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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Invoicing + Jobs

3.3 out of 5 stars
Based on 12 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Cliniko, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Cliniko

Cliniko is a complete practice management system for healthcare practitioners. Manage your schedule, notes, invoices, payments and a lot more. For more information, check out Cliniko.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Cliniko, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, visit Cliniko help or see this page for information on connecting Cliniko to Xero.

Within CLINIKO, the practice management software system I use, it is possible to run x 2 separate businesses within one subscription.However only you only get access to one Xero API integration key which makes it impossible (from my understanding) to integrate two Xero subscriptions to the one CLINIKO account.

Julie Williams  

I'd love to see Cliniko respond to invoices generated in Xero - rather then a one way communication.
I set recurring invoices to control my direct debit memberships however these will not show in Cliniko..... and if I enter the session invoice for tracking purposes - this prompts Xero to show unreconciled invoices, and prompts a direct debit to the patient, meaning they got debited twice.

This makes me wonder if Xero is even worth me paying for. Or if there's another way for me to direct debit according.
Happy with everything else so far though

Glenn Fairweather  

Hi, I integrated Cliniko with Xero. Works perfectly if you have item codes matching in Xero and Cliniko. Also Cliniko help is there with a live chat. Very good service. If you do the integration right and you keep the codes matching it's a great app to use.

Heike Northey  

Hey Ali, you might like to post this again over in the Discussions forum in Xero Central. As this page here is for reviews, it's only possible to post once which means you're less likely to get a reply from others to your question here. Cheers :)

Lauren C (Community Manager)  

Hello, Anyone tried to use Inventory management software along with Xero and Cliniko. My Client would like to track the consumption of medical tools (especially for the Dental Department)?


I have been using Cliniko for 5 years and Xero since the start of this year.

I had to hand things over to my accountant as trying to sort out Cliniko/Xero invoices integrating was beyond a nightmare (ie: less than half of invoices generated would cross over for varying reasons).

After receiving my accounting bill for how long it has taken to get this working correctly, in hindsight I would NOT have tried getting things integrated and running smoothly as it has literally cost me 5 years worth of xero subcriptions to get it working correctly.
I stuck it out as I am stepping back from prac managing and stubbornly wanted to have things running as easily as possible for who takes over that side of my practice.

My advice would be use Cliniko and Xero, but give up trying to integrate.

5 stars for Xero as a stand alone
1 star for the nightmare of Cliniko/Xero integration

Talysha Reeve  

I ended up choosing Cliniko and Xero after many days of research. It took me about 6 months to really understand the ins and outs of these systems and what they were truly capable of. I have multiple businesses now which all use Xero and different scheduling systems but the integration between Cliniko and Xero is what really stands out to me. It's a seamless process and because of this i can actually enjoy the little things like reconciling batch payments and it makes managing my business so easy. So thank you to the teams at both Cliniko and Xero for creating such brilliant cloud based software and i'd recommend them both to any business owner.


karl johnston  

I have both Cliniko and Xero. I keep getting cliniko-avatar-for-white-bg.png Xero Integration Error

Hi Michelle

Invoice xxxxxxxx has failed to synchronise with Xero. The error reported from Xero for this invoice is:

Item code '200' is not valid

Please review this forum for tips on how to resolve this problem. If you need further assistance, please reply to this email and a support ticket will be raised on your behalf.


Cliniko Support

I have changed the billable code to the 200 as it is in Xero.. and still i receive the above message. I have been payign $50 per month to xero and the same to cliniko for months now and have no real way forward. It is doing my head in and I need an answer or someone to do it for me on line.. please help..

Michelle Crone Naturopathy  

Tasja, this page is just for the review of Cliniko, if you'd like specific help you can either post here, or get in touch with the team :)

Brittany H (Community Manager)  


I have set-up cliniko and linked it to xero. I have also lined the business bank account to xero. The issue I am having is that payments from patients comes through izettle as a batch payment, so am trying to figure out how to get xero to reconcile these izettle payments in my bank account to the invoices that were sent from cliniko through to xero.

Any ideas please?

tasja botha  

Very happy with both Cliniko (really good!) and Xero (looking good), but I have a major issue with integrating sales. Like Brigid, I don't want to have to reconcile every single transaction. It is way too much work, and I don't need Xero to handle debtors, as this is done perfectly well in Cliniko. Daily payment summaries from Cliniko sound like a good idea, but is there any other way of dealing with this issue in Xero, maybe by using a suspense account or something? Any suggestions?

John Griffiths  

Hey Garry, your reconciliation issue is something best answered by our Support team. As you've found, we don't have an inbound phone number, but if you email the team with details on your question, a phone number, and a good time to call, they'll get in touch.

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

I have been using cliniko and Xero mostly successfully. I am still getting used to reconciling.
I have a major issue though. I recently changed banks and didn't realise I had to change the default bank account for payments in cliniko. I now have nearly 2 months of synced client payments from cliniko going into the wrong account in Xero.
When I go to my new bank account in xero and go to reconcile very few of these payments show up as they are being synced to the old bank account. The weird thing is that some of the sales are there.
Is there a way to change which account those sales go to. If so this would save a lot of heart ache.
If not is there a way to reconcile other than manually entering them in.

I have had some dramas with this whole syncing business. This could be the end of using Xero for me if I can't fix this.

Also I don't see any local Australian phone support for Xero.

Thanks in advance

Garry Luke  

Mary-Clare, I'm based in the UK and am wanting to recommend Cliniko and Xero as an online solution for Health Care professsionals, let me know if I can contact you directly for more information on the integration and how bank deposits and sales invoices are handled in Xero. Thanks! Justin - justinearl@rwbca.co.uk

Justin Earl  

We have being using Cliniko for a couple of years now in our family's Chiropractic Clinic and we have been very happy! The software is easy to use and navigate and easy to learn. The support is great and the Cliniko team are very responsive to requests for improvements. I highly recommend Cliniko to my bookkeeping clients that are Allied Health professionals and have helped with new implementations. With regards to the Xero/Cliniko integration ... this does work once set up. The trick is to know how to apply the day's gross deposit into the bank account against the individual payments. Xero has added the ability to match a deposit to multiple payments in recent months. The need to integrate Xero/Cliniko or not will depend on the clinic, the # of sales in a day, and how often the payments are reconciled. The two work well side by side with or without the integration. ... Mary-Clare Switz, Biscuit Bookkeeping

Mary-Clare Switz  

Sorry Joel but at this stage it's a ridiculous integration. I LOVE Cliniko and I LOVE Xero but together they are uselss. I disconnected within two weeks after it totally messed up my Xero file. There is absolutely no point in using the integration as I don't need each individual patient's invoice in Xero. When trying to reconcile in Xero, it's impossible as the amounts that hit the bank are totals for the day, ie EFT total, Hicaps total from each fund, NOT individual payment amounts per patient. If there was a way of Cliniko just sending across daily payment summaries rather than individual invoices I would be interested, but definitely wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole at the moment. What is the point of invoicing through Xero when Cliniko does such a good job of it?

Brigid Linden  

I have the same problem as Suzanne, several invoices paid in cliniko have been synced, some are shown as paid and others don't, I realiced that the ones that were paid hours ago from now (ex 10 am and now 6pm) were the ones that are shown as paid, but if i mark as paid one in the future is shown as unpaid.

Juan Manuel Lechuga Peral  

I am trialing cliniko and xero right now. I was going to go with QB until I saw that there was integration with xero. However, the first time I used it, the invoice amount comes over, but it shows the invoice as unpaid even though its paid in cliniko. I've been only using this for a few hours, otherwise it looks good so far, but would like to find out why the invoices show as unpaid.

Suzanne Johnston  

Hi All,

Joel from Cliniko here.

We've made a lot of improvements to the synchronisation since those comments were posted.

Of course let us know if you have any trouble (support@cliniko.com) but we've been hearing good things from our customers.


Joel Friedlaender  

Same questions as Karen - Any update with Xero Synchronisation?

Alan Davidson  

6 months on, has the integration between Cliniko and Xero improved at all? Don't want to advise clients to use it if the integration still doesn't work properly so would be grateful for any feedback.

Karen Evans  

DO NOT SYNC WITH XERO YET, one of my clients is on it and it has created nightmares. we have had to disconnect the integration until it is working. Cliniko works great but they just haven't found out how to sync properly with xero yet. My advice would be get both just dont hookup the integration yet.

Matthew Woolnough  

My client has been using Cliniko for several years so when we found out that it is now a Xero add-on we were thrilled. We set up the Xero account yesterday but the syncing of invoices from Cliniko to Xero isn't working properly. Up to 25% of the invoices have not transferred across or in Cliniko they appear to have failed but in fact have transferred. This seems to be affecting current invoices, not just ones prior to integration. Once this glitch is sorted out, it will be great. One thing to be aware of is that all payments must be entered into Cliniko, not Xero as it is a 1 way update.

Marilyn Bryce  

I have been a user of Cliniko since September 2012. I have transferred over 10,000 patients to this software. With easy appointment making and tracking as well as online bookings it is easy to use. I love the simplicity of the program, it is intuitive and does need much training. I like the adaptability of the treatment notes, appontment types and the billing options. I have been using the integration with Xero and have yet to fully implement, we are still testing, but will fully integrate with XERO shortly. The whole thing is web based and this is very useful in a multi location setting. All entries are "real time" and therfore do not need to be backed up etc.... VERY HAPPY. I am VERY happy with Xero as well and have just completed a 12 month tax cycle for my company. All working very well.

Terry Wharton