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Xero | Error 500: Application Error

Started by Russell Hershey -   in Small Business

For the last few days, whilst trying to complete our due vat return we are receiving the following message when pressing the Account Transaction tab with the main bank account:

Error 500: Application Error

Sorry! Looks like something went wrong

Don’t worry though – it's likely to just be temporary.
Try again by going back to your previous page. If the issue continues, check out the Help Center.

Error code: 500

I have deleted the cache, cookies and even tried a different browser just like the help page suggested. I have raised a support tick but really need to rectify this asap.

Appreciate any input..


One Motion Logistics Ltd

This usually happens when you have too many transaction, Special Characters in the text Fields, too much data ( Adding Branding Theme ID etc). These can be one of the many errors outside of Xero's Scope. Start by sending 1 - 2 in a batch and only the necessary data.

Kind Regards

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Henzard Kruger
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Henzard Kruger  

Thanks for reaching out to Support to look into this further too, Russ - I'm sorry for the slight delay getting back to you, the team definitely want to investigate what's causing the error if you're able to invite them in for a closer look? Just confirm by replying on the case to let them know when this has been actioned.

Kelly M (Community Manager)  

We are also having this problem, and we urgently need to file our VAT return.

Xero, please sort this issue asap.


Michael Garrett  

I am still awaiting assistance... Seems xero like to hide away from the telephone. Net suite here we come!!😡

Russell Hershey  

Xero, clearly this issue is affecting multiple users who need to file VAT returns.

Please can you give us an update on this asap.


Michael Garrett  

@Russell, did you receive Archie's last email in July? A slightly different issue, but I can't see any recent questions from you about this? Could you give me a reference number?

@Michael looks like you've just replied to Perry's email requesting an invite - he'll be able to investigate this for you :)

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

I can't even choose new invoice without it saying oops!something went wrong and error 500.


Sorry Christian, we've an issue with Xero atm - please keep updated here.

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

Xero has developed some serious performance problems in the past 6 months "Sorry something went wrong'" has been a regular page. Rarely can I go back on a page now. Sometimes I can't run a GST audit, when I can I then cannot switch to the Activity Statement.
I'm getting tired of logging in and starting pages again!

Lisa Lenne  

Hiya Lisa, yes it's an unfortunate by-product of the recent platform changes rolling out! Ironically moving to the new platform will make things faster, but things have slowed down while we move. I know that certainly doesn't ease the pain for you running your reports right now - but it will get better. A quick refresh of page and clearing of your cookies and caches should help things out in the meantime though.

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

Hi Brittany,
I wish I had a dollar for every xero support person who has told me to refresh and clear cookies. I really doesn't help. Business is now less productive so this is a serious issue that I hope is resolved sooner rather than later.

Lisa Lenne  

@Lisa, we update Xero a lot (basically every day) - this can cause issues if your cache has an older version of Xero stored, and we've released a newer version - This is why we suggest to refresh your cookies and cache.

Having looked into your emails with Support I can see they've escalated your issues for further investigations. They'll be able to help get to the bottom of things here.

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

I have been getting this same message for the last two weeks when trying to upload a Sales csv file. I have escalated it to the support team and now looks like a gateway computer in the packet routing is timing out. I have been working with the support team for 3 days now and don't feel like they are getting any closer to a resolution. The constant message coming back is that it is a problem on my side but I have run the the upload process on 3 different computers at 2 totally different locations within London (several miles apart and using different broadband providers) and the error occurs at both locations so it can't be on my side. Please can this be investigated as a matter of urgency! This is having a significant impact on my business and needs to be resolved asap.

Andrew Jakins  

Hi Andrew - Sorry for any miscommunications and thanks for all the info you've provided. I can see the team's been in touch and managed to recreate the issue, as well as help import your sales data. Please do get back to them if you have any questions.

Kelly M (Community Manager)  

Hi, I've raised this issue more than 6 months ago but till today there have been no updates or resolution. The solutions and answers I get from Xero are useless time and time again. Is it possible to change the error message to say that this is a permanent issue rather than temporary?

Bhavesh Mistry  

I am experiencing this consistently over the last few days when trying to run the NEW Account Transactions report - this is obviously a permanent error with Xero and surely should be fixed?

Lucinda Viljoen  

As this error is quite vague, it can apply to a few different situations. Please do first try clearing your cookies & cache, then a different browser, If that doesn't work, we can rule out a few different issues and our team can investigate what's happening with your report here, Lucinda.

Kelly M (Community Manager)