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AU Payroll: Leave - Terminating an Employee and Payout leave type

Started by Chris Trew in Payroll Feature Requests | Done!

Termination of an Employee is currently terrible for paying out leave and easily fixable.

1. There should be a "Annual Leave (Termination payout)" type that doesn't add super and changes the tax table because:
Annual leave payable on termination is not subject to superannuation.(no check box is available to exclude super)
Leave payable on termination has different PAYG withholding rates applicable

2. Wasting time switching to an employee to add leave (sick,annual,termination) could be solved by a Leave option in the pay run. Which will also solve not being allowed 4 decimal places in the leave (for conversions)
Official Xero Reply
UPDATE - this has been released. Read more on how to terminate an employee here: Process a normal termination
Quick update to let you know that we've started work towards automating final pay calculations for your employees! To hopefully be released before the end of the year, it'll include leave balances.

Until then, if you need to pay out an employee - have a look at this Help Centre page, or get in touch with Support for detailed instructions.

Brittany H (Community Manager)