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AU Payroll - Employee list showing TFN

Started by Tasha Manoharan -   in AU Payroll

We have a client who has hundreds of employees. So updating details is very slow. We would like to be able to run a Xero report showing all employees that do not have a tfn in Xero.
Hi Tasha - There is no report that shows employee TFN's in Payroll, but you can preview payment summaries to see this information if you need to.

Quenby S (Community Manager)  

Yes very SLOW process when there are hundreds of employees!

Tasha Manoharan  

Merged: AU Payroll - Employee Tax File Numbers

I would like the employee contact details report to include tax file numbers. The only way to tell if they are missing is almost at the end of the payment summaries and if i could see them in the employee contract report it would make life easier.

Lissa Burton  

We also require a report showing the TFN for the upload of our superannuation payments.

Jayde Smith  

It seems a bit ridiculous that we are unable to easily view this.
I also have this problem. Very unhelpful when the super batch fails due to one TFN entered incorrectly.

Alyse McPhee  

I agree - I am not giving MYOB a spruik but obtaining card file details is very flexible. Please make this reporting a priority Xero!

Samantha O'Donnell  

Totally agree. The future inclusion of the TFN in Employee Info Report is essential.
Thank you.
John Stone

John Stone  

Is there any update on this yet? ...... this should definitely be an option.

Janet Spiers  

Extremely poor reporting system and options.

Hassan Obaidul  

I also require this report. It seems like a basic reporting requirement by many users so hopefully Xero gets on top of it.

Joanne Vincent  

I also require this report, extremely slow to manually extract this info. Why are only some fields available to report on? I think this makes the Xero system inadequate for any business with a moderate to large payroll.

Kelly O'Reilly  

I also require this report. As a business that has Labour Hire employees, I am unable to retrieve TFN information from Payment Summaries, as the Payment Summary function is not available through Xero for Labour Hire employees. Extremely frustrating as the only way that I can currently see employee's TFN's is by accessing each employee card. This is extremely time consuming when you have to access the history information

Louisa Hughes  

Please add this report

Phuc Nguyen  

So how long do we have to wait for XERO to act on this "simple" request I wonder. Over a year gone past now!!!!

John Stone  

Hi Xero, is this thread being monitored? Is this feature on the software development roadmap? If so, when can we expect to see this added?

Jamie Taylor  

Can we please get an update on when/if this will become available?? It seems so ridiculous that you cannot just add a TFN field to the employee contracts report. It would save me HOURS AND HOURS of manually flicking in and out of every employee card.

Kelly Joyce  

This is problematic when preparing SGC Statements. I have clients with 500 or more employee's and to get the payment data, addresses, and other data to complete the returns takes about 20 minutes to cover 5 or 6 years. The time to get the TFN's manually. 7 hours or so :-(
This doesn't need to be a big fix or special report, just provide the functionality on the Superannuation Payments report, The Employee Remuneration Report, or The EMployee Contact details report. Adding a single field cannot be too difficult can it?

Bevan Pierce  

AND I ASK AGAIN, just how long does it take XERO to attend to such legitimate requests?

John Stone  

Please this is really essential. Kindly include all details of employees including the TFN. Really time consuming checking them one by one in employee tabs, not really efficient.

Oliver Songcuan  

So what does it take to get XERO to fix these issues? Any suggestions? Nothing is ever acknowledged by XERO or progess updates given. This is pathetic customer servce and just a poor bl...y joke!!!

John Stone  

Yes, easily Xero should be able to create this report. We have 100s of employees and doing this manually is a nightmare.

Kevin Amarasuriya  

So has anybody got any idea how we force XERO to act on these issues?

John Stone  

Appreciate all the input here everyone, apologies for not popping in sooner.

Being upfront, we don't have intentions to add the TFN detail to a report. As Xero's considered to be a TFN recipient, this is in order to ensure that TFN info is only accessed by users with the correct permissions.
- You can read more about this here.

We recommend that if you need a report with an employee's TFN, that you export the Employee Remuneration/Contact Details report and add the TFN details manually, outside Xero.

To set expectations for everyone here, I'll close this request and return your votes so you can add them to other ideas where you'd like to see change.

Cassidy Hall (Community Manager)