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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Other

5 out of 5 stars
Based on 17 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Waddle, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Waddle

Revolving line of credit based on your outstanding receivables balance. Link your Xero account & instantly drawdown funds against unpaid invoices.
For more information, check out Waddle.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Waddle, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the Waddle support centre or contact Waddle on 1300 649 322.

The Waddle facility and solution was great and very easy to use. The integration with Xero was seamless and up to date. The team especially Kent and Simon was very helpful and responsive. We never had issues with drawing down funds, and if there ever was a problem, Waddle was ready and easily on hand to settle the concerns.
Whilst we are no longer with Waddle (due to our internal reasons), i recommend Waddle to any business who are after a hassle free, integrated solution. The Waddle team are also very commercial and are generally interested in helping your business.

Shaun Cheng  

We have used Waddle for 24 Months, all I can say is the team at Waddle have all been outstanding, their rates, fees and charges cannot be beaten. We moved from Bank overdraft to Waddle and saved over $20,000.00 in interest and fees.

I would highly recommend Waddle to any company needing cash flow finance.

Thank you to Kent and the team at Waddle for a pleasurable two years of business.

Jon Fitzgerald  

Highly recommended form of debtor finance with an innovative platform - their team are very approachable and realistic

David Wearne  

Best product available on the market! Best integration with Xero as well. No fuss, no mess, no confusion. This is a tool for your business to help eleviate the pressures on cashflow and promote growth. A++++++ Cant recommend it highly enough.

Jane Howarth  

We have been using Waddle for about 18 months. Access to our invoice funds right away. Awesome. Great service, super simple and amazing peolpe to talk too. Whenever I pick up the phone I chat to a real person. Without their support we would not have grown as quickly as we have. Well done waddle!

I looked at a lot of alternative funding streams. Waddle came out on top then and now.

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Brett Monaghan  

We have been using Waddle for a year now. It is very user friendly, exceptional staff and support. Would highly recommend Waddle to everyone.

Renee Newlan  

I have used the service for about 18 months. Easy to use. Transparent program and exceptional staff. Hands down best customer service I've ever seen. Would recommend to anyone


Janina Garcia  

We have been using Waddle for a while now and seriously cant rate it highly enough, its nice to not have to deal with banks!

You wont regret your decision to get this set up.


We have been using Waddle for awhile now and found the entire workings, processes and setup easy and user friendly. It just works well for our business. Its great to see business like Waddle being forward thinking. Highly recommend Waddle...

Brian Sheedy  

I came across Waddle and recommended it to my client, the whole process from applying for the facility and to the draw down stage was so straight forward. My client still has control of his own customers, and any time we have had a question there has always been someone there to help. I highly recommend this product.

Cleo Litsas  

We have been using Waddle for a little while now and have found the process, experience and integration first class. The real time speed of being able to access funds in our accounts receivable ledger has enabled us to get ahead with projects and remain within terms with suppliers.
From application to deployment, the whole process has been simple, easy, non-intrusive and transparent.
We consider this relationship a true partnership and have no hesitation in recommending them to forward thinking businesses that need more working capital without the hassle of dealing with traditional bankers.

Ben Shadgett  

My clients have used other Invoice Finance company's in the past. Most people are reluctant to change, sticking with the service they know and not wanting any hassles. Recently one of my clients required to use Invoice Finance to help with cash flow. We looked at the costs and needed a better option than the company we were using.
As Waddle Integrates with Xero, it just made sense. It was easy to set up, you manage your debtors on the dashboard, no forms to fill out to finance invoices, draw down electronically and receive email confirmation that the draw down request has been received, reconcile to the Waddle Line of Credit Account, I could go on and on.
If Invoice Finance is a service that could help your business, you would find it hard to beat Waddle.

Michelle Carr  

Great Product, Great Service. Much more visibility and transparency on whats happening in our factoring. The competitive interest rate, doesnt hurt either.

Ryan key  

We are super impressed with Waddle and have nothing but praise for the product and service provided by the team. Every step has been effortless and hassle free. In an industry where payment terms are drawn out partnering with Waddle has provided our business with the cash flow flexibility to enable us to expand quickly and not miss important business opportunities. Xero and Waddle work seamlessly together making transactions easy whilst enabling us to have real time information on our account.

Lauren Hollis  

This is amazing system. 2 mins in and we had approval! We are rolling this out for our clients now as it has worked so well. Banks are yesterday's news - these guys are the way forward!

Dave Hodge

David Hodge  

This is amazing system. 2 mins in and we had approval! We are rolling this out for our clients now as it has worked so well. Banks are yesterday's news - these guys are the way forward!

Dave Hodge

David Hodge  

We were initially looking to use Market Trend but instead made the jump to Waddle namely because of the simplicity.
So far we've found it to be smooth & simple.
Both Leigh & Simon are really helpful & our experience with Waddle thus far has been first class.
A+ thus far.

Rod Schober