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Files: Bulk export/print attached files

Started by Stacey Turner in Feature Requests | Idea

Can you please look at creating a function that you can export the attachments for the financial year into one PDF?

This would be great for when clients attach dividend statements etc.
Official Xero Reply
Hi team, sliding into 2020 now at 14 Jan I want to come back in and acknowledge you all contributing. Though, before getting any hopes up here, I do want to be straight that bulk export of all files from a Xero org isn't on the agenda at this point.

As noted in earlier responses, to download files individually, from a transaction or from within the Files library. And, for more export options across the rest of the Xero product you'll find detail over in Xero Central.

I know this doesn't make things as quick & easy and you'd all like. We're sincere in striving to provide a full breadth business solution as we continue to develop Xero - There'll be a point at which we can devote more resources to Files, and storage. When this come about I'll return to let you all know of this here.

Kelly M (Community Manager)

Best Reply as chosen by Kelly M (Community Manager)
Hi All,
I am the original author of this thread, and I thought I'd update those of you that are not aware of how this issue can be resolved.

Xero recently introduced it's customers to HUBDOC, which is basically a quick upload method for documents and entries into Xero. It also acts as a repository for your documents.

Using Hubdoc, you can choose to store your docs on Hubdoc, in your google drive account, in Xero, or in any combination of these repositories.

Whilst this won't help with historical documents, by starting with HubDoc now, you'll always have access to documents without having to worry about being able to download them in the future.

The great thing is, Hubdoc is free to subscribers, and it's super quick for entering your purchase invoices etc, since it reads the data from the invoice and attempts to automatically create entries for you. The learning curve is steep, but once the interface makes sense to you, then you won't want to go back to manual entry on Xero.

I'm really surprised that the support team have not been pushing this out to you guys, since it will solve your issues (going-forward).

Gino Filippelli