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Started by Catherine Walker (Community Manager) -   in US Payroll

Xero is committed to bringing online payroll to small businesses to all states in the U.S. Offering seamless integration between payroll and your accounting books.

Every state has extremely different calculation, tax and filing requirements. We need to tailor payroll to each state so we can offer a brilliant payroll experience allowing our customers to process payroll and file and pay their payroll taxes easily without fear.

Payroll in Xero is currently available in the following states with manual tax filings and payments. We provide downloadable, pre-populated signature ready forms to ensure you can meet filing obligations.
  • California - now supports e-file & e-pay
  • Florida - now supports e-file & e-pay
  • Texas - now supports e-file & e-pay
  • New York - now supports e-file & e-pay
  • New Jersey - will soon support e-file & e-pay
  • Utah - will soon support e-file & e-pay
  • Virginia - will soon support e-file & e-pay

At present all employees at the company must work in these states in order to process payroll.

Federal electronic filing and payment of taxes is now available to all customers on a standard or premium pricing plan. Downloadable completed Federal and states forms or worksheets are also available.

We’re working to bring full state electronic filing and payment support to the above states as quickly as possible and then we'll begin rolling new states including electronic filing and payment support. Our list of states that come next include Indiana, Colorado, Illinois, Washington and Maryland.

Our goal is to support all states with electronic services. While we can’t offer detailed timeframes about the expansion schedule we are committed to US Payroll in Xero. At the moment all your employees need to reside in one of the supported states in order to use payroll. If your business or you have employees that are located outside of these states payroll in Xero is not suitable for you at this time.

If you're not able to use our Payroll, we highly recommend ZenPayroll, ADP, and SurePayroll these are partners that integrate with Xero to ensure your accounting system and payroll system talk the same language seamlessly.

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Official Xero Reply
Today, our customers located in California, Florida, and Texas can file and pay their payroll taxes electronically. This is just the start. For New York, New Jersey, Utah and Virginia customers, we’ll be releasing state e-file and e-pay in the near future.

We want as many businesses as possible to have access – which is why we’ve made this available for our customers on the Standard plan. All existing and new Standard and Premium customers have access to payroll e-file and e-pay at no extra cost. More details can be found on our Blog here.

Brittany H (Community Manager)