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User Role - Restrict access to individual bank accounts

Started by Serah Jennings in Feature Requests | Idea

Hi it seems as though it is impossible to limit the user's level of access to bank accounts?
If so this would be a really helpful feature to many employers who want certain staff to have all the standard access options without all bank balances showing up.
Official Xero Reply
Hi everyone, we appreciate all the feedback you've provided on user roles and want you to know that it's not gone unheard. User roles are a foundational part of Xero and underpins all of our products.

We’ve recently shared a blog about how we are making changes to Xero and upgrading our technology.
We’ve really ramped up our investment in this because changes like user permissions are reliant on us removing some of the technical barriers that slow us down. It'll take some time to complete the upgrades of technology across all areas of Xero. Due to those limitations, it’s too early for us to create a roadmap and begin work on user permissions. Additionally, as I'm sure you can appreciate there are sensitivities of data access and security. Creating upgrades to user permissions will need very careful consideration.

Thanks and we'll update you when we're at a stage where this can progress. - August 2021

Kelly M (Community Manager)

Best Reply as chosen by Serah Jennings (Original Poster)
Merged: Hide the bank balances from users

I have a few clients who have several staff using the Xero file for different reasons. I think it's important that staff be able to perform their duties without seeing "how much money" is in the bank! One client has a staff member doing accounts receivable, and another doing P/O's and purchases...another running the payroll...All these staff can see the dashboard when they log on, and therefore see the financial status of their employer. Not a good situation. Spoke to Rob Stone re this at the Xero Roadshow today...any improvements in this area would be welcome.

Diane Oliver