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ZUUS Workforce

Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Payroll + HR

5 out of 5 stars
Based on 5 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and ZUUS Workforce, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About ZUUS Workforce

Costed rostering with penalty rates, online TFN & Super declarations, biometric time & attendance. Variance reporting for performance management. Xero Payroll
For more information, check out ZUUS Workforce.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with ZUUS Workforce, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For support you can contact ZUUS Workforce via email or phone (+61 8 7324 5372)

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Brittany H (Community Manager)  

I have a new client (fast food outlet) using Zuus and he has just started using Xero. I am wondering if anyone has a simple guide of how to integrate the timesheets. I have seen the instructions but as I've never seen or used Zuus until now I'm not familiar with the Zuus data fields etc and my client is not familiar with Xero. Any help would be reallly appreciated. (eg "field x" in Zuus needs to match "field y" in Xero.) Especially from those who have already gone through this process. Thankyou. Karen.

Karen Bradshaw  

Zuus as it in now called is just simply a must if you are employing 10+ staff.
I have been using Zuus/ROSS for 6 years and belive it has saved me a small fortune.
Its integration with Xero makes it almost unthinkable to run a store without it.
My 3 Subway stores are now paperless offices using integrated software like Zuus and Receipt Bank.
All I can say is try it you will be impressed by the results.
Benn Farrawell
South Kempsey
Port Macquarie Industrial

Benn Farrawell  

We have found Ross to be truly a valuable business tool, we love the features and we love Ross support, it’s fast and reliable and we love the fact that we can talk to someone who cares and can provide solutions!
Here are some of the features that we really appreciate and value;
• Document file makes life easy, it keeps all employee information and history together with employees details from Resume to termination
• Moving from a manual payroll system to Ross was a great time saver then to be able to export payroll each week directly to Xero has reduced error and saved heaps of time.
• Ross Support has been great with fast response time and training.
• Ross has been very helpful in adapting Ross to suit our specific needs.
• Reporting is broad and informative giving us effective tools to control labour, great for multi-site operators like ourselves.
• Exporting directly to Xero creates a seamless line from roster to processed payment in the bank.
• Updates continue to make the Ross to Xero easier and simpler.

Juleen Bevacqua  

We have just moved our accounting system across to Zero. One of the main reasons for this was to have a roster system that can integrate with our POS and accounting systems. ROSS was the system that could achieve this. We have 3 different businesses but this change was driven by our Restaurant Business. The Coffee Club have a very dated MICROS system and we found that ROSS was the only system that could give us daily Sales and Costs figures so we could make the changes to maintain profitability. The Cost of Employment is our biggest cost and needs to be carefully managed. ROSS integrates with MICROS and gives us daily KPIs. ROSS also has good integration with XERO which make Payroll easy. I suggest that anyone that is running a restaurant should look into ROSS for a business management tool.

Hayden Ramsey  

As a Xero Certified Advisor we really appreciate the benefits that Roster with ROSS provides to our Retail and Hospitality clients.

Combining the ROSS Add-on with Xero payroll for our clients gives them real time line of sight over the wages costs in relation to their sales $ and customer counts and the ability to make rostering changes 'there and then' rather than after the fact, which has contributed greatly to increasing their profit.

The benefits of full integration with Xero saves significant time for the client payrolls we process in house and those clients that process their own payroll.

As an example, ROSS flags staff birthdays to the manager AND automatically updates pay rates in line with award for agreement age increases if required - half way through a pay week. When set up correctly this pushes the correct hours straight in to the Xero pay-run avoiding painful back-pay calculations.

The store and department tracking functionality allows multi store franchises and restaurants the ability to accurately track by staff by cost centre and the staff login and SMS roster and reminder features are a god send for the managers responsible for Rostering.

The business, and it's support team are local - Australian Based and Owned which is a great plus for us as they understand the challenges and intricacies of employing retail staff in Australia

It is a pleasure working with their friendly team.

Jill Hoadley
JSA Accounting, SA

Jill Hoadley  

I'm been using Roster with ROSS and XERO as an integration for my stores for quite sometime now. I have about 40 staff on the roster and payroll. This has been a revolution in the way I've been doing payroll. I've used other payroll systems, but none have had the ability to integrate with a roster program like ROSS. To setup the integration with XERO and ROSS was a breeze I had all the support I needed with Roster with ROSS programmers who many times remotely logged in and explained/completed the troubleshooting I had initially. There has been many updates and improvements, and it is continually becoming easier and quicker to get payroll complete on a weekly basis. Using this integration I've found that the ROSS system makes your labor cost a very accurate percentage of what target or KPI you are looking for, and it's easy to set new targets to achieve. This integration also allows using to direct export hours from ROSS to XERO, export new staff details and see how many staff you are paying and recheck back with ROSS to make sure you've got payroll right. You can easily go back into a previous pay run in XERO and change it, and also change hours in ROSS too even once it's finanlised.

Simple Terms:

Basically when you roster staff, all you have to do is go to 'Actual' Hours and sign off there hours. Then add a pay run in XERO, and then export staff hours into XERO with a user friendly ROSS integration myross website which allows you to control all data that going into XERO. Then once your happy with the pay run, you post it and the payrun is done. Use the ABA file to import into internet banking and pay all staff in one go.. Email payslips straight to staff..

Truly has simplified my payroll, rosters, recruitment, staff database and other benefits with auto super, auto sending TFN and sending group certificates.


Jason Williams