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4.4 out of 5 stars
Based on 398 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Expensify, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Expensify

Expense reports that don't suck! Simplified expense reporting your employees will love, seamlessly integrated with Xero. For more information, check out Expensify.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Expensify, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, visit Expensify help or see this page for information on connecting Expensify to Xero.

pretty easy to use although they have changed there reporting which is not very useful for reporting. although easy to navigate around.

Carol Phung  

It takes people a while to get up and running with this but is helpful to connect everything up and track receipts. Main complaints 1) I dont completely trust the solution so have to still recon vs credit card 2) System does not include transaction reference numbers from credit card, which makes the recon above more difficult. 3) Helpdesk is support is very average. Delays for responses and seem to have no insight into account issues.

Chris Reynolds  

Easy integration, slick user interface, sensible reminders, and great app. This is a no-brainer for expense report management.

Brian Litman  

Expensify integrates very well with xero. I love the ease of operatimg both. I would recommend it to all.

Josh Bowlin  

Most of my clients use Expensify and few of them use Xero and Expensify both. But its a great combo , easy to sue , very efficient tool. Expense reimbursement was never so easy .

Ann Dixon  

I have been using this app for a few months now and I love it! It's easy to use -- even for me. I am definitely not a "techy" person.

David Smith  

We currently used Expensify for our team. I previously used Concur at an old firm and have found Expensify to be much simpler and much more intuitive for me and my team. Mobile app actually works as does reporting!

Highly recommend to all.

Samuel Berkley  

I can't tell you how much easier this makes my life. I don't know how I fu ctioned without it. Thank you!

Raman Gupta  

In my experience, any feedback from employees that we receive has been that Expensify is easy to use, and intuitive. The reporting doesn't have the full capabilities that we'd like, but overall, it's a user-friendly interface for non-finance employees, which is very important.

Kimberly Heard  

The app has been great for us. It works really well. Setup and preferences could be easier to understand. Also, the chat takes to long to get feedback in my opinion... but I am impatient. Overall, worth every penny!

Jerry James  

Expensify provides an expense management platform that is very easy to get up and running. They provide great support getting your account setup and are responsive to any questions you may have. What makes the platform even better is the month to month billing at a price lower than competitors.

Jack Butler  

We standardize our clients around Expensify and highly recommend it. The only feedback would be to have a better help or outreach system for troubleshooting especially during new roll-outs.

Andrea Chang  

Easy to use and to integrate into XERO, I have not encountered any issues!

Alison Chang  

This app offers the integration that i had been looking for all this while. My organisation started the offering with some skepticism, but since then we have only reaped rich dividends.

Gabrielly Fernandes  

User friendly product, adaptable and current with technology development s

Great updates of facilities available

Staff are accessible and helpful, great support and customer service

Patricia McCarthy  

Expensify is the easiest way I've found to report mileage in the same interface as other expenses. Having the ability to use the same categories and tags as Xero, and knowing that Expensify will seamlessly and accurately move everything into Xero, provides great peace of mind and saves a lot of time.

Sonya Shafer  

The sync service offered with Xero is simply exceptional and has streamlined all my accounting needs. Just the app that we needed

Aishwarya Baid  

We've been using Expensify for several years now and has made expenses easy and straightforward. Simple integration with Xero accounts for categorizing expenses and its fast to scan a receipt, set a category, and then have everything flow into Xero just right after the report is approved. Great for sales staff.

Andor Rosenberg  

I love expensify! It is easy to use and has streamlined the whole process!

Matthew Timms  

The app has been designed in a way suitable for people from all walks of life. Needs a little bit of work in certain areas though.

Paul Shepherd  

The xero marketplace is already better and the arrival of this app has made our accounting solutions simpler. This one works like a charm

Rakesh Gujjadi  

Used expensify after a few apprehensions and by far this has been the best app by a mile. Would definitely recommend this to friends

Vineet Shetty  

I've been using Xero and Expensify for a long time. The integration works well. Expensify is the easiest expense reporting tool I've found.

JD Leonard  

I started using Xero and Expensify only a few months ago. My first week using them, I was asked to integrate the softwares. Even though I was unfamiliar with either softwares, I was able to get it set up easily. The process was very smooth, and customer service was available to help when I had questions.

Breelyn Giles  

A pretty handy app for sure.

Chad Hamre  

Dbear - we love using expensify to automate things for our FD - it keeps him off our backs

Steven Case  

I use expensify with xero. I am not sure we have it setup perfectly but it seems like it works with minimal manual work

Mark Chung  

When syncing Expensify reports to Xero, I would like to have the report title to show up on Xero. When I sync multiple employee's to Xero, very report in Xero show up as "EXPENSIFY-xxxxx". I have no way of knowing where(which Expensify report) they are coming from.

Book keeping in Xero is great. Payroll needs major improvement. UI can definitely use some enhancement too. Gusto has great UI. Look there to see how it's done.

Yanping Wolfe  

Hi All, This is my review of Expensify which I have been asked to do, I have been offered a £20 Amazon.com gift voucher for doing this, this reward does not change my current opinion of Expensify.

I am a business traveller and spend 4 days a week on the road and living in Hotels, After 3 years doing this job I have tried a few different apps along the way.

I found expensify after Googling for Expenses App and Xero. After researching Expensify I found it to be cheaper and more intuitive than other Xero partnered Expenses apps.

The App. The App is well laid out and is great at capturing receipts on the fly, (even when on a flight, it will upload the receipt when network access is restored). The App has access to some of the web features for a quick check of posted receipts and access to reports, but that is all.

The Cloud. Accessed through a web portal you can access the full Expensify port. Each Receipt can be split in to different reports which is great for me as I can split a hotel bill, by accommodation, food and Alcohol.

Support. Ive had to use the support function a few times to figure out some of the characteristics of Expensify, support was always very quick ( within a few hours) to respond and pointed me to a great help section.

Free Trial. With 7 days free I tested on a weeks worth of expenses, It was a breeze to do and almost was enjoyable to compile. Also when I added more information to Expensify it rewarded me with more free trial days.

Ive been using now for 6 weeks and I fully recommend the product.

Dave Parkinson  

Almost all of these "reviews" have been posted in only a couple different months which makes me suspicious many of them are fake. Either that, or Xero is screwing with forum dates again.

Expensify is a very good app with excellent business controls and outstanding ability to centrally manage corporate cards, a feature many expense apps lack. However the integration with Xero is ridiculous which is why I am giving 3 stars. Even if an expense is for "Amazon", when it exports it to Xero it exports the vendor as "Expensify" and the description as "Expensify", so you have to click into every single transaction in Xero to see what it is, and can't even see (in Xero) who you've actually done business with and for how much. If for instance, you travel a lot and wanted to see how much you have spent with a particular airline for the year, you can't.

The good news (sarcasm) is you'll be able to run reports in Xero and see that you all your employees love to buy one hell of a lot of something from a company named Expensify, since that's listed as the vendor for every single imported expense.

David Haddad  

Over the last year my business has been growing and as a result has had a lot more financial activity each month. I found I was spending too much time at the end of each month doing the business expenses. Since using Expensify this time has reduced significantly and I can now spend more time on growing the business more.

Shirley Gaynor-Ward  

I've been using Xero for over a year now (converted from Quickbooks) and I have to say I'm a big fan. I run a consulting company and having to run billing for multiple clients which can be difficult if the program doesn't offer the correct support. Needless to say Xero does just this.

My one complaint is that the Rulemaking feature can become a bit tedious but thankfully I have a great accountant that I can offload the bulk of this to. ;)

Matthew McClure  

Plugin between Xero and Expensify works great. It was easy to set up, and really reduces the work on expense claim and VAT processing. Rules and defaults make it really easy.

Chris Brandon  

I'm a fan of how well expensify and xero sync up. I wish all my credit cards were the easiest to update in Expensify, but otherwise I'd give it 100%!

Tara Todras-Whitehill  

saves us a lot of time and hassle. thanks!

Rachel Liaw  

Been using this for over two years now. Everything works perfectly. Kudos to the Xpensify team for making this work!

Jason Gui  

What more can I ask. It syncs very well with Xero.

Vidya G  

Expensify has saved me a lot of money and time. Its very convenient to use and a great app. I have been suing this app for past 2 months

Rajath Puthran  

There is a great Sync between Xero & Expensify. I would love to recommend it to others

Shwetha M  

The submission process of an expense claim to Xero is so simple. The experience has been good.

Vinu B  

Great combo of Expensify and Xero!! Highly recommended app. With its great interface between the two system, simplies entire accounting and reconciliation process.It is also a great app from reporting perspective.It has a long way to go!!!

Nagardhika RB  

I recommend both expensify and Xero to all my clients since the entire system and the process is user friendly and effecient. It also saves lot of time.

Rathna N  

Expensify has a great integration with Xero.It is a complete time saving process Expensify is an incredible tool to use with Xero. I have a positive view on both expensify and Xero.

Radhey B  

Expensify has been a great app which has contributed a lot to our clients.It is user friendly. it has helpful to our clients to receive digital expense reports and make reimbursement in a timely manner.

Rats Bairi  

It is very good to have a app for reimbursement. It saves a lot of time

Vani Bhat  

Expensify has been great

Drew Dennison  

Expensify and Xero both together make my business very easy. Employees love the app.

Adil Shah  

Expensify has been a great tool that we have added to our business to automate expense. Loved it.

Nithin K  

Very easy for the employees to use. I highly recommend this.

Lakshmi kanth  

The best expense reimbursement application , Expensify !

Vikas Raj  

Its a great app to use. The sync option with Xero is very helpful

Nagaraj Bhat  

Great working with this application

Vyshak Ravi  

I've been using Expensify for a few years now at the suggestion of my CPA. The setup was user friendly and efficient, as is the interface. It has saved me lots of time summarizing my personal and business expenses. The best thing is that I am saving more money since I'm not missing lots of deductions that I had been missing before!

Gregg Ficery  

It's a bit impenetrable at first; there needs to be more in the way of explanation for how the whole system fits together, and generally how one might implement the service in a company,

That said, it does what it does very well. Reasonably priced and powerful - can't complain.

Jonathan Crouch  

Expensify has a pretty slick receipt scanner, which makes receipt tracking super simple. Setting up Xero integration is simple, but I don't see the scanned receipts in Xero, which makes reimbursements a hassle.

Zihong Fan  

I started using Xero because of the ability to connect it to our Expensify account. We were already using Expensify (which we love) and the ease of importing our expenses is a great feature and one of the main reasons we selected Xero.

Rhenee Bartlett  

Expensify is user-friendly software to use with xero. We recomend this even to our clients

Pramod k  

We have been partnering with Expensify for clients across Asia and highly recommend Expensify as a cost effective solution for SMES wanting to use a simple solution for expenses and great add-on to Xero

Paul Gardner  

User friendly and great to use. Would recommend!

Dean Masters  

I have found Expensify very useful and so have the clients. It is quite easy to use, support system is great and it links well with Xero.

Tilak Desai  

Expensify is great

It makes life so much easier for the employee and it simplifies the accounting

Win Win situation

Alun Davies  

We use Expensify for many of our clients and it is an excellent way of making what can be a very messy area of accounting (expense tracking/recording) very simple. The site is very easy to navigate through and the integration to Xero is good too.

Will Blundell  

When I sync an Expensify report to Xero, it would be incredibly valuable if:
1. The Ref field of the Xero bill is populated with the Expensify report title instead of something like "EXPENSIFY-26145965", so that I know exactly what that bill is for.
2. On each transaction, the "Reference" field is populated with the "Description" field in Expensify instead of "EXPENSIFY-2673993", so that I know what that transaction is for.
I would give Xero an extra star if you can make that enhancement.

Yanping Wolfe  

Pretty easy to use and I love Expensify's interface. I wish they did regular accounting invoices as well!


Easy to use expense reporting process! What more can you ask!

Henry Hoang  

We've used all the various expense apps and Expensify is the only one we continue to use today. Recommended.

Riaz Kanani  

Expensify is the best expense reporting tool I have used - and I have tried all of them.
Highly reccomended.

Mathew Jacobson  

Expensify works well and integrates well into our accounting system, Xero

Donald McClymont  

I’m new to the Xero/Expensify sync. I used Expensify as a stand-alone at previous job. I like Expensify and Xero have their strengths but together has not been perfect. Partly due to how the guys enter, partly due coding to jobs, partly the approval, partly to the high volume, biggest problem is credit card feeds not posting into Xero to jobs costing. Customer service via email is responsive and effective.

Mark Atkinson  

Integrates well with Xero.

Christine Lee  

I've been using Expensify and Xero together for a while now and love it for the most part. Its a great way to easily manage receipts for my clients with a lot of employees. The setup takes a little work to configure correctly and could be a little more user friendly but the actual functioning of the Expensify/Xero integration is great!

Kaylie Zych  

I just started using Expensify and I'm still trying to figure out a few things; I was a little bit confused when I tried to set up my client's account and would have been nice if I could have got on the phone to speak to someone quickly. It works pretty well once it's setup correctly.

Miyuki Patterson  

We've been using Expensify for a number of years and its been very useful in documenting our expense reports for a team of approximately 50 employees.
Would like to see more functionality on authorisation workflow.

Rose Ganan  

Expensify is so easy to navigate and has hugely reduced my workload. No more spending hours entering each employee's receipt manually into Xero. Seamless exporting to Xero, together will all attachments, works almost instantly, as soon as reports are final approved. I can now be sure of accurate transactions too. Thank you Expensify!

Niki Ram  

SmartScanning isn't quite perfect, but it picks out the relevant information from receipts (date, vendor, price) and doesn't bother me with unimportant info. This is priceless compared to any other scanning system. Employees can categorise their expenses and it takes half my job away. GST Invoices are kept forever. Using Expensify is a no brainer for my organisations.

Vincent Ardern  

Xero: Very compatible and easy to use software. For Expensify, helpful to get the messy work done in a minute.

Usman Ilyas  

Expensify working with Xero has really simplified our company's expenses process. It's easy for people to use around the world and the reconciliation is so easy.

Please start working with Barclaycard so we can reconcile company card expenses direct! It's quite long-winded the way we have to do it at present, especially as most expenses are in currencies other than GBP.

Chloe Day  

Expensify has simplified my life. It used to take me several hours to get the month-end expenses processed for our small firm - now, I can get it all done in less than an hour, including adding the receipts that I forgot about!

Love the integration to Xero as well - works like magic.

Eric Jansen  

I've been using Expensify for approximately 18 months now and I've found subscription/software is quite intuitive and easy to use both for employees submitting expenses and the approvers.
I can envision a lot more upside to Expensify and they're only scratching the surface at the moment. I love the fact that users can give access to other others on their behalf to take control and create & submit reports.
There are a few issues that need to be fixed, sometimes the report can time-out and all the work can be lost (which is very frustrating).

Dylan English  

It's great if it is set up well. Very user-friendly for employees and managers but possibly less so for finance. It seems every time there is an update we have problems. I think it would be great for a company with less complex requirements.
Expensify employees are really friendly and helpful but not always great at helping us fix the problems.

Anna Day  

Expensify was a great tool in the beginning.

Overtime however we have started to have issues with corporate card reports syncing randomly to Xero without us reviewing and manually syncing and also expenses in reports deleting themselves while the report is in progress.
This is frustrating as these reports are often long reports and it is timely to re-enter the expenses and attach the receipts.
Jenna from Expensify did assist with how to fix this however that has not worked at this time.

Carissa Davey  

We have a somewhat unusual use case in that we are an entertainment production company that relies mostly on freelance, temporary employees. We have very few staff employees. The Xero Expensify integration has really helped us streamline our expense situation. Here is our work flow if it helps anyone else:
- Freelancers accept our invite link so that they can submit their expenses to us immediately on their phones attached to the correct policy. (We create a new policy for each event/show we do and can setup custom approval chains for that specific team.)
- After Expense our approved in Expensify we can pay them immediately (via ACH) to the freelancers bank account. (The reduction in check processing alone is a HUGE time saver.)
- Once expenses are approved and paid to the freelancer we can then export the report to Xero. This allows for really easy reconciliation with the payment once it appears in our bank feed. And because the expense category codes are synced with Xero's there is no coding to do at all in Xero.
- Lastly, we rebill and relevant expenses to a new invoice which goes to the client and includes copies of all the receipts which they always want/need.
It took us a little bit to figure out the workflow for what we needed but now it works pretty seamless.

Here are the highlights:
- Receipt scanning. Awesome feature!
- Create specific policies per event to assign approval to managers. This cuts down on a ton of questions from our payroll team.
- The easy direct deposit to freelancers makes everyone happy.
- The direct, categorized export to Xero reduces bookkeeping time and headaches.
- We don't use this, but once you have assigned a client to a rebilled expense you can directly add it to an invoice in Xero. (More on why we don't use this below.)

Here are the weaknesses:
- The rebilling process could be improved. It would be best to rebill into an existing report instead of new.
- Indicate somewhere in a report that is has already be rebilled to reduce dupes.
- It would be nice if invoices from Expensify could be exported to Xero not just expense reports.
- When importing specific expenses to a Xero invoice allow images to be attached. (We can't use this cool import feature in Xero because we need images attached.)

All-in-all we are happy with how it works and look forward to continued improvements with both solutions.

Kevin Merritt  

I like how well Expensify is integrated with Xero and/or QBO. Any glitches caused by other issues such as network issues or COA sync issue can be easily corrected by resend the report. The build in approval process is easily configured and works well.

Accounting KH  

The best expense app on Xero. I absolutely love it!

Nadeem Sarwar  

I'm constantly telling small business owners about Expensify! Its a great and simple way for them to keep track of all their expenses. Then as their bookkeeper I can set it up to sync with XERO and help keep thier books in order! Whats not to love?

Paola Gleghorn  

I've really enjoyed the ease of using Expensify & Xero together. It makes it really easy to have different expense policies for my different PEO clients.

Danielle Lovell  

Love Expensify/Xero so far. Saving me lots of time!

Leigh Campbell  

Expensify is easy to use with Xero. The syncing of reports to Xero is a time saver. Very positive experience so far.

Ray Campbell  

Such a massive time saver for us, and great not to have to carry around a pile of receipts everywhere. The flight notifications are a nice touch too!


Gareth Jeanne  

Expensify is very user friendly and easy to use. It safes a lot of time with the integration features it has with Xero.

April Trieu  

i am a new user to this software and I find the system user friendly and easy to use.

Ellie McKenzie  

Our company has been using Expensify for 18 months and we link it o Xero. The whole expenses process has been vastly improved as a result. The only criticism that I have is that if someone leaves all their expenses to pile up to the end of the monthly it takes a very long time to scan in the receipts. If you scan as you go through the month it is much better.

Georgina Vestbirk  

Incredibly easy, from submitting expenses to on boarding new people. The app is a real time saver and would recommend to anyone with staff.

Warren Durling  

I was looking for a solution for my staff that go out on the road that was simple for them. I also wanted to cut down on my review time for the trips. Expensify has been a great solution over the last 3-4 months and I plan to continue to use it. Syncs with Xero so I don't have to go looking for receipts and reports when I have a question.

Rob Naples  

We've been using Expensify for 3 months now. We get positive feedback from people claiming expenses as it's so easy to do from your phone (unless you've got a Windows phone). It's really easy for me to check entries are correctly coded and change if I need to and once approved it goes straight into Xero. Best thing is that I'm not drowning in scruffy receipts and I can l cross-check receipts easily on line.

Nikki Griffiths

Nikki Griffiths  

Expensify streamlines entry of expenses to Xero, saves a ton of time, and was a snap to implement, set up, and does what its supposed to do, all the time. Highly recommended.

Wes Buckwalter  

Expensify's integration with Xero has streamlined how we manage our company credit cards as well as reimbursements.

Randall Kent  

Expensify has made it super easy for our clients to receive digital expense reports (instead of the tattered, stapled together, oddly shaped paper reports they were using) and reimburse employees in a timely manner. Expensify has made is super easy for us, the accountants, to click one button to reconcile an entire expense claim and reimbursement payment.

One current drawback that someone at Expensify told me (I think) is currently being worked on is the ability to control chart of accounts access per employee within the same policy, instead of having to create separate policies (which gives the feel of separate accounts, altogether, IMO).

Great value here, all around.

Patrick Russo  

Without a doubt, Expensify is the simplest & easiest product I've ever used for tracking expense reports. I've used this on several different types of businesses that I run. The integration with Xero is the best part. Once it is taken care of in Expensify, there is no work to be done in Xero. I highly recommend it.

Jeff P  

Saved me a lot of time doing reimbursements for my employees, a good application, but I wished there were more reporting functions that can easily manipulate the data.

Bill H  

Everything i needed for my business, though live customer support can be enhanced. It's great that it syncs to my accounting platform seamlessly, saves me a lot of effort reimbursing my employees.

Jessica Chan  

Expensify is my preferred expense tracking system from both perspectives (reimbursing and tracking). Expensify links all the all the categories in Xero and auto-syncs after submitting a report. Much easier to manage than Xero's expense system.

Gaelen Hadlett  

The best part of Expensify and Xero integration is the ability to make an expense assignable to customers / clients so it saves time in Xero having to assign expenses. Great integration, highly recommend for any startup or company trying to modernize their accounting and expense systems.

Uday Khosla  

Expensify is great for quick and easy reimbursements. I love the direct sync and the one day reimbursement is a great bonus. We're able to pull in the credit card feeds for our users which makes it that much easier for them to filter out business-related charges.

Tate Henshaw  

We have only started using Expensify with Xero, so far so good. It was very easy and straight forward to get app running on mobile devices and over past weeks I was religiously receiving reports from employees out on business. Reconciliation of receipts was my list favourite task, but this month I am looking forward to reconciling it and see how it works.


Julia Rumjanceva  

Expensify is really easy to use and love how it integrates so seamlessly with Xero once it is all set up and configured. We use it with a small company of 1-2 staff and a larger company of 60+ staff. Both companies find it straightforward and user friendly. Smart Scan is 'life-changing', according to our staff.

Only issue is the FX rates - Expensify uses one rate whereas the actual amount that comes through on the credit card is different and requires manual adjustment. Adds in extra time when reconciling.

Kathy Foo  

Easy to use and love how is interfaces with Xero. My employees love to app and smartscan
Just a small point but took a little bit of digging around to work out how to add users (very simple when you find it). Might need to signpost this in an easier way

Alexander Howeson  

A simple and easy to use system, especially if you do not have a big team. Slight problem with exchange rates which differ from the Credit card exchange rate and require a manual adjustment (As we are a small team this is not too problematic at the moment).

Lisa Dinsdale  

After using Expensify, the time I spent on doing payroll has halved as all the reimbursement process has become automated. All our employees love the functionality and the ease in doing expense claims. We are very happy with using this software and its functionalities!!

Nuha Taufiq  

Expensify has been great in managing our employees expenses we have employees in Finland, Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand however some more functionality's with credit card feeds and employee reimbursement would be great as it is only functional in Australia at the moment.

Michelle Alexiou  

Even though we decided not to use Expendify after our trial period, it was mainly due to our limited usage of expense reports in our company at the current moment. Expensify is a great software that we will definitely keep in mind when our company reaches the appropriate size.
However, one downside is that customer support takes a while to reply and that significantly lengthens the communication cycles (perhaps due to time differences)

Khanh Tran  

there are 20 odd employees and contractors engaged by one of my clients, Expensify allows them all to enter their expenses and get reimbursed with ease! In addition to this I love the co-pilot option which allows the director's assistants to manage their expense claims for them.


Marianna Agostino  

Very useful. Eliminated a lot of manual entry. Streamlined the approval process.

Alexander Archon  

Find Expensify really useful, you just snap a receipt and then it uploads it which means I can get rid of the paper immediately and not worry about losing receipts.

Natasha Guerra  

Expensify saves me so much time. I scan all my expense receipts via the app on my iphone and have them sync with Xero accounting system. These are then automatically reconciled with my bank transactions. It's very easy and convenient. My only negative is that it can take a while for each smartscan to complete.

Mark Allen  

I use expensify - a LOT - I work with different clients and often have many expenses on different accounts to manage and I can do this with expensify. My clients also like the way expensify produces reports so they can see exactly what the expenditure is. its easy to use too and a very handy app to have on your phone so you can kiss good bye to terrible paperwork!
Jacqueline H

Jacqueline Hall  

If you're just using expensify to reimburse employee expenses it works reasonably well (not perfect, but MUCH better than Xero's laughable built-in expense system), and the Xero connector for the most part works.

Unfortunately expensify isn't very clever about the Xero connector - rather than flagging receipts that will fail the Xero export up front to user entering the receipts (or guiding them so that they don't enter receipts that won't export in the first place!) the Expensify admin has to go into expensify manually to find out which reports failed to export and then try and manually fix each failing receipt. This happens for about 50% of our expense claims.

If you need to invoice expenses to a customer and the customer needs to be sent the receipts, it's incredibly tricky, totally unnecessarily complicated to do, requires our users to behave in very particular ways, and requires that expensify's auto reports are disabled. (I believe it may be possible by using expensify's invoicing system - but invoices created in expensify aren't synced over to Xero.)

Expensify's SmartScan is not so smart, and fails 100% of the time on receipts from Sainsbury's (one of the big 3 UK supermarkets). Admittedly other than that it works fairly well 90% of the time.

The UX of the mobile apps is pretty poor; it fails to follow common iOS idioms - eg. I made changes to about 30+ receipts and only then discovered none of the changes had been saved due to the poor design.

Some of the general workflow is pretty poor too - eg. if a receipt is rejected by the approver because a change is required, expensify removes it from the report and makes it almost impossible to add back to the report once fixed. So we have to train our approvers to not use the reject feature unless absolutely necessary.

There's a general lack of useful features you'd expected in any modern web app - eg. you can't customise the columns show in reports, the options to search for a receipt are incredibly limited (you can't search for text, nor by amount), there's no way at all to product custom reports showing receipts matching particular criteria, you can only export a PDF for an entire expense claim (and only one expense claim per PDF), etc.

Joseph Heenan  

Expensify automates expense reporting and has made receipt storage easy and organized. Syncs well with Xero.

Ron Dufficy  

Works quite well, need to make sure the users are sure what VAT rate to use for what expenses, apart from that good as gold.

David Honewell  

I've been using Expensify for other things for years and only recently integrated it with Xero. It's been a fantastic move. Not only do I track expenses with it, but because I input all of my receipts into Expensify via email or iPhone camera - both reimbursable expenses and other general business expenses. It's a big time saver for my bookeeping. I'd highly recommend it to anyone

Eric Andersen  

Using Expensify it saves my time and allows me go through employee receipts fast. Also Xero integration is fantastic.

Inga Berke  

Great functionality and integration for a small business owner with lots of travel and consequent receipts. Web UI changes quite frequently but generally to the good. Emailing of receipts is invaluable. Occasionally some receipt filesize issues raise warnings but there has never been any miss in the data.

David Hilary  

I have personally been using the system for the past 10 months. The integration between the systems is great. No duplicate entry. The transactions sync between the two systems easily and without much intervention. The only comment I could make is that the referencing back to Expensify from Xero could be a little less obscure.

Katherine Pearse  

Generally very good and simple to use, had a few issues with Xero integration but the team has always been quick to respond and resolve!

Rob Tragen  

We have been using Expensify with Xero for a couple of months now and all seems to be working well. Simplifies the expense process for the whole team.

Emilie Smith  

We have been using Xero with Expensify since September 2015. The flow from Expensify to Xero seems to work beautifully. The only issue that I have is the lack of capability to transfer to foreign bank accounts. Are there any plans to add a foreign account reimbursement capability in the future?
Thank you,

Lisa Ferrer-Tvedt  

I use Expensify both as an accounts administrator approving other people's expenses as well as for submitting my own expenses and find it really simple and intuitive to use. I have used many different expense tools and Expensify is the one I would choose. The integration to Xero is brilliant and saves so much time. For any queries, the help team provide great support.

Vineeta Long  

Great integration from expensify to xero.
Great app on my phone where it is very easy to add expenses with receipts, check the current report, etc.

I stopped collecting all those receipts as Expensify keeps everything and then sends to Xero in 5 seconds!

Xero is an amazing tool as it is very easy to use, has a lot of functionalities and it is very reliable!

Makes life so much easier.

Excellent software.

Manuel Monterroso  

Great integration from our corporate credit cards to expensify to xero.

Makes life so much easier.

Excellent software.

Jack Strudley  

Our practice is relatively new to expensify. The idea and process is really good. The majority of the reports/transactions are fine and efficient. The way it links to Xero is very helpful. One negative is a lack of transparency from an admin point of view when an expense is hidden but as we become more acclimatized to the system it should become easier.


Jordan Shuttleworth  

Nice App and does as it promises. Great to have it take away my receipts problem. Now if it could just organise the rest of my life :)

Phil Kingston  

Been using Expensify App for 8 weeks now. Key benefit is the reduction in management time to reimburse receipts. This alone makes it an extremely attractive app to utilise. Still on an upward learning curve but a huge step forward for us as an SME.

John Radford  

Introduced Expensify to a client only yesterday - to replace his lengthy and time ocnsuming spreadsheets! Been using it in our own practice for nearly 2 years for all staff......a real and huge time saver!

Kevin Salter  

I have been using Expensify for several years, the customer support is impeccable. It's been a fantastic experience and the software enables us to save accounting/bookkeeping $$$s. Furthermore, the integration with Xero works very well. Thumbs up!

Volker Heistermannn  

I have been using Expensify for well over a year now and it has been a life saver, It saves me so much time, not more hours of sorting through invoices and checking against me my statements to see if I missed any. Then photocopying invoices and doing expense forms. I now just take a picture of the invoice on my lap or hotel desk and it syncs with my bank statements, then I have my category and comment. It creates my reports for me and then I email them off to the accounts dept. Soo easy, never going back to the bad old days!!

Mark Crapper  

As the accountant I have issues with the GST/VAT in coding - have to manually go through and check each expense report. Additionally have some of the same issues others have mentioned with the reporting all going through an employee rather than the vendor.

That said have had 100% buy in from my employees who love the app. Additionally I have set it up with the corporate credit card which has worked well.

Samuel Gascoigne  

Xero's built in expense reporting is, well, a bit lacking... We've loved Expensify since switching over. It makes it super simple to sync up receipts and credit cards bills then export the data to Xero. Only drawback we've found is that because the expenses are exported to Xero with the employee as the vendor, not the actual vendor, some of our vendor reports and date of purchase are messed up.

Overall, it's has a few flaws, but it's still way better than the alternative.

Sam Baumgarten  

I was honestly not crazy about Expensify at first but after some months I have gotten used to it and understand it better. I do like the sync-ing with Xero which started happening magically one day and now the expenses track right in and the locations we add in Xero are available in Expensify. I am glad to read that so many find Concur not as functional as Expensify - that's good news. I second the comment that it would be great if there was a customer service number for Expensify

Amanda Moran  

I've been very happy with expensify, both free and paid accounts. It is the simplest solution i've ever used and i've successfully converted my entire team. Cheers

Tegyn Angel  

I use Expensify with several of my clients and I LOVE it. It makes chasing after receipts a thing of the past! I have only had a couple of glitches with it, and each time it was user error. When I contacted customer support, they were always quick to respond with helpful information. I most definitely recommend Expensify to all of my clients.

Amy Lanham  

Simple to use, and the best option I have seen

Mark McIntosh  

Wish their customer service had a call in line - it takes a frustratingly long time to troubleshoot issues. They just forward their user manual 'articles' to you.

Eileen Buckley  

Easy to use, seamless, efficient. Very happy so far.

Tom Impallomeni  

At my last company we used Concur and then switched to Expensify. It was so much better, it was just a no brainer to use it at my new company.

Nigel Tunnacliffe  

I used Expensify at my previous company and brought it to my new one. Whole team is happy with how easy it is to use and how it links to Xero. Saved us a lot of time compared to the previous method of excel sheets.

I look forward to when they can offer online reimbursement in the UK though.

Graham Schwikkard  

We are a 100+ employee company and have no issues with Expensify. Employees like the mobile app and ability to take pictures of receipts to attach to reports. From an admin perspective, we have no complaints. The reason we didn't give 4 stars is because Expensify has made some changes to auto select features for employees vs. allowing them to opt-in (i.e. auto submission).

Danielle Murcray  

Expensify-Xero sync is easy to set up. Expensify is very user-friendly and also great for the accounting team to review and track expenses.

Karen Shum  

Really helpful for us in managing employee reimbursements.

Sharon Lim-Bautista  

Really helpful tool for Xero clients, plus great support from the Expensify team!

Simon Armstrong  

I run a company with a dispersed working team - with people all over the world Expensify is incredible to help me get the documentation from my team and reimbursement to my team. Add in Xero and I can keep the records up to date. Would recommend both!

Scott Lloyd  

Great software for all the companies I work with.

Andrew Taylor  

It's a great App. My clients have used it for 2 years and they all love it.

Jason Zhao  

This app is great for our traveling execs! They snap a photo, check the box and send the receipt. It's great for me as an admin, I can approve, reimburse, and record in Xero Accounting with 4 clicks on the keyboard. The reimbursement is direct deposited, and receipt detail is stored where it can be found. YAY!

Tammera Bollman  

Once set up Expensify is straight forward and easy to use. Keeps the employees on top of their receipts and makes us all look very professional. Integration posting to Xero is usually flawless with the exception of very large expense reports.

Mary McNicholas  

We love the integration, especially for our interns and volunteers. I appreciate the tracking categories so much, it let's us attach expenses to grants easily and efficiently. The mobile app also really helps cut down on lost receipts.

Alana Greer  

I use expensify for all my employees and it's a really solid platform and is relatively frictionless. It's also incredibly cheap and integrates well with Xero. No complaint on my end!

James Fayal  

The connectivity is generally great but the options on the Exensify site are to cumbersome to set up for my use. I use Expensify for personal and business expenses and did notr see an easy way to have one synced but not the other. Also the options are to limited. Some expenses should be synced with company credit cards, while others with reimbursements for out of pocket spending., Also, properly capturing direct company cash expenses and sync them correctly is missing. This is a good start for basic functions but would need to be enhanced more to be of use to me personally. Having said that, if the limitations I see don't bother you this is a great connection to use.

Ralf Weber  

Expensify is easy to use and integrates well with Xero.

Catherine Dunt  

We use Expensify and Xero for many of our clients and with any new client we strongly recommend putting both of the systems in place. The integration of both systems is true time saver. It reduces probablility of human errors. The process of the T&E reimbursements is very transparent. Our clients are also impressed with how easy and how efficient Expensify workflow is. I highly recommend it.

Ilona Raczkiewicz  

We love using expensify with with xero.

Kyle Verzello  

We're still figuring it out but so far Expensify has simplified the employee reimbursement process A LOT in our company. The Xero - Expensify integration is a game changer.

Meryl Draper  

Simple and easy to use. Keeps the employees for our clients happy and makes us look like a hero. Integration with Xero has been flawless thus far.

Steve Turk  

We have recently updated our Expensify Policies to synchronise automatically with Xero and made use of some of Expensify's report automation features. Now, complete reports are automatically submitted for approval at month-end and once fully approved, a draft Bill, complete with Account and Project codes for each line item, is created in Xero. When the employee is reimbursed via Xero, this is automatically reflected on the Expensify report. All of which was previously done manually.

This is a great example of how well designed APIs and cloud computing can deliver real benefit.

Kevin Wallis-Eade  

Our employees enjoy using Expensify, as it makes tracking and submitting reimbursable expenses easy and... enjoyable? Ok, maybe not enjoyable. But tolerable! And, on the backend, it's easy to review and approve reports for easy processing.

Matt Dudley  

We've used Expensify for 3 plus years and it really makes employee expense processing simple and the interface between Expensify and Xero makes the accounting seamless. Highly recommend

Bob Busick  

Expensify has been positively received by members of staff across the organisation and allows them to keep track of their expenses and reimbursement.
Our current set up is that it is approved by a line manager and then approved again by a finance person, which limits our use of the auto sync function as it would automatically export once the approvers have checked but skips the finance check.
It would be handy to have the auto sync option with this set up rather than having to sync manually.

Shubratan Sahota  

I've been using Expensify for about a year now and I love it. I think it is the easiest expense reimbursement system that I have every used. It is very easy to add/remove users, make changes and sync/update connections. We also have a corporate credit card system that runs through expensify and that has been very easy to set up and manage. Thank you expensify!!

Brandie Gaines  

I've been using Expensify for about 4 years now, but have only integrated it with Xero in the last 12 months. The Xero integration is fast, painless and incredibly easy and has made a big difference to my month end.

I've had quite a few problems with Expensify itself over the years, including annoying glitches that don't quite make sense, but it has always been worth the time spent figuring them out for the return in saved time once its up and running properly. One example: if you have multiple expense reports on the go at the same time (eg: billing numerous clients you are working for concurrently) the receipt you are uploading automatically gets allocated to the last report opened, so I have to carefully check reports before submitting them and remove numerous receipts. However the accuracy and speed with which it handles OCR and the time it saves me hunting out receipts and emails is fantastic.

I've recommended it to so many people over the years I've lost track!

Lou Henry  

We have been using Expensify for the past 3 years and it is simply amazing. Always helps us by pointing out potential duplicate receipts;). It enables us to charge costs out to different projects right from the beginning instead of allocating later which is quite handy. Just one note - creating the ability to have the report approved by more than 1 approver based on project codes would be a handy feature.

Shivani Pillay  

It is SO much easier to be able to approve team expenses online in Expensify and then to see them appear in our Xero account (almost instantly it seems!). Saves loads of time and means fewer errors - win, win!

Simon Parker  

We used to use the Xero app to add receipts into Xero but the amount of time it took to classify, enter company names, prices, tax etc took a significant amount of time for the company and our time is valuable. EXPENSIFY IS AMAZING! You just take a photo of the receipt and it scans all the information and fills out all the information. Just a quick review at the end of the month and sync to Xero and done! It's worth the money just in the saved time alone! Awesome!

Francis Pindar  

Have been using Expensify for several months now and it really saves time with all the month end reporting. Syncs well with Xero and easy to add expenses daily on the App, rather than in bulk at the end of the month. Planning to role out to the rest of the team soon.

David Knight  

This app saves us so much time, paper and effort. A quick picture, then the paper goes in the shredder. The reports are easy to put together and integrate seamlessly with Xero. Can't ask for more than that!

Kevin Burgess  

Great system, works well for us and simple integration into Xero.

James Le Chevalier  

I am an interim fractional controller for several developing stage and fully mature enterprises. All of my clients use Expensify and I use it for my own time and expense tracking purposes. The interface with Xero works flawlessly for all of my clients and saves tons of time. Most importantly, it makes expense billing to my clients' customers seamless. Long time user -- very satisfied.

Tony Wesley  

I've been using Expensify for some while now, and have it integrated into Xero, I have also set some policies etc. for expense entry and reviews etc. The combination of Expensify and Xero has made a massive difference to our efficiency in employee expenses handling

Kevin Covington  

I am in finance & really like Expensify as it does what I were doing manually beforehand. Now the staff enter on their own expenses, the manager reviews & then I review it for it to be "approved" on Xero. The Xero integration is also great as the admin is in control of what general ledger codes can be used. The only thing I am finding a bit annoying is the VAT seems to not be being picked up correctly, so I have to manually check that for each report.

Rosie Steel  

We use Expensify and it makes tracking expenses a breeze. The integration with Xero is a huge timesaver. Brilliant.

Jim Apperly  

Great addition for simplifying tedious expense report detail getting into Xero. Needs careful setting up to ensure tax accounts tally up but worth the effort.

Oliver Luff  

We use Expensify on a daily basis as we process a large number of expenses across a number of different companies. It is great that we can set up rules and add layers of approval. It works perfectly with Xero. It is a great time saving process and I have not had a bad experience with it yet.

James Carver  

We run our consultancy on Expensify and Xero - the seamless integration is excellent. As soon as an expense report is approved we sync to Xero and every item is in the right place; coded and we use tracking to allocate to a project.

Richard McIntosh  

This has to be the number 1 app for Xero and a must have for anyone processing or submitting expenses. No more hunting for little bits of paper receipts and no more waiting for finance to catch up with the paper trail. Fantastic.

Adrian Hollister  

I've recently linked Expensify to my Xero account and it has changed my life! The mobile app makes it so easy to upload expenses then and there removing the need for the monthly "admin" day.

The only new feature I'd ask for is a better two integration so when changes need to be made in Xero (remibursable, billable, VAT rates) they update in Expensify.

Jon Roscow  

We use Expensify for several companies and have had varying experiences. For our more simple companies, we have found the tool incredibly timesaving. It is easy to understand and the receipt scan function works very well, enabling us to get expenses onto the profit and loss in real time. For companies with multiple purchasing cards and currencies we have struggled as Expensify cannot differentiate which account the receipt belongs to.

Phil Nugent  

Expensify is brilliant. We use in our accounting firm with our clients who like to categorize their own expenses. They put all the corporate card expenses on a report and submit to one of our staff accountants, who checks the coding and syncs with either Xero or QBO. Expensify creates all the transactions in the general ledger, saving us tons of time.

Blake Oliver  

At Novoda we have been using Expensify for about a year now and it has greatly improved the process of submitting expenses for our employees due to how easy it is to use the app and smart scan.Which has also lead to us receiving expenses in a more timely and consistent manner, improving the accuracy of our monthly management reporting!


Simon Matthews  

Reliable, auditable and will integrated with Zero.
I became aware of Expensify several years ago, however it was the integration with Xero that convinced us to pilot and then adopt it. The handling of day to day expenses is excellent once the user culture has shifted from the traditional paper expenses, and understands the more advanced expense items (journey recipes with automatic mileage). However the real advantage is the automatic export and integration into Xero, allowing outstanding expenses to be tracked and then integrated to customer invoices. It is not perfect, but a few small teething troubles have been resolved quickly and efficiently. It must also be noted that as of Q2 2017 UK £ functionality was a little behind the US$ and AU$ markets, however I fully expect that to come online as uptake (most specifically PAYE, however we do not use Xero for this at this time). In short an excellent toolset, well worth trialing and getting over the initial learning curve, the Xero integration makes it well worth it for us for both auditability and time saving.

Jonathan Barnes  

Very easy to use with Xero to automate the expense claims process!

Elwira Mroczko  

We have been using Expensify for nearly 2 years and introduced it around the same time as working with Xero. Initially our staff struggled with it but we gave them some training and now it all works fine. The approval process is easy, our staff in Japan and America can use it and it passed all our audit requirements. Takes away the spreadsheets and staff can take pictures of their receipts so means less are lost. The software is not perfect and we do get some sync issues from time to time and when they post updates, it sometimes removes my settings but overall it is the best expenses app on the market with a direct upload to Xero.

Claire Anderson  

Very impressed with Expensify's simple to setup yet comprehensive integration with Xero. When travelling Expensify makes recording and submitting expenses much easier than entering a pile of receipts manually when I get back to the office. The option for linking to multiple Xero accounts would be a welcome addition given I need to often submit expenses to multiple organisations within our group.

A very welcome addition to our expense policy and procedures!

Benjamin Sutch  

Real time Expense Claims that are simple to complete and streamlines the expenses process with minimal effort. We moved to Expensify about 5 months ago and I only wish we had done so earlier. So simple to use and claims can be made on the go with the mobile app!
Exporting to Xero is again a simple process and appears in the Xero system almost instantly. I can't recommend Expensify enough. It certainly makes processing claims much more efficient.

Clare Harold  

Expensify makes logging expenses simple. Expensify integrated with Xero makes it even simpler. There is no need to manually transfer and reconcile anything, a few button clicks is all it takes.

chris giddins  

I use Expensify for 3 different businesses. It is much better than physical receipts. However it has some teething problems, setting it up properly takes more time than should be necessary.

The integration with Xero is pretty good in the main, but the VAT never imports using the same VAT codes that are set up in Expensify. So I have to do some manual changes each month. If I had hundreds of employees this would be too time consuming. As it currently stands it works for us for now.

Liz Bloomfield  

Expensify has transformed our expense management as a business but until we got the Xero integration setup it was still time consuming for the finance team to ensure that the posting was correct. We have been using the intergation for a number of months and it has made the whole process so simple and is saving massive amounts of time (which equals money) and also fewer mistakes are being made that need correcting. Could not contemplate going back.

Adrian King  

Like all Off-the-Shelf packages, Expensify isn't perfect - but it comes close. The smooth way it interfaces with Xero makes keeping track of expenses so much easier than the way we used to do it. There are somethings I'd like to change - like fixing a monthly exchange rate for currency transactions - but this is an enhancement we can work around.

Anna Jay  

I run a small limited company and have to travel a lot for work. Managing the mountain load of recites is always a nightmare. Since two years I have been using Expensify and can say with out a doubt that it has saved me so much time and effort. Since I have to bill several clients every month for expenses, Expensify helps me to group them and create customised (even in different currency) reports. The best feature is that I just take a picture and bin the printed recites. In almost 95% of the cases Expensify fills in all the details. I can share the account with my accountant, who then uses the information on that to calculate my early taxes and VAT returns. Simple and Effective tool.

Sanjay Salins  

Expensify has been a nice tool for our client that doesnt want to manually make expense reports for their roughly 20 employees.

The advanced policy control option is very useful, especially since this business has different levels of approval that need to be followed. Connecting it into Xero was simple.

Vanish Patel  

Expensify is a great application to manage employee expenses in a very user friendly manner. It has lots of configurable options and a direct integration with both Xero and a number of corporate credit card providers. We have seen significant improvements in efficiency since rolling Expensify out.

Matt Greely  

Have been using Xeros integration with Expensify for two months now, and I have to say its saving me loads of time.

David Wilson  

A bit of fiddling to get everything set up correctly - mapping the correct Expensify and Xero fields - but once done, the automation of expense management saves a lot of time / rekeying. We run across 50+ employees with minimal effort.

Will Neale  

Expensify has made dealing with Expenses much easier. It is simple to use and makes importing expenses to Xero so much simpler. I would highly recommend to any business.

Grace Bradney  

Expensify is a great tool for my clients with multiple expenses and the system works really well. The expenses are translated into £, marked as re-chargeable (billable) to a particular customer, reimbursable to the directors or just scanned as an expense coming out of the current account.

I approve the expense reports (check account coding and VAT) and then click export to XERO and the process is seamless from there on. Re-chargeable expenses sit nicely in the billable section of the Sales dashboard so that my client can then pick these up when invoicing clients. Reimbursable expenses get posted as a draft purchase invoice and can be repaid or credited to the director's loan account. All other expenses go to Spend money transactions. The bank reconciliation process takes minutes. Very happy with the whole process. :)

Karen Upcraft  

I've used expensify with Xero in two positions, and it works wonderfully.
Expensify, stand-alone, is a great system, but the integration works well, it's clean and syncs well.
Highly recommended.

Howard Stone  

Great add-on for expense claim at low cost. It's a bit annoying that re-importing reports is not possible.

Ben Liu  

Generally, a great system to use and saves a lot of hassle when it comes to dealing with expense claims. The wingman feature in invaluable too. Any issues I've had have been quickly resolved by the support team and I now use it without trouble on a daily basis. If you only have a one currency Xero account then it can be a bit of a faff if you have payments in other currencies as the exchange rate Expensify uses doesn't necessarily match what the bank ends up using so you have to change Expensify to your local currency and update the amount based on what the bank charged which isn't ideal, that's pretty much the only downside for me at the moment.

Adam Alton  

Expensify is great, really take a lot of the hassle out of expense returns for employees, which in turn makes life much easier for the finance team

Dylan Murphy  

This integration has made reimbursing Expensify reports much easier. The automation saves our team lots of time and means we are keeping a more accurate track of expenses. Great addition.

Joseph de Vere  

wow what a product. the integration with expensify simplifies our companies world completely. Collect / submit and we are done. It has considerably reduced our accountancy fees as we do most of the work automatically and the reconciliation is considerably quicker than using more traditional product.

David McPherson  

I've been using Expensify for over four years since I left the corporate world and I love it. It doesn't feel like the horrible expense reports that plagued corporate life in the slightest. The integration with Xero makes it seamless to file expenses and get repaid. Expensify also makes it guilt free taking £3 receipts for coffee while travelling because they all add up. The algorithms have gotten better over the years (for a while it didn't know what a UK train ticket looked like... but that has been fixed), but Tesco receipts remain a mystery.

Bryan Johnson  

Amazing software, so easy to use and is saving me so much money that would have gone a miss in expenses I wouldn’t have claimed in the past

Stephen Paul  

Expensify is easy understanding and works with Xero well.

Amy Liu  

Been an Expensify customer for over 5 years and Xero customer for 3 years. Not sure how we would operate without either one of them. Love the integration!

Vladik Rikhter  

I love using Expensify and Xero! Seamless entry of expenses with no time spent inputting into both systems for me is a winner. And it's easy to follow-up on people's incomplete or un-submitted expense reports, it saves me so much time every month.

Rachael Chidgey  

Expensify is easy to use, provides time and cost savings to our business and has streamlined our expense reimbursement process. Highly recommended.

Jack Webster  

Expensify rocks. Streamlined expense reports and approval workflows. Wouldn't recommend any other tool

Mega Bot  

We use Expensify mainly for corporate credit card users. The best thing is its a easier way for users to record their receipts so we in finance are not constantly chasing missing receipts.
We did not find the corporate credit card feed useful so hence the 4 stars only. We could only get matches about 65% of the time. Solving the unmatched expenses was more time consuming than just manually entering so we have done away with the the card feeds. This is a shame as this was a big selling point for us in finance. But until that technology improves and expensify can remove some of those bugs its not worth it for us.

Ellie Laidlaw  

We have been using Expensify for a couple of months. It makes for a quick and easy reconciliation in Xero with the expenses being pre-coded. It puts the ownership of the expense back onto the purchaser and off the admin. It can be a bit hard to fix errors such as double ups and you need to ensure you refresh the screen after exporting into Xero. The reports within Expensify are easy to run and I like the way you can also save emails and pdf docs to Expensify.

Tonya Morgan  

Expensify is the best expense management product I have used (and I have used many). I use it for my business, real estate investments, and even tracking expenses for a charitable foundation. My wife is an even bigger user, as she is a corporate controller.

We have nothing bad to say about this well designed and attentive product. We appreciate that the team moves in a direction of constant user experience improvement.

Trevor Ewen  

Expensify is an excellent product. After using another expense management solution for a few years, I was pleased to find Expensify in April. Tracking expenses is painless (especially in the excellent iOS mobile app), integration with Xero is solid, and reimbursements are quick and easy. I am very happy with Expensify.

Stephen Smith  

Previously we used Concur. Since moving onto Xero, we have since moved onto Expensify and we couldn't be happier. The integration between Expensify and Xero is flawless and the Expensify app/features is way better than Concur. All our users within our organisation are happy with the move we made few months back.

Souvik Paul  

Great to be able to manage expenses in an easy to use app and sync to Xero quickly for payments to our employees

Carley Wasecheck  

For the most part, I like Expensify. For the end user, it's pretty logical and easy to use. Where I think it struggles a bit is in the review process. But it integrates well with Xero and reimbursements are fast and easy.

Dennis Baginski  

Very pleased with our move to expensify.

Stuart Barnard  

Great platform! Very easy to use!

Vik Bakhru  

We've been using Expensify internally and with some clients for the last 6 months. We've been very happy with it. The SmartScanning of the receipts is very accurate and the integration with Xero works very well. Finally, reimbursements can be done directly through ACH within the application.

John Mosher  

Our company has been using Expensify alongside Xero since we first started trading just a couple of years ago. The apps work faultessly together to create a smooth and high quality user experience and enable our consultants to get reimbursed in a timely manner.
A perfect pairing for any young start up to grow with.
Keep up the good work!

Allan Brown  

Expensify has saved our team a lot of time in submitting receipts and reports. We have Expensify/Xero integrated to make better use of both platforms. I especially find the mini tutorials helpful since I can just forward the links to our team! It would be nice if we can upload multiple receipts against one expense (specifically for restaurant receipts - one signed, one itemized).

Sensor Tower Finance  

The integration is smooth - to set up perfectly is something that we have yet to master. But it worlds better than previous systems. :)

Alana Zimmer  

Easy to use and works well with clients that have employees that travels. Employees can snap the receipt and go instead of mailing in the hard copies to the employer. The sync to Xero helps with the reconciliation and also is a nice incentive for a client that use Xero for invoicing. The client can easily select the billable expenses on an sales invoice.

Love the wingman feature.

Vicki Vang  

Using Expensify has really helped with our workflow and has cut down the time taken for reps and sales team to do their paperwork. We love it!

Mark Walsh  

Expensify is fantastic for receipt tracking - it has saved us so much time!

The integration with Xero is great - it really helps with categorising costs in our accounts.

Andrew Waite  

Great Add-On to Xero. Save lots of time for manual bookkeeping.

Sam Pang  

Xero has saved me time and money. Even my bookkeeper loves it. It gives me great clarity into my business.

Odine Bonthrone  

Was a few hiccups getting the package and integration set up but once these were ironed out has saved me so much time each month with expense submission especially with automatic bank feeds - great ROI

glenn reynolds  

Great tool for sorting reimbursements! Employees no longer need to keep all the receipts for a month and be worried the details on receipts are fading away. Plus, the import statement function is well as our leaders always use their personal credit card to pay business diners.

Felix Chen  

I love using Expensify with Xero. It drops the approved transactions right into the bills section of Xero with links back to Expensify. We can focus on reporting in Expensify using their cool tools and our book keeper can grab the same data right in Xero. Our tracking categories sync up really well such as project references.

Nick Dew  

Expensify is great, easy to use and to add members of the team, love the integration with Xero.

Euan Blair  

Expensify is a great little system that does all the hard work for you.
Sometimes it is slightly too efficient! But otherwise its very handy!!

Debbie Millott  

It is all working functional.


Great tool ! Has been a lifesaver for getting on top of consultant receipts and the integration with Xero means reconciliations are streamlined too. Hopefully theres more integrations down the track too.

Daniel Fielding  

Expensify has made it incredibly easy to maintain the expenses and expense reports.

The team here love the way they just upload receipts on the go and its more or less done.


Gavin Street  

So far, implementation has been seamless. Expensify sends reports directly to Xero and eliminates the work I used to do, matching receipts to expenses. Tedium beaten into submission. Thanks!

John Powell  

Expensify has made it incredibly easy to maintain the expenses and expense reports for our 40 staff in the UK and EU. It enables us to create approval workflows and sync with our accounting software, Xero. The bank feeds transactions straight into Expensify automating part of our reconciliation work, saving us precious time.

Sam Ellis  

It’s the easiest way to get receipts into Xero without typing things in manually. Credit card feeds don’t work for me and I never heard back from support after chasing them while they investigated and I find the various settings panels complicated to find what you want but otherwise it’s great and critical to my workflow

Jamie Brown  

It's a good tool but the connection to my Credit Card has been down for quite some time and I'm really disappointed.

Joe Turner  

Very Good app. Very easy to setup. We easily created policies that were required across the business and it now works well for all of our staff and has made the hassle of expense keeping a lot less of a hassle!. Xero export makes it very easy for keeping the accounts up to date

Simon Darch  

Expensify is a useful tool and integrates easily with Xero. There are some small issues that require a log out and log back in occasionally, but for a simple business Expensify would be perfect!

Amber Wilson  

I've been using Expensify with Xero for the last few years and it works perfectly. The integration works really well and it's easy to set-up. I would recommend you get Expensify a try.

Catherine Roulston  

Our business has used expensify for several years. It saves us so much time and effort and integrates well with Xero. Companies I consult in that use different products are jealous when I whip out my phone and scan a receipt!

David Barnes  

Very efficient. We use it for all 3x entities (~100 x employees) and it has removed all manual reimbursement forms. Has a been a major headache saver for finance.

The downside is it is significantly expensive, as it is charged on a per user basis.


Michael Abraham  

Great app. Very intuitive to setup on your own & with a couple of hours tinkering it is good to go. We are using it across our team in Bangkok & Myanmar, utilising all of the random SE Asia currencies and posting/paying out in USD. Works well & the Xero export makes it light weight for keeping the accounts up to date

Damien Williams  

works okay for us. there were some automatic behaviors that didn't work with how we were dealing with accounting since our payroll isn't integrated and it made applying to the correct account somewhat troublesome to figure out.

Lindsay McLean  

This works really great, the best application for price hands down.

Yu Gu  

This works really great, would love to see the chart of accounts expand into cost of sales (but understand why it doesn't) or some further integration features. Still the best application for price hands down.

Ryan Barnes  

As an expenses approver, I was hoping to have a option of making changes for employees expense reports, without sending back and forth to make changes. It takes a good amount time in between.


There are plenty of add-ons out there that will drive key functionality - what makes Expensify great to work with is the responsiveness. When we've had issues - and they come up, as they will with any system - we've always gotten timely, meaningful feedback that has helped either resolve the issue or give us a sense of the roadmap to resolution.

Clint Rusch  

Love the simplicity and integration with with Xero

The concierge was really annoying as I just want to snap expenses - so mostly ignoring it

Peter Long  

Hey there, Xero friends! I’m John Schuster, one of the Success Coaches from Expensify!

Apologies for not seeing these notes sooner. While I’m so glad to hear that many of you are having a great experience using Expensify, it’s clear that a few of you are having a less than stellar experience.

Admittedly, I’m a bit new to the Xero forum, so I may have misunderstood how to reach out to you in a more individualized way (trust me, I’ve tried!), so I’m opting for the bulletin board post – hoping many of you will see this so we can get a conversation going.

For those of you with less than four stars in your review, can I collectively ask you what’s not working for you? I’ve seen some of you have struggled with multiple currencies, corporate cards, and syncing to Xero (just to name a few). Would you mind reaching out to me at jschuster@team.expensify.com about these issues? I’d love to help work through them if you’ll give me the chance.

I’m confident we can work together to make your experience five star worthy!

John Schuster  

We use Expensify in our business to track expenses across three regions and I must say it works perfectly. Multi-currency, Syncs with Xero, set approval levels, etc. I must say it has all the features one would expect from an app like this. Highly recommended!

Arjun Adhia  

We've been using Expensify and Xero for the last 6 months and it's save our Accounts team countless house of sorting through receipts. Would definitely recommend.

Michael Carter  

We love Expensify and use it EVERYDAY! Great addition to our Xero stack!

Paul Vedder  

Using Expensify with Xero has been a major time savings for our employees to submit, and for me to approve their expense reports.

It took some time up front to get the accounts synched between Xero and Expensify, but once we did that, the expense reporting process is now amazingly convenient and virtually paper-free.

If you're running expense reports regularly, I definitely recommend taking the time to do the up front work to ensure the accounts in Expensify correspond to the right accounts in your Xero setup.

Brian F  

Great Service. Very handy and easy to use. User friendly and economical.

Sara Regnault  

My small consulting company was already set up on Expensify when we wanted to start using Xero. The integration worked well once we standardized the categories/chart of accounts across both platforms. My staff loves using Expensify and now we are able to sync up all of the expense reports with Xero so every dollar is accounted for.

One request—I use expensify re-bill expenses option to generate invoices from expenses to send to clients. Would love for that to be integrated with Xero.

Kevin Huynh  

Wow, the smart scan/transcription of receipts is worth the price of admission alone...the easy mileage tracking is a bonus.

Download this now!

Mike Hyman  

I introduced Expensify to my current company after joining (we used it at a previous company). Lucky me, I became the administrator of the policy. SO not only a user of the platform, but the person who sets up and administers the expense claim and reimbursement policy.

I have to say in all honesty it was an absolute breeze to set the platform up for over a dozen users, and each of those users were up and running and familiar with the process of claiming expenses quickly. No more paper receipts for them was a bonus.

For me, having setup my first policy, it couldn't have been easier. And the Xero integration works beautifully. Once a claim is approved, the report flows into Xero pre-categorised. Highly recommended.

Paul Rosanoski  

Very user-friendly and manageable expense reporting. I've used Expensify both with and without Xero, and found it to be a great tool for teams from 1 to 20 employees. Filtering tools are helpful for tracking down what you are looking for, and the ability to interact directly with Xero is a huge time-saver.

Patrick Byrne  

We've been using Expensify for several years now and it's the first thing that has made me not hate doing expenses. I have it set up to integrate Xero accounts for categorizing expenses so it's really nice to scan a receipt, set a category, and then have everything flow into Xero just right after the report is approved.

Doug Smith  

We are implementing Xero and Expensify from 1 January 2018 in our organisation. Initial testing by key individuals has been very positive, especially the SmartScan technology in the Expensify app and the seamless way Expensify syncs to Xero. I also like the Distance feature for claiming mileage reimbursements.
Expensify provides one of the key feature that Xero lacks ie the ability to set up a multi tiered approval structure for expense reports based on $ limits. I would however also like a way to structure the approval process based on the Xero tracking categories and/or accounts codes. Perhaps there is already a way to do this in Expensify but I haven't managed to find it yet.
Overall I feel that the combination of Expensify and Xero offers excellent value. Thanks, Esther.

Esther Hutchings  

Have implemented Expensify at the last three companies I've been at and the staff (salespeople, mostly) have always loved it b/c of ease of use. On the admin side, love the control over what to review and what to automatically OK.

Gregory Yorke  

We have being using Expensify for overall now and are loving it. Our sales team love the app and not having to keep copies of the receipts. Just take a photo and throw it away. We have had a few queries and Expensify have promptly responded and resolved the issue.

Tony Smith  

We have been using Expensify for the past year and it has been a tremendous help in managing our team's expenses. Whenever we have had issues, the customer support is very quick to respond and very helpful.

Lisa Chesson  

Expensify has been a great tool for both our clients and our firm internally. The integration with Xero is easy to setup and seamless to use (although I will say, the integration with a certain desktop bookkeeping software has been a headache). While the CPA interface isn't always the most intuitive, the user interface for clients and their employees is straight-forward and simple. I regularly recommend Expensify to my clients.

Jason Ackerman  

The integration between Xero and Expensify is great. I have it set so I manually approve expenses and push them to Xero and it works well. Such an easy way of collecting staff expenses and recording them in Xero for reimbursement. It is also great that you can set what Expensify users can and can't categorise expenses as, and that those categories are linked straight to Xero. That means less reconciling for me! Although some of the users don't find the Expensify interface particularly intuitive which can lead to a delay in expenses being submitted. Once they are submitted through, reimbursement is super easy!

Candace Barry  

Expensify lets our employees instantly submit receipts for travel reimbursement. This has eliminated delays for report generation/review & processing. It has helped us track Cash Flow for travel in a more timely manner. We don't have to worry about hanging on to hard copies of receipts (or losing them!)

Lauren Hudson  

With Expensify, it is easy to view, edit, and reimburse expenses. It has saved me a lot of time doing data entry.

Rheanna Bowsman  

Our team uses Expensify with Xero to track and report all expenses. It's great! The export to Xero is automatic, and reports in Expensify are marked with a Xero logo to show what's been synced. It's been a huge productivity boost for the team -- making the processes of submitting expenses and reconciling records in Xero much more efficient.

Expensify allows us to record expenses to our Xero Chart of Accounts, which is grreat. My biggest wish is that we could also record the "Xero Project" in Expensify, to keep all of the tracking aligned.

Joel Schwartz  

I have been using Expensify for my practice and many of my clients. My clients love it for its straight forward pricing and easy to use interface. The smart scan feature saves me and my clients lost of time and hassle.

David Walston  

I find the integration useful, and the interface clear and sensible. I am a "light" user of Xero and a heavy user of Expensify. Integrating the two systems took a bit of customer support to understand the process, and Expensify's customer support was very helpful in figuring it out.

Kevin Dickerson  

Expensify makes managing my employees expenses way easier than basic Xero does. Plus my employees enjoy using it, which says a lot for anything to do with expense reporting.

Josie Kressner  

Expensify was working really well and it was great having the details filled in for me. I did have some problems getting it working smoothly - and now it isn't working at all but once I work out the settings to get it working again it will be a definite time saver.

Tajash Patel  

I currently use Expensify to track and approve one of my director's expenses. It makes month end invoicing much easier. I know he has integrated it with Xero, however I am yet to investigate how this works as I am simply doing the approving at the Expensify end. In the new year my two other directors may start using Expensify too so it will be good to get more across full functionality of the system. I was interested to read many of the other reviews which highlight the benefits - I think I am going to be able to use it in a similar way. But good to have a heads up on some of the potential limitations and speed bumps. Looking forward to spending some time focusing on how I can get the best out of the system moving forward.

Phil Plimmer  

I use both Xero and Expensify in our office on a daily basis. They are both really wonderful, user friendly tools. Thanks for making my job a bit easier!

Marykate King  

Overall having Expensify and Xero connected has been great for our company and has provided us with greater efficiency for pulling in transaction data and PDF copies of the expense reports. The only current shortcoming is the limit on the size of the PDF's that can be sent from Expensify to Xero.

Steve Galore  

We use Expensify to handle all of our employee expenses and the simple interface has been great for our employees. The reporting function is also useful and has enabled us to get good visibility into how our budgets are being allocated globally.

Thanks Expensify!

Avery Moore  

Great business tool. Makes receipt keeping and expense management a breeze. Don't waste time chasing up staff, get Expensify today!

Jacob Matchitt  

I've used Expensify at two different companies now. It's absolutely magical. It allows our employees to focus on their day jobs without getting caught up in expense management.

Dhruva Rajendra  

There are a few things that I would like to see improved.
1. If I have multiple credit cards in Xero, which all sync to Expensify, I am consistently having to fix the link that tells Xero which card transactions go to. For example, if my client has two credit cards, makes charges on both, and then goes to sync to Xero, it will only sometimes know how to delineate the expenses on the report to the right card. It seems at least once a month I have to go in to fix this link so that Expensify codes to the right account in Xero.

2. The lack of ability to search expense reports for a specific transaction, vendor, or dollar amount is incredibly limiting. There are times I want to see one specific charge submitted through Expensify, but I have to physically look through 20 - 30 submissions to find a single transactions. If I could search by vendor or transaction dollar amount, this would save me SO much time.

3. I don't like how Expensify automatically syncs approved expenses to Xero. I would always like this to be a manual push. However, there may be a setting for this that I am just unaware of.

Melissa Barker  

Been using Expensify with Xero for a number of months now. Works pretty seamlessly. Great way for us to capture receipts. Only feature I haven't figured out yet is how to turn off all expenses automatically being reimbursable. Expensify, if anyone can reach out with an answer, that would be great!

Zach Stein  

I have used Expensify for around 4 years and have implemented use of it in 3 different companies. I'm currently using it with Xero and am pleased with the integration. Overall, I'm most impressed with how Expensify continues to evolve and create new features and options.

Jaret Wieland  

I travel a lot for work. Expensify makes it so easy to track and record travel expenses! Quick picture and I am done!

Stacey Carvalho  

Expensify and Xero integration is pretty easy. Best part about Expensify is the phone app

Viviane Ford  

I love Expensify. It saved me so much time in reviewing, approval, and reimbursing to employees of their out of pocket expenses. I love how each transaction can be synced to Xero so I don't have to manually post the entry. The only area I wish that it can improve is to allow the categories to include not only the expense accounts in Xero but also the full chart of accounts.

Jany Chang  

I found Expensify to be more cumbersome and complex than other systems I have used previously. With help from Bookkeeper360, our staff and myself now use it comfortably. One feature I am still uncomfortable with is that the posting date to Xero of the expenses is the date of the expense. This allows expenses to be posted to prior months regardless of how late the expense report is. There should be an option to use the Report Date as the posting date to the Xero General Ledger.

Mark Goldman  

I've been using Expensify for years...it's definitely my go-to for Expense Reporting. I have 16 clients in the fin tech industry and this is what we use. The only problem I find with it is in regards to being able to delete / clear out expense reports. Otherwise, it's user friendly, syncs easily with many software integrations, and customer service is always helpful.

Angela Christian  

It is a great feature as the individual can upload their expense report, can be paid direct and automatically codes in XERO. Reduces the amount of manual entry!

Nicole Delphous  

It's been about two years since we adopted Expensify. I must say, I am a huge fan. It's made doing expense reports 10x easier, faster and more streamline. We have it set up to link with Xero and it's been working great for us. I especially love that Expensify allows for multiple tracking and for billable coding. This has helped tremendously. Yes, there are times when it gets buggy, especially when they roll out with new features. Sometimes I have issues not recognizing certain GL accounts if I toggle between two policies. Another feature I wish they had was to export the report name as is into Xero and to be able to recognize vendors' names as how they are set up in Xero. Maybe that's too much to ask. All in all, these are all quirks I can deal with.

Audrey Lee  

I recommend Expensify for any client of ours that has expense reimbursements, needs to get reimbursed by customers for their expenses, and to monitor and enforce policies for business owners who have multiple credits cards assigned to staff. We keep all this activity synced with Xero for easy reconciliation with no double data entry. Valuable and good experience for accountants, business owners, and staff.

Matt Nyman  

It is a great app to use when reimbursing employee/contractors who use their personal cards.

It is terrible to use for corporate cards that are owned by the business.

Chris Hibbs  

We use Expensify with Xero for our accounting software and the integration has been seamless. Our employees fill out expense reports in Expensify and then export the reports directly into Xero. To make matters a little more complex, we have 4 different policies within Expensify, all of which are attached to different Xero accounts. Even with this added complexity, the ease of use is amazing. I highly recommend the product.

Justin Wicks  

Pros: API is awesome, very detailed w/ attachment and love multi currency function.
Cons: Reconciling with bank is more manual than other APIs, will not choose Expensify if not for the multi currency support.
Comparing with other apps (such as Abacus), expensify is not as straightforward and confuses the management for complicated approving process.

Pin Chu  

The integration is seamless. Expensify works very for tracking and expense management well as a standalone product, and makes accounting for expenses incredibly easy when integrated with Xero.

David Kohl  

Almost no issues after the initial set-up/implementation. The reports could be better updated to have more analysis incorporated in. More live (phone support) customer service for urgent questions is definitely needed though.

Chin-Ting Jian  

Our company switched to Expensify last year and it made the expense submission/approval/integration process so easy and convenient. The app is very user friendly and we actually received praise from several employees on its ease of use. The one thing I would have liked to see in the app is full functionality. Currently, you have to log in to the website to add a copilot and can't do that on the app. Other than that, no complaints here.

Rachel Lambert  

Expensify works great for us. The OCR works really well. Great having the ability to quickly scan paper receipts with my phone, or to email receipts on my computer to Expensify. Great for collecting and creating reports for various companies we partner with on projects. We don't use the Xero syncing function within Xero because we have multiple companies and it gets complicated. However, the Expensify scans reside in the cloud are still very useful. One clever trick we've found is to use the weblinks that appear in the browser bar when you hit the download button in Expensify. When you hit the download button in Expensify, it appears as a full page web page - this has a unique link that can be accessed outside the Expensify website. We then paste that receipt's unique weblink into Xero's reference field. This works best for our workflow. It means if we export data from Xero (like a ledger spreadsheet) the spreadsheet will contain a link to the scan. I know that sounds compilcated, but it's actually quite simple and easy.

Craig Melville  

Super easy to use and sync with Xero. Love being able to reimburse our employees by direct deposit. With so many employees working remotely it makes the entire process seamless.
It's made a huge difference to our expenses process. Would highly recommend.

Nambratha Kongara  

I concur with many of the other posts. Expensify doesn't work great for accountants.

Eddie Money  

Intuitive, easy, and quick to use - really a fan for small business expense tracking as well as personal expense tracking. I'm sure they're working on more ways to analyze all the expenses and automation of categorization, but for what it is and the time it saves me, it's pretty useful.

Marlene Jia  

Expensify has a good overall concept. It provides accessibility while on the go. We have run into issues with it's sync to Xero making duplicate entries, Chase credit card sync stops working ever so often, and the auto report feature not producing reports. All in all I think it's a good sytem and use it for my personal expenses as well.

Maya Miller  

Expensify has made our submission and approval processes much more efficient. Employees like how easy it is to submit reports, and I, as the accountant, like how easy it is to approve, reimburse and sync to Xero.

Amy Hayes  

It's been great to use. Syncing is seamless and apart from a few minor issues, all works well. By far, the best expense/accounting combo for small/medium businesses.

Jordan Hill  

Expensify is a pretty solid reimbursement solution as it seamlessly integrates with most accounting platforms. We recommend to our clients consistently over other options. Could use some work on the simplicity side...it's can be a bit cumbersome for the admin. Additionally, would love the ability to modify the title of an expense report as that would allow for us to see client billable expense reports ASAP instead of clicking through each one individually.

Lauren Kaplan  

Expensify is very intuituve to use and it is evident that there is a lot of hard work that the Expensify team put into making the mobile app and desktop version easy to use. I wish I could say the same for Xero!

Ivan Batchvarov  

Expensify is a great app; I use it exclusively; highly recommended.

alex vugman  

We use Expensify for employee expense reports and for the company credit cards. The sync to Xero allows us to match accounts and tracking tags. Export to Xero is a breeze and it is definitely an improvement over other manual methods. The feedback overall is positive but there have been a few times where updates to Expensify created glitches and it was a bit of a pain to resolve.

Sharon Lee  

Expensify has been an awesome addition to our current Xero platform. Going from manual paper expense reports with handfuls of receipts as support to the simplicity of Expensify has been a game changer. Where it used to take hours to go through the expense reports and backup now takes a few minutes. Not only do I love the product as the Controller, but our employees using the product love it as well. It saves them time and they get paid much quicker! All around, I would refer anyone to Expensify as an outstanding solution!

James Drysdale  

Expensify: expense reports that DO suck. I give this 2 stars because the user interface for the people submitting expenses is actually rather decent.

From the accountant/administrator side, expensify is bad bad bad.
1. The sync with xero (and with our CC) constantly breaks, and expenses are not recorded.
2. Not able to pull usable reports out of expensify for analysis.
3. Can't set useful rules on reports that others generate.
4. any of the review functions are useless.


Ed Zebrowski  

Expensify is great! I have multiple clients that use and love Expensify, especially because of the Xero integration. It is a great tool for bookkeepers like myself.

Sean Winkel  

I have been using Expensify with Xero for a few months. It has become quite seamless and updates to Expensify have improved the process. The integration is easy and importing is quick.

Erin Schow  

Great for managing your team's spending and expense reimbursements. Makes my life simpler.

Gregory Kovacic  

I struggled with my employees and receipts as a small business owner and Expensify has made a huge difference in my monthly wrap. There are a few small quirks, but as a software builder myself, I know there is not a 1 size fits all solution for these items!

Shannon van de Poel  

So far it meets all the business demands I need to reimburse my employees and works pretty flawlessly with my accounting software, Xero. However, it is difficult to reach customer service or technical staff online, so it has almost 0 customer service. Whenever I encounter difficulties, Google is my ultimate support.

Jennifer Jian  

Expensify has streamlined internal expense reporting for us to maintain internal controls and speed up the amount of admin time required to post expenses to Xero. Expensify also helped develop our internal billable expense reporting along with reimbursable expenses paid out of pocket.

Timothy Cofrin  


Erin Helms  

Easy integration w Xero, easy to roll out to users. In addition to the sales staff expenses -- Uber integration is particularly useful -- we are highly interested in a more efficient way to document expenses in Xero. The email forwarding function is very effective. Multi currency works fine. Unchecking the reimbursable box is a pain, and we have run into questions about when reports autoforwards to Xero and when they don't. Staff is helpful.

Kurt Oeler  

Expensify has been a great asset for my clients looking for a seamless expense reimbursement process. Clients love it, I love it. Their support is excellent as well!

Zachary Call  

Expensify is great for integrating our expensing with Xero.

Curtis Duggan  

It's great that this integration exists and can sync departments and accounts. It works 90% of the time perfectly. However, I do not understand some of the rules around the integration. Many times there have been double syncs without any warning from Expensify, leading to duplicate transactions in Xero which are a pain to go through and delete.

Lauren White  

Love expensify as it has created a very easy flow for reimbursing employees. Employees also enjoy the smartscan option.

Ola Baklid  

I love Expensify! We have traveling deployment specialists which made managing their expense reconciliation and reimbursements a nightmare. Now I just say, if it's not in Expensify it's not on a check :)

Michael Maxsenti  

We use expensify to track all of our sales employees travel and expenses. It has become an invaluable tool to keep track of our distant teams and eliminates the clutter of collecting all those receipts and statements.

Artie Trotter  

Expensify and Xero integration works great. Makes reconciling expense reports and reimbursements as breeze!

Jigar Patel  

Very easy to use and works great!

Alin Srivastava  

Expensify is a great tool to ensure receipts are saved and organized for my clients. It is very intuitive for the users and they are able to pick up the basic use quickly. Thank you Expensify!

Michelle Egan  

Fantastic integration. Setting up synchronized accounts is important but once this is up and running it is a seamless experience. I will continue to use this integration to handle expenses and accounting into the future. Customer support is also very strong.

William Matthews  

Expensify has been great for our non-profit in being our first expense management application. They were amazing with their customer support and always have the fastest response times to all questions that I know are difficult to answer. Definitely trust in their business to support all of our needs!

Jonathan Pham  

Love Expensify. Easy to use and love smartscan feature.

Mike Riess  

Overall this works nicely, however we are running into a glitch. When an expense report is approved in Expensify the sync to xero is unclear. Sometimes it is automatic, sometimes it is not. Also, it is messing up the importing of certain credit card statements, is generally very slow, and the customer support team is slow to respond.

Clayton Kossl  

Expensify is super simple to use. Just take a pix of the receipt and then let them do the rest to get reimbursed. And you can log on the website to see what expenses are pending, reimbursed, and processing. Importing credit cards also has been a great way to easily expense business expenses and not forgetting to submit them.

Rose Grech  


The API integration is very Basic. It would be much nicer if it was possible to include the scanned copy of Expensify billable receipts directly in the Xero invoice? This way our clients will be able to also see the original receipt.

Tags are not imported correctly

VAT is not flexible (20% or 0% only)


Finance MBC  

Overall this works nicely, however we are running into a glitch. When an expense report is approved in Expensify and syncs to Xero it is not being marked paid. This open bill is then importing to Bill.com and showing as a payable bill. BIG PROBLEM

Aaron Berson  

Simple, effective and down right brilliant. I use the app of my phone to take photos of receipts, my wallet is now no longer bulging with fading bits of paper.

Well done the Expensify Team

Ben Burch  

Hi Samantha,

My name is Ryan, and I'm on the marketing team here at Expensify. I'd love to help make sure your experience with Expensify is nothing but the best. It’s possible that your expense policy is slightly misconfigured. Could you reach out to help@expensify.com so we can make sure you get all setup?

Ryan Schaffer  

Even though I changed my currency settings to my native currency (AUD), the expense reports convert to USD making it completely useless for accounts. Trying a different app!

Samantha Wong  

I have just spent a morning reviewing this in detail. It looks promising from a number of perspectives, particularly the fact that 1 User can enter expenses for any other member of an organisation. This is the major limitation of Xero for us, which makes every employee enter their own expenses (CEO entering their expenses, ridiculous). So from that perspective great.
However is has a major flaw and that is the integration with Xero and treatment of tax (VAT for us). It does not work and relies on tax category settings in Xero so actually requires a manual check and edit for most line items.
This is a red flag for us as it means that it will probably take longer to do expense management than the Excel sheet I use now. However, if Tax treatment is not an issue for you then this product might be OK. Pricing look reasonable.

Martin Rowden  

As a consultant I love the simplicity of Expensify. Easy to create expense reports detailing what time I've spent doing what. And at the end of the month simple to submit the report for payment.
The employer can easily see how many hrs are worked and what's been covered in that time.

Vittoria Chan  

Expensify works great with Xero and makes life so much easier! No more excel spreadsheets and manual inputs; all the expenses and supporting docs are organized. Great App!

Elena Minton  

Expensify is a great tool to use with Xero. The submission process of an expense report to Xero is so easy. My experience has been a positive one. Their customer support team is very helpful too!

Adrienne Hart  

So far so good. I have one client that Expensify has been especially good for. The company employs sales people that load up on personal expenses for reimbursement and travel. Its policy settings allow salespeople to be 'forced' into getting all of the reimbursement documentation right before they can get paid out. It saves a lot of administrative headaches.

Avery Dorland  

I've been using Expensify for a few months now and I find the integration with Xero to be very great! I can export reports quite easily and Xero speaks well with Expensify in regards to categorizing expenses. :)

Dominique Tibbs  

The integration is quite easy and makes the expense process simple

Eric Van Cleve  

I've been using Xero now for the last six months and love it. I'm new to Expensify in the last two months and love how easy the transition to using it has been! Just awesome!

Lara O'Brien  

It's a great add-on!

Jennifer Robinson  

Expensify does well in keeping the accounting nice and simple. The account mapping works well, but the syncing of the expense reports can be a little more streamlined.

Robert Mah  

We found Expensify to be the ultimate expense report solution for our customers. Between standard expense reports to the new real-time reimbursements, we have the flexibility to offer our customers a solution that fits their needs. Although banking setup can be a chore due to compliance requirements, once it's up and running we have no complaints.

Rhett Molitor  

I manage both Expensify and Xero, and their seamless integration has been a lifesaver. I do not remember any issues at all with setting it up. The expense categories from Xero show up for all our users, and Xero export takes a single click. I hope to see the same ease of user experience with other apps as well.

Abhishek Kashyap  

Once we got it set up properly it's been easy, just hit the export to Xero button and over it goes awaiting payment, already coded to the correct accounts and departments.

Ian Thorn  

This sync allows us to easily match our contractors expenses without the messy data entry. Grateful for this app!

bookkeeper ornot  

I love telling my clients that there is a way throw away their paper receipts AND still have them in a safe place in the case of an audit. Now I can add in that they can be synced seamlessly into Xero. Thanks for helping me be their hero!

Dessina Storm  

From a pile of receipts and a haphazard way of reconciling expenses to a steam-lined, on the go process - Expensify is great. The integration with Xero allows for a pretty seamless integration with accounting software. Expensify makes it easy to track expenses, Xero makes it easy to account for them. Good work!

Scott Mueller  

Expensify is a time saving product. Especially around integration and syncing. Highly recommended.

Walt Spevak  

We have found using Expensify in Xero pretty seamless, though there have been a few challenges. Only having one super user able to export Expensify reports to Xero has caused problems, and the tagging system integration between Expensify and Xero is sometimes cumbersome. Overall we will definitely keep using the two tools together though.

Alix Dunn  

If find Expensify very easy to use. It allows me an audit trail of expenses in various stages; pending, approved, and completed. This function makes it easier for me verify all expenses have been reimbursed.

Sandie Balash  

Love the quick response from the expensify support team. Very easy and simple to use.expensify works well but it is quite annoying that I can't edit an invoice in xero that has pushed through from expensify, you have to find and recode. Also it would be a real time saver if items that are categorised in expensify could have those same tracking categories pushed through into xero.

Insaaf Kamedien  

For our small company, Expensify is very convenient. For our employees who travel, it eliminates the hassle of collecting paper receipts - the receipts are uploaded at the employee's convenience, and it's much easier to pass expense reports on to the approvers who can transfer the expenses into Xero with a single click.

David Eckmann  

The combination of Expensified and Xero make business accounting and budgeting easier to manage. If Xero could implement auto-emails to notify an admin when a new bill has been posted and needs approval they would have a home run. This feature would greatly enhance the workflow.

Christa Ferrari  

Expensify and Xero are both great programs which work well together. And they only get better as time goes on. Improvements are being made all the time, so if you have an issue or a change you would like see, just let the Expensify & Xero teams know and you may get your wish with upcoming releases.

Beverly Massey  

Expensify has changed the way we report on Expenses across the business. Managing three different global locations, this gives me greater transparency across all regions and allows for seamless synchronisation across all the different areas. The sync works greats. Terrific Xero add on.

Accounts Admin  

Expensify and xero work very well together, streamlining the entire process and minimising wasted time and excessive paperwork. Strongly support expensify.

Anne-Marie Ransby  

Being able to integrate Expensify into Xero with such ease has made a world of difference when it comes to reconciling expenses - an absolute breeze.

Kate Phibbs  

We're big fans of Expensify and it works great Xero. Straightforward, easy to use.

James Pace  

Expensify is awesome. Unlike before, we now spend almost no time on expense reports and the Xero integration is seamless. Highly recommended.

Chad Harrington  

Hey All! My name is Matt and I was part of the team responsible for updating our Xero integration. We are so happy to see that Expensify has helped improved the processes of businesses everywhere.

It looks like some of the folks leaving us reviews might not be aware of some of the awesome functionality that we have recently released. This would include support for tracking categories, non-reimbursable expenses, and marking bills as paid for reimbursed reports. For those that would like to see more check out the following:

To upgrade to v2

Full Xero support page

If you have any additional questions always feel free to send them to help@expensify.com!

P.S. Look out for billable expenses coming soon...

Matt Donaldson  

Expensify synced to xero is a huge incremental value add.

Thomas Fasullo  

I use Expensify with Xero, I did have an issue with syncing my categories but emailed Expensify support and they were prompt and fantastic at dealing with / resolving the problem.

Allan Bowe  

Big fan with a few small caveats.
I think they are improving the posting of tracking codes.
It also confuses people when they do their reimbursement setups. I can't see if they are setup, so I need to try to repay blindly. Annoying.
Other than that, braindead simple.

keith perry  

Simple to use and easy to integrate with Xero. It's made a huge difference to our expenses process. Would highly recommend.

Only downside is a few bugs in the software. However, support are quick to resolve.

Craig Adams  

Expensify is the easist expense system that I have come across and my team loves it.

It is simple, intuitive and so easy to learn.

Highly recommended

Elyse Jenkins  

Expensify has made reimbursing and keeping track of our team's expenses a breeze! Highly recommend!

Sofia Gracia  

Good and improving. I've used expensify for 4 years and was very happy even without integration with our ledger. Now we use Xero it makes things simpler for everybody. The process of getting receipts into expensify, submitting claims, authorising claims and exporting to Xero is easy. Not everything is as clear as it should be and you can only break individual expenses down to one tracking category and then I have to re-input them in Xero but it's easier than the alternatives.
Apps, emails, dropbox, browser extensions, if you can think of a way of submitting expenses it is probably covered by expensify.

Rob Tìgeir  

Expensify has just done an update and now I can't export the reports from Expensify to Xero - all the save information have been reset. The error message is "but some have expenses that are not categorized with a Xero account"

Under Categories, I have ticked the accounts 'enable' a couple days of ago, I have sync'd the connection and it still doesn't work.

Also Expensify doesn't not deal with VAT at all.

Their UI could be better as well, new users are confused with Expensify's process

But once it works, it does save time.

Sofia Kallin  

As a company with a large sales force, naturally we have a ton of expense claims to deal with - Expensify has made it simple for us a finance team, for the people claiming and the integration to Xero saves a ton of time by automating the accounts posting of these claims.

Paul Bone  

Xero has been a great resource for leveraging integrations and automation with third party tools.

Brennan de Raad  

I would love to see the Tags and Tracking integrated between Expensify and Xero. That is the one thing that would make my life so much easier!

Tanya Stephens  

Easy for employees to use and integrates well with Xero.

Teri Kelly  

We started using Expensify several months ago and are wondering why we didn't do it sooner. Previously we had issues with employees taking way too long to submit expenses simply because they were avoiding the headache of the old spreadsheet and hardcopy receipt system. In my role as CFO it not only was having to hound employees painful, but then having to process manually the reports into Xero was me least favourite task.

Now our employees have the Expensify app installed on their devices allowing them to record expenses on the fly, photo capture the receipt then throw it away. As CFO I can see the progress of expenses through the month so by the time the expense reports are submitted I know what to expect.

And the ease of syncing with Xero, tracking approval and reimbursements is a god send, saving me and employees so much time each month to spend on value add tasks.

We have even started using Expensify to replace our old paper based/spreadsheet Petty Cash/Office expense system. All receipts are captured electronically, expense tracked throughout the month making end of month petty cash reporting much simpler.

Kendall Cordes  

We use Expensify in all our operating companies across the globe and the best features are the FX and the tagging which now works really well with XERO.

Daniela Scarpa  

The 3xScreen team loves Expensify - it is quick and easy for staff to scan expenses and create reports, staff get expenses reimbursed as soon as they submit their reports and, now the Expensify App can also code expenses against Xero tracking categories, there is only a little effort required to update claims once they are in Xero to ensure VAT is/isn't included as appropriate.

Scott Robinson  

I have been using expensify for a long time. Not sure it moves the direction I was hoping or is as intuitive as I would like, but overall it does make life a little easier. The pricing seem reasonable for what they provide. My biggest constructive criticism is I wish they prioritized the accountant and accountancy workflow higher than they currently do. A lot of there features, functionality, and UI is built around individuals instead of power users like accountants.

Tim Donohoue  

Overall good though a bit confusing as expenses from expensify appear as "unpaid" bills even if the expense has been reimbursed through expensify.

Christa Preston  

Expensify has saved me tons of time when it comes to reconciling credit card statements, and processing expense reports. The sync process between Expensify and Xero has a couple minor bugs, but they are always working on making it better. It probably saves me 5-10 hours a week.

Kevin Kihlstrom  

Expensify has saved us time with expense reimbursements and credit card reconciliations. The only issue we have w/ credit card imports is that the vendors often do not pick up and match to the vendor in Xero and subsequently leave the vendor as "Expensify". This can be time consuming to go back in and edit all these transactions.

Lisa Barker  

Expensify has certainly saved myself and my team a great deal of time especially in dealing with expense claims involving multiple currencies and posting to Xero

Scott Witters  

Expensify is a great tool and works seamlessly with Xero, It helps to automate expense reports, the bane of our sales team, and has been a welcome addition to our organizational systems, giving our finance team all required records to adequately support company expense reporting.

Detroit Thomas  

Expensify is easy to use and makes expense accounts transparent.

Elizabeth Cotter  

Realtime Expense Reports feels equally magical, but its trick is making the expense report itself... disappear! It works like this (and all of these are individually configurable, so you can have as much or as little automation as you like, and dial it up gradually over time):

1) It starts with "automatic report creation" and "auto-reporting". Before, you needed to create your expense report before you could put anything on it. However, reports are a construct for accounting -- they don't really mean anything to the individual submitter, who really thinks in terms of one receipt at a time. So now, we just create the report for you: just take a picture of the receipt (or make a purchase with your corporate card) and voila, the report appears exactly as your accountant wants, with the expense automatically placed on it.

Jordan Zoot  

I have used Expensify for 4 years now. Over that time, it has save my accounting team countless hours and our users (hundreds of employees) love using it.

The new integration with Xero is wonderful and I know they will continue to support it and make the integrations stronger in the coming months.

Seriously, if you are looking to manage a corporate card or employee expense reimbursement, use Expensify. You can thank me later.

If you think Expensify can't do something, just ask for a support coach to help set you up. Ive never seen a problem they can't solve or put on the roadmap.

David Wieseneck  

Expensify gives us the ability to automate our clients' expense claims and document management. Best of all, it syncs seamlessly with Xero! Our clients love it and so do we.

Nick Pasquarosa  

Expensify is my go-to for clients who have multiple corporate cardholders. Tracking down 15+ staff members to ask what they bought at Amazon is a huge time suck for any business. With Expensify you put the burden on your staff to ensure everything is coded correctly. You get the final control of approving the reports and expense coding. Once approved you click a button and the expenses are synced in to Xero - a huge time saver!

Catherine Fogarty  

Currently the only expense claim solution I recommend to my clients. Simple integration, user friendly, yet built out enough to support any company size. Not to mention the support is great!

Brian Haffey  

Currently the best expense reimbursement tool offered. Expensify emphasizes the importance of simplicity and functionality more-so than any other expense reporting solution available.

Matthew Manning  

The integration between Xero and Expenisfy is bar none one of the best. Handling receipt management, employee reimbursements, and billable items there is no other add-on that can further streamline a businesses' efficiencies with just one platform.

Steven Muller  

Managing receipts and reimbursable expenses has never been easier since utilizing Expensify!

Kerri Sallie  

Great value added software to our business! Never again will we fear expense reimbursements. We loved that they offered ACH direct deposit reimbursement!

Nicholas Mitchell  

Expensify has automated expense reports and has made receipt storage easy and organized. Not to mention how nicely it syncs with Xero. A++ Software

Alexis Schneider  

Expensify and Xero work perfect together. Expenify has made receipt management a breeze! We no longer fear losing or misplacing receipts, and our receipts are very easy to access as well. This is a match made in heaven, a true work of art!

Branden Guzzi  

Expensify has been a great tool that we have added to our business! It is truly a pleasure and helps to automate expense reports

Brandon Wasser  

Not too impressed with the integration. Taken a long time to get expensify to match the categories, get the vat right etc and this only comes with a $5 per user charge from Expensify!
When transfer to Xero, all of the VAT rates etc either default to 20% or to no vat. This means still have to go through line by line. Pretty basic issue that I am very surprised is still in there.

Would be much better if Xero developed the expense entry using the app to allow for non standard vat amounts and also to input mileage claims.

Karl Douglas  

Expensify is an incredible tool to use with Xero. The submission process of an expense claim to Xero is so simple. There are very few steps required to the Expensify/ Xero method. It is such a time saving process. My experience has been positive thus far.

Amy Bush  

We have had very few issues with the Expensify/Xero integration. One suggestion - is it possible to set the date of the expense report in Xero based on a date in the report (e.g. the last date of a receipt) when it is exported from Expensify to Xero? It currently uses the date the report was submitted in Expensify.

Andy Meiers  

When importing from Expensify, how do you stop Xero taking out VAT of every expense?? We obviously do not want this to happen when there are a lot of zero rated transactions.

Nicole Coleman  

Many of my colleagues and myself consider Expensify to be the "best of breed" when it comes to receipt tracking and expense reports. I place every client on it upon on-boarding. They have a variety of customizable options to suit any company's needs with Xero as well as have an accessible support team! Thanks Expensify for being so great!

Kirsten Barrie  

Hey just letting you know that as this is the review page for Expensify, you're only about to comment once (for the one review). If you'd like to continue this conversation and ask questions please head over to the Using Xero Add-ons page - thanks!

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

James, any chance that you can elaborate on your solution with the CSV? Are you saying that you set up an export CSV in Expensify that matches the format for Xero import, and then manually export and import the CSV for each submitted report?

Rich Boltizar  

We are looking at using expensify but really need the ability to use tags and other fields from expensify to map into the tracking categories in Xero. Any timeline on when this could be implemented? Any workarounds?

Actually, I have worked out that you can design an exported csv file in the Expensify export reports editor that works.

You design a CSV export report that EXACTLY matches the columns in the Xero bill csv import template. For tracking categories hard code the names and then link the data from expensify to the option columns.

Takes a bit of fiddling to get the VAT right and the timings but it works.

Not quite the completely automated solution but works fine for now

James Houlder  

Ditto on the tracking/Tags integration. This is a pretty basic requirement. Any workarounds?

Mike Long  

Hi Jason,

Are you able to confirm whether there are plans to integrate the Tags/Tracking categories from Expensify into Xero? That is a big requirement for a potential client of mine.


Richard Britten-Kelly  

I use Expensify w/Xero for my practice. Works 98% perfectly (I'd like to be able to code the username to match the username I use in Xero ) - otherwise zero complaints.

I also did a trial run for a client (who hired a new CFO and went with a traditional accounting package for a lot more money (including features they will never use). The problem here is they used tracking info and that info (tags) did not transfer over. I'm told that's being solved in the next quarter or so.

A few years later and several more clients on Expensify, I just put it up with a growing company. THEY LOVE IT!!!. It's a start-up where most of the C-Team worked for a $9 Billion company and they can't stop raving about its simplicity.

Wayne Spivak  

I've just been speaking to a company that use Expensify and are setting up on multi currency Xero. How does the integration work, if expenses are logged in Expensify in a particular currency, say US Dollars, does this come through into Xero as a purchase invoice in US Dollars? Then US Dollars have to already have been set up in Xero, if the base currency is different?
Thank you

Nicola Wilson