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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Accountant tools

4.8 out of 5 stars
Based on 19 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and SuiteFiles, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About SuiteFiles

SuiteFiles is an easy cloud system to manage all your files, emails & client documents. Connect to Microsoft Office, Xero + Xero Practice Manager
Find out more about SuiteFiles.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with SuiteFiles, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, contact Suitefiles.

We are in the process of transitioning our practice across to SuiteFiles and loving it so far! Adam has been a wonderful support and always eager to help where he can. He has been working with us at our pace which we also really appreciate. I've also posted a question through to the support team and the turn around time was fantastic! We are really looking forward to working with this team on an ongoing basis!

Thanks Adam!

Megan Hodgson  

Love working with the team at SuiteFiles. Our practice has been transitioning from server to cloud based systems which doesn't come without its challenges but the support and patience they have had for me is outstanding! The program does what they say it will but the service brings it to next level! keep it up guys!

Bianca Burns  

Suitefiles works seamlessly with our Xero Practice Manager and Office Suite of products. The Suitefiles team is extremely helpful and approachable so support is always available. It's growing along with our practice, easy to use, and constantly improving in functionality. Well worth our investment.

Sigrid Arundel  

The team at SuiteFiles are amazing; so helpful.
SuiteFiles has saved me hours and hours of time managing authorisations for JobKeeper. I seriously wouldn't have coped.
Thank goodness I moved from Google to Office 365 and I was shown a little bit of what SuiteFiles does. That was before the signing, client folders and tasks were available, which have been excellent additions.
I run a paper-free office and only print from time to time to keep the toner stirred.
I love SuiteFiles so much that I've shown it to four bookkeeper friends who now, all sing its praises too.
Thanks SuiteFiles for keeping me sane!

Maggie McKenzie  

Hi Danii, people can only review each connected app once, so it'll be hard for anyone who's previously posted to respond to your post, on this thread.
Questions and help on using Xero Connected Apps are best posted here - I'd recommend posting as a new discussion there. :)

Kelly M (Community Manager)  

We are currently in the middle of implementing XPM at our practice coming from Myob AE. Our practice is struggling with all document management systems we have seen, inc suitefiles simply because none of these systems have the same functions as myob DM in the document creation area. What are other firms doing to facilitate this need and also bulk letter / email creation? Any advice here will be much appreciated.

Danii Paladino  

Excellent system with good integration with Office 365 and an excellent Outlook plug-in. Andrew and the team at the Full Suite provide excellent support (which is seldom required as the system is so stable).

Philip de Lisle  

After months of researching the best Document Management solution for our clients, SuiteFiles came out well ahead. It's deep integration with Microsoft's Office 365 is a major plus, as well of course it's integration capability with WorkflowMax / Xero Practice Manager.

The team at SuiteFiles are also absolutely amazing. Their support is fantastic - best of all they are very receptive to feedback and improving their solution even more.

Nathan Morris  

Have tried several others and really happy with Suitefiles, easy to use, integrates with Xero and Outlook. Very responsive and supportive team also.

Belinda Fitzgerald  

Using for almost a year now, a great product and has made accessibility and synchronization of documents between our 3 offices a lot easier and more reliable.Nice easy interface that anyone can just pick up and start using, which has again made the transition to cloud storage even more easier for us.
There are a few little kinks but overall the program positives outweigh them.

Jack Arnold  

We have adopted Suite Files at MKS Group after almost a 12 month search and review of different cloud based document management platforms. It is easy to use, nice interface and has been well received by our team. Some small quirks and issues generally because it operates on the Office Sharepoint platform and if Microsoft does a change in the background (e.g. like not accepting ' in client names) it sometimes can be problematic. However, the negatives are far outweighed by the positives. A great cloud document management solution and integrates well with XPM.

Michael Risoli  

Our team loves SuiteFiles. Highlights for us are the integration with both Outlook and Xero Practice Manager. Our client documents are where they should be when we need them - easy process to get them there. Andrew and his team provide first class support. We're hooked.

Anne Pottinger  

Fantastic product, easy to use

Craig West  

We first took our practice to the cloud back in 2010 adopting Xero ledger and the Modern Practice concept, including Sharepoint Online for document management. After 18 months of continual issues and poor user adoption with another provider, we were about ready to throw in the towel until we came across Suitefiles. The product is brilliant, easy to learn, easy to use, quick and powerful search, and the Outlook drop and drag plug-in is a god-send. For those wanting a truly mobile cloud based solution for document management that integrates with email and provides the flexibility around user privileges, backups and overall control that Dropbox and Google Docs aren't aimed at, make sure you check this out. Not to mention Andrew and his team provide probably the best customer service and assistance i've come across from a software provider.

Scott Norrish  

We finally made the leap to storing our documents in the cloud and suitefiles has made this easy. Suite files is user friendly and the best part for us is the outlook plugin allowing us to save emails and attachments. All our documents are in one place that we can access from anywhere, we can lock folders down to be viewed by management only, all our templates are saved in suitefiles and are saved immediately to the client file and client details imported from XPM.

Amy Mulinder  

We are a Denver CO based CPA firm with 2 users. SuiteFiles allows us to manage documents without the need for a local area network and allows us to access and use files from any location including mobile devices. We tried to implement Sharepoint twice before without success and the SuiteFiles solution made creating a cloud based file server inside Sharepoint a simple process. We were previously using Gmail and are now able to use Outlook / Exchange Server to allow better tracking of client conversations by project which really beats having to do searches. The support has been outstanding. I highly recommend SuiteFiles.

Kevin Davis  

As a Practice Studio Implementation Partner, SuiteFiles is simply a critical part of the solution for any user of Xero Practice Manager. We recommend a review of SuiteFiles in all of our XPM projects as it provides awesome functionality and really helps drive easy and ongoing use of XPM.

Great product, great team!

Greg Harrison  

We migrated from our server to the Cloud about two years ago now. The SuiteFiles migration was set on Friday night and by Sunday everything had been migration to SharePoint for us. On Monday the team were in the cloud and it felt like we had been there forever. SuiteFiles is easy to use and makes navigating SharePoint a breeze. We particularly love the Outlook plug-in - save emails to client folders, drag and drop attachments from emails to client folders to save them in SharePoint via SuiteFiles. Too easy!

Paul Martin  

We are an Auckland based CA firm with 6 people on the team. We have operated virtually (no base office) for the past 2.5 years. Suitefiles has been our provider from the start. It is an easy solution for us to use – our files are easy to save, retrieve and share. It integrates with Outlook which is great. We recommend Suitefiles as a trusted solution. Their team are good people to deal with.

Craig Weston, Director Inspired Accountants Limited

Craig Weston  

Suitefiles manages all our internal documents, emails and templates in our practice - we love it and couldn't live without it. The team at Suite is responsive and always go out of their way to help.

Hamish Mexted  

Great O365 based product and great support with industry leading ideas

Dallas Watt  

I love Suitefiles because it uses Microsoft SharePoint, which means it works with the Microsoft Office suite of products.
That, and the support is top-notch!

Ari Oliver  

Good system. Just wish we could hyperlink through it.

Vince Cook