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Late Fee Manager

Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Debtor tracking

3.9 out of 5 stars
Based on 9 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Late Fee Manager, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Late Fee Manager

Automatically charge and send Late Fees, Service Charges, Payment Reminders and more. Get customers to pay on time or get paid for the money you lend! For more information, check out Late Fee Manager.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Late Fee Manager, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the Late Fee Manager support centre or this page for information on connecting Late Fee Manager to Xero.

$49/ month for a small business seems pretty excessive for creating additional invoices. I can do this myself.

Amanda McNamara  

Great idea, but didn't work for us.

Like many companies, we invoice in multiple currencies and LFM manager couldn't cope with that.

Also, our late fee structure is based on that provided under UK legislation (which sets an annual percentage rate that can be charged) - again LFM couldn't cope with that. There was an approximation, but it couldn't be made to match the legislation and couldn't calculate the correct interest due (based on the due date of the invoice) - it just does a simple calculation of a fixed % of the invoice amount each time a late fee is applied so we had to abandon this after just a few weeks, which is a shame

Andy Leppard  

great help from Sarah. the software done while on manage late fees. love it!

Jerry Zhao  

After testing multiple different apps we landed on LFM and it does exactly what they advertise it do. The only issues I've had so far were created on my end and the support staff at LFM went above and beyond any expectation to help me fix the issue. I love a business that puts their customers first and I would recommend this app to anyone charging late fees.

Matt Goldberg  

This app has immediately improved our debtor collections but most importantly also allowed for easy automated charging of service fees on overdue invoices. Simple to drive and a great add-on to Xero

Thomas Botha  

This addo-on is a fantastic addition to Xero! Late Fee Manager fills a big gap for Xero. It's super easy to use, and the new interface is great. They are also very responsive when you ask for help, and a pleasure to deal with. I love it!

Tracy Stanfield  

Nick, your account was deactivated.
I am happy to re-activate your account and help anyway I can.
Please email me jon@latefeemanager.com.
Thank you

jon jacobson  

Took a while to get signed up, but once done were quick to respond & implement a solution. Works effortlessly.

Nick Cook  

Review: Late Fee Manager, Manage all your Fees & Charges in Xero Automatically

Late Fee Manager is a really niche solution in the Xero AddOn space, and it is easy to overlook niche solutions. If you are in finance, debtor management or a business that does charge interest, late fees, or even service charges for late payments – or you want to start doing it but don’t have the time to muck around with the admin – then Late Fee Manager could be the Xero Addon solution for you.
Late Fee Manager works on the principle that by charging fees, interest, etc, you will motivate your customers to avoid these fees, and instead make payment on time or early.

Please read the rest of the review on www.whichaddon.com

Marlon Wambeek  

While it appears to be a simple programme addition and one which could be very useful - it is very buggy and has been a headache for our company. Right now I am getting emails from it every 5 seconds telling me to login and check because it is disconnected from Xero. The account shows it's connected and I cannot fix it. Also the interface to modify your email text for client emails is broken so it will not allow you to make modifications.... While I would love the idea of this service I have wasted too much time trying to fix their problems- when they actually get it working then I will be back.... OR I will move away from XERO as this is a service that, in my opinion, should be part of XERO as it is with every other accounting system.

As a response to the self serving response noted below by Late Fee Manager owner. I actually do NOT have 4 accounts as he stated. I have tried several times to get this going and have had nothing but problems. I signed up for a free trial 2 weeks ago to try and get this going. As I have only done this for 2 weeks it is actually not at all possbile to have created the results that he alleges that I have garnered. I have actually not received ANY additional funding from ANY client as he states. (Actually how could he could know anything about my finances is of great concern) Maybe actually he cannot access that information so that the notation is nothing but another falsehood, because what he placed there in the note is not true. His allegations about registering is also a lie as the emails have occurred directed from Late Fee Manager and not XERO and started at 1:15am while we were sleeping. The programme actually is very buggy and this was evident by this occurrence. In my discussions with my accountant other people have had problems with it but I assumed with the new version this would have been rectified. But it does not appear to have been properly addressed. My accountant was correct and I should not have tried this programme.

Seeing the email below from the Jon is disappointing....

Michael King  

Hi Shaun, as this thread is just for the review of LFM can you add your question here? You're not likely to get an answer here as you can only post once!

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

How often would you run the closeoff? Daily or Monthly? Is it going to create a new invoice each time I run if for the overdue accounts? Can we select which customers have fees applied?

Shaun Swann  

I was lucky to be one of the first accountants to Beta test this product.It is a great simple concept to get paid on time.It calculates all the late fees when your client pays you late. They will pay as soon as they see the fees are adding up!

Brad Golchin