. I would recommend

Joe Tynan  

Has allowed us to bulk upload purchase orders, which has saved the business a lot of time. I would recommend

Peter Thomson-Glover  

The Business Importer app has been a life saviour when we had to import thousands of payments to our Xero account as part of our migration process from another software program. Using their easy to understand import templates, not only that we were able to import the payments but we were also able to allocate them to the customers' invoices, which saved us a huge amount of time.
One other feature that we like about Business Importer is that we can import Purchase Orders.
Their website, how to guides available online and customer service via the online chat are also big positive aspects for this app.

Andreea Dumitru  

This app makes importing easy and reliable, and offer what Xero doesn't manage to do.

We're importing invoices and credit notes which, for some reason, hasn't been transferred from our logistic app to Xero. Before we started using this app we were struggling with Xero support upon basic importing issues. After we started using Business Importer we saved hours of work every month.

intuitive GUI and easy to use.

Cj E  

This app has been a significant time saver for us. We import our sales orders from Linnworks which is straight forward enough but having 100-200 orders a day meant that we were having to go into each to mark them as paid to the correct bank account, taking 1-2 hours per day. We designed a relatively simple re-formatting excel sheet to export the sales orders from Xero to, and then were able to re-import it into Xero as paid using this app, all taking 5-10 minutes, money well spent. Support has also been very good.

Matt Silvester  

The Business Importer app was a vital tool for our bookkeeping requirements, it has allowed us to automate a massive chunk or our work due to the size of transactions we have on a daily basis, without this tool we wouldn't be able to function at that capacity. Highly recommended

Richard Evans  

Business Importer has helped us to solve a very specific problem, in that we self bill a vast number of clients. Xero lacks the functionality to import the data into the correct format we need, but thankfully Business Importer fills the gaps!

Shaun Perkins  

Business Importer solved a specific problem I had. Xero has no native way of importing the kind of bank transaction that is created by 'spend' or 'receive' money. This was essential for integrating our data processing front end with Xero. The process is simple and quick, with good feedback so that one knows if the import has been successful. There are numerous other imports available, and templates for all of these. I must also mention great customer service. When I was new to B-Importer and needed help setting up my processes they were quickly available to help. Perhaps a good move forward in future would be to enable imports to take place via an Excel add-on, saving the need to open a browser. However independence from Excel has its merits, as one can operate with administrator privileges or indeed Windows - I sometimes import via Chrome on Linux.

Julian Engleheart  

This app works great! I use it to import checks that are cut from another system. The import setup is very easy to use and allows simple mapping to my CSV file.


Brian Keller  

I love the app! I’ve been able to export data from my pos and use importer to import my sales data and payments into Xero without having to pay a high monthly fee! I love it!

lynn nguyen  

It is a very good software for importing invoices, payment and purchase orders. Highly recommended.

Sun Lai  

This software is magic! It is the only way to import Purchase Orders into Xero. But due to its multiple templates, I was able to import a large number of sales invoices and get my client up to date within hours.
I have used this software to assist with data migration tidy up from another software program. It is extremely easy to use and to understand, whether you have experience with importing or not. I was able to configure my information into the template provided within 10mins and run my first import.
The import results are available in Xero within seconds.

Kathryn Fryer  

The app helps to save tons of my time, as I don't have to input the data manually any longer.

Phil Shuba