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4.3 out of 5 stars
Based on 18 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Float, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Float

Simple cash flow forecasting and budgeting in the cloud. Syncs with Xero so your forecast is up to date in seconds. For more information, check out Float.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Float, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, visit Float help or check here for more information on connecting Float to Xero.

Float is a great cash flow tool to use in conjunction with Xero. It removes hours of work compared to exporting data and working with spreadsheets.

Highly recommended!

John Harbisher  

I am enjoying Float - a really easy way to keep track of cash flow and performance against budgets. Can't wait for you to get the integration with the payroll functionality in Xero fixed as we use this so have incomplete data at the moment.

Pauline Bullock  

The visual impact of Float complements Xero's "beautiful" interface. As a renewable energy company, we have VERY lumpy cashflow because the material component of our orders is so high. We need to be constantly aware of anticipated payments in and out, and where our bank balance is likely to be.
Our board, accountants and bank all love the Float interface which provides clarity and confidence for the future.
The Float team are agile, responsive and eager to please. This is fast becoming the killer app that will further separate Xero from the also-rans.

Carl Benfield  

Really finding this add on useful to get more visibility of cashflow for the next 12 months.

The integration with Xero makes it light up in a way that excel spreadsheets cant.

Still early days for float and I can see it getting better and better.

Andrew Moore  

It's a nice UI/UX and graphically it works well. But it is quite buggy, the website help is inaccurate and lacking/not up to date, it's very slow and some key functions simply don't work. It's not a production ready piece of software in my view nice though it is it certainly isn't a piece of software I would pay £15.00 a month for - a lot more work to be done on it.

Scott Davies  

I really rate Float. Very useful tool and nice interface. Superb customer support too. Keep up the great work, guys.

Ronan Carter  

Float is a good tool for cashflow management, backed by a helpful team.

Daniel Winterstein  

Congratulations on winning Xero's Emerging Add-On Partner of the Year - well-deserved. float is a great tool, easy to use, saves heaps of time and provides a really great visual cash flow graph that our board finds easy to follow - a picture speaks a thousand words in 1 second. I can't believe that I'm saying this, but float is my favourite piece of accounting software!

Gayna Ryan  

We have found float to be an excellent addition to using Xero. It helps us with our cashflow projections and as we are rapidly growing business it helps us predict for the future. I would recommend you at least take them up on trialling for free to see if it can help you, you really having nothing to lose doing this.

Chris Martin  

I really like to use Float as cashflow tool and introduction to forecasting for clients. It has plenty of functions, is laid out well and is not overwhelming for new users. The program can be crushed if trying to import thousands of transactions...but that scale is better lent to a more heavy duty application.

There are constant improvements, which is always great, they are very attentive to feedback. New features like the daily cash flow are the best I have found for working with businesses in a cash flow crisis.

Avery Dorland  

Using Float has added an entirely new dimension to our advice offer as a picture says a thousand words. Having the ability to visually show clients where they are heading financially has given us the opportunity to have real conversations with clients and has enabled us to address issues several months in advance.

Using the program with clients has also created additional advice opportunities for those who have surplus cash flow as it leads to a conversation of what will be the best way to use any surplus cash flow to improve their financial position.

I'd also like to publicly acknowledge the development team. Not only have they actively sought feedback and constructive criticism, they have actually listened and acted on it. The ability to import budgets from Xero straight into float has saved me hours is a great example of this. Keep up the great work.

Jason Belcher  

I have just started using Float in the past month, but I wish I had been using it for the 15 years I've been running my business. The ability to project cash-flow and identify shortfalls has never been easier. The scenario feature is amazing for assessing the value of potential projects and sales targets. I'd recommend Float to anyone!

Chris Davies  

Float effectively solves the problems I was having forecasting cashflow with Xero, and in an elegant way. The support and customer service is superb, too.

Simon Broad  

We have recently been using Float to help our clients manage their cash flow forecasting. The interface with Xero and easy to use website has made it simple for our clients to learn how to use the software. They are now feeling more in control of their finances and able to plan ahead.

Carol Lewis  

I wish I could have used this years ago. It allows for peace of mind when numerous large projects are operating simultaneously. Highly recommended.

Daniel Spiller  

Float is the app that turns Xero from being a powerful financial recording tool into a dynamic business satnav! It makes helps me design the next 6-18 months of effort, test various strategies, and allows me to see the impact of the decisions I make today. Talk about the power of feedback loops!

Andrew Kidd  

I've come from .xls forecasting in a retail business with a sub £2m turnover.
Float is painfully and prohibitively simple. That alone would be enough to stop me using it, but on top of that it's very buggy. Screens won't load and I find myself staring at the loading icon and getting very frustrated.

Bugs aside, if you're looking for a basic cashflow for a simple business where you don't need to break down costs, this isn't too bad.

T H  

Hi T H,

Our focus with Float is to make cash flow forecasting simple and accessible to business owners, so we recognise that it won't be for everyone.

That said, we’ve recently pushed a few major improvements to the app, and we’re making weekly updates right now.

We'd love to hear from you directly, to help out with any bugs you’ve experienced. You can reach us at support@floatapp.com or via the in-app help button.

The Float Team

Anoop Joshi  

Float rocks.
Float is a simple tool we use to enable daily steering of our business in terms of investments, purchases and fixed operational costs based on figures - both actual and expected (entered ourselves) - and all automatically imported from Xero. No manual transfer of figures, no clunky export/import processes.

It requires some tweaking to make it work the way you want it to, but removes the complication of administering (multiple) spreadsheets to do the same and is therefore well worth it.

Float is visual, easy to use and accessible to anyone in the organisation. As with any solution it has its' limitations, but no doubt these will be worked on towards the future. Enjoy it for what it can do and do well.

Jon Tarry  

Float solves many Issues and reduces work Load and errors. I enjoy working with Float.
It Basically Rocks.

Mwihaki Ndungu