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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Time tracking

4.9 out of 5 stars
Based on 190 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and TSheets, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About TSheets

Easily and accurately schedule and track employee time from your desktop or mobile device to save on payroll. Know who’s working and where with GPS. For more information, check out TSheets.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with TSheets, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the TSheets support centre or this page for information on connecting TSheets to Xero.

Hi We have been using Tsheets for almost 1 year, but it seems like Xero Timesheets (NZ) is not intergrated with Tsheets yet. Can you please advise how can we get the intergration please? Thanks.

Eva Liu  

Bobbie was so helpful today - we've been stuck on a problem for a couple of months but was fixed in no-time. An absolute star!

Kathy Monson  

Jesse helped me reset my password. Thanks Jesse!

Carlie Davis  

Saves a lot of time on payroll. Tsheets very helpful with integration troubleshooting. Very happy with service. Would highly recommend.

Thomas Porter  

Luci was excellent as customer support and Xero integration is very easy. Luci was very helpful in answering my queries and solving any problems that I posed to her.

Elliott Dallas  

Thank you so much to Kathryn for your help this morning. Being on the other side of the world has made contact difficult. Kathryn phoned me in Australia this morning and went through everything and fixed the problems that we where having. I couldn't of asked for better service.
Very much appreciated. Thank you Kathryn!

MC Accounts  

Brandon was great and showed me how to export my time into Xero. Very easy! #tsheetlove

Tammy Saunders  

I am very eager to start using tracking time for my employees. Brandon was excellent in walking me through my account

Ray Wootten  

I am new to TSheets and so far it is delivering everything its promising.. the integration between Xero and TSheets is so easy and seamless... We thought introducing it to our staff would come up with some resistance and disgruntlement but they started using it with no issues and very little Admin intervention. The Crew from TSheets have been superb especially BRANDON who has suffered with my never ending questions and scenarios to fix.. Thank you. The seek help now support tab is a life saver as well and the prompt turnaround for answers has been great. The information provided by everyone who has assisted me has been easy to understand and follow... I've personally been having some issues with the speed of manual time card entries which has been frustrating but that is more down to my web browser than anything... So again a big Thank you to BRANDON for sticking by me and helping me and our company become for efficient... #Tsheetslove

Rowena Gunton  

Tsheets is absolutely wonderful. I am new to this app and love that you can utilize the chat feature and get help when you are needing it right away unlike other programs that you have to wait 24-48 hours for someone to respond. All of the representatives I have chatted with have been very professional, courteous and extremely knowledgeable in helping with the issues at hand. Hands down best company.

Sandra Garcia  

Just getting started with Tsheets and the customer service is excellent. Dawn and Luci were both extremely knowledgeable and patient with me and all of my many questions. I am looking forward to using this program along side XERO. #tsheetslove

Connie Larkin  

Luci was a pleasure to deal with. My issue with the PTO linking to Leave in Xero was resolved within minutes . I look forward to exploring the product further to help optimize our operations. #tsheetslove

Rheinhardt Peens  

Shandara was fantastic - helped me through every step of the way and was extremely patient. Highly recommended.

John Christophersen  

Great support from Kelsey T today, all the team have helped our move to TSheets, great customer support.

Emma Pooley  

Max was perfect help connecting TSheets and Xero for the first time! Very impressed with the company so far. Amazing software and team to back it!

Atony Aruthritas  

Love TSheets! Kelsey T, you rocked it today! Thanks!

April Witt  

It was great working alongisde Diane - she was very patient with me and help me so much with my needs. I really appreciated her time and knowledge about TSheets technology.

Viliami Mila  

Janine helped me out today setting up an account for our trial.
She was brilliant, very friendly and helpful. Looking forward to using it.

Aimee Tolhopf  

Very impressed by both the support received by Max h this morning, as well as with the capabilities of the software itself!

Annie Thompson  

Shandara & Janine
Were wonderful and very supportive

Tracey Webster  

To the amazing team this morning Brad D and Elaina, you were my rockstars who got me out of a major pickle. Thank you for your patience with my computer dropping out.

Your support was second to none.

Laura Howard  

The training session I had with Shandara was fantastic. She knew both Tsheets & Xero extremely well & made the whole set up process make sense. Thank you.

Sue Azar  

Sarah and Shandara were very helpful - we'd had ongoing issues with Xero syncing and today they identified it was due to our dataset and were able to resolve the issue over the phone. They took the time to understand the issues, replicate them and then of course fix them :-D

Beau Gaudron  

I have been using Xero for some time and love it. I have been been using TSheets for a few months and was tracking time and integrating clients from Xero. Very easy to use but I was nervous about how integrating payroll & invoices with TSheets would affect each of the programs so have been creating Invoices in Xero manually from the TSheets Project report and then manually changing the status of TSheet timesheets from "To Bill" to "Billed" - crazy!!

I had a call from TSheets support to make sure all was going OK and when I raised my concern, a web meeting was set up to go over these issues.
I had a web meeting with Shandara Hart from TSheets today to go work through the integrated invoicing and payroll processes from start to finish using my entries. She also gave me tips on how to customize my Inventory items to reduce manual input further. It was very useful and I can see how it will save a lot of time as well as being much more efficient. It is a great added feature to incorporate with Xero.
The method of the training process and Shandara's presentation was excellent - very easy to follow.

Carole Bone  

Thank you so much to Caitlin and Shandara! Ive been struggling for weeks that for some reason the Invoice options timecard in Tsheets would not clear time after invoicing. I finally rang and received the help that i needed over the phone. Thank you!

Sally Stone  

BD1 and Shandara were absolute legends helping me this morning! The most simple problem that little old me just couldn't get on her own! So thanks heaps guys!! Quickest service too! woohoo!

Tahlia Bouma  

My employee and I have been using TSheets for a few months now and we absolutely love it. It's simple to use, the constant updates are always really beneficial, and the support team are fabulous. Thank you for being such legends, TSheets!

Aimee Lee Russo  

Every time I use TSheets support, they rock! I've had Elaina M the last several times I've used their live support option, and she is always so friendly and helpful! She's more than patient with finding the solutions, even to the most difficult problems.

Jessica Stott  

Max was seriously so much help this morning! Already in the first week or so of using TSheets we can see how much time this will end up saving us. Very excited

Moha Conchi  

Shandara and Caitlin have been a HUGE help getting us set up on TSheets and it connecting with Xero. We are very hopeful and positive about what it is going to do for our business, even this early on! We use TSheets to track our time and to schedule our many employees at many different sites as well as payroll.

I cannot rave enough about the kind of support we have received from them and we so appreciate their knowledge and helpfulness whilst dealing with us. Any concern or fear that we may have had in the lead up to a training phone call was entirely non-existent by the end of it because they explain and show things very simply and efficiently! Thank you!

Kate Schuller  

Shandara was extremely helpful and worked really well with me to resolve my issue. She was also very friendly and easy to deal with.

Victoria Bishop  

Shandara was extremely helpful today providing support and entertaining

Jennifer Flannery  

Amazing help and so far I am enjoying the app. What a team!!! BD1

Bruno Althoff  

Shandara from Tsheets was extremely helpful and ran through the entire set-up process. This was extremely useful as we werent sure how to get started. Shandara was extremely patient and showed me through each tab for the set-up.

Thanks for the assistance as this is much appreciated :)

Thao Ly  

Shandara Hart is so wonderful, helping me with xero and tsheets. I was frustrated for many weeks tried to set up PTO codes. Many phone calls,many different supports were trying. I almost gave up until today. She is finally helped me work it out with her knowledge and abilities. Thank you very much.

Dhida Ruangrit  

Can’t believe I wasn’t using TSheets sooner!!! It’s been suc an easy tool for us to use that really cut down on invoicing time spent, max h in live chat was a life saver today!

Jason Triggs  

Great walkthrough by Shandara, setting things up. Would like to see better job scheduling capability though.

Mark Nicholls  

Loving the support Shandara has given me setting up TSheets, we have implemented this in our office and we are soon to roll out to our tradesman.
Everything timesheets wise we were looking for, TSheets has!

Katrina Radley  

Chatted in with a general TSheets question and Max H was great! Asked how I was liking the xero integratiin and managed to help with a couple of issues I was having there too! Definitely recommending TSheets to those looking for a good time tracking software.

Jaremy Picard  

Good but i would like to be able to change my time format in xero. Emily and Shandara were very helpful but I could really benefit from this option in xero .

Jeremy Bacon  

Wonderful experience setting up my new TSheets and Xero accounts with Max H this morning! Loving TSheets so far!

Angela Miller  

Just set up T sheets with Dawn Rae. Loving the journey and passion!

Paul Miller  

Trying to import my customers into TSheets, was new to the program and couldn’t find the import button and that customers needed to be ran as an invoice first! Easy solution and the fix made sense. Thanks so much to Max H who helped me this morning!

Brad Angler  

One of the best service experiences I’ve ever had. Max was professional, easy to work with, and got all of my questioned answered. More companies out there should really imitate what TSheets is doing. Theyve got it going on over there.

Kurt Lippner  

Wow! What a wonderful experience! With new in the business and having to employ 30 odd harvest crew, the whole wages thing was quite daunting. Luckily, we found TSheets to keep track of the employees working times. TSheets is linked to Xero, my accounting system. Just a quick press of a button and all wages are on PayRun.

I called TSheet several times to walk me through setting up. All of the staff was really helpful and had a lot of patience with me. A special word of thank you to Dustin who did not only help me with TSheets but also have a lot of knowledge of Xero.

I can honestly recommend TSheet as a better than better timesheet manager.

Marianne Vorster  

Brooke and Angela! What a team! We have been working hard at moving our business across to Xero and TSheets and the support we have had has allowed us to get answers as we need them. Thanks, ladies!

Janet Hancock  

Tsheets has worked well for us. If there is ever an issue, the techs who chat with you are great. Max H. helped me today. He was helpful, funny and knowledgeable!

Jill Saunders  

I highly recommend undertaking a class with Tsheets. I shown how to integrate my customer details from Xero into Tsheets, set up my Tsheets app and integrate Tsheets entries into my Google calendar. All I want is seamless invoicing, time tracking and calendar integration. We achieved it all in 1 call. Thanks Celina! :-)

Merinda Garrett  

We have been unable to integrate our TSheets and Xero accounts so far but I just had some great help from Jen D which means I can now transfer our timesheets data and helps me to ask Xero to allow TSheets to build payroll integration for the UK. Very happy with the support I received today!

Solange Picchio  

Catherine was super efficient and helpful, five stars!

Avril Watson  

Super efficient support from Max H! Chatted in today, not even with a Xero question, just needed some help with tsheets this time around! I’m always impressed with their support.

Suzanna Hills  

Shandara was very helpful in getting me set up. Looking forward to trialling Tsheets with our employees!

Elisha Harris  

The information and support received from Shandara was excellent !!

Eshan Sandanayake  

Always such excellent support! Very impressed with this company! Max H was amazing!

Seamless integration with Xero that makes my life a lot easier for sure. Highly recommended piece of software for any business!

Harry Carpenter  

Perfection! Just finished set-up of my Karbon-TSheets-Xero integrations. Could not be a more straight-forward and simple process. This set-up will allow my employees to focus their time on the work they are completing while providing me with accurate tracking data and very streamlined payroll processing.

Celina was great at stepping through everything and we had it all up and going really quickly!

Very happy here =)

Shayne Lowe  

Janine was super helpful. She troubleshot an issue we were having and escalated it with her team. Janine even followed up the next day to let me know it was fixed and then helped me solve a new problem I was having, providing excellent service!

Samantha Wasserman  

I've chatted with Several Agent's on T-Sheet's live chat today to work on my T-Sheet to Xero Integration! They have all been super helpful and Knowledgeable even without seeing my screen. Kelsey T. was spot on and fabulous! Love T-sheets support!

Michael Truitt  

What a great company to work for TSheets must be! I had a nice conversation with a Max this morning who answered my questions very quickly and efficiently! Very happy with my decision to start using tsheets.

Carolynn Knottings  

Excellent service, per usual from the team at tsheets! So stoked to have their support during my times of need! I chatted with Max H today and he was very helpful!

Abigail Cartwright  

Max H was extremely helpful today. Just started using TSheets and Xero! We shall see how it goes! :)

Sanchez Ramona  

Janine helped me out today.

Lesleigh Richardson  

As a TSheets Pro Advisor, Having an integration with Xero is Very important for our clients,

Angela from TSheets made this setup process super easy. It's not an easy thing to get right, I am glad we have the support to make this work right.

Kudos for a good integration and great support !

Hari Iyer  

TSheets works wonderfully with Xero. Kelsey T offers great support.

Rachel Martin  

Great service all around.

Chat support is nice and easy, super fast. Max H. A colleague of mine talked to a Shandara there a little while ago, also said that the support was great.

Aside from that, loving the software.

Jessica Hays-Woodworth  

Working with Kelsey T and Brooke today. What a team! I have to say I've worked with Kelsey in the past and am always quite impressed with their speedy action to help me resolve my questions.

To top it off, their live chat occurs within a few seconds and they even are willing to share a screen. Xero, you need to follow their lead!

Thanks for your help today!

Trina Weiner  

We are excited about TSheets to Xero. Thanks Shandara from TSheets support team for your help. This will save time for us and our client. We really need to track overtime from a certain time of day rather than after a number of hours worked, so we are looking forward to the completion of the pay rate engine.

Libby Atkinson  

Just ran through Tsheets with Shandara via screen share.

Shandara really knows the software inside out and was of great assistance.

Thanks Heaps

Lachlan Armstrong  

Max was very helpful today! I was trying to initialize the connection beteeen tsheets and Xero. Then from there I was attempting to test out how time would transfer over to the account from being tracked in tsheets. Walking through the process was painless, thank you!

Mykesia Douglass  

Janine did a super job helping me out with an issue I had while creating an invoice in TSheets and the syncing with Xero and we got the problem resolved.

I'm an consultant/implementation manager for an ERP system in focused on the construction industry and I use TSheets, Xero and Expensify to manage my time, accounting & invoicing and expenses that I have to submit to my clients.

That said I would like to make a few, I believe helpful, enhancement suggestions for Xero and TSheets -
a) Xero needs to allow projects to be tracked for billing and expense purposes so that a report(s) could be generated on a per project basis to see how that project is doing overall or at least allow for sub-customers.
b) TSheets needs to have a "New Invoice" button on the bottom of the Invoice screen once an invoice is generated for Xero, so that you do not have click on the "Back to Invoice List" button each time to start a new Xero invoice.
c) If an invoice is voided in Xero (instead of TSheets) it should re-open the associated time lines to be re-invoice via TSheets. Also, that same invoice should re-open and expenses that synced with Xero from Expensify so that they too could be re-invoiced.

Look forward to more improvements.

J Kohorst

Jeff Kohorst  

I just had my TSheets training with Shandara and she was epic! I'm stoaked to use the program and have the free support to do so. I love that even though I'm in NZ there is ways to set up meetings and screen share to ensure I get the best out of TSheets.

Stew Mcleod  

I just had my TSheets training with Shandara and she was great! I'm excited to use the program and have the free support to do so. I love that even though I'm in Aus there is ways to set up meetings and screen share to ensure I get the best out of TSheets.

Thank you Shandara & the TSheets team!

Teagan White  

Tsheets has great customer service. I can call them anytime and they will troubleshoot any issues, even do a screen share if necessary. Sherissa is the best.

George Constant  

Max H. and Janine really helped me out today. First day with my Xero/TSheet integration. So far, so good.

MaKara Rumley  

Very helpful support staff. I chatted in because I was unable to figure out how to sync zero and tsheets together. Turns out I was just in the wrong spot! Easy! Thanks Max H!

Craig Harding  

Very helpful and knowledgeable person, all questions are answered there and then.
very friendly and easy to understand.
the system is fantastic and we are very impressed with e Xero integration and how easy the set up was

Jimmy Hewton-Lamph  

Tsheets has a clean interface and the setup call was simple and easy...thanks to Celina

Jason Blickenstaff  

Celina was super helpful getting my client all set up.
I love this software and utilize it with Gusto.

Dave Willson  

We are a small family owned business who wanted to streamline our timesheets whilst utilising our current accounting system. When doing some research about what was the best program to be used, I stumbled over TSheets. I was amazed at the simplicity of use for both myself and my employees. I love how it integrates into Xero with ease and highly recommended it to anyone wanting to make their business life easier.

I just finished an amazing training session with Shandara, her knowledge of both TSheets and Xero was fantastic. She was super patient and flexible especially when I had a few interruptions during our session. I feel some much more knowledgeable and powered up after the training session and I feel confident in being able to use the system. And I know that if I have any questions Shandara will be there at the other end of the phone.


Ashleigh Milroy  

Shandara & Dawn are fantastic, they worked through every little problem to get the result I needed to pay my staff. Both are great assets to the team at Sheets

Emily Weeks  

Max was very helpful in helping us establish the integration between Xero and Tsheets!

Pauline O'Brien  

Celina was amazing, she has called me x2 always on time and always so polite and helpful.

She talked me through the process very well.

I now know my way around t-sheets and cant wait to start using it!

Thank you Celina!

Sophie Page  

Had a lovely chat with Max today! Was a great help in getting all my employees synced over properly after being a little apprehensive to integrate in the first place. I feel much more confident now and am excited to get to work with this software!

Desnise Hollbrook  

Great assistance from Shannon this morning. She was very speedy and fun to chat with

Audra Wilson  

Thank you Sarah, wonderful support!

Tsheets has taken hours off our billing process. I would love to see a little less information on Detailed invoice option. Other options don't quite give enough though. Also, the ability to set invoice defaults would be great. ie: Summarize Invoice by...Detailed.

Still working through a few integration things as I convert my clients over. Would love to see an easier way to import customers to TSheets. Come on Xero, let me flag a contact as a Customer, or make a Quote trigger a contact is a Customer. Having some glitches with the current process.

Any plans to make Xero Tracking something that can Import or sync with TSheets? This would be so helpful for clients who need to track Jobs or Projects. Overall, I love TSheets!

Melissa Wasgatt  

Shandara was Super Helpful!!! Thank you v much

Justine Orton  

I had a minor problem with my login with Tsheets I got live support communicated with Kelsey T problem resolved thanks Kelsey

Donald Meredith  

Loving Tsheets so far and the support from Max H!

Schmitt Garcia  

I have been working with Celina and loved the experience. She has wonderful customer service skills, patience and knowledge. I'm currently in a trial period but what I've seen so far is impressive.
At this point I cannot attest to the benefits to our company but my interaction and experience with using XERO and TSHeets is nothing but positive.
It is the support that matters and so far its excellent.
Look forward to using the system on an ongoing basis.

Debra Henton  

Jayde was an excellent support and took us along all the functionalities of TSheets. The software is amazing. Makes our workflow a lot faster with accurate results.

Numan Amjad  

I have had a great experience getting 2 issues sorted by Kirstin at TSheets who was able to solve both problems as fast as I had sent them. The program is great and integrates well with Xero so we are happy with how the program works and how the staff at TSheets have helped in getting any issues sorted promptly.

Peter Hunter  

We have just started with tSheets integration with Xero. So far it's great. I took the opportunity to do the training over the phone. Shandara is very knowledgeable, patient and helpful. This is going to be very helpful for us.

Kim Filippone  

Seriously, I have been searching for the perfect app for at least two years. As a mobile service company it was essential it could do scheduling and payroll while having my staff based anywhere and everywhere - Tsheets has ticked all my boxes.

Finally finding "the one" was HUGE for me (obviously I have commitment issues when it comes to these things). My Tsheets account married my Xero account 3 pay periods ago and it has been a beautiful union so far! I am loving it! Before Tsheets I was booking jobs into my diary and then weekly setting up a spreadsheet for rosters that I would then email to my staff. Each pay period I would then manually enter timesheet data into another spreadsheet to calculate final daily figures before entering that data into a timesheet on Xero! I now book my jobs directly into the Tsheets schedule (some on repeat if necessary), assign my staff to the job, they clock in/clock out and all I have to do is double check their hours before at the "click" of a button all their data is transferred into an approved Xero timesheet! It has saved me countless hours!

I have had to use chat help a couple of times to iron out help me and both times when it was apparent I needed something more than chat a real human called back immediately (this morning I had a lovely chat with Sal from Idaho!) and the problem has been solved.

I honestly can't recommend Tsheets highly enough.


Colleen Dwyer  

Loving Tsheets and their support so far! Super helpful in getting me set up. Big kudos to Max H!

Graddy B  

We love TSheets and have been using it with Xero for some time.
A big Thank you! to Dawn Rae for her wonderful help and advice with 2 cliches in our syncing, it was fun fixing the problem with her.

Belinda Ruiz  

Brad D1 - Thanks for your assistance pointing me into right direction on how to connect TSheets to Xero. Thanks for answering my question :)

Accounts Team  

Kelsey T helped me with Xero integration this morning! WOW! what a star!
So patient, energetic and thorough - top grades to Kelsey!

Benjamin Stroyer  

Tsheets and Xero work really well together. Brad helped me sync up some new schedules and break codes. Super helpful agent! Right to the solution.

Mason Gomes  

I just completed a call with Shandara. I was having trouble importing job list from zero. Within a minutes my problem was fixed and i was shown some other great items also. Great Customer service.

Calvin Trigg  

Just got off the phone with Celina and Justin from Tsheets who walked me through setting up my pro account, on-boarding my first client and integration with Xero. Celina was great and saved me a ton of time and hassle and made the whole process seems so easy. Really great customer support from Tsheets!

Mohamed Youssef  

Managed to connect with Max h and boy was I happy I did. I was running into some minor hiccups today while getting everything set up and he helped me out super quick! Really knew his stuff. Very happy so far with the services

Davis Meeker  

Great setup videos online and the Tsheets call centre staff are super friendly and helpful.
The time tracking functionality has changed my clients business for the better.

Kylie Diehm  

I am new to Xero and to TSheets. The integration process was mostly seamless. I did hit one obstacle with importing contacts (customers). Customer support from TSheets was fantastic. I raised my question with the live chat person who was able to quickly triage my issue and advised me to call in for a screen share. She did not waste my time trying a bunch of failed things, just diagnosed the issue and advised the fastest solution.

I was connected with Kaitlin when I called in. She was friendly and efficient. She quickly solved my problem. She even stayed on the line to help answer other questions I had about TSheets that were not even related to the problem I was having (which she had already solved).

Working with TSheets customer service was the least stressful thing I have had to do for my business all day!

Sunshine Collins  

Max H to the rescue! Provided me with some training materials and videos to implement tsheets to me team. Super helpful!

Harvey Poehler  

Shandara was fantastic with her help & knowledge of the product that is on offer and went above and beyond to make sure that I understood the program. Highly recommend

Christopher Conduit  

New user to the program. I found it very easy to setup and work with. Functionality works just the way I want it too. Thank you Max h

Travis Nguyen  

Celina with TSheets did a great job with my orientation...she had complete knowledge of both TSheets and Xero.
We have everything setup and working...it's going to be great...unfortunately, Xero doesn't support payroll here in Idaho...Come on Xero, let's get payroll working in all 50 states!

Owen Jones  

Hi @Joanne!

Thank you for your feedback on TSheets! We have received awesome feedback from a number of our clients and have listened. Custom overtime rates were demoed at Xerocon and will be available in TSheets shortly!

We'd love to share our changes with you and get your feedback. If you would like access to the limited early bird release, please contact jbenz@tsheets.com.


Jared Cooke  

Does not recognise overtime rates - time and a half nor double time in Xero.

Still have to manually key in payroll.

GPS is amazing to track the staff.

Joanne Woodward  

Tsheets is great and so are Santa and Max! THANK YOU for helping me the last couple of days

Gregory Byrd  


TSheets - customer support help was honestly amazing!

Samra was very understanding and patiently guided me through the functionalities connecting to XERO>

The software itself is simple to use and links to job costing for staff hours in XERO (great feature)

I am really excited about seeing where XERO Projects evolves to over the next few months as I think the combination of XERO Projects and TSheets is going to add value to allot of our Australian Clients.

#I Count Beans

Michael Tedman

Michael Tedman  

Thanks for the assistance in helping me connect TSheets to Xero. I got all my questions answered over the last couple days. Thanks to Max for helping my out yesterday.

Adriana Hullinger  

I have been using TSheets for one client (interior designer) over the past 6 months.
Quick and easy to setup and use.
Support are very friendly and easy to communicate with by phone and email.
Currently don't seem to have very many staff in Australia, but no issue with speaking with any of the offshore Support Team.

Katherine Morrow  

I needed some urgent help as just started using TSheets and Brian was outstanding. Very responsive and kept in touch to make sure I was ok.

Kirsten Craze  

We recently started up with tsheets and so far everything is running super smoothly. I was blown away by the support tsheets provided to me. The agent was prompt, knowledgeable, personable... I will definitely be in contact with them again in the future should anything else come up. Special thanks to Max who was the one who helped me! Thank you!

Jane Hoffman  

I have been using Tsheets for the past 4 months. Our staff picked it up quickly and I have been very happy with the syncing with Xero. We can do more detailed reports for every job which helps us with profit and loss and with our quoting on the next job. Samra was very helpful today on the phone and resolved my problem within 5 min. Having the immediate phone support from Tsheets is amazing and makes it easier for me. All the staff have been awesome at Tsheets. Very happy with the program and the support. Jo

Joanne Sydenham  

Kelsey T was very helpful getting me set up with Inventory items and syncing with Xero.

Terrence Power  

Max H helped me with a couple of questions I had regarding setting up my zero account! Thanks for being patient, and walking me through the steps. Really appreciate it.

Mason Sternaman  

Thanks to the team at TSheets, for making the training and setup of our Timesheeting seamless. We have only just commenced with the product but we can already see the benefits are going to be huge. Also, a big thankyou to Samra who today assisted with the Subscription process. Kind Regards, Rodney (Organised Accounting Solutions Pty Ltd)

Rodney Pye  

We have just started with a trial of TSHEETS and so far - looking very good. The Webinar was informative and efficient and the help given by AJ after the webinar was awesome.

Our situation is a little unique (small team of people providing 24/7 support for a person with a disability) and so we may have t make a few tweeks to make it work exactly as we need it to. but I am sure that with help from the TSHEES team we can work it out and make it work really well for other people that find themselves in our situation.

Mark Modra  

This product is awesome! I'm really loving it so far, really is making everything a lot easier. Thanks so much to BD1 and Max H for their help throughout yesterday in getting my account set up!

Courtney Cooper  

Thank you Max! I am a new Xero user but have been using tsheets for a while. We recently made some business decisions/changes and needed to transition from out old accounting software to something cloud based, and we choose xero. I was having issues figuring out why my customers/contacts were not importing/exporting between xero and tsheets, however all my questions were quickly answered and now everything is working flawlessly. Thanks so much to Max H from live chat for his support. I recommend these programs.

Zachariah Ahrensen  

I've just started using Tsheets and its been great so far. It has streamlined my administration time and made things more simple.
I had the need to call the help desk today and spoke to Shandara from T-sheets and she was absolutely superb with her customer service and helping to solve the issue I was having. Outstanding support!!

Skipper Care Australia  

My recent (and first) experience with BD1 and Tsheets online was awesome. He stepped me through Xero integration and issues we had, which have now been resolved.
He explained a few things in a way that even made sense to me. All round top bloke that sorted out issues out.

Matt Hansen  

The customer service from the entire team from t-sheets and Samra has been second to none! The product integrates really well with Xero and we couldn't be happier.


Angus Robertson  

As a newly started small business I am greatly appreciative of this program. The seamless intergration between Xero and TSheets was the biggest seller for me. After having a phone inservice with Ben I feel extremely prepared in utilizing these programs and confident in my new knowledge to do so. I highly recommend these programs to all who are in need of their services. Thank you again Ben for answering all my questions and giving me so many pointers!

Caleigh Hadlock  

As we have been in the processes of upgrading certain systems within our compan, integrating TSheets was a no brainer. One of the greatest things I like about TSheets is that help is so easy to find, if I need to find out how to do something, I dont need to contact TSheets, or even go to the website directly. TSheets has integrated so well with google that I can simply type, 'TSheets and my question' and I usually find the answer straight away. While searching for a new clock in/clock out software, I came across TSheets and found that they are the most innovative company in this market as they aren't just thinking of what they can do in America, but all around the world, including here in Australia.

They also have great customer service, Kelsey T recently helped me out in finding out information regarding new overtime systems that they are putting in place in the coming months, she even signed me up to the beta which I can't wait to be a part of. If there was a competition and i was awarding the prize, i would give it to her :D

The only thing I would like to see and I assume this would happen as TSheets grows as an international company, is live chat for international companies all throughout the day, I value the ability to be able to chat to someone straight away, instead of waiting, forgive my impatience, it comes with the business territory haha. I think there are only a few hours from when I come in to work (6am) to when you guys close up for the day which I assume is 5 pm, which is around 9 am.

In any case, not a huge thing, but a suggestion I know that your clients around the world would love, especially those who only start work at 8 am or 9 am in the morning.

Thanks for a wondeful service.

I really hope Kelsey T wins that prize ;)

Jacques Theron  

Sydny is an awesome tech from the tsheets side and really helped with my custom Xero integration. GREAT WORK!

Jeff Lee  

I have just finished a call with Shandara Hart and was very impressed with her knowledge and intuitive understanding of our needs. She is a credit to the Tsheets team.

I was left with a great understanding of the software and how it can help me improve our work systems and reduce my personal workload too!

Thank you Shandara!

Cheers, Mark

Mark Hawker  

Shandara from Tsheets have been absolutely amazing, we've had calls 3 days in a row where she showed me the full capability of T-sheets, and found out a way to export time for subcontractors to create a bill in Xero + exporting time for staff on payroll. This will save me a whole lot of time each fortnight when I run my payroll. Shandara was helpful and provided great insight and I definitely recommend Tsheets to anyone who would like seamless integration and a user friendly app to replace old school paper timesheets. Can't wait to have all my staff on board Tsheets next Monday!

Thank you Shandara!! You are awesome :)

Podium Group (Accounts)  

Really impressed with the Tsheets and Xero combination. Simple to set up and use. Have started recommending to more clients.

Martin Tunley  

Tsheets integration with Xero provides a means of getting our mobile workforce clocking their time as they start and finish their shift which can then be imported into Xero, No more chasing people to submit their time sheets. Additionally, Tsheets provides a schedule enabling us to publish to our workforce, all they do is open the schedule to clock in and out, this is a really impressive product, I am totally on board as its going to save so much time and effort in both publishing the rosters and collecting time sheets. Also the support from Tsheets is amazing not only with online tutorials but via telephone and live chat support.

Maria-Fatima Nobrega  

It's wonderful how TSheets have a support number you can call to help you!
I called from Australia this morning and got through to Dawn & Weiman in America who did a wonderful job in assisting the minor communication breakdown between TSheets and Xero in transferring employee times. Thanks you so much for your prompt, friendly, helpful assistance!

Nicole Hedley  

The ability to have tsheets linked to xero has helped minimise our admin time on processing wages and time used better in other areas. We do have issues at times when you employees start with it syncing with doubletime and overtime but is usually fixed over the phone or via email within a short period of time. Thanks to Emma from TSheets for your help today

Calvin Porter  

Beginner to Tsheets and Xero after moving across from MYOB.
Wasn't sure about entering time to clients, especially splitting my time between job for clients. Also wasn't sure about different charge out rates for different jobs.

So, I started a trial of Tsheets. I looked at some video presentations first then called the support line for Tsheets. I was able to get enough basic information to make a start. However, I needed some more in depth help and wanted to ask questions in real time.

A support call was booked in with Shandara - I was able to select a date and time for the call plus what I wanted help with during our call. This booking process was easy and I even was able to re schedule.

From the very beginning of my call from Shandara I knew this was not going to be a waste of my time. Shandara and I shared my computer screen (she was able to see my screen but not operate it) and quickly ran thru Tsheets and Xero, ensuring all my settings were correct. Shandara helped with importing contacts from Xero and inventory items. Even when It didn't work the first time we had the time to investigate why, correct the problem and go from there. Perfect!

We then ran through entering time into Tsheets, how to bill the time and what the invoice would look like in Xero. My reporting options were also shown to me by Shandara.

As I run my own business as a book keeper, without any other employees, some of the functions are not relevant to me. The best part of that is Tsheets is free for me to use. No fees are payable when just one employee. Great value and worth a try. No fees for support calls either. Win, win for me!

Thanks to Shandara for your answering all my questions and help with setting up Tsheets. Your patience and friendly manner got me over the line and to sign on to Tsheets. I now look forward to using the program and even recording my time daily (instead of at the end of each week).

I can genuinely recommend having a chat to support at Tsheets, especially Shandara, for anyone thinking of signing on. It will be worth your time.

Narelle Shirley  

A big thank you to Shandara Hart for the wonderful one-on-one online training and support received during our trial period. We required a few small customisations, all of which Shandara was only too happy to fulfil. She was extremely knowledgeable and accommodating to the specific requirements of our mobile based business. She understood what we wanted and showed us how tsheets, along with Xero, could help us to achieve our goals. 10/10 :-)


Melissa Stanton  

Just went through the startup training with Shandara, and it was very smoothly done.
Gave me a good appreciation of what TSheets can do for us (A huge amount, possibly too much) and how well it integrates with Xero.

Stu Barrow  

Shandara was great with training over the phone.she was very helpful and patient.
i wish xero offered as good customer service like tsheets where the call and talk you through the program.

Project Painting & Decorating Services Pty Ltd  

Just finished a teleconference with Ben which made things so much clearer for me to use and understand TSheets. he was very polite and helpful. I have been given additional resources to refer to and also a number to call for one on one help. Call couldn't have gone better, so happy with service.

Keith Watts  

Great informative experience with Shandara Hart on optimising the use of Tsheets reports.

Penny Kostakis  

Celina was wonderful in helping me understand how to correct our PTO codes and adjust balances. She was very helpful!

Cindy Sims  

Excellent service and this is coming from someone who once worked in tech support. BradD helped me.

John Spilker  

I just finished a free 1hr training session with Shandara from T Sheets that will have saved me hours or even days of fumbling around trying to set up the T Sheets program. Shandara was friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable about the product. I really appreciate the time that she was able to give us and look forward to the follow up training. We have looked at other time tracking programs/apps which did have advisors but they charged exorbitant prices and didn't really supply very useful information. We will definitely be using T Sheets for our time sheet reporting. T Sheets offers everything that we were looking for and a whole lot more!!! We are also very impressed in the way that T Sheets integrates with Xero and look forward to taking full advantage of this.

Krissanna Taylor  

Trialling T-sheets to rid my life of manual timesheet entry. Very impressed so far.
A slight hiccup setting up the overtime and the support team had it corrected for me in a matter of minutes.

Thankyou Shandara!

Update: Thanks to Samra for quick and efficient help on the phone today! i'm back up and running.

Michelle McKinnon  

Shandara has excellent communication and made the process so easy. She was able to apply all relevant information to our company on TSheets. Shandara makes the process very user friendly! Thank you so much for your time!!

Alison Lane  

Tsheets works really well for me and my clients, saving them time and money to focus on their business not their payroll.

If something does go wrong then their support team is fantastic at quickly resolving any issue I have been able to throw at them.

Shout out to Shandara for fixing my issue today.

Anthony Bishop  

Shandara gave excellent and clear advice to solve initial set-up problems and quickly pointed out key features I needed to be aware of

Graham Mawer  

Wow, i was worried starting a new add on and was not sure how to work it. Shandara helped me so much with step by step to set it up and spent the time teaching me how to use tsheets. She is also going to help me through my first pay run in a few weeks so it goes smoothly. The support team at Tsheets seems to be of a very high standard which defiantly makes life a lot easier. Thanks Shandara!!!

Natasha Namana  

Shandara was very helpful in regards to my zero enquiry. made the process a lot easier than I thought it would be.

Steve Swalling  

Just setting the system up and was having some difficulties integrating with Xero. Shandara was helpful and friendly and got me going in quick time - thanks

Rob Macpherson  

In the middle of a payrun and needed help fast.
That was exactly what was delivered, quick, friendly and correct directions the first time
Does it get any better than that? BD1 you rock! Thank you

Maree McGuiness  

Tsheets has been awesome for my business. It saves me time in the office completing lengthy pay runs and logging hours to track jobs. I own a construction company with many employees and various different jobs. I need to be able to track how many hours per worker we spend on each job to ensure we are profitable. With my employees now being able to clock in and out at a particular job, I can track our labour component of the job easily. Also at the end of the week all I need to do review the hours logged and export them to Xero to complete a pay run. Its saving me hours in the office!!
Tsheets support is amazing. They know there software especially Shandara H. who helped me find the right reports in order to be able to track hours to individual jobs.

Thank you Tsheets!!

Carl Humphrey  

Great customer service and support from TSheets.

Shandara and the team are more than happy to help!

Thanks guys


Parker Building Co

Kurt Parker  

TSheets is a fantastic application for employee time management. The features it offers makes performing this management task a breeze. TSheets is a very user friendly program for both employer and employee.

Huge thanks to the gorgeous Shandara for taking the time to share her TSheets knowledge and giggling with me along the way! The two sessions I have spent reviewing the product with her have been the highlight of my weeks!

Looking forward to attaining my Pro Adviser status and sharing the TSheets love!

Hana Smith  

Great functionality and once you understand how to set-up it's a breeze. Sydny did a great job of walking me through the steps and showed a great deal of patience as I worked to add my actual details between TSheets and Xero and then helped make sure it all interacted properly.

Douglas Moore  

The integration between Xero and TSheets is great and provide some advanced features. The customer support is excellent. Brad D helped me with some initial set up and we were off and running.

Brendan McGuire  

Shandara was excellent. I found her very helpful. Thank you again.

All the best,


Stephen Birkin  

Just starting to trial TSheets with Xero to enter oncall and overtime via a timesheet. Worked with Dom to find a way to do this that exports correctly to Xero and appears in the payroll and it works!!!!! so looking forward to testing this further and hopefully implementing.

Karen Lamont  

We have experience a few issues so far with the integration of the 2 softwares but the customer service so far as been brilliant (especially Sarah)

Frederic Dubois  

Tried out a few different apps prior to this one and so far Tsheets seems to be the one for us, - Love the GPS tracking and Customer support is great , all the staff are very well informed and know their stuff, Sarah was fantastic on the last call.

Lee Bramley  

Tsheets has been a seamless integration for our multiple businesses and we plan on integrating it into a third business shortly. The software is simple to use, effective and saves a lot of time collecting manual time sheets. The software integrates smoothly into Xero with limited friction. More importantly, Tsheets provides tracking based on Jobs and Clients which helps us better quantify where we are performing and where we have inefficiencies in the business. This enables us to more effectively allocate human resources to the appropriate jobs, dependent on how management are measuring project performance.

Sarah and Kelsey have both provided incredible support for the product. They are both knowledgeable, bright spirited and effective at the support they provide. I have made multiple support requests when i first implemented the platform due to familiarity challenges and they were both able to very quickly lead me in the right direction to fully grasp the platform and fantastic features it provides.

Brian Mobbs  

T sheet and Xero has been a big game changer for me . It has taking out a lot of extra work for my self and put employees in charge of managing their time and leave them selves. I love it. Shandara has been nothing but amazing so much help and always only one call away and explain everything so clearly and made my wife so easy.

Chloe Whiteman  

We are currently in the process of integrating Xero + TSheets for a client of ours here in PNG. Shandara was so lovely, we had a bit of hiccup with internet but were fortunate enough to have her stay up a little bit later to help us with the integration process. We learnt a great deal and looking forward to rolling out more here in PNG.

Loata Mow  

Shandara and Sarah helped us out and got the integration working bang on.

very Happy so far with T Sheets.. and great customer service

Chris Podesta  

BD1 was very quick and helpful in assisting me with an integration issue.. I am pleased with his customer service!

Monica Canas  

Just using trial version Tsheets, with xero subscription. Really loving it so far. We have a construction company and I think it will suit us well. Have used the chat line for assistance and Brad was so helpful and sorted out my query quickly. Look forward to signing up and implementing Tsheets fully.

Natalie Nicholl  

I use Xero and TSheets in my bookkeeping practise and have found it beneficial in a number of key areas:

1. Time keeping for casual staff. Approving time-sheets and exporting to Xero payroll has worked very well for me. It allows me great visibility to what is going on with the team. I feel confident I can thoroughly check the time recorded per task.

2. TSheets App - this give me great visibility to who on my team is working and what task they are completing. No matter where they are located. Really useful snapshot.

3. Time keeping for client tasks - we are a fixed price service business.
We still keep time for two key reasons:
Firstly to check on the time taken Vs the quote provided. This will assist us when we review the quoted services within the first 3 months of on-boarding a new client.
Secondly we use it to track time on additional tasks outside our quoted services. This is essential to ensure we charge for the additional work. We are clear upfront what our bookkeeping package includes. It is then our responsibility to let the client know when we do additional tasks outside the scope.

It took us time and effort to set up TSheets correctly for the practise. We entered all clients and all key tasks and sub tasks. By doing this we gained the best outcome in time keeping. Had we left it to the team to add time and create tasks themselves we would not have achieved as good a result. For us the initial work and time in setup was reward with a better outcome once we were underway.

We reviewed a number of systems prior to choosing TSheets. This is the approach with all Xero apps. I believe you need to find the best one for your business.

In our case we settled with TSheets and have been very pleased with the results.
Thank you TSheets

Tim Hoopmann  

T sheets seemed like the perfect fit for tracking my employees time on different projects, as they have advertised.
It boasted about seamless syncing with zero, when in reality it did not recognise our overtime rate settings from zero. The help and service was woeful. Three times my book keeper made arrangements to accept a call at a certain time but due to t sheets thinking we are on the east side of Australia missed our time completely. Then when they finally called us we couldn't answer the phone because it was a weird international number that hung up as you answered.

All in all a frustrating experience, wasted a lot of time and we were very disappointed. There was a Lack of support in explaining what needs to be done and it does not appear to be as seamless as they boast in every situation.


New user. Found it easy enough to setup and work with. Functionality works for my needs.

Kim Deere  

I've just finished my second training call with Shandara and am very pleased with the service I've received. We are only beginning our experience with T-sheets but so far I am very impressed.
I find the interface very straight forward and the Kiosk even easier. Trying to implement a new system to 30+ construction workers could prove difficult, but I think the simplicity of the Kiosk is exactly what we're after.

We are based in Australia but I had no issues with communicating with Shandara at any stage. I had to reschedule one phone call and she responded to me very efficiently. She is lovely and a real pleasure to deal with.

Looking forward to continuing our working relationship :)

Office Admin  

We use TSheets to log time for 5 staff in our Bookkeeping Practice. I found the software easy to set-up and it integrates well to Xero- so great work T-Sheets.
The biggest issue I have is that I cannot produce a WIP report. I find this quite frustrating and it means that I am blind during the month to know how we are going financially. But TSheets was not developed with Bookkeepers in mind.
The other frustration is the dealing with the fixed fee client hours.
Overall I am happy with the product and would definitely recommend when the above 2 factors are not critical.

Donna Alleman  

I am a sole practitioner that uses TSheets and Xero. I love both!!!

When I moved the accounting for my accounting practice to Xero from 1 July 2016 I was looking for integrated time tracking software among the many available add-ons. I trialled 4 different time tracking software before settling on TSheets as it came closest to meeting my needs. I keep time by client not by project and many other time tracking software seems to be project based.

TSheets integration with Xero was quite new when I moved to TSheets. I made suggestions to TSheets support regarding processes that it could do better in relation to Xero Invoicing and lo and behold my suggestions were listened to. I even received calls from the development team in the US to discuss my suggestions and then they followed through with their implementation. Wow!!

TSheets is great for tracking time by client and when integrated with Xero, the use of Xero Inventory codes also allows you to allocate different charge out rates for work performed e.g. by different level of employees or by different type of work. Invoicing in TSheets then works seamlessly integrating back to Xero. The process is so efficient that it is a pleasure to perform. I do not find it at all complicated.

I bill clients separately at different times. I like how I can see a list of the unbilled time spent on each client so I can determine who I am going to bill. I also like how there is an ability to write-off time that cannot be billed.

The support team (Anna) has been more than helpful and a pleasure to deal with. They are willing and even keen to listen to suggested improvements and are also proactive in making suggestions on how to use their software better, particularly when integrating with Xero.

When using any new software you need to adjust to a new interface and to learn how it works best for your needs. I would highly recommend TSheets for time-tracking where invoicing integrates with Xero.

Alison Burgess  

Not overly friendly between the 2, if new staff start the update often changes setting

Gilbert Cook  

Brad (BD1), did fabulous job, helping me out to assign the inventory items in tsheet and xero.

keep up the good work.

Amit Bangre  

Most of the other reviews on this page seem to be focussed on how helpful support are, not how good the product actually is.

I was quite hopeful that TSheets would make life easier for me and my team, but I'm afraid it's not quite there yet:
- Interface is crowded with pop-up windows, confusing, difficult to navigate;
- Process for feeding data through to Xero is very complicated / convoluted for a consulting business like mine, where clients need to be invoiced separately at different times. It seems designed for a factory or similar with shifts of workers, where all the accounting etc. is done at the end of the week.
- Integration with Xero is still very buggy: lots of API error screens, things not loading;
- Fields from Xero are not correctly mapped in TSheets, so detail of inventory items gets lost.

Phone support were somewhat helpful... the guy I spoke to was well-meaning, but seemed more confused than me much of the time, he had to keep going away to look things up / ask other people, and didn't seem to really know the details of how the product integration was actually supposed to work.

Overall I expect more from a product that claims "integration" with Xero. If they can put some time into the product, fix the bugs and clean up the interface a bit, it might be worth a look.

Benjamin Cebon  

Elaina M was really helpful and answered all of my questions. A good product and good support is so hard to find and she made sure of that. Post assisting me i honestly thought some of my questions were silly but she was very helpful and i felt she was very helpful and just generally nice to deal with.
Thanks so much Elaina : )

Edward Bertoncini  

Tyler was a great help in setting up T-sheets for my company. I have no doubt that this will be a great asset and making the day to day running of the company a lot easier.

I look forward to in the future where I will be able to link Xero and T-sheets properly as this is yet to be rolled out in New Zealand.


Mark Kerr  

Just had a call with Tsheets and they were incredibly friendly and helpful. David, was very patient and took the time to explain to me what I needed to do. It was great, how quickly they managed to help with the query I had around category tracking and importing it through to Tsheets so that now we can track using these categories rather than customers. Thank you so much T Sheets for your help.

Alex Harris  

Tonight I was chatting to Elaina M from Tsheets. She could not have been more helpful to me. She did what she could to assist me with the problem and also gave me ideas that I have taken away to think about, how I can use T Sheets for my own business. I moved from MYOB so that I could link my Tsheets to Xero to make my life easier. Using Tsheets has helped me track my time with clients. It is simple to operate. I was suggesting tonight to her that it be good to have a WIP report ie work in progress report which you could see, total hours worked, what hours you have billed per client and then what is the balance to be billed. If Tsheets had a report like this, it would make it a lot better. Elaina gave me some work arounds but if Tsheets could take this onboard, to developed a WIP report, I believe not just me but it will be a good tool for anyone using Tsheets.

Wayne Stevens  

A brand new user, but loving the ease of the integration between xero and tsheets.
We needed a platform that allowed us to add notes to jobs on the timesheet and this is the only one that could help us ! It's perfect and the staff have been wonderful. I love the live chat feature and Brad D was very helpful and quick to respond to a query I had.

Annie Gills  

The integration between Xero and Tsheets is just how integration should be – easy-to-use, accurate and time-saving....

After searching for a replacement to our existing timesheet software stumbled across Tsheets. After a bit of investigation I reached out to support staff.

The fact that Anna is in Australia meant that I was able to discuss my concerns, requirements and discuss any questions at a time of day that suited me.

Subsequently, Anna's ongoing support and assistance has been nothing short of awesome.

We have now been using Tsheets for slightly over four months. It is working for us beautifully.

The one time I have experienced an issue, I reached out for support using the Tsheets live chat service. Tiffany B took my enquiry.

She not only answered my questions but went and implemented all of the necessary fixes including the merging of a manually created customer with an imported customer and changes to the import settings.

Tiffany B was super helpful and continues the excellent support that I have received from Tsheets to date.

Ben Dudley  

Excellent integration and tech help...seamless with Xero and ADP.

Love the knowledgeable CSR and Tech help and I so appreciate the
proactive company culture throughout organization

Would recommend in an instant

Mike M

Michael Markum  

Lauren B. was super helpful answered my questions quickly and accurately.
Thanks Lauren B.

Mike Bonwill  

I had a customer sync issue today between Xero and Tsheets. Both Brad D and Lauren B were very helpful in getting that resolved for me quickly.

Josephine Licata  

Just started using Tsheets and Xero. Looking great so far. The best part is the ability to get support from knowledgeable people who don't just pass you off. The system is great and this is a reflected in their support team. Elaina M has been great and found the answers I was looking for within minutes. Hope to deal with her again..

Thank you guys and gals.

Marcus Turner

Marcus Turner  

I started using TSheets for our clients at the end of last year. I've found Anna and Brad to be fantastic!

Already my clients can get a better idea of how they are oncharging labour. Efficient and powerful it's a must for any business with labour to be charged out to customers!

Karice Grundon  

Had a great experience with Tsheets customer service. An issue with syncing between Xero and Tsheets was a little tricky to resolve, but I wasn't transferred to a different department. Reece stayed on the line the whole time, involving his supervisor and another team when it became necessary. I expected to be put on hold or shuffled to another department but I was pleasantly surprised and the issue was fixed faster than I imagined as well. Thanks!

Jess Hillyer  

Brad D, helped me with a xero sync issue all working great now. Thanks Brad

Glen Biggs  

Elaina M was super helpful. Was able to help me with a range of very specific technical issues. I've also been amazed at how quickly the functionality of TSheets can be changed if required to meet our business needs. Great service!! Highly recommend Elaina and TSheets.

Carl Bird  

Brad D. helped me with a synch issue, today. He was quick, good natured and solved my problem quickly. Love T-Sheets!

Michelle Reed  

Elaina M was so helpful. I threw 2 curve balls at her and she knocked them out of the park like the bubs will do tonight. I was getting discouraged of using tsheets but thanks to her im definitely buying it!

Arthur Garcia  

Hi @Leonie O'Donoghue great question! Xero would be the hub for any data transfers. In other words, information can flow from TSheets to Xero and then from Xero to Workflow. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us at 888-836-2720 with any other questions you may have about TSheets.

Nick Kreiter  

Brad D was incredibly helpful with my Customer Support issues. Although the frustrating problem ended up being user error and not an error with the T-Sheets program, Brad was very patient and made sure that my concerns were addressed and stayed with me until the issue was resolved. Great job T-Sheets! On a side note, this platform is incredible!

Garrett Johnson  

Hi Anna
After a few interruptions I finally finished watching the certification webinar. I downloaded the App to my iPhone and have added a few of my clients. I have also synced the T-Sheets account to my Xero file. I think I’m going to really enjoy using the App so I can keep track of where I am :-) and how long I spend with clients, I have been using a spreadsheet and sometimes forget to fill it in. I really like the tracker idea a lot and it’s something that I think a lot of employers would love, not only so they know where their employees are but also from a safety point of view that you mentioned in the webinar, it’s brilliant really.

Lisa Samaha  

I've used TSheets with two business ventures and if I ever get married again, they'll do my third. Oh, wait, wrong review. Seriously though - I've been thrilled with them. Anytime I've needed assistance, they've been great. Today I had a "junior moment" and couldn't remember where a setting was. Brad was awesome and efficient.

Robert Long  

Hi we currently use Workflow does this work with Tsheets and Xero

Leonie O'Donoghue  

Tiffany- Thanks for your assistance in helping me to understand how to connect TSheets to Xero. Thanks for answering all my questions.

Melinda Wilkinson  

@Rachael Boswell - the integration is already available for NZ customers! The invoicing integration is available globally. The payroll integration is only available for US and AU customers at this time.

Grace Hwang (Xero Staff)  

Tiffany B helped me get time synced and moved from Tsheets to Xero and hen even wanted to continue to help me on the Xero side! She was super helpful and really patient. I've had nothing but great support from T-sheets!

Janet McCarty  

When will Tsheets be avialable for Xero users in New Zealand?

Rachael Boswell  

Tsheets and Xero has saved time for me and my clients. It has removed the need to triple handle physical timesheets from the staff to their manager and then scanned and emailed to me for manual entry (not to mention decoding some peoples 'handwriting') . Now with TSheets the staff can clock their hours and location, the manager can see where staff are working and for how long during the day/week then approve that time in Tsheets to be exported straight into Xero for easy processing by me.

We internally use Tsheets to track our time against the clients for more accurate time billing or to monitor any blowouts on our fixed fees clients. Being a mobile business having Tsheets on our phones (either Android or Apple) is perfect, also being able to know where my staff are during the day can help with organisation or redirection to close by tasks.

I cannot fault their support team, Anna, Rahul and Caleb have all been superstars. They are helpful, knowledgeable and more than willing to take on board any feedback or suggestions we throw their way.

We have improved our processes with multiple clients, we are seeing positive results with clients in the building and construction industry, other trades and professionals services such as an RTO and our own bookkeeping business.

Sarah-Jane Bishop