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Started by Xero API -   in Add-on Reviews |Bills + Expenses

4.3 out of 5 stars
Based on 18 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Expensify, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Expensify

Expense reports that don't suck! Simplified expense reporting your employees will love, seamlessly integrated with Xero. For more information, check out Expensify.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Expensify, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, visit Expensify help or see this page for information on connecting Expensify to Xero.

Hi there! I helped oversee the Expensify/Xero integration at Expensify, and I'd love to hear your thoughts on making this integration even better. Please shoot an email to help@expensify.com for any and all feedback. Thanks so much!

@Wayne, @Richard, @Mike, @James Great feedback about the tracking categories. Please don't hesitate to contact us, as I'd love to share what we're working on.

Jason Mills  

I've just been speaking to a company that use Expensify and are setting up on multi currency Xero. How does the integration work, if expenses are logged in Expensify in a particular currency, say US Dollars, does this come through into Xero as a purchase invoice in US Dollars? Then US Dollars have to already have been set up in Xero, if the base currency is different?
Thank you

Nicola Wilson  

I use Expensify w/Xero for my practice. Works 98% perfectly (I'd like to be able to code the username to match the username I use in Xero ) - otherwise zero complaints.

I also did a trial run for a client (who hired a new CFO and went with a traditional accounting package for a lot more money (including features they will never use). The problem here is they used tracking info and that info (tags) did not transfer over. I'm told that's being solved in the next quarter or so.

Wayne Spivak  

Hi Jason,

Are you able to confirm whether there are plans to integrate the Tags/Tracking categories from Expensify into Xero? That is a big requirement for a potential client of mine.


Richard Britten-Kelly  

Ditto on the tracking/Tags integration. This is a pretty basic requirement. Any workarounds?

Mike Long  

We are looking at using expensify but really need the ability to use tags and other fields from expensify to map into the tracking categories in Xero. Any timeline on when this could be implemented? Any workarounds?

Actually, I have worked out that you can design an exported csv file in the Expensify export reports editor that works.

You design a CSV export report that EXACTLY matches the columns in the Xero bill csv import template. For tracking categories hard code the names and then link the data from expensify to the option columns.

Takes a bit of fiddling to get the VAT right and the timings but it works.

Not quite the completely automated solution but works fine for now

James Houlder  

James, any chance that you can elaborate on your solution with the CSV? Are you saying that you set up an export CSV in Expensify that matches the format for Xero import, and then manually export and import the CSV for each submitted report?

Rich Boltizar  

Hey just letting you know that as this is the review page for Expensify, you're only about to comment once (for the one review). If you'd like to continue this conversation and ask questions please head over to the Using Xero Add-ons page - thanks!

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

I've had a lot of difficulty with this add-on for my clients. The app itself is good, but it's integration and support with Xero is poor.

1. It was not developed to support "company credit cards". They blamed Xero's API team for not telling them too. They haven't made any efforts or developments on this in over a year.

2. I have been trying to get a question answered for a client for over a week with no response despite writing into support lead, Jonah; marketing lead Ryan; and twitter.

3. Was told I'm not getting support *because only the most profitable partners get priority*.

4. They have an affiliate program, but if they've already (even if only) talked to a company, they won't allow one to get any affiliate credit despite any work put in on affiliate's side.

Xero partners, I would not recommend this app for use with your clients due to their backwards attitude on customer service and their lack of interest in making it work with Xero.

Kirsten Barrie  

When importing from Expensify, how do you stop Xero taking out VAT of every expense?? We obviously do not want this to happen when there are a lot of zero rated transactions.

Nicole Coleman  

We have had very few issues with the Expensify/Xero integration. One suggestion - is it possible to set the date of the expense report in Xero based on a date in the report (e.g. the last date of a receipt) when it is exported from Expensify to Xero? It currently uses the date the report was submitted in Expensify.

Andy Meiers  

Expensify is an incredible tool to use with Xero. The submission process of an expense claim to Xero is so simple. There are very few steps required to the Expensify/ Xero method. It is such a time saving process. My experience has been positive thus far.

Amy Bush  

Not too impressed with the integration. Taken a long time to get expensify to match the categories, get the vat right etc and this only comes with a $5 per user charge from Expensify!
When transfer to Xero, all of the VAT rates etc either default to 20% or to no vat. This means still have to go through line by line. Pretty basic issue that I am very surprised is still in there.

Would be much better if Xero developed the expense entry using the app to allow for non standard vat amounts and also to input mileage claims.

Karl Douglas  

Expensify has been a great tool that we have added to our business! It is truly a pleasure and helps to automate expense reports

Brandon Wasser  

Expensify and Xero work perfect together. Expenify has made receipt management a breeze! We no longer fear losing or misplacing receipts, and our receipts are very easy to access as well. This is a match made in heaven, a true work of art!

Branden Guzzi  

Expensify has automated expense reports and has made receipt storage easy and organized. Not to mention how nicely it syncs with Xero. A++ Software

Alexis Schneider  

Great value added software to our business! Never again will we fear expense reimbursements. We loved that they offered ACH direct deposit reimbursement!

Nicholas Mitchell  

Managing receipts and reimbursable expenses has never been easier since utilizing Expensify!

Kerri Sallie  

The integration between Xero and Expenisfy is bar none one of the best. Handling receipt management, employee reimbursements, and billable items there is no other add-on that can further streamline a businesses' efficiencies with just one platform.

Steven Muller  

Currently the best expense reimbursement tool offered. Expensify emphasizes the importance of simplicity and functionality more-so than any other expense reporting solution available.

Matthew Manning  

Currently the only expense claim solution I recommend to my clients. Simple integration, user friendly, yet built out enough to support any company size. Not to mention the support is great!

Brian Haffey  

Expensify is my go-to for clients who have multiple corporate cardholders. Tracking down 15+ staff members to ask what they bought at Amazon is a huge time suck for any business. With Expensify you put the burden on your staff to ensure everything is coded correctly. You get the final control of approving the reports and expense coding. Once approved you click a button and the expenses are synced in to Xero - a huge time saver!

Catherine Fogarty  

Expensify gives us the ability to automate our clients' expense claims and document management. Best of all, it syncs seamlessly with Xero! Our clients love it and so do we.

Nick Pasquarosa  

I have used Expensify for 4 years now. Over that time, it has save my accounting team countless hours and our users (hundreds of employees) love using it.

The new integration with Xero is wonderful and I know they will continue to support it and make the integrations stronger in the coming months.

Seriously, if you are looking to manage a corporate card or employee expense reimbursement, use Expensify. You can thank me later.

If you think Expensify can't do something, just ask for a support coach to help set you up. Ive never seen a problem they can't solve or put on the roadmap.

David Wieseneck  

Realtime Expense Reports feels equally magical, but its trick is making the expense report itself... disappear! It works like this (and all of these are individually configurable, so you can have as much or as little automation as you like, and dial it up gradually over time):

1) It starts with "automatic report creation" and "auto-reporting". Before, you needed to create your expense report before you could put anything on it. However, reports are a construct for accounting -- they don't really mean anything to the individual submitter, who really thinks in terms of one receipt at a time. So now, we just create the report for you: just take a picture of the receipt (or make a purchase with your corporate card) and voila, the report appears exactly as your accountant wants, with the expense automatically placed on it.

Jordan Zoot