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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Payments

4.5 out of 5 stars
Based on 10 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Rerun, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Rerun

Rerun is made for small businesses, organizations & associations that accept recurring, subscription or membership payments by credit card or eCheck.
For more information, check out Rerun.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Rerun, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, visit the Rerun knowledge base or support forum

Surprisingly, a recurring billing solution is difficult to find and set up. Rerun makes things pretty easy, and integrates seamlessly with Xero. Very cool!

Roger Rowles  

I love rerun, i use to run all my payments via CC with Stripe, but now i have ACH and rerun, the fees are so much lower. Automatic reoccurring billing saves tons of time and is easy to link to an invoice in Xero.

I recommend rerun ACH to anyone that is processing large transactions.

Jeff Babb  

Rerun is a great concept. Customer service responds promptly to inquiries. My complaints: I have had a couple of functional issues like all Rerun generated emails were marked as spam in gmail accounts, and it took about a month for acclivity to resolve the problem. Troubleshooting is not well documented online so if I have an issue I almost always have to contact support by phone or email. Customer support rarely has an immediate answer, but they do work hard to figure out a solution. Our firm would also like more liberty to brand the documents created in Rerun.

Dawn Cashatt  

Rerun greatly eases recurring billing problems. It is fairly intuitive to use, and syncs well with Xero.

My two points of contention are that 1) revenue can only be posted to one revenue account even if different products or services are being sold. The idea was that this app was supposed to save me time by not having to manually bill clients, which it does, but I now have to spend time allocating income so that it is properly tracked. 2) I have to manually click on the sync button so that data transfers from rerun to Xero.

Chad Folse  

Rerun rocks !!

Rerun is a real time saver for small businesses like ours that have reoccurring billing. The tech support at Rerun is also excellent. They were very knowledgeable, patient and easily accessible when our company set up our Rerun package, about a year ago. Rerun has been a great experience for our company and hassle free for our clients. We use the Xero integration and works fine. We are glad that we found Rerun; a real gem which simplifies getting paid.

Gary ONeill  

Our firm really likes Rerun. We have alot of recurring income each month and Rerun is great and easy for getting that setup and processed each month. I think the payment stream functionality is great and works well for the type of billing that we do. The price is right for the ACH transactions and their automated payment processed emails to my clients are great! I have used Rerun for over a year now and I have been very happy with it.

Joshua Lance  

ReRun has a good integration with Xero that made the setup easy. The integration allows for the syncing of customers and items from Xero and pushes invoices and payments into Xero. The ReRun administrative interface is easy to use and makes setting up customer payment “streams” relatively painless. The email templates are fairly good and the management of recurring billing including credit cards expiration dates, failed transactions, and other related tasks are straight forward.

I do have a couple of complaints. Firstly, they use a third party processor and there’s no way to determine which credit cards you want to accept. At least here in the U.S. the interface will ask the customer for Amex, Discover, Visa, & MC and you can’t change that (we don’t want to accept Amex). The integration to their third party processor has caused billing issues as well. There’s no choice on which processor to use so you’re stuck with the limitations. Secondly, there’s no functionality for “add-ons” to a customer payment stream. For example, Customer A wants Subscription X and Y. You either have to put them on two separate payment streams (2 credit card charges) or you have to create a third that is for both X and Y together. Depending on the number of options you have, the number of permutations required to setup a stream for all possible combinations can be daunting.

Overall, for the price, it’s a fairly good system and I would recommend to other small businesses. You get a lot of value for an inexpensive price. The check-out feature looks very promising and if they just had add-on functionality and a better payment processor integration which also allowed the option of selecting the payment methods to allow (per customer would be even better) it would be a great tool. Since ReRun does not charge a service fee, the only fee you pay is to the processor so it makes sense that ReRun has a single option for that so that they can earn their fee for offering a good service. And lastly, the integration to Xero is done really well.

Nathan S  

Xero and ReRun just works! We switched from Quickbooks at the beginning of the year and haven't looked back! However, we still couldn't find a great solution to recurring billing. Yes, Xero has recurring invoices, but chasing down payments can be challenging and time sucking. Enter ReRun. Once we set this up and did the dead simple integration with Xero, everything is so much easier to manage. ReRun synced our contacts from Xero, we setup the customer payment stream, entered their credit card info and done! Just jet ReRun process the payments and all of that information syncs back up with Xero automatically. All that is left is to reconcile those payments. Easy. Best solution available and we love it!

Chris Trausch  

Hi Gabriel, this is the review page for Rerun and you’re only able to post once. You might like to post this again in the Using Xero Add-Ons section, that way Community users will be able to discuss this with you. Thanks.

Matt Oldfield (Community Manager)  

Does the Xero/Rerun integration also allow Xero Invoices to be pushed to Rerun in order to charge customers with non-subscription charges? In addition to subscriptions we also bill customers on an hourly basis. Xero creates invoices automatically from our scheduling/time-tracking app Deputy. It would be nice if these could be pushed to Rerun and processed using the customer payment info on file.

Gabriel Finney  

I absolutely love ReRun!

Firstly, I am impressed by how simple Rerun was to set up and then forget about - confidently knowing it will take care of everythng for me. Automating recurring billing saves a ton of time every month.

Second, the syncing process is seamless. Paid sales are pulled right into Xero, exactly as they should be.

This is a must have add-on for anyone running subscriptions, dues or any other kind of recurring billing

JoAnn Ortiz  

Our firm beta-tested the Rerun App and Xero integration and we are very excited to see it released to the masses. For small businesses (like accounting firms) that process monthly recurring payments via e-check, Rerun App is a must-have. It seamlessly integrates with Xero, cutting down on data entry and improving workflow efficiency. On the financial end, deposits are made quickly and without fail. We've finally found the recurring billing solution we have been looking for with Rerun App.

S Covington