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Started by Xero API -   in Add-on Reviews |Debtor tracking

5 out of 5 stars
Based on 18 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and InvoiceSherpa, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About InvoiceSherpa

Automate your receivables and get paid faster. Our system automatically sends invoice reminders to your customers and follows up until you get paid.
For more information, check out InvoiceSherpa.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with InvoiceSherpa, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

If you need help connecting Xero with InvoiceSherpa check out this guide.

For general support visit the knowledge base or email support

Without a doubt this product will become an irreplaceable AR manager for almost every business. Excellent functionality and a roadmap that would excite most users, Invoice Sherpa looks to become a compulsory add-on for any Xero user. Set and forget features with a great looking and easy to use, good looking interface makes this one of the most exciting new Add-ons to Xero. We use it in our practice and have been very happy with both the product and level of service. Well worth the trial if you are unsure.

Richard Barley  

Invoice Sherpa has streamlined my collections so much! I used to spend hours each month following up with clients and reminding them to pay. With Invoice Sherpa its all automatic, down to live phone calls and text messages. I love the the Thank you for your payment feature and so do my clients -- they always know that their payment has arrived and been credited properly. Our cash flow has improved and the support is extraordinary. Try it out, you won't be sorry and you won't be willing to give it up after the trial period.

Rachel Frishe  

The best collection Add-on i came across so far. The support is exceptional, they have done the necessary to integrate with our credit card gateway and it all works perfectly. Very proactive team, nothing is ever impossible. I really liked this attitude! Highly recommended!

Julie Cooper  

Been working with the team at Invoice Sherpa for the past 4 weeks and have to say that I haven't come across customer service quite like it, and in a good way! Shaun has supported us through issues, pretty much immediately, whether it be during the day or night for us. The functionality offered by Invoice Sherpa is really quite robust compared to what we have used in the past and our clients love it. Top marks so far for the team, well done :)

Gavin Esslemont  

Amazing customer service - no waiting around for days (or even hours, really) or being told to "see the forum" - how refreshing! The selling points for us are:
1. Clients able to download a copy of their invoice directly from the reminder.
2. "Thank You" email sent to clients when payment received.
This makes our clients' lives easier - which makes our lives easier. Thanks Shaun and Team, you've worked hard and we've noticed! 10/10 would recommend.

Jordan Hall  

I started using InvoiceSherpa to automate customer email reminder workflows on our account receivables.

Works great. Nice service

Adam Bouchard  

Very responsive, encouraging user feedback to enhance the product. Well worth a look if you're a fan of Xero and don't want to outsource your collections.

Tim Stubbings  

Thus support from this team has been exceptional. Very eager to please and dealt with my concerns immediately. Compared to the other apps in the category this way by far the nicest product.

Benjamin Crudo  

Despite our accounts department's grave reservations about using an automated system, InvoiceSherpa’s monthly statements provided an unobtrusive way to remind customers of their outstanding invoices, without flooding them with email. Feedback from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive. The user interface is very polished, easy to use, and the support is simply fantastic. InvoiceSherpa has allowed us to start getting our mid six-figure accounts receivable under control for the first time in years.

Aidan Lister  

InvoiceSherpa has made a very positive contribution to our business. Over and again we see debtors taking action as a result of follow ups that the InvoiceSherpa bots have made on our behalf. In many case we still end up having to chase overdue receivable accounts - but in those situations it is still very helpful that InvoiceSherpa has done scheduled follow ups in advance and we know that special attention is needed. The service is further helped by the InvoiceSherpa team who bend over backwards to make sure their customers are getting the most from their service. Highly recommended.

Scott Robinson  

I've been using the software for about 2 months and absolutely love it. My business has a tremendous amount of monthly subscription payments so billing/collecting used to be a time-consuming process. What used to take a whole day now takes 1-2 hours per month. I have collected thousands of $$ via the reminder system as well. Customers love the automated receipts too. Also, there's a great feature that allows you to find out when the customer has clicked and opened the email with the invoice. This innovative program pays for itself many times over each month.

Scott Wallace  

I have only just started utilizing Invoice Sherpa in the last few days. All I can say is WOW. 99% of customer have intention of paying invoices on time, however they do forget and the invoice ends up further down the list of emails in their inbox. Previously I also forgot or didn't have time to write emails or contact customers by phone. Now all it takes is an hour or two to set up your schedule and your on your way to getting paid faster. Within 2 days I am already seeing improvements and customers are calling me or emailing me to thank us for the reminder and organizing payment. Previously it would only be when I had a spare moment and the customer answered their phone when I called them. (Which was almost none of the time) I am very excited to see what the next few weeks holds for our business. Shaun also recommended us to use in conjunction with stripe payment facility. Now I believe our company is the only plumbing company in town that allows customers to pay their invoices on time via credit card 24 hours a day, making my business look much more professional that anyone else. as well as automating another time consuming process, Saving me time and money and freeing staff to find more business improvements. The user interface is also very easy and allows the ability to not send certain customers reminders and send manual reminders as well. Definitely would recommend anyone to make the very small investment per month and see the return Invoice Sherpa will bring to your business.

Rhett Johnston  

We are loving InvoiceSherpa. The graphics are amazing, really giving us an good overview of where we are, the response from Shaun is amazing--listening to what we need and helping us and the process for collecting is up! Great stuff.

Jeff Putthoff  

InvoiceSherpa is amazing and the support is exceptional. The response is almost instant with a genuine interest and drive to support our business needs. No hesitation in recommending.


Stuart Gordon  

Having tried a number of invoice reminder Xero add-ons, I am happy to have finally settled down with InvoiceSherpa. It is the best engineered, best designed and most user-friendly Xero invoice reminder add-on available. It is well worth every penny - highly recommended.

Kunle Campbell  

We have been using Invoice Sherpa for a month and it has been exceptional. Our debtors are becoming much easier to manage and payments are being made on time. Once your customers understand the product and realise what the process is - it will improve your cash flow and debtor management. Shaun was exceptional in his help getting it started.

Jarrod Clowes  

This is a must have for any business, helps you get paid faster, improves cash flow. Prior to using Invoice Sherpa, I was using other receivables app (And this other online app is very decent!) but after trying Invoice Sherpa I had to continue.

The user interface (UI)) is clean, straight forward and easy to navigate. The team continues to add features, the response time on support is impeccable. The biggest thing for me is that out of all the receivable apps I have used, Invoice Sherpa does an excellent job of syncing up with Xero accounting, (the best I've tested so far, no missing fields, etc). Great pricing structure and I am excited about the new client portal.

My advice, is to do yourself a favor , stop chasing down delinquent customers and get this app, It'll save you more time to focus on new customers.

Alex Flemmings  

We have been using Invoice Sherpa for nearly 6 months and has been great for us and our customers. I used to spend a lot of time chasing payments, now I spend next to no time and it was a job I didn't enjoy so it’s really made a positive impact on me running the business.

AusConnect Accounts  

Moved to Invoice Sherpa from Debtor Daddy some time ago. Cant say enough good things about it. They have fantastic customer service, listen to every improvement we suggest (some changes made within minutes of a phone call). Best debtor management app by far in our opinion.

Andrew Van De Beek