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AU Payroll: Timesheet - Include Tracking on superannuation entries & leave

Started by Julie Holland in Payroll Feature Requests | Under Consideration

Xero payroll allows us to use tracking categories on the wages entry by utilising the timesheet function, however this is only part of the cost of employees as it does not then allocate super expenses in the same way. It is a natural progression and usual business practice to also allocate superannuation to tracking categories on a prorata basis. We realise that you can edit this in the draft bill that is generated.

Interested to see if anyone has an objection to allowing this to be a feature.
Official Xero Reply
Hiya everyone, with the year (2018) coming to a close we'd like to jump in with an update.
STP is now with all AU orgs with 20+ active employees. It's taken much of the team's resources this year(2018) ensuring the transition was smooth as possible.
Though I'd love to share brighter news with you all, there hasn't been any progress to update you of for tracking in timesheets just yet.
Our Product Team that look after AU Payroll are aware of your request here, and into the new year(2019) when we have a better view of the next big items on their agenda, I'll return to share if there's any news of development here.

Kelly M (Community Manager)