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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Reporting

4.8 out of 5 stars
Based on 247 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Float, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Float

Simple cash flow forecasting and budgeting in the cloud. Syncs with Xero so your forecast is up to date in seconds. For more information, check out Float.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Float, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, visit Float help or check here for more information on connecting Float to Xero.

I have finally found a cashflow software which works for me and my clients. Float takes the pain away from continually manually updating spreadsheets or fighting with other overly complicated software packages. I love the support too, very efficient and extremely helpful.

Heather Palmer  

Float is a great tool to monitor cashflow within our business. Float is very easy to use and with daily updates from Xero I know the data in float is up to date and accurate.

Pauline Kearney  

Phenomenally easy to use (even for non-accountants like us) and gives you exactly what you need in a clear and easy to decipher format.

We feel like we have only unlocked a fraction of its potential and it has already helped us enormously.

Float's Support is rapid and helpful - definitely 5/5.

Ryan von Ruben  

Float is simple intuitive and indispensible for our business. With constant updates from Xero it brings cashflow projections to life. This app helps us to make real-time decisions every day with the confidence that we are using the most up-to-date information we have available.

Barney Sampson  

We use Float and Xero for our CFO engagements enabling us to better manage the cash flow of our clients. As our clients are fast growth, they tend to have ongoing challenges with managing to keep their cash requirements up to their fast pace. Float enables us to take their existing accounting data in Xero and extend the scenarios. Can't wait for the reporting to develop further.

Deborah Harris  

Have used Float now for a while and it is simply the best in the market. So simple, easy to use and fundamentally provides the insights and forecasting we need. Really has helped our business and every partner i have shown has been impressed. In addition, their customer service is brilliant. They respond quickly and if there isnt a feature they add it in to the list to continually improve the platform. Great company and platform.

Gareth Christian-Lim  

I find this tool invaluable. Cash is king in a business and managing your cashflow essential. I used to do this manually using a spreadsheet but Float together with Xero has changed all that and now couldn't run a business without it. My business manages technology for other SME's and I always recommend Float.

Warren Pountain  

Float is easy to use and integrates really well with Xero. Customer support has always been brilliant as well.

Emilie Smith  

Float has become absolutely instrumental to my business, and is what I consult before making virtually any business decisions. I previously used Google Sheets (like Excel) to monitor our cash flow and model, but would often fail to manually update it. Float however is always running and updating and therefore always accurate. The recent update to how budgets can be set and updated has made forecasting much, much easier.

Somebody recommended it to me, and I now recommend it to others I know.

Ndubuisi Kejeh  

As a small growing business we made the mistake of not putting enough emphasis on cash flow and projection. With float this has all changed and has become a major tool in our business. With xero and float syncing so well it is now simple to predict the future and to help protect us through the months ahead. It is invaluable. With regular updates and continued support I am sure it will get even better.

Kris Henshall  

Float is the best cashflow tools on the market and I can say that as I tested them all. I am using it for all my clients as cashflow management and advisory becomes one of the most desired services for all businesses.

Float enables business owners to review their cash positions at any time without asking their accountants for help.

Julita Stachowiak  

We've been using FloatApp along side Xero for both of our Creative Agencies (MadeBrave & Campfire). We can't remember how we did cash-flow before we had it and now find it an invaluable tool for our business! I would recommend 1000% - Can I give ten stars?

Andrew Dobbie  

We have dedicated our entire financial planning through FloatApp.
It is an incredible service which still has some developing to do but is onto a brilliant start.
We are currently using float to map out our 'Business As Usual' and also a new contract to see if it is worth going for.
A very clever piece of kit which keeps our investors informed and has wonderful visuals so all can understand the daunting world of cash flow.

Jacob Hill  

Float is a really great tool for our office. We especially use it for staff to see where we're standing with cashflow and is immensely helpful with making financial decisions on the office.

Jensen Bjornstad  

Great tool - highly recommended!

Deneka Greensmith  

We have been really pleased with the app, happy to recommend it, we use it as part of our MA reporting each month to the board at rebuildingsociety.com - https://www.rebuildingsociety.com If its good for our Fintech business then we think it works well for any peer to peer lending business

Daniel Rajkumar  

This has now become an essential tool for the company. The hours it saves makes this software indispensable.

Terry Barnes  

Float allows us to view our cash flow predictions in real-time. It is probably the most valuable tool we have for running our business

Ryan Plester  

Float is an integral part of our business accounting. After 2 years of use Float has proven ability, seamlessly integrated with Xero, to forecast cash flow hiccups months in advance. This allows for informed action well ahead of time. Indispensable!

Chris King  

No more Spreadsheets! Life changing software. Powerful, intuitive, simple and super smart. Great value for money. Support is amazing too. Highly recommended for businesses wishing to forecast efficiently and accurately.

Vatsalya Bohra  

Float has changed my life, cashflows are now simple to prepare and keep updated and more importantly accurate. No other product comes close.

Lisa Henderson  

We love Float! Not only do we recommend it to clients as part of our core software stack, we also us it ourselves to help manage our cashflow and plan for different scenarios as we scale our business.

Alasdair McGill  

Float has made my job a lot easier in involving senior management on the day to day running of the business.
It has become an invaluable tool in our cashflow management and being able to build scenarios has increased our awareness of what products work best for us.

Pauline Mackintosh  

For a short term snap shot and management of your operational cashflow, Float is a great app to work alongside Xero (assuming Xero is up to date and accurate of course!).

I recommend all my clients consider Float.

Jon Dudgeon  

I use this with several clients and it provides a crystal clear window into how the cash is moving in the business. It also lets you plan forward with ease. Scenario planning is easy.

One added bonus is that it sheds light on any data flow inadequacies there are with Xero - and then these can be addressed with the client.

an invaluable tool for cash flow management!

Patrick Leavy  

Float enables us to monitor our cashflow accurately and plan for the "what if" scenario.
It is the best tool that we have come across in a long while. Thanks Team Float

Chris Marshall  

Float has pushed out my cash flow forecasting from a couple of months to 3 years. This is transforming how I run the business, and lets me know what we need to do day-to-day and achieve in the coming weeks.

The ability to split the payments for an invoice (purchase or sale) across several dates really helps to build a sensible picture of when the money will actually be moving.

Great product, well linked to Xero.

Ian Oldrey  

Float has been nothing short of revolutionary for myself as a business owner to get a clear visualisation of what our cash situation is. Running a brewery means we have a LOT of different income streams and a lot of suppliers. Understanding what our cash situation in respect to where we thought we should be is paramount. The ability to v quickly build scenarios for forecasting has completely changed the way we run financial meetings for good.

In short, Float is a killer app for business owners who need to know what their cash situation is or will be.

Duncan Alexander  

Float has been a hugely helpful to forecast, budget and visualise our cashflow. The scenario tool is fantastic and gives us far greater insight to the financial health of the business.

Andy McKay  

Float has given us a forecasting tool which has replaced hours of painstaking spreadsheet updates and manual copying of data, with just a few clicks (sometimes no clicks at all!). I really can't speak highly enough of the product, support, and the responsiveness to customer/user feedback to continually evolve Float into an ever more user and business focussed app.

Paul Musgrave  

Float provided us with the cashflow forecasting tools we desperately needed that Xero didn't provide. We simply couldn't function as efficiently without it now! Keep up the great work!

Nick Hutchinson  

Indispensable resource when it comes to cashflow forecasting.

I first trialled Float a while back (at least 3 years). At the time there were some features missing (imho) that made it less useful for my particular needs to a google sheet I had set up (particularly, to add some further context, it was the inability to breakdown budgets to multiple contributing factors - e.g. I couldn't break down payroll costs (budgets) to individual employees)

The attitude of the tireless Float team however and how they seemed to keep responding to community feedback and adding missing features kept me interested enough in the product to keep coming back and trialling it again and again over the years (also because it seemed to be the only product in the market - out of the MANY I tried - that seemed to be very close to what I was actually after already)

Sure enough about 6 months back after my latest evaluation I switched my business to become a full subscriber to the product as it definitely surpassed my google sheet in utility and functionality. It's now something I consult on a weekly basis and gives me immediate insights into the past, present and future of my business.

Moreover the level of support is truly outstanding. The team respond to queries in a timely and professional manner and you can tell they truly care about creating something that offers value to customers looking for a cashflow forecasting platform.

Float is an easy product to heartily recommend if you're looking for versatile and accurate cashflow forecasting supported by a passionate product and development team.

Konstantinos Zarifis  

I've been using Float for a number of years now, and have come to totally rely on it.

Intuitive and easy to use, and the direct method to keep you sane. Great resource to have

Richard Sergeant  

Float - as a business owner (as opposed to an accountant) I find FLOAT a great cashflow forecasting tool, simple and easy to set-up and to update. I love the scenario feature that helps to answer 'what if' questions!

Nick Tilly  

Float works well for forecasting cashflow and identifying when a business may run out of cash.

Liam Aspeling  

Float is a brilliant piece of software for simple cash flow forecasts. It is easy to use and the cash flow graph is easy to understand, helping spot potential problems months in advance.

The best feature for me though, is the overlaying of different scenarios. This gives a brilliant insight into the cash consequences of different projects/plans.

Katherine Robertson  

Great Tool! Has made my life so much easier. So easy to update and see the results instantly.
I wouldn't be without it

Sara Goddard  

This is a fantastic cash flow app. You can use it for both long term and short term cash flow management. If you spend the time and add expected payment dates for your P & L lines then you will clearly be able to see your points of highest surplus and/or deficits.

The only issue I would say that I have is the load times every time you include/exclude an item, add a new item etc. I believe it's mainly because it reloads the graph images. I would recommend a feature to go into "bulk edit mode" or something like that where it doesn't reload the information until you exit the edit mode.

Damien Deery  

I have been looking for cashflow software for a while float is great it's easy to use and very good integration with Xero, I would like to see a little more like if they could pull the running VAT figure out of Xero and put that into the cashflow or corporation tax somehow.

Other than this love it and the scenarios are really handy.

David Adderson  

Very simple to use - scenarios of great. Would be perfect if you could include or exclude recurring invoices within the scenarios themselves.

Highly recommended.

Patrick O'Connor  

Foat is quite possibly the best advisory tool on the market. Cash flow is the number one concern of all my SME clients and they just love Float! I wouldn't hesitate in recommending this tool to any accountant seriously wanting to enter the advisory space.

Angus Ogilvie  

Well, as they say, Cash Flow is oxygen for a business.
If you are finding Xero's Cash Flow reports inadequate, then Float is very handy, and good for forecasting. I'm a bit baffled by how it resolves up-to-date data with forecasting for the rest of the month, and sometimes wonder how much I need it when cash flow is good, but it certainly helped us in a tight squeeze.

Andrew P  

I love this App. My clients love it. It is making such a huge difference in the way they view their businesses and cash, making decision making processes much easier.

Lazarus Kaseke  

Absolutely essential to the operations of our business. Very ergonomic to use. Great software.

Amanda Marion  

Great tool to keep you on top of cash flow. Seamless integration with Xero.

Dominic Osborne  

Best cashflow tool I've ever used. Easy to set up, seamless integration with Xero and takes minutes to update scenarios to provide forecasts based on differing business decisions. The fact I can easily see the impact of late payments and how to adjust based on these, helps me effortlessly manage my business. Also, the people at Floatapp are truly interested in feedback and continuous improvement. Brilliant.

Jeannie Stewart  

I love Float. I currently use it with 4 of my bookkeeping clients. The insight it gives into cash flow is invaluable. It allowed one client to confidently schedule debt payments, and another one to realize that late invoices were causing some serious cash flow issues. The forecast graph is much more impactful than the tables of numbers that you see with the Xero reports.

Ashley Blood  

Have been using Float for a year...it's been great..really terrific tool...gives me great peace of mind! I would recommend it.

Stephen Whitehead  

good cash flow management tool, but, i don't want to drill down each transaction to see who is paying and who i should be paying. for monthly cash flow, yes, accounts are better suited, but for daiy or weekly cash flow, i want to see the contacts

Oleg Molochenko  

I thought we had become quite expert at using a spreadsheet to manage our cashflow - well that was until we started using Float, and the fact that it integrates seamlessly with Xero - Boom, Bonus!

I come from a scientific background, not financial - so to have a tool like Float to create and monitor a budget is invaluable. But to perform fairly accurate forecasts, even with more than one scenario - again Boom, Bonus.

With Xero, which we have been using for over 4 years, and Float, in our 4th month, I can with confidence present financial reports to our board - and it takes hardly any time, this allowing me to focus on other important matters.

I don't really believe in 100%, so because I cannot allocate 4 1/2 stars, it's a 5 STAR!

Dereck Marnewick  

I have been using Float for over a year and I find it easy to use and a powerful tool for cash-flows. The relatively new feature that allows import from a spreadsheet is great. The support is excellent and the software is getting new features every time. I highly recommend it.

Rita Brait  

I love float. My brain works well with graphs and being able to see what's ahead. I find budgeting in Xero just doesn't help me manage my money. I love being able to look in Float and see what the next month looks like. They are always improving the app also, which I love. Well worth the money for my small business.

Sarah Oates  

Excellent app! Very easy to use and great that it syncs with Xero and your actuals up date so you’re looking at an accurate forecast based on what has already happened. Love the ability to run different scenarios and to manage cash flow on a daily basis and not just a monthly or weekly basis. A very powerful tool for managing your business and strategising for the future. A must have in my opinion.

Jamie Murray  

Float has been an excellent addtional to the toolbox. It has made cashflow projecting much easier and enable us to have great visibility on how the business is operating, sharing info with the board and planning for investment.

Allan Hutcheon  

Float has been a very useful tool to manage cash flow and the integration with Xero makes it seamless.

Chantal Catania  

I am definitely on the small end of small business, so I weighed up the cost of a yearly subscription to Float - and so far it has absolutely been worth it. It is intuitive and pretty quick to connect to my Xero data and build some scenarios. When my mind is full of everyday tasks in the business (not to mention parenting and so on) it can be hard to zoom out and get a quick picture of projections if I tweak different things in the business. This makes it instant and easy and visual. Five stars.

Annalise Friend  

Been using Float as an add on to Xero for a couple of years now.

It works intuitively and has saved me from my old excel spreadsheets.

James Aitken  

Float integrates seamlessly with Xero and we use it almost everyday as a great cash flow tool. Fantastic at forecasting different scenarios going forward. Clear simple and intuitive interface and a joy to use even if accounting has not been one of our strengths. In particular gives us the peace of mind that cash flow is under control and we can concentrate on growing the business.
Highly recommended for any business,

Adrian Simmons  

MEB Design Ltd is a busy Architects Practice turning over in excess of £1m in professional fees. Float has been an essential tool for us to manage our daily, weekly and longer term predictions / budgeting control.

Paul Chester  

Customer Service and User Interface is second to none!

Peter Cocking  

i love using Float app it has helped hugely in planning and understanding our cashflow, i simply now couldn't live with out it!!!

Rachael Brown  

Float is a very useful cash flow management tool and has an immensely functional integration with Xero.

Finance Real IRM  

Float is an essential part of our business since we started using around 6 months ago. It operates seamlessly with Xero and gives us a good view of our future cash flow. We used to do everything with spreadsheets and now we have Float! I would recommend to anyone that needs to know what cash they have in the future and if you are a Xero user then really no need to look elsewhere!

Andy Dickens  

Float has been a great cash flow tool to use with Xero. I especially value the commitment to the team to work with users to continue to take bring the product on with more features.

Very much recommended!

Erica Mellett  

Really enjoying the Float experience. Works seemlessly with Xero and is really helping me keep track of our cashflow. The new insights feature is great, helping to further analyse your cash movements and improve budgeting.

Ruth Ryan  

Float is fantastic and streamlines the dreaded cashflow process masterfully!

Duncan Morrison  

Float is an excellent Xero extension, it saves us a huge amount time planning out our cashflow. Going back to the speadsheets woudl feel like the stone age!

Robert Masterson  

Having utilised a number of Cashflow solutions in the market, my view is that Float is class leading. They have a genuine passion for solving problems for their customers and that's clear in every interaction I've had with the team.

David Dewey  

This is great. It really helped us get a level of granularity in our cashflow forecasting that is difficult to do in an excel sheet. Definitely recommend.

Travis Thomas  

Float has really helped tame what has been a very testing time for cash flow. The initial setup was easy apart from (what was our error) the due dates for payments out. Now we are rolling the app really highlights issues before they come to fruition. So far support seems thorough with quick responses. Thanks Float. Merry Christmas!

Ryan Hickman  

Absolutely amazing too; time saver, easy to use and great interface.

Sylwia Stempak  

Great Tool, has helped us enormously, highly recommend Float to manage cash.

Kim McIntosh  

I used to manually update spreadsheets to do our cashflow which was both very time consuming and ultimately anxiety inducing - not any more thanks to Float!

Garth Nicholls  

I have worked for many years in large companies and production of actual and budgeted cash flow that agrees to the financial system has always been really difficult and time consuming. I now work in a smaller company and use Xero and Float and its excellent for ease of use and integration with Xero.

Carol Grennan  

As someone who has used cash flow analysis while in the corporate world, Float allows me to continue to use that vital management tool. It is easy to use, provides chart viewing and more importantly, what if cash flow scenarios which are the lifeblood of a small business. Float also easily syncs with Xero. All in all, Float is an excellent addition to small business management tools.

David Herbst  

This is a great tool. We use with Xero and it's very helpfull!! Highly recommended!

Mila Rodríguez  

Float has saved me time and reduced the number of spread sheets and manual calculations I need to do. Great to see cashflow in a visual form. I feel a lot more in control and my management team can also see how we are doing.

Helen Armstrong  

After 1 day of making sure float was working for me, I'm convinced. A great add-on and does all the key things. A 1 day trial has convinced me our boat is with float!

Jamie Baddeley  

Everyone has already covered it i think. Float is not only a serious timesaver, it changes the way you can look at your cash movements and, better still, your cash management strategies. In the first couple of days of the trial I had already been able to radically improve how much cash planning we could do, and months ahead of what we were able to do before. Can't say enough for such a simple but wonderful tool.

Micheal Snow  

Totally brilliant tool for cash flow management and budget setting. So good.

Tiffany King  

Within a couple of hours of using Float, my business partner and I were having a more meaningful conversation about our company growth and asking questions we didn't even know we needed to ask. The support from the team has also been excellent. This will become a core part of our weekly leadership meetings. I can't see how to leave a star rating here, but I'm giving it 5 stars.

Troy Dean  

Great cashflow app to use with Xero. Just set up repeating sales and purchase invoices in Xero, and Float imports that data to project your cashflow. Then you can manually add any other figures/adjustments directly in Float. You can also create scenarios and compare them with your baseline projection.

Katherine Flood  

Float is a great tool for forecasting and planning. It is really easy to implement and sync with Xero. It is very intuitive and after using it for a period of time you will have a really useful history of the cash movements of your business. You can then use these historic movements to forecast forward and build up a cashflow forecast. It is so good to be able to get away from constantly updating spreadsheets to do this - replacing this process with Float - which syncs up to date information from Xero to give you a clear picture of your cash position in the short and long term. The ability to change expected dates of invoices - predicting supplier payment dates and debtor payment dates is also a great feature of Float.

I recommend this tool highly to anyone looking to improve their cashflow management.

Tim Hodgkinson  

We were using Xero very successfully, but when it came to cash-flow forecasting, we had to rely on spreadsheets and couldn't really look very far into the future. Then we added Float to Xero and I could actually see months ahead and give access to our CFO so we weren't constantly pestered with questions like 'what if xxxxxx client doesn't pay us on time'. Float makes it so simple.

Chris Nial  

I've used float for about a year. When I first came across it I was very excited because it seemed to solve the massive pain point I had been experiencing of updating and maintaining excel based cash forecasting. It has certainly fully delivered on that promise. The syncing with Xero is seamless, and you can refresh it to get fully up to the minute with the click of a button. I've gone from a xls forecast that was only useful once a month, which I was never fully confident in, to a forecast I can use any day with no effort -I use it HEAPS more. If you've rolled your own spreadsheet you'll know many of the "gotchas" with cashflow forecasting -it is bliss to put those behind me. It's also a young product with an active roadmap, so I'm looking forward to more to come.

Mark Forsyth  

I'm really enjoying using float so far. We are about 5 months in and it has saved me a lot of time. It's a new product so naturally there are areas which need work but it's very evident the team actively work on the areas they identify as needing improvement. They are also very responsive to inquiries and contact users regularly for feedback.

Sarah Botham  

We have just finished a 30 day trial with Float and have signed up with them. I am saving a lot of time preparing cash flows with Float rather than exporting to excel. It synchs quickly to Xero and loads data swiftly. I love that different scenarios can be layered over one another which allows you to quickly compare the impact on your cashflow of different situations. It is also useful to be able to exclude data from the reports, enter anticipated dates of payment of invoices and actual dates of expenses. All of which gives a realistic and accurate picture of your cashflow. Float's staff have been knowledgeable and quick to respond to queries. The demo I received from Sam on how to use the system was easy to follow and we used our own data to model a scenario.

Lois Rowlands  

Float is a fantastic tool which compliments the simplicity and visual appeal of Xero.
I have been using Xero for over 4 years now and have worked with many of the add on programmes both in practice and industry roles. I have been involved in many debates on Xero against Sage as an accountancy tool and I believe the same argument can be put to Float against .xls software. There may be areas where the details is not as intricate as it can be in .xls but this does not take away what a great bit of software this is. For the companies I work with the interface, design and ability to understand the information is the main requirement of a cash-flow and Float has this in abundance.
Add to this the support you get from the float team and you have a cash-flow addition to Xero which I cannot recommend highly enough. It has saved me so much time which is a valuable commodity for any business and has put a smile on the face of my MD.
So thank you.

Lisa Wightman  

Float is an outstanding tool to give you visibility on how your business is running. Easy to use and their customer support is great. They are working on some details that will make this an even better tool for my business. Great tool for use with Xero.

Dean Maga  

Just finished a 30 day trial with Float and am really happy. Synced within a minute to XERO. All bank account balances pulled through without problems including our multi-currency bank and Paypal Account balances. Very easy to understand and helpful video tutorials. Not to mention quick reply's on all my questions and queries. Looking forward to the new "Multi Budgets in one cell" function to come into place.

Thank you Float!
Greetings from Switzerland

Josephine Pfister  

Have just started using Float after comparing others.
Love IT!

David Pretorius  

I absolutely LOVE Float. It's removed all scribbled workflow calculations and spreadsheets from our growing business. It's incredibly reassuring being able to log in and check our up-to-date cashflow at any time. Thank you Float and keep up the good work. Cannot recommend this enough.

Hannah Chaplin  

Float has revolutionised the way i manage our business finance. Cash flow is no longer the nightmare it once was and i can manage orders with ease. A great tool for any business that wants to grow. The communication with the float team is absolutely first class and highly recommended.

MK Warehousing  

I have found Float an excellent tool for cash flow forecasting in my business.
I also find Float as a company very responsive, innovative and great from a communication perspective.
The integration to Xero is seamless and really useful.

Highly recommend.

Philip Davies  

Just moved to Float, and have had no problems so far. Really user friendly and simple to use, whilst producing understandable reports! Looking forward to seeing even more features in the future!

Susan Lee  

Fast and accurate way to do quick modeling and forecasting. Definitely worth the price.

Jeff Johnson  

Float is a fab piece of software; removing the clunky spreadsheet and introducing up to date synchronization with Xero. The support team that i've dealt with are very knowledgeable and incredibly helpful. Thank you!

I am very impressed with the software and there is no going back to spreadsheets now for me!

Susan Lang  

Simple, intuitive and an easy way to manage cash flow. The link with Xero works well and provides a nice visual representation of the data.

Allan Wilson  

To make a cash flow forecast before we used Float, we had to build a big spreadsheet and it always got stale quickly and then thrown away and rebuilt every few months.

Having a live, accurate forecast of cash movements has been a big weight off my mind and that alone is worth the cost.

Its then really simple to add a layer and play with new models without having to rebuild everything.

I can't think of another software purchase that has directly improved my ability to sleep at night... well done Float.

Dan Dukeson  

I really rate Float for cash management. Its extremely easy to get to grips with and works seamlessly with xero . Superb customer support too. Keep up the great work, guys.

Mary Thornbury  

Have been using float for a couple of weeks now and really like how it avoids double entry of data to get a cashflow forecast that we were previously managing in excel.

Has a very neat feature of being able to forecast future month costs based on historical data which makes forecasting very straight forward.

Alistair Macneil  

Float is amazing. It's now a vital part of our financial management. I can't believe we survived without it.

13/10 would recommend. H*cking good.

David Glennie  

Float is the forecasting tool that should exist within Xero but doesn't. I can't reccomend it enough! It's rare to find a business or finance tool that works out of the box with little to no customisation and float is one of them.

Xero - if you are reading this I would strongly encourage you to consider acquiring this company and adding it to the base functionality of Xero.

Thomas Mitchell  

Great help from the team in getting started, looking forward to getting to use this on a regular basis.

Donna Morrow  

Float is amazing and I am so pleased with it, great support team as well, Ben from Float gave us on a call as well to guide us along, Super product, Float is a simple tool to use, can't do without it now.

Elaine McCarthy  

Fantastic experience working with Ben and Float! Works seamlessly with xero.

Alex Margovsky  

Stumbled across Float while struggling to find a good way of projecting cashflow. It is exactly what I was looking for simple to use, powerful and with terrific support. They are extremely helpful and quick to respond. If you have Xero done well then the sync with Float is seamless and then you have all of that valuable information at your fingertips. Well worth investing in.

Andy Beesley  

Great piece that saves so much time!

Tim Barber  

Float is just magic. We are already avid Xero users and this saves hours of or time. Adding Float into the mix has been excellent - goodbye spreadsheet. Excellent support and professionalism from the Float team too.

Claire Love  

The sync is great with Xero. Make an update in Xero to invoice paid or date changed. Hit refresh in Float and everything is updated in seconds. Also as a small business who doesn't have time to waste on forecasting but needs to to make accurate business decisions this software is priceless.

Dylan Kennard  

In comparison to some other cashflow forecasting software this is by far the easiest i've used. It links easily to Xero and it gives you instant updated reports on your cashflow. The scenarios section is again very easy and useful.

Virginia Filmer-Sankey  

Float has been extremely easy to get to grips with and works seamlessly with xero.

Since using it, it has saved directors hours of time and allows us to see in a snapshot the cash-flow which using previous excel based spreadsheets wasn't so easy..

If you haven't got it...... GET IT.

(Project Management and Surveying practice)

Peter Munns  

Float is a really good cash flow tool to keep company spend under control. The fact that it is connected directly to Xero makes it so much easier. It saves you all hassle off exporting data and working with spreadsheets.

Szymon Wilk  

Float is an excellent tool. It saves so much time and much better than using spreadsheets. Plus with all the inherit risks of spreadsheets, float gives you a lot more confidence. It's a fantastic tool i use across all my businesses. It would be great if they could design a full P&L and BS forecasting tool at some point.

Rob Jones  

I absolutely love Float! It saves me hours of work and is simple, straight forward and always up to date. It is also great value for money and the customer service is top notch! Thanks for creating such a useful software!

Nicola Hay  

Recommend !

Sylvain Filteau  

Great piece of software. Very helpful support staff and new ideas being added continuously.

Very useful.

Phil Swansborough  

I use Float with Xero and I absolutely love it. Easy to use and always keeping me updated with cashflow. No more spreadsheets required!!

Melanie Lister  

Perfect cashflow software to accompany Xero. I've been using it for a month now and in 10 years of running my own company I've never been so on top of cashflow before. I'd highly recommend this to anyone who wants an easy to integrate solution. Well done guys keep up the great work.

We Influence Accounts  

Nice and simple, easy interface, much nicer than spreadsheets!

Sasha Marks  

Hi Tony,

Thanks for review and your feedback! The good news is that weekly is coming soon!
It’s the next big milestone for us but it’s not an insignificant project, so we don’t have a release date currently, but hoping for a beta before the end of the year.

We really appreciate your feedback and are excited to see the power that weekly forecasting will bring.

If we can help with anything else, please don’t hesitate to get in touch :)

Harriet Phimister  

Love Float, would love even more if we get to see weekly dashboard, any news on this?

tony fenkci  

Intuitive, very easy to use and saves days of work compared to Excel.

Juventas Jusys  

A fantastic add on to Xero with customer support unlike any I have used before. Float is scooping up all those spreadsheets that we previously used to use and allowing me to forecast more accurately and simply.

Iain Kendall  

Massive thanks to everyone who has reviewed us lately! It is amazing to read how well you have been getting on with Float.

Please keep the feedback coming - we take it all on board to help improve and define the product's future.

If we can be of any help, please don't hesitate to get in touch :)

Jamie Conway  

I have been using float for about 3 months and love it. Prior to that I was using (like most people) a spreadsheet, which took up a huge amount of my time....time which I will never get back ! The Float team are fantastic, just how a support team should be.
Janet Tonks
Synium IT

Janet Tonks  

An excellent product; we fumbled around with excels and other manual methods for ages, they took a huge amount of time to populate, and were often obsolete within a week.

Float has been excellent - we started using it 12 months ago, and, while it was good at the time, the recent upgrades and improvements have really paid dividends.

We did have a few issues with how some items and journals were being posted, but that related more to do with our system, and Float's customer service team were extremely helpful in addressing it for us.

It allows us to have up to date, accurate cash flow forecasting, with minimal additional work required to do so.

We're very pleased with it - and look forward to seeing the software develop and evolve further.

Robert Turner  

I agree with all of the positive reviews. Great customer service and excellent app!

John Miseroy  

We started using Float at the same time as we moved over to Xero. Xero's great, but Float is the icing on the cake (I have far more suggestions for how Xero can be improved than Float). The support behind Float is also excellent, and very communicative.


Lawrence Friell  

Great cash-flow and forecasting software, tried a few but this one is the best! This has saved me hours of updating a spreadsheet every two weeks and my client is loving it because he can try out different scenarios based on various projects he has coming up. Plus, they only charge per client so you don't have to worry about unused licenses as with some of the other offerings in this area, and the guys on the live chat are super helpful and friendly every time I have a query. Super!

Sarah Heath  

This application is amazing and I am so pleased I could get rid of exel. Transactional based feeds and scenarios have saved us so much time. The support team are very helpful and always come back very quickly on any question.

David Bell  

Highly recommended, very good support and useful app to control real-time cashflow straight from your bank account.


I've just turned to Float from a laborious, manual, Google spreadsheet and is a breath of fresh air!

'Forecasting' has always been a low-level anxiety of mine - the constant feeling that there's something I might be missing / I'm not capturing, so linking to Xero which is then linked realtime to our bank accounts just makes total sense and gives me the confidence that I'm seeing real data!

I've only just started using it but their support has been fantastic.

So far so good.

Bryn Morgan  

Float is a great tool to keep track of cash flow. I view it regularly to check on t he business cash position and it is always up to date with the data feed from Xero. The support team are very responsive to queries and their replies are always helpful. The team also open to suggested improvements.

Very highly recommended

Les Searle  

Float is undoubtedly a very handy tool, particularly with their recent roll out, they have massively improved performance and some of the features. Float Support Team is great and always there to help in a timely fashion.

Salman Saeed  

We've always maintained a cashflow forecast and, for years, were slave to a spreadsheet. Float has taken all the pain of reconciliation away meaning that we can always be confident in the start point. The visualisation makes it easy to sanity check predictions of the future by reference to the recent past and the scenario planning tool has helped us assess a number of investment decisions. Highly recommended.

Neil Edwards  

Xero is a great tool, but when combined with Float you get so much more. Float literally saved our business through a tricky few months of cashflow crisis... and now we are out the other side allows me to confidently decide when I can take more money out of the business to spend on treats and adventures. LOVE FLOAT & XERO!

Paul Service  

Compared to the other packages we trialed we find it easy to use and saves a lot of time with the ability to rapidly model scenarios. As for any business it is a critical tool for strategy planning, day to day operations and communicating with stakeholders.

Conrad van Rooyen  

Managing Cash Flow is one of the most important aspects of running any business, Float offers a unique approach to easily forecast your cash flow needs. I highly recommend Float to all of our Clients.

Joseph Serrone  

Float has been an amazing tool for us. It really opens up and visualises your financials. We're a startup and Float has been a fundamental factor in us raising our next round of investment - i highly recommend it.

Tom Evans  

Great product, simple and easy to use. Personal quick customer service. The best accounting tool / app for growth i've ever used.

Accounts Team  

I have used Float for nearly 2 years and it is a solid platform for easy understanding and vision of cash flow.

John Southall  

Outstanding piece of software that enables me to manage cashflow on a weekly basis and do scenario planning too. It brings the data in from Xero, enables me to track spend against different codes and revise budgets based on spend. Crucial piece of software to enable me to forecast finances and essential for running a small business. A fantastic add-on to Xero.

Jude Jennison  

I run a small local business and managing cash flow is obviously very important. Since using float, it has definitely reduced my anxiety levels when looking ahead managing the business. When I talk to other business owners, I always recommend Float!

Gerry Wagner  

Makes cash flow predictions super easy. No more crazy spreadsheets that get out of control. Perfect.

Alison Aspden  

A very useful tool that works marvellously well with Xero.
Create your cash flow forecast, link it with Xero and watch it update itself every day that you synch your bank accounts - beautiful.
Also works off invoicing and lets you know what should be coming in the door as well as what is going out - a nice graphical presentation as well - even non-accounting types on Boards instantly get it.
love it!

Glenn Murray  

We have found the link with Xero to Float invaluable and allows us to spot potential problems way over the horizon. Replacing our old spread sheet forecasts with Float has made our lives much easier. Our only request would be to somehow devise algorithms to put in the VAT calc which I have to ask our accountants to do with their alchemistic formulae.

Dexter Kirk  

Float rocks our boat. We use float for our clients cash-flow forecasts. We like the fact that you can include or exclude individual bank accounts. Being able to quickly update from Xero for budgets and actual and the ability to create different scenarios and report groupings saves hours. Keeping notes against entries and excluding or pushing back projected receipts gives us greater control and visibility of cash. All those spreadsheets GONE. Coupled with good support and product development makes this software service very easy to approve and highly recommend.

Chris Farrant  

We love Float for forecasting cash requirements. We were a start up company 12 months ago so forecasting when we needed a loan drawdown was essential. Now that we are self sufficient, Float allows us to predict when we can make a loan repayment. It's an invaluable tool for business. The way it automatically updates from XERO is brilliant and saves hours of time with spread sheets.

Brian Frost  

Very useful product, good support - can't complain - use it everyday. I recommend you use draft invoices (carefully) in Xero to show future pipeline and then it's all very 'automatic'. Keep up the development.

Richard Martin  

Float has changed the way we plan our finances. It is simple and easy to use and it connects with Xero which means that we don't spend time updating everything. Also the different scenarios as well as the visuals makes it is easier to update colleagues who don't have a finance background.

Zoi Kantounatou  

Loving Float. Good support, nice live intro demo with product owner, nice scenario planning by adding new accounts in Chart of accounts in Xero and pulling them through to Float using category management.

Only slightly manual element that could do with being improved is how to bring through sales pipeline items that are not in invoices or draft invoices in Xero.

Be nice to bring through the 'Negative (Positive) - Positive (Negative) info through to the actual cashflow as a reminder.

Also, it keeps flashing with un-styled CSS and Javascript before load but not a blocker and generally really helping our business visualise our cashflow forecast and help with planning.


Sam Hearn  

It's a great cashflow tool, has a lot of work and very easy to use.

eleanor Watkin  

I love it, its a great Sleep Easy knowing where the cash is!

Brad May  

Easy to use software. Helps to control your cashflow!

Relinde van Bladel  

Float is a real lifesaver. My life as CEO of a young company is much easier because Float.
I can get into the cash flow anytime and see where we are and what we are going to need. I was obsessed all my life in getting real data and now I have one problem less to worry about.

Luis Juarez  

The capability and capacity for business people to foresee likely scenario changes to cash flow like a drop in sales, effects of re-arranging loan repayments, capital expenditure acquisitions, changes to interest rates and so on, provides a simple and fast structure for sound planning and decision making.
I recommend Float as an essential tool to use in conjunction with Xero Accounting.

Michael King  

For several years, our business has struggled to keep up-to-date with cashflow forecasts. I used to run a monthly forecast in Excel. I was disappointed that Xero didn't have much cash forecasting ability at all. I searched for an interface system to work with Xero and found Float. I am really impressed with what it can do. Our business is at a critical stage where we are investing heavily in software development and cash is very tight. I need a weekly view looking at least 3 months ahead for our internal use but I have also used the exported PDFs for our bank and investors to back up our financial model. I'm very happy with the system and feel I can rely on it. I actually find that the use of Float makes me think in a lot more detail about our income and expenses and I create draft invoices and draft bills in Xero for at least one month ahead so that Float is importing a very detailed set of figures by date.

Caroline Taylor  

As MD of a start-up experiencing significant growth already, having control of my cash flow is so important. Float has really helped me feel in control and I've already been using the scenarios to help make decisions on hiring etc.

Lovely UI and TOV, great support, great value. I'd highly recommend!

Jessica Mullen  

We work in web design and marketing for customers across the UK and Ireland. We set up Xero from the start but struggled to get a forward view of cash flow that was quick and easy. Then we found Float. Several months in I’m still delighted. It gives us the visibility we need and helps free up time to concentrate on what really matters… our customers! Very happy to recommend their service.

Pint Sized Giants

Kieron Younis  

Float is fantastic. It is very easy to use and the team are always very quick to respond to any queries I might have. It's simplicity is what makes it so valuable. It has taken little effort to really get to grips with our cash flow management and is making a huge difference in our planning.

Amber Godsman  

We have significantly improved the planning and decision making in our business thanks to Float. We can confidently plan key decisions next year based on expected cash balances at key times. Frightening to think how we used to make decisions without it!

Neil McInnes  

Float is remarkable. We've been searching for years to find a cash forecasting solution that allowed us to stop using spreadsheets. Float is simple to use and provides complete visibility. It saves so much time over a spreadsheet it's a no brainer for our clients.

Simon Kallu ACA  

I have to say I switched from a Sage system to Zero only 3 months ago, that in itself was like a new window being opened on the world, to then link into Float has turned what was a nightmare task of cash flow planning into a dream, I work between the 2 almost on a daily basis. Scenario planning is so simple and I can't wait to get 3 year planning,(when?) at that point I can ditch Sage forecasting as well.

Ian Smith  

Love Float - The perfect addition to Xero - The visual element and scenario planning is essential and takes away hours of spreadsheet work.

Owen Burson  

Love the simplicity of Float, really easy to get started with and a logical UI/UX. Scenario planning is good and it is now a regular part of our management meetings.

Nathaniel Cassidy  

We've been using Float in anger for 6+ months now and its value just keeps on increasing - both with each incremental improvement, but also as you get the data more accurate to your business. The more you put into using Float the more you get out, though there are immediate benefits as well. Support is very good too.

Float is an invaluable business expansion tool. If I had one area I'd like them to work at it would be the same as I'd say of Xero - reporting.

Keep it up you Floaters :-)


Simon Edwards  

Great tool with great support.

Camden S.  

Good product, has found a place in our reporting pack.

Couple of issues encountered but support has been responsive.

John Curran  

Has any sense to say I opted for Xero because it works with Float?

Not kidding, as my main interest was keeping our cash flows under control, I probably did the way round, finding first Float and then looking for an application which may work with Float and automatically getting our Barcelona feed Banks.
And the only result is Xero.

That said, I'm really impressed by both applications and the extremely well done integration between them. I recommend them both specially to all who, like me, have suffered of anxiety for an old and never updated Excel file to manage your cashflows.

Greetings from Barcelona,

BTW: the online chat support in the European time zone is a blessing! Thank you, Colin and team!

Toni Matas  

Thanks Gail!
Really appreciate it - 2 years is a long time in the tech world!
We've got a lot of exciting stuff in the pipeline, looking forward to getting it out there, and into the hands of your clients!

Colin Hewitt  

Float is brilliantly simple. It gives a business owner the ability to easily predict cashflows and identify any problem areas. Its simplicity makes it easy to update and really usable as day to day management tool.

We have been using Float for 2 years now both for our own business and that of our customers.

Gail Bainbridge  

Float is my favourite forecasting tool because it visualizes cash flow and makes it easy to manage various scenarios in a way that is accessible to my staff and borad members - the visualizations allow them to understand on the fly what things are looking like at any given time. It rules out the need for multiple sheets that are updated manually - do your forecasting directly from Xero bookkeeping and you can edit your budgets directly on the app. Would highly recommend!

Danielle Cadhit  

For those of my clients looking to manage day to day cash flow pressures Float has been a life saver. Xero integration is awesome, it's easy to setup, use and train clients on and importantly, it looks great. Further development of the budget input options and automatic VAT calculation would gain that last star! Keep up the great work guys! :o)

Eamon McManus  

A great plug in which enables me to keep an eye on our business performance as well as helps me prepare for any slow months.

Julie Goddard  

Float is awesome, I previously used a spreadsheet for my cashflow forecasting which was high maintenance and inaccurate and since using Float I have never looked back. I don't know how anyone can run their business without it! It is THE tool for scheduling payments and confidently taking drawings. Much love.

Denny O'Halloran  

Hi Luigi,

Thank you for your kind words about the integration. I see that your query is currently being dealt with by customer support and I'm sure we can resolve it quickly.

All the best,

Ewan McCowen  

I'm using Xero and Float and their integration is really effective.
But I got a problem with payrun and its impact on Float cashflow: the bills don't appear in my Float cashflow.
Is there anybody who can help me?
any thanks

Luigi Valerio Rinaldi  

Float is fantastic, it fills the gap in Xero's cashflow and budgeting features, and adds a layer of usability and simplicity on top which makes it very easy to keep an eye on the most important thing to any business: cashflow today, tomorrow, and down the line. We couldn't run our business as effectively without it.

Matt Haworth  

Was great to get help with the integration with Xero and our previous Excel cashflow spreadsheet. For a non finance person who is now dealing with company finances it has been really helpful and very useable. The scenarios is great too for looking at possible staff hiring, pay increases and project outgoings. All round handy tool. Thanks for the swift and speedy support!

Snook Finance  

We've been using it for 9-10 months and it's been great. Easy to use once it's setup, easy to keep up to date.

Reece Howe  

Brilliant tool. We use it all the time for our business planning and cash flow (obvs).

Alexis Haggar  

I have been impressed with Float. Firstly it has replaced a very complex spreadsheet which was a nightmare to keep going, secondly, the customer support has been first rate. I would thoroughly recommend Float as it provides a very visual and easy to understand interface. I would like to see a bit more 'training' available, videos or something similar would be good.

Neil Fletcher  

I use float most days. It makes it easy for businesses to keep an eye on cashflow and plan ahead by building different scenarios. Recently float helped us identify future cashflow shortage, with this information we were able to make the necessary changes and plans to avoid a tricky situation with our creditors.

Jared Tasker  

Great add on for Xero

Richard Hensman  

Colin and the team at Float have developed an excellent "Add On" to Xero, Float has become an essential tool for helping to manage and scenario plan for our three business. The support is quick and always helpful. I would (and already do) recommend Float, and Xero of course.

Jonathan Webber

Jonathan Webber  

As a growing business it's so important to keep on top of cashflow, and having tried to do this with Excel I finally came across Float. Not only does it resolve my headaches with Excel, but it's also intelligently suggests future budgets based on previous activity, which are easily edited to what you'd like.

Another fantastic feature is the ability to create different scenarios, for example, we're looking at US expansion at the moment, so I can quickly create a scenario and add in the costs we'd expect to incur, and see whether we can make it work.

Essential tool for any business!

Matthew Lanham  

We love this Web App add-on for Xero!. Previously we used Excel Spreadsheets to track our cash flow. It has a wonderful UI and integration with Xero is seamless and we now find our cash flow analysis is much more accurate as it's working with realtime data from Xero. Also the time to manage our cash flow has been significantly reduced which makes myself and my book keeper very happy!

Jason Brown  

Great app- gives you all the data you need at a glance to protect your business from cash flow issues. Well recommended.

Amy Ashton  

Our accountant recommended Float as a useful tool for cash flow forecasting. We find it very user friendly and the support team are always quick to respond with any queries that I have.

Samantha Morley  

I have been using Float in conjunction with Xero for 6 months. It is a very useful tool and saves me loads of time creating spreadsheets and exporting data. It is developing at lot at the moment and every change I have noticed has made my experience more productive.

Gary Jordan  

Float has been really good for our business.The links from Xero to bring across both actual transactions and also budgets means that you can pull a cashflow report for as short a time period as daily for the next month; or conversely a year ahead based upon your Xero budget.Added to that, in Float you can add an extra layer on top of your Xero budget, and save various scenarios whilst you are planning ahead. I found their support is really good too. I can keep our directors completely informed, with graphs and tables, without it taking up much of my time.

Ken Waitt  

Float is fantastic app to get a precise idea of my cashflow for the next coming month and to do some simulations regarding my business.
It's very easy to use so that I save time and focus on my business while being able to report precise numbers to my investors.

Fabien Poulard  

A fantastic time saving app, its integration with Xero ensures that the data is up to date to allow accurate cash flow forecasting. It is an essential tool in the management of the business.

Jan Moreland  

Great app - simple, useful, elegant.

Christopher Paulson  

Great App, easy to use.

Ricky Abanil  

Float is much easier than managing cashflow in a traditional spreadsheet. It keeps things simple, feeds through data from Xero accurately and its customer service team is the right balance of friendly and professional. Keep up the great work guys, love this product.

Geoff Leask  

As a small business owner I've found Float to add a huge amount of value. I log in almost every day and have been a user for almost 2 years.

I recommend it to any of my friends starting a new business. It's seamless with it's integration with Xero and is a great tool to see what actual cash you've got coming in vs expenses. It helps you project how the next few months might look and how much energy you're going to have to focus on new business and bringing that cash in.

Brent Buchanan  

Excellent app that lets me easily see cashflow based on accurate data from Xero... I don't need to manually update most of it, its great.

Rad Dougall  

I use Float on a weekly basis to forecast our company cash flows. It is easy to use and has beautiful design. The monthly cash flow budget greatly helps our business to manage cash flows. However, the daily cash flow forecast seems to have problems sometimes and hopefully it will be sorted out moving forward. In overall I am pleased with Float and would like to recommend Float to all accounts persons.

Nick Ying  

an indispensable tool for any start up ...

Stuart Davenport  

Float has been very useful for our business and I've found it easy to use. It's great for sharing with management as it's easy to understand and the scenarios help us plan for different business cases and manage risk.

Isobel Stackpool  

As a new business in a highly capital dependant and seasonal industry, Float has been invaluable as a forecasting tool; I don't think I could have got through the last 18 months without it!

Samantha Connew  

Float is a tool that we use regularly. It's been instrumental in our business having a much better view of our future cash projections. The helpdesk team have been brilliant and always attend to questions promptly and provide relevant answers and solutions.

Ian Parkes  

Been using Float now for a good 8 months or so and liking so far. Some development opportunities that we would like, which we share with the guys at Float and they always acknowledge and engage with me on them. Couple of things that could be done to improve, such as breaking down budgets per category but they are working on that. Good job guys. G

Gavin Esslemont  

I have been a user since the Xero beta and previously used the Free Agent version.

Whilst my usage is actually quite low, I find it an essential tool for planning our businesses cash flow, especially when planning strategic growth.

Whilst there is always room for improvement, Colin and his team are always actively developing the product and regularly listen to my feedback (and bug reports), which is usually quickly implemented.

I don't believe there is a comparable product in the market of this standard - or with this level of service.

Anthony Main  

I use Float almost everyweek to check my businesses cashflow. Apart from Xero, there's no other tool which has transformed my understanding of my company's finances more. I wish they had a personal version!

James Turner  

I've used Float for nearly 6 months now and find it extremely valuable in the running of my business. The user interface is easy to learn and the link to Xero is great. Float provides the essential view of the future cash flow in real time and has helped me greatly. Prior to Float I tried other products but none of them do the job as effectively and simply as Float.

Roger Henderson  

Quite simply, Float has become a critical application for my business. It informs my most important decisions - I am a big fan.

Charles Hamlyn  

I switched to Float having tried another tool for a few months. I really like Float as it saves me at least an hour a day updating our forecast. Particular things I like are Float's ability to take into account draft invoices and expense claims. I also like the scenario capability. In addition the support is excellent. Keep up the good work!

Steve Swindon  

I love Float. Helps me manage and forecast financials for my business. Previously I was doing it in a mess of inaccurate, hard to maintain spreadsheets. Float has saved me hundreds of hours of work over the past few years and helped me gain better insight into my financials. It's so good I’ve even considered using it for my personal finances (but don't want to pay for another Xero account ;)

David Barnard  

We love float!!

james towning  

We love Float. Literally don't know what we would do without it. Oh wait, we do know. It's called a pile of excel sheets that the team can't share effectively. Thank you Float. Thank you.

Isabel Lizardi  

Its beautiful, simple, and the syncing is always fast.

Jon Campbell  

Fantastic, couldn't live without it.

Christopher Sainsbury  

Really simple and looks great! This has saved so much time and stress, and as a startup this makes all the difference! Projections look great, easy to interpret and update daily! Love it.

Dion Oxley  

Simple and intuitive and really helps you get to grips with your cashflow. If you are fiddling around in a spreadsheet: stop and use this instead.

Keith Reed  

We've been using Float for more than 6 months now and it's become indispensable.

The ability to forecast long term cashflow and easily develop a 'what if' scenario that can be seen in a beautiful graph alongside the main cashflow projection is so helpful and really focuses the mind. Friendly team and really easy to use. Highly recommended.

Susan Kelly  

A great tool for any business!
I highly recommend giving Float a try, it is easy to use and integrates neatly with xero.

Kevin Johnston  

Firstly thank you for making this easy to use add-on available to all of us and the support has been great.

Malcolm X famously said, “Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” The struggle for fast growing small businesses like ours against well established corporate competitors is the threat of cash flow. Float is simply our passport to what the future holds for our business and helps us prepare for it.

All for less than a round in the pub - well my local anyway.

Jonnie Davis  

We've recently started using float with Xero. The float UX puts xero to shame, its intuitive and quick to learn. I tend to leave most of the Xero work to our FD however I like the extra visibility that a quick look at Float provides.

The support team are on the ball and answered all of our initial stupid questions really quickly.

Id recommend this for any startup who are out rasing cash - helps us maintain a sharp focus on the cashflow and also build up scenario's dependant upon development and funding changes.

Callum Murray  

Float is a very pretty add-on that makes life much easier than the old way of spreadsheeting and double entry. At times it can be a little glitchy but it's acceptable for what it does at the price you pay. Definitely recommend.

Andrew Fisher  

Outstanding cash flow add-on for xero. Gives confidence to strategic decision making with scenario forecasting, visually appealing and easy to understand, attentive cutomer service, always evolving and simple to use. Perfect for SMEs and highly recommended.

Peter Hall  

Having completed an exhaustive search of all the possible add-ons for cash flow forecasting in Xero I have returned to Float.

I think it is expensive, and does some things in a slightly clunky way but it is better than all the other apps I have tried, with the only possible exception is Vistr which does work very nicely and is free, but is quite basic and visually unappealing.

The best thing about float is that the interface looks good and is easy to use. There are some things that are frustrating, but this is probably more so just for me as I am an experienced model builder and cash flow forecaster and always think of how I would have done it.

For our clients I think the combination of pleaseing visuals and simplicity is what they need to make them engage with the application.

Therefore, considering the above I have revised my score.



Misty Nickells  

Great software for budgeting and monitoring cashflow. I like the ability to create several scenarios. Graphical output is great. I would like more budget input options and better handling of VAT. Direct link to Xero is great, although quite slow to update.

Chris Wright  

Hi Misty/Graham

Appreciate you taking the time to provide us with this feedback. I’d love to continue the chat we started via our in-app support channel. It appears you may be expecting to see your P&L figures in Float, which is incorrect and perhaps explains why you believe the figures are wrong. Float operates on a cash, not accruals basis, so it is the Cash Summary Report in Xero that the figures in Float will match. We’d be more than happy to arrange a call to discuss this, and any other queries you might have.

Best wishes
Anoop Joshi

Anoop Joshi  

Great software when it works. Customer support is non responsive.

I really wish they can get the US Xero login consistently working.

Wanda Medina  

We've been using Float now for about a two months after doing all our cash flow forecasting on pen & paper (if we did it at all). Float brings a whole new set of management tools to our services business, and really helps us get granular about our cash flows. We have found the Float team to be very responsive, the product is very well designed, and the integrated 'help' is a phenomenal feature. New feature / product requests are also welcomed with a personal response from one of the Float team. Very good experience so far!

James B Forester  

Fantastic product - really helped our visibility into our future investments.

The customer support is also excellent.

There were are few bugs on initial use - now fixed. Automated VAT returns are a must.

Matthew Brooke-Smith  

Want to know about Float? It's a simple app that shows you what's coming in and what's going out. You know where you are with your money. It also allows you to plan scenarios and to see your big dreams in terms of cash - see your business in easy to understand graphs - in terms of cold, hard cashola!

Caroline Connor  

Its a great tool and been a very very useful addition to xero.

However, its very slow which makes it difficult to do "What if Scenarios" quickly. If they can improve the performance of it without compromising security then they are onto a winner!

Dean Sadler  

We are a startup and I was using Xero for accounting and Excel for budgeting. It was such a pain to update Excel with my actuals. Float is a very nice tool that links budgets and actuals. We use it all the time.

Paul Hoff  

I've been looking for decent cash flow software for years - finally found it! I go through phases of not looking at cash flow and then looking in detail. The sync with Xero means it is always quick to bring the cash flow up to date.

Paul Massey  

We have been using Float now for about 6 months. It has been easy to learn the basics. The integration with Xero is excellent. The forecasting part of the app is great as it is easy to update and do scenario based planning. It would be good to have a few more reporting options and an ability to go out beyond 15 months.

Phil Shettig  

very happy with floatapp, i use it to check my budget and cashflow daily without having to ask accounts what invoices are due.

Zach Reid  

UPDATE: 6th Feb 2016:
Unfortunately after about 9 months there is still no sign of Float being able to automatically calculate VAT/GST - it is pain having to work it out by hand and then input. Especially frustrating that all the information is in XERO. I am therefore reducing to 2 stars (from 4). Hopefully they will address this soon.

I really like this product and it saves a lot of time compared to spreadsheets. It really needs the ability to add VAT returns automatically though, rather than by hand. Do that and it gets 5 stars. I have asked them and it is on their product roadmap so fingers crossed.

Zahid Malik  

We use Float for managing our clients' Cash Flow with a high level of precision and confidence. Cash is king and Float supports our day to day decisions.

We have been using it for more than a year now and bugs have been resolved. The integration with Xero is straight forward. We are hoping more features for reporting purposes.

Paul Mussault  

WE've been forcasting with .xls for years and i knew there would have to be a better way so after we migrated to Xero i went looking and reviewd a few optoins and was really pleased with Float. We've been using it now for 6 months and i've learnt to trust it and that's something i could never do with .xls forecasting.

Darian Byrne  

Float solves many Issues and reduces work Load and errors. I enjoy working with Float.
It Basically Rocks.

Mwihaki Ndungu  

Float rocks.
Float is a simple tool we use to enable daily steering of our business in terms of investments, purchases and fixed operational costs based on figures - both actual and expected (entered ourselves) - and all automatically imported from Xero. No manual transfer of figures, no clunky export/import processes.

It requires some tweaking to make it work the way you want it to, but removes the complication of administering (multiple) spreadsheets to do the same and is therefore well worth it.

Float is visual, easy to use and accessible to anyone in the organisation. As with any solution it has its' limitations, but no doubt these will be worked on towards the future. Enjoy it for what it can do and do well.

Jon Tarry  

Hi T H,

Our focus with Float is to make cash flow forecasting simple and accessible to business owners, so we recognise that it won't be for everyone.

That said, we’ve recently pushed a few major improvements to the app, and we’re making weekly updates right now.

We'd love to hear from you directly, to help out with any bugs you’ve experienced. You can reach us at support@floatapp.com or via the in-app help button.

The Float Team

Anoop Joshi  

I've come from .xls forecasting in a retail business with a sub £2m turnover.
Float is painfully and prohibitively simple. That alone would be enough to stop me using it, but on top of that it's very buggy. Screens won't load and I find myself staring at the loading icon and getting very frustrated.

Bugs aside, if you're looking for a basic cashflow for a simple business where you don't need to break down costs, this isn't too bad.

Paulin Watches  

Float is the app that turns Xero from being a powerful financial recording tool into a dynamic business satnav! It makes helps me design the next 6-18 months of effort, test various strategies, and allows me to see the impact of the decisions I make today. Talk about the power of feedback loops!

Andrew Kidd  

I wish I could have used this years ago. It allows for peace of mind when numerous large projects are operating simultaneously. Highly recommended.

Daniel Spiller  

We have recently been using Float to help our clients manage their cash flow forecasting. The interface with Xero and easy to use website has made it simple for our clients to learn how to use the software. They are now feeling more in control of their finances and able to plan ahead.

Carol Lewis  

Float effectively solves the problems I was having forecasting cashflow with Xero, and in an elegant way. The support and customer service is superb, too.

Simon Broad  

I have just started using Float in the past month, but I wish I had been using it for the 15 years I've been running my business. The ability to project cash-flow and identify shortfalls has never been easier. The scenario feature is amazing for assessing the value of potential projects and sales targets. I'd recommend Float to anyone!

2020 UPDATE: It's been five years, and Float is still a five star offering. Everyday I can make business decisions with confidence, using the realtime accurate cashflow projections - and scenarios - at my disposal. Float has been a critical part of my company's growth and success.

Chris Davies  

Using Float has added an entirely new dimension to our advice offer as a picture says a thousand words. Having the ability to visually show clients where they are heading financially has given us the opportunity to have real conversations with clients and has enabled us to address issues several months in advance.

Using the program with clients has also created additional advice opportunities for those who have surplus cash flow as it leads to a conversation of what will be the best way to use any surplus cash flow to improve their financial position.

I'd also like to publicly acknowledge the development team. Not only have they actively sought feedback and constructive criticism, they have actually listened and acted on it. The ability to import budgets from Xero straight into float has saved me hours is a great example of this. Keep up the great work.

Jason Belcher  

I really like to use Float as cashflow tool and introduction to forecasting for clients. It has plenty of functions, is laid out well and is not overwhelming for new users. The program can be crushed if trying to import thousands of transactions...but that scale is better lent to a more heavy duty application.

There are constant improvements, which is always great, they are very attentive to feedback. New features like the daily cash flow are the best I have found for working with businesses in a cash flow crisis.

Avery Dorland  

We have found float to be an excellent addition to using Xero. It helps us with our cashflow projections and as we are rapidly growing business it helps us predict for the future. I would recommend you at least take them up on trialling for free to see if it can help you, you really having nothing to lose doing this.

Chris Martin  

Congratulations on winning Xero's Emerging Add-On Partner of the Year - well-deserved. float is a great tool, easy to use, saves heaps of time and provides a really great visual cash flow graph that our board finds easy to follow - a picture speaks a thousand words in 1 second. I can't believe that I'm saying this, but float is my favourite piece of accounting software!

Gayna Ryan  

Float is a good tool for cashflow management, backed by a helpful team.

Daniel Winterstein  

I really rate Float. Very useful tool and nice interface. Superb customer support too. Keep up the great work, guys.

Ronan Carter  

It's a nice UI/UX and graphically it works well. But it is quite buggy, the website help is inaccurate and lacking/not up to date, it's very slow and some key functions simply don't work. It's not a production ready piece of software in my view nice though it is it certainly isn't a piece of software I would pay £15.00 a month for - a lot more work to be done on it.

Scott Davies  

Really finding this add on useful to get more visibility of cashflow for the next 12 months.

The integration with Xero makes it light up in a way that excel spreadsheets cant.

Still early days for float and I can see it getting better and better.

Andrew Moore  

The visual impact of Float complements Xero's "beautiful" interface. As a renewable energy company, we have VERY lumpy cashflow because the material component of our orders is so high. We need to be constantly aware of anticipated payments in and out, and where our bank balance is likely to be.
Our board, accountants and bank all love the Float interface which provides clarity and confidence for the future.
The Float team are agile, responsive and eager to please. This is fast becoming the killer app that will further separate Xero from the also-rans.

Carl Benfield  

I am enjoying Float - a really easy way to keep track of cash flow and performance against budgets. Can't wait for you to get the integration with the payroll functionality in Xero fixed as we use this so have incomplete data at the moment.

Pauline Bullock  

Float is a great cash flow tool to use in conjunction with Xero. It removes hours of work compared to exporting data and working with spreadsheets.

Highly recommended!

John Harbisher