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EntryRocket (formerly CSV2Cloud)

Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Other

4.9 out of 5 stars
Based on 11 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and EntryRocket (formerly CSV2Cloud), tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About EntryRocket (formerly CSV2Cloud)

Reliable & automated on-going Xero data imports from any other system, tailored specifically to your data. Imports CSV, XML, Excel, MYOB and more.
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Remember if you have questions or need assistance with EntryRocket, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the EntryRocket.

The team at EntryRocket deliver exactly what they promise. This is a wonderful product which adds significant value and is very reliable in my experience.

Bruce Anderson  

These guys are amazing - turned our job around in a day and very responsive. Will definitely save us time and eliminate data entry mistakes.

Andy Robertshawe  

CSV2Cloud has been great! Saving us valuable time, we have been able to dramatically increase our efficiency.

Nemanja has been very responsive working with us to ensure that the parser are set up and operating properly.

Brian Minkel  

I have just started my CSVCloud journey only a couple of days ago.
i could not be more impressed!!!

Our bespoke Parser (that captures only the relevant information from our grossly convoluted Ordering document and magically generates all our customers Invoices in Xero) was ready for us to use within 3 business days!!
Vlad nailed this first time & there was literally no tweaking to be done!

Since then (only a couple of days ago) processing data via CSV2Cloud has already saved me approx half a day's labour!!!

Highly efficient (the Parser + Vlad & his team)

Mauricio Sanhueza  

I just signed up with CSV2Cloud. Vlad and his co-workers have been very professional and responsive. After submitting our initial CSV, we only had one revision to make. The initial testing on their platform worked without issue. Once our account went live I sent a test email and it worked perfectly. I have no hesitation in recommending CSV2Cloud to other businesses needing this type of integration.

Lawrence Guyot  

Amazing! Our quotes are in a pdf format with an integrated Excel Spreadsheet. Vlad was able to make a parser file that grabbed information from the Excel and the body of our pdf Quote. All we do is email our pdf quotes to the dedicated email address and they pop up in Xero Draft invoices for us to approve. This saves us up to 10 minutes of re-entering the same info from our quotes in to Xero.
Vlad has been so so helpful at tweaking/changing things as we were testing. I haven't encountered such amazing service and speedy responses. Outstanding thank you.

Chris Ashton  

If you manually enter a large amount of data that previously existed anywhere in electronic form into Xero, you’ve come to the right place. To liquidate manual entries, all you have to do is to output source data in any format and send it to CSV2Cloud. CSV2cloud will put this data into Xero in the appropriate place.

Our company had a complicated invoicing process. Every month, our bookkeeper would have to send out 400 to 600 invoices manually. For each invoice, she would have to download data from the source, reformat the data into a spreadsheet, print it in CSV format, import the data into Xero, and then go through all 600 invoices adding prices and editing descriptions. A nightmare! For years, our bookkeeper was asking accountants (and everybody else who would listen) for help, but nobody knew how to solve that problem.

When we learned about CSV2cloud’s abilities, we felt that they could help us but, being bookkeepers, didn’t know how to exactly formulate our needs. CSV2cloud kindly agreed to meet with our company’s database developers directly (though Skype), discuss and solved the problem. Nemanja Chorlya, who participate in the meeting, continued to follow up and guide us through the development and implementation process. Also, we were under a big time constraint, as invoices had to go out on time during the implementation of the new procedure. CSV2cloud people took our problem to heart and helped us send all the invoices on time.

Bottom line, we are very grateful to CSV2cloud people for all their help. We are looking forward to continuing our cooperation in automating our company’s accounting. We would highly recommend CSV2cloud to anyone who needs to eliminate cumbersome, time-consuming, and expensive manual data input.

Alexander Levitin

Alexander Levitin  

Valdimir is great to work with, very efficient and quick to respond

Roslyn Elgie  

Vlad at CSV2Cloud setup a bespoke integration for us, what used to take hours now only takes a few clicks. The service and response was 100% throughout setup and testing.

Fionn Bass  

Super responsive setup. App is providing a ton of value very quickly. thanks

Michael Overell  

I am very happy with CSV2. Vladimir always provides help as soon as he could, I really appreciate that

Van Nguyen