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AU Payroll: Payslips - To show more Earnings Line Detail on payslips

Started by Chris Tinta in Payroll Feature Requests | Idea

Hi All,

Just realised that on a payslip, Xero hides all earnings lines other than those which are active in the current pay period. So, when an employee is on annual leave for a week, their entire YTD pay items get lumped into 'Other Earnings Rates' because their ordinary hours, overtime etc are not active in that pay period.

This has caused us to receive multiple inquiries, complaints, conspiracy theories for employees who don't understand what is going on. Sure, if you added up last weeks YTD column, + this weeks pay, you would get the sum of this weeks YTD column - but an employee shouldnt have to do this to ensure that the YTD figures on their payroll make sense.

I understand that the non active earnings lines are consolidated to keep a payslip at a manageable size where an employee has many infrequently used earnings types, but there are a lot of employees who might only ever have 3 or 4 earnings types.

I think that we should have the option in setup to force certain earnings lines to appear on their own line even if there is no current week activity (eg ordinary hours, overtime, personal leave, annual leave). If these items are not used in the current week, but they have a YTD balance they still appear on each payslip...

What do you think?
Official Xero Reply
Hi team, our current focus is to get ready for Single Touch Payroll (being rolled out by the ATO mid next year - 2018) The team’s pretty swamped with this piece of work at the moment. Right now we don’t have any plans to show more detail on Payslips but if plans are made we’ll let you all know here.

Ibrahim Ibrahim (Xero Staff)