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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Debtor tracking

4 out of 5 stars
Based on 54 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and InvoiceSherpa, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About InvoiceSherpa

Automate your receivables and get paid faster. Our system automatically sends invoice reminders to your customers and follows up until you get paid.
For more information, check out InvoiceSherpa.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with InvoiceSherpa, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

If you need help connecting Xero with InvoiceSherpa check out this guide.

For general support visit the knowledge base or email support

Wow, we attempted to use this product and it was abysmal. Their payment processor signup page wouldn't come up because their hosting provider had blocked or canceled their account. I was told it was much better before it was bought by another company. We are looking elsewhere for something that actually works. Avoid this app!!!!!

Chris Sims  

I'm sure this is a great product for some businesses with limited alternatives but for the price point customisation is very limited you cant even customise the footer of emails for example. I ended up giving up after trying to upload my business's logo, after adding white space etc in Photoshop to get the exact aspect ratio they wanted, Invoice sherpa just freaked out and kept the old incorrectly cropped version and wouldn't let me change it. Given the age of the service, it seems surprisingly poor with functionality and almost incomplete feature set wise.

Callum Heaney  

We loved using Invoice Sherpa until they migrated to version 2.0.
One of our users can no longer even get into the site, and after weeks of back and forth with the dev team and customer service rep, we've given up trying to log in. For those who can log in, things don't seem to have migrated correctly, and we don't like it nearly as much as 1.0. Very disappointing overall and no longer recommend the application.

Rebecca Fulmer  

BEWARE. We recently did an analysis of AR addons to Xero. Invoice Sherpa was one of the three that we evaluated for use. We registered for free trials with each and ultimately selected another package. We cancelled our Invoice Sherpa account but we they have retained our data and continue to send us reports every week despite our requests to have our data deleted. I would suggest not "trying" Invoice Sherpa because you will not be able to extricate your information from their systems if you decide against using them.

Frank Traylor  

They've consistently become worse and worse and do NOT listen to feedback from clients. Simple things like being able to have invoices sent to multiple email addresses is not possible and when requested, was shot down as not important. The system regularly breaks and Xero frequently has to be relinked. With the migration to version 2, like other reviewers have stated, they clearly didn't test common things such as invoice payments. Our customers are upset, I'm upset, and now I have to find a replacement. It's just not a professional solution.

Arthur Dodd  

We have been using this application for some time and as others have expressed the migration to their newest version v2 has been a nightmare. I am a software developer and the issues with the migration have been unacceptable. I've had to tell them everything that was broken and what data was not migrated. Just as others said, the following wasn't migrated automatically:
Client Portal User Accounts
Client Payment Methods
Connection with Xero was broken
Late Fee Schedules were missing
Customer Portal link changed and the instructions were wrong
Invoices fail to open due to cross domain and popup blocking which wasn't an issue on v1 (They changed the domain name for v2)
Customer Payment History

The result in some cases caused all customers with a credit card on file to have all their invoices automatically paid once they started fixing the issues. We've had to refund in some cases, deal with frustrated customers, and lose money due to the refunds. I can't say how disappointed we've been in the migration. I would strongly caution you to not upgrade until support can guarantee this won't happen.

Mark Williams  

This system was working so well for me, unitl they pushed forward an update. We have an endless list of issues since that we have been trying to work through with their service team, however as yet they have not been able to resolve. It's been over two weeks back and forth. The new system is full of bugs, payments not syncing with Xero, issues with Strip integrations, emails not being sent to cutsomers, invoices not syncing. The list goes on.. Unitl Invoice Sherpa can fix these issues, I would avoid..

Julian Haines  

Absolutely loved this application---until 2 weeks ago. We used this as our 'go to' dunning system for 2-plus years. Found some issues in version 1 (such as autopayment information not being stored for future auto pays), and was told it was resolved in version 2. Once they migrated us to the newer version, we were essentially dead in the water. Broken links, inability for customers to enter credit card info, strange error messages----the list went on and on. Support (Fitzroy) tried to help, but there was always a lengthy delay with the email-only support. Frustrated and disappointed in the whole process.

Gary Mounce  

We are huge fan of Invoice Sherpa here at Tactikmedia

We love the fact that we create invoice in Xero and automatically our clients receive a "Your Invoice is Ready Email". Then Invoice Sherpa sends reminder also to our clients which is awesome. I would be lost without it to be honest.

Vince Lambert  

Great solution. We at Selworthy.com have been using Invoice Sherpa for years and it has saved us hours a week and helps us collect payments faster and easier.

Kristopher Crockett  

This is bad. I'm very disappointed with this add-on now as I've canceled my account 2 months ago and am still being charged, despite removing all credit card details. I can see that they have made pausing or canceling your subscription very difficult to deter people leaving. I would avoid this service!

Narain Michael  

We dont have that big an AR requirement. What we did have to resolve was a simple way of creating a Payment page per invoice to allow our clients to make payments themselves and share the payment URL with other family members helping to pay their invoices. Xero implemented a Stripe payment function that was too rigid and was not friendly enough for our customers.
We found InvoiceSherpa when looking for such a solution nearly 4 years ago and have never looked back. Perfectly integrated with Xero, it saves us a huge amount of time in reconciliation. The payment plan functionality is great as is the escalating reminder emails. Highly recommended!!

Yaron Peled  

We have been using Invoice Sherpa for nearly 4 years & would be lost without it. It helps with the cash flow and reduces the time we spend on collections. The ability to send SMS reminder messages is a big plus in our business.

Denis Gorton  

Whitehat Inbound Marketing are a digital marketing agency and have been using both Xero and Invoice Sherpa for many years. They were recommended to us by our bookkeepers and we have had a massive positive ROI. The Invoice Sherpa system sends out reminders and follow-ups and report back late payments. It keeps our cash flow on track. Highly recommended.

Clwyd Probert  

Cery misleading description of the app. Dosen't do direct debit dosen't process payments from credit card just dose what xero does for. More money.. Not usefull

Krunal Patel  

I can't believe how SLOOOOOW their support team are. We have just implemented Invoice Sherpa because it looks like a great fit, but so far none of our payments received are showing as paid in Xero - allowing our customers to pay multiple times not to mention getting ratty with us because their invoices are still showing as due! And because of our different time zones the slowness of their support is made even worse!!

Turns out there was a bug preventing some invoices from showing as paid in Xero which they finally realized wasn’t a user error and looked into it. Now its working well. For international currencies AND automatic billing we are forced to use STRIPE as the merchant and they hold our money for 7 days before passing it to us the buggers, but that’s not Invoice Sherpa’s fault so I’m increasing my rating.

Update #2
November 2018
They seem to have completely dropped the ball and don’t have a tech support dept anymore. Account settings are randomly changing and features turning themselves off. Our entire billing process just didn’t run this month!!!
I think their developers are incompetent causing so many issues that their support team have given up.

Dom Hines  

Invoice Sherpa has made a huge change in our business. All emails are fully automated now, which has greatly improved our cash flow. We also use their payment system, and have successfully moved many clients over to ACH. By doing this, we have reduced our credit card processing fees by 60%! With the automation of payments and automation of all communication for billing, we are saving about 8 hours per week in man-hours. That has made us more efficient and more profitable. Our clients also love the automated payment interface, and several have asked what we are using.

Jodie Steen  

When the product works, it's great. Pray you never have an issue though, because reaching anyone in support is impossible. Of the last three messages we have left for support, we have not received a single call back. At this point we are looking to move to another product since this is no longer supported.

Edit: Since this review was posted, Ian from customer service reached out to us and helped resolve all of our issues. I am refining our rating and we will be sticking with InvoiceSherpa.

Lauren Burke  

Initially was good but we have since employed a credit controller and so wanted to cancel our subscription, this is proving difficult we are now in the third month of trying.

Shaun has since contacted us and a full refund was given for the payments taken after canceling.

Mark Edwards  

Double and triple charging customers credit cards and not able to get any response from support to ensure it doesn't continue. When it happened the first time it didn't seem like anyone really appreciated the impact of such a huge software glitch and seemed surprised I was asking for a guarantee that it wouldn't happen again. We went with it and now it's happened again. I reached out and, even after following up, have received no response after weeks. We have had no choice but to migrate to a new product. It's a shame because when it does work it's a brilliant product. I would not take the risk as the errors impact your customers and it's impossible to get real time support.

Initially this service and the support was wonderful. Now it is not uncommon to wait 14 + days for a reply to email. Waiting this long when there is a glitch in a customer payment system is a major problem as we end up with very angry customers and/or customers who can't pay.

Amy Caris  

Hi Chris, I am so sorry I had no idea, please email me directly shaun@invoicesherpa.com and I will make sure we get you taken care asap!

Shaun Clark  

I tried this product based on the positive reviews here. However, I haven't found their support that great. I have an unanswered support ticket that is 25 days old. I also applied for their Merchant Services and haven't heard anything, that was a month ago. Can't really recommend it.

PS. Shaun has contacted me and we are getting it resolved. Thanks Shaun!

Chris Ryan  

This service has been excellent for my business. I've been able to take customers partial payments with almost no issues. I am using InvoiceSherpa as my payment gateway. When there was an issue Shaun was very helpful. I sent him an email on the weekend and he let me know to call him on the next business day. I did and he settled the issue in less than an hour and worked out a solution to avoid any issues in the future. Very happy with this service and will probably continue to use it even if I leave Xero.

Aaron Allen  

Upgraded to Version 2 and has been a nightmare. Awful experience and DO NOT RECOMMEND USING!!!!!!

They got rid of the virtual terminal.

Customer payment methods were deleted.


Kevin Deely  

I've been using invoice Sherpa for a few months. I had to hurry and switch from WHMCS once the new year hit and the transition was simple. The UX is great and the system performs. But what separates companies is their service. They go above and beyond to help their customers, and thats why I'll keep coming back. Im so glad Im out of that clunky, update every 3 days, whmcs.... headaches solved.

Scott Foster  

For anyone coming from Freshbooks and looking to setup Xero to do a lot of recurring subscription billing for example with automatic payment, Xero + InvoiceSherpa has you covered with a ton of extra configurability.

Basic setup is to create your repeating invoices in Xero set to Approve when created. Then InvoiceSherpa automatically emails them along with the payment button in the email. Put the word 'recurring' in the reference field for any invoice that should auto pay if payment info is on file from last time customer entered it. Check the other configs in InvoiceSherpa for more.

Also, don't sit there and try to figure out the setup yourself if you get stuck. InvoiceSherpa support is pretty darn good. They are helpful and generally prompt.

Raffi Minassian  

Review – Invoice Sherpa, The Evolution of Debtor Automation

Invoice Sherpa is a debtor management Addon that integrates with Xero as well as a number of other accounting platforms.
Invoice Sherpa is one of the more complete debtor solutions in the Xero Ecosystem. It has quite a comprehensive feature list that is well suited for medium to large businesses.

Please read the rest of the review on www.whichaddon.com

Marlon Wambeek  

Great tool, fantastic customer service. We're using invoice sherpa with Harvest and experimented a bit with xero. We really could've gone with either one to work with invoice sherpa, but chose Harvest just because it had a little more functionality via the API. We particularly love the flexibility of invoice sherpa (ie, turning reminders on / off, when to send messages, etc). Highly recommend this tool for anyone that sends invoices

Michael Lee  

We have set up Invoice Sherpa with both our companies, and set it up with a pre due 7 day message, an on the day reminder and then all your follow ups. This allows us to pre invoice for known work ahead of time. Has helped so much with cashflow! Great service from this company to resolve any issues and it took me all of 30 mins to set up and now it just runs its self. Great price, easy set up and works! Love it.

Maciek Fibrich  

Don't know how I managed before this.

InvoiceSherpa has saved me sooooooooooooo much time and effort. My customers are paying on time 70% more often, and I'm not having to chase anyone up.

Also, The highlight for me at least, Is that using it in combination with Stripe, I am able to charge my Credit Card Merchant Fee's directly to the customer, at the transaction window, without having to alter Invoices. Just add my Merchant Fee %, and InvoiceSherpa does the rest.

It's literally like having a dedicated employee for all my Billing needs, I feel confidant that I can leave my Accounts Receivables in the hands of InvoiceSherpa.

10/10 - Do Recommend.

Also, 100 duck-sized horses. definitely.

Alex Straughan  

Invoice Sherpa is so easy to use and the customer service is superb. Once I set it up I hardly ever have to login to do anything. The system runs itself seamlessly. Shaun is very helpful and quick to respond to any inquires. I highly recommend this software!

Andriana Dul  


Ben Bowles  

Since implementing InvoiceSherpa, it has saved us so much time and money. We trialled 4 products along with InvoiceSherpa and decided that this was the best. It's simple dashboard view and customisable HTML emails helped us brand it to our specifications. It is literally set and forget, it took us about 5 or so hours to do the whole lot and we saw a noticeable difference within a matter of days.

If you don't use an invoice reminder emails you're wasting a tonne of time in your business.

Jawid Dadarkar  

We have been really happy with InvoiceSherpa! If you are checking the reviews to decide if you want to use it go and get yourself a free trial you will not look back.

We have been looking for a nice clean way of sending invoices to customers and giving them the choice of paying when it suits them best. Inherently this can lead to some customers "forgetting" to pay. InvoiceSherpa shines here and allows you to customise all the reminders you could ever want both internal (to your own company staff) and external (your customers). With different reminders before the due date and when the account is overdue. It means that all are customers are now receiving consistent clean feedback and our invoices are getting paid much easier.

Customers who did not want to use paypal have come on board with InvoiceSherpa and eWay integration and are finally paying their bills again after 12 months!! Thank you InvoiceSherpa :-)

Oh and to top it off the support and feedback from InvoiceSherpa is nothing short of astounding they are always there for you either via email, online chat or Skype calls to get things sorted. They are also willing to implement new feature and requests.

Ashton Cherry  

Tried everyone of the invoice management addons for Xero over the last weeks. Invoice Sherpa won my business based on their:

* Support - Best I've seen in my 20 years on the job.
* UI - Shows exactly what is needed...no more. Very modern
* "send to collections" to get quotes from b2b collections' agencies. We've never done this before, but seems like nice one click step should it ever be needed.
* Site worked well IE and Chrome.
* Groups invoice notifications on the same day in one email so customers don't get too many emails.
* Support - Did I mention their support is awesome for everyone of our questions?

John Gilham  

We used IS for a short period of time and LOVED it! However we ran into one issue that has made us pause implementing it as a permanent solution.

We work with retail stores and when we send an invoice there is always one main person it goes to, however each store manager needs the notifications as well. Because Xero doesn't allow for a parent/child relationship we couldn't specify which contacts were getting the communication.

For Example: Widget Worldwide has three locations + corporate. We need corporate to receive every communication but Store #1 doesn't need to receive the communication for store 2&3.

I have talked with Shaun and they are looking for a solution. We love their system and it made a big difference while we used it. Hope we can find a way to make it work!

Bruce Brown  

I couldn't agree more with all the positive reviews on this thread. InvoiceSherpa is exactly what I was looking for, and then some.
It has all the wonderful features that both my businesses needed, which Xero doesn't provide. I love the payment receipts, the fact that a client can pay straight from any reminder, the reminders look sleek and professional yet I have full customisation over them, the ability to pause reminders for specific clients if need-be, the fantastically simple graphs on the dashboard showing me everything that I need to know. The system is responsive, fast and intuitive and the service is absolutely over and above. Questions are answered very quickly and friendly.
I say all this and I haven't even finished the free 30 day trial yet! I was literally hooked after a 10 minute exploration between InvoiceSherpa and DebtorDaddy. It's been 2 weeks and I'm certainly sticking around. Thanks Shaun and team!

Shona Creative  

Moved to Invoice Sherpa from Debtor Daddy some time ago. Cant say enough good things about it. They have fantastic customer service, listen to every improvement we suggest (some changes made within minutes of a phone call). Best debtor management app by far in our opinion.

Andrew Van De Beek  

We have been using Invoice Sherpa for nearly 6 months and has been great for us and our customers. I used to spend a lot of time chasing payments, now I spend next to no time and it was a job I didn't enjoy so it’s really made a positive impact on me running the business.

AusConnect Accounts  

This is a must have for any business, helps you get paid faster, improves cash flow. Prior to using Invoice Sherpa, I was using other receivables app (And this other online app is very decent!) but after trying Invoice Sherpa I had to continue.

The user interface (UI)) is clean, straight forward and easy to navigate. The team continues to add features, the response time on support is impeccable. The biggest thing for me is that out of all the receivable apps I have used, Invoice Sherpa does an excellent job of syncing up with Xero accounting, (the best I've tested so far, no missing fields, etc). Great pricing structure and I am excited about the new client portal.

My advice, is to do yourself a favor , stop chasing down delinquent customers and get this app, It'll save you more time to focus on new customers.

Alex Flemmings  

We have been using Invoice Sherpa for a month and it has been exceptional. Our debtors are becoming much easier to manage and payments are being made on time. Once your customers understand the product and realise what the process is - it will improve your cash flow and debtor management. Shaun was exceptional in his help getting it started.

Jarrod Clowes  

Having tried a number of invoice reminder Xero add-ons, I am happy to have finally settled down with InvoiceSherpa. It is the best engineered, best designed and most user-friendly Xero invoice reminder add-on available. It is well worth every penny - highly recommended.

Kunle Campbell  

InvoiceSherpa is amazing and the support is exceptional. The response is almost instant with a genuine interest and drive to support our business needs. No hesitation in recommending.


Stuart Gordon  

We are loving InvoiceSherpa. The graphics are amazing, really giving us an good overview of where we are, the response from Shaun is amazing--listening to what we need and helping us and the process for collecting is up! Great stuff.

Jeff Putthoff  

I have only just started utilizing Invoice Sherpa in the last few days. All I can say is WOW. 99% of customer have intention of paying invoices on time, however they do forget and the invoice ends up further down the list of emails in their inbox. Previously I also forgot or didn't have time to write emails or contact customers by phone. Now all it takes is an hour or two to set up your schedule and your on your way to getting paid faster. Within 2 days I am already seeing improvements and customers are calling me or emailing me to thank us for the reminder and organizing payment. Previously it would only be when I had a spare moment and the customer answered their phone when I called them. (Which was almost none of the time) I am very excited to see what the next few weeks holds for our business. Shaun also recommended us to use in conjunction with stripe payment facility. Now I believe our company is the only plumbing company in town that allows customers to pay their invoices on time via credit card 24 hours a day, making my business look much more professional that anyone else. as well as automating another time consuming process, Saving me time and money and freeing staff to find more business improvements. The user interface is also very easy and allows the ability to not send certain customers reminders and send manual reminders as well. Definitely would recommend anyone to make the very small investment per month and see the return Invoice Sherpa will bring to your business.

Rhett Johnston  

I've been using the software for about 2 months and absolutely love it. My business has a tremendous amount of monthly subscription payments so billing/collecting used to be a time-consuming process. What used to take a whole day now takes 1-2 hours per month. I have collected thousands of $$ via the reminder system as well. Customers love the automated receipts too. Also, there's a great feature that allows you to find out when the customer has clicked and opened the email with the invoice. This innovative program pays for itself many times over each month.

Scott Wallace  

InvoiceSherpa has made a very positive contribution to our business. Over and again we see debtors taking action as a result of follow ups that the InvoiceSherpa bots have made on our behalf. In many case we still end up having to chase overdue receivable accounts - but in those situations it is still very helpful that InvoiceSherpa has done scheduled follow ups in advance and we know that special attention is needed. The service is further helped by the InvoiceSherpa team who bend over backwards to make sure their customers are getting the most from their service. Highly recommended.

Scott Robinson  

Despite our accounts department's grave reservations about using an automated system, InvoiceSherpa’s monthly statements provided an unobtrusive way to remind customers of their outstanding invoices, without flooding them with email. Feedback from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive. The user interface is very polished, easy to use, and the support is simply fantastic. InvoiceSherpa has allowed us to start getting our mid six-figure accounts receivable under control for the first time in years.

Aidan Lister  

Thus support from this team has been exceptional. Very eager to please and dealt with my concerns immediately. Compared to the other apps in the category this way by far the nicest product.

Benjamin Crudo  

Very responsive, encouraging user feedback to enhance the product. Well worth a look if you're a fan of Xero and don't want to outsource your collections.

Tim Stubbings  

I started using InvoiceSherpa to automate customer email reminder workflows on our account receivables.

Works great. Nice service

Adam Bouchard  

Amazing customer service - no waiting around for days (or even hours, really) or being told to "see the forum" - how refreshing! The selling points for us are:
1. Clients able to download a copy of their invoice directly from the reminder.
2. "Thank You" email sent to clients when payment received.
This makes our clients' lives easier - which makes our lives easier. Thanks Shaun and Team, you've worked hard and we've noticed! 10/10 would recommend.

Jordan Hall  

Been working with the team at Invoice Sherpa for the past 4 weeks and have to say that I haven't come across customer service quite like it, and in a good way! Shaun has supported us through issues, pretty much immediately, whether it be during the day or night for us. The functionality offered by Invoice Sherpa is really quite robust compared to what we have used in the past and our clients love it. Top marks so far for the team, well done :)

Gavin Esslemont  

The best collection Add-on i came across so far. The support is exceptional, they have done the necessary to integrate with our credit card gateway and it all works perfectly. Very proactive team, nothing is ever impossible. I really liked this attitude! Highly recommended!

Julie Cooper  

Invoice Sherpa has streamlined my collections so much! I used to spend hours each month following up with clients and reminding them to pay. With Invoice Sherpa its all automatic, down to live phone calls and text messages. I love the the Thank you for your payment feature and so do my clients -- they always know that their payment has arrived and been credited properly. Our cash flow has improved and the support is extraordinary. Try it out, you won't be sorry and you won't be willing to give it up after the trial period.

Rachel Frishe  

Without a doubt this product will become an irreplaceable AR manager for almost every business. Excellent functionality and a roadmap that would excite most users, Invoice Sherpa looks to become a compulsory add-on for any Xero user. Set and forget features with a great looking and easy to use, good looking interface makes this one of the most exciting new Add-ons to Xero. We use it in our practice and have been very happy with both the product and level of service. Well worth the trial if you are unsure.

Richard Barley