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AU Payroll: Superannuation - To calculate correctly for employees under 18

Started by Aiden Hanna in Payroll Feature Requests | Idea

Hi, I would like to know when xero will fix the superannuation for under 18's. Any compliant payroll software should be able to monitor the hours of an employee under 18 and apply superannuation if the hours exceed 30 hours per week.

In xero this must be tracked manually on a pay-by-pay basis, leaving a huge margin for operator errors and potential fines from the tax office.

I have raised this issue with support since payroll was released in xero and they say they are still working on it.


Official Xero Reply
Completely get why you'd all like an automated process for recognising if, and when an employee is entitled to SGC. While this is something product would like to scope out and develop right now (March 2019) focus is on Payroll platform stability and STP to ensure compliance, so you can continue filing with the ATO easily through Xero.

When we do have more resources spare, I'll jump back in if there's any news or development of your request here.

Kelly M (Community Manager)