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FLEX Financial Reporting

Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Reporting

4.9 out of 5 stars
Based on 110 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and FLEX Financial Reporting, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About FLEX Financial Reporting

FLEX Financial Reporting gives you direct access to Xero and Xero Practice Manager. Build the reports you want with the data you need using the power and flexibility of MS Excel.
For more information, check out FLEX Financial Reporting.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with FLEX Financial Reporting, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For support contact FLEX Financial Reporting via email.

Seems like everyone likes it. Does it not work with 365? I activated it just as the video says and the additional look does not appear. No QuickWin or Xero connection options. Not changes to the look at all, meaning, I can't get it to work.

Karen Brady  

Great product. Highly recommended

Nick Hanson  

QWD Excel Addon is great. When someone says 'hey I need to know XYX, but the report doesn't exist in Xero' I open QWD Excel Addon and in minutes I have the report they are after. This is a super powerful addon and well worth the investment.

I'd love to see QWD develop a cash flow addon for Excel. Then I would be heaven!

Brenton O'Brien  

THE QWD Excel Addon is a great tool for both reporting and month end reconciliations. I've also been using it for consolidations and what previously took hours now takes minutes.
I highly recommend this product.

Alistair Jarvis  

Support is quick.
QWD works and so far, most of the things we need to do can be done using QWD, but it does require a lot of messing around and manipulation in Xero to get answers that should be available in Xero.

Joe Noble  

Great product for those proficient in excel and now essential to our financial reporting. Have and will continue to recommend.


Verity Groves  

Quick Win Development is an essential addon for those wanting to further analyse their Xero data using excel. I found that we could not quite get the granularity we wanted from Xero directly but installing the addon meant we could easily download invoice details each month and check them against other information not contained in Xero, to reconcile everything before invoices were sent out. This saved huge amounts of time in the long run by avoiding errors and minimising customer enquiries.
I thoroughly recommend this product.

Michelle Gardner  

Quick Win Development is a fantastic addon which allows you to take the reporting from Xero to a new level, by extracting the information into Excel. The flexibility of reporting is very impressive and the support service offered has been excellent.

Hywel Williams  

Quick Win have developed an invaluable tool for anyone requiring an efficient and cost effective method for linking to and reporting Xero data from within Excel.

Clint B  

I've been using the QWD Excel Integration tool for about 6 months, This is a must have if you are a Excel power user. Email support and video training tutorials are also very good.

Kevin Davis  

QWD Excel Integration is as invaluable as it is understated. As an Accountancy company, reporting management accounts in formats other than those provided in Xero – previously an arduous, time-consuming task – is now a breeze. Even producing reports and group comparatives for clients with multiple organisations is now no more than a five minute job.

Knowledge of Power Query and Power Pivot are necessary to get the most out of this simple and effective tool. Support is fast and the instructional videos provided are very useful. Cannot recommend enough.

Tom Hurst  

Xero development is impressive and they listen to customer requests but if you are like me and want more immediate control over multiple companies for quick results then Quick Win have the solution. It just works and gives you control in excel to craft the reports you want. This app has saved me hours, literally days of manually exporting Xero reports. As an ops director of an organisation rather than controller/accountant, the tool is straightforward to use and immediately accessible to the lay person. Highly recommended.

Jon Grayson  

Great tool that allows us to report on a whole new level. Automating was made easier and pulling data was easy.

Great videos and has really great instructions to start you off. Cheap for what it is!

Din Fang  

Great way to get around the reporting limitations in Xero. Easy to install using the instructions provided by QWD. Easy to use even for those of us who are not Excel gurus. Enables us to tailor our financial reporting just the way we like to see it.

Sandra May  

A great product, allows us to play with data in ways xero just cannot do.

A great addon for a great accounting package.

Makes my life easier. Try it. you will not be disappointed.

Allen Bolderoff  

QWD saves time for the Xero bookkeeper, quickly exporting un-coded bank transactions saves time exporting, copy, paste and formatting to send to clients with queries. Really useful tool resulting in improved productivity for bookkeepers. The ability to export and summarise information out of Xero at a click is great. Superior excel skills not required as it works so well behind the scenes. Thank you QWD

Jan Clogg  

This is an extremely powerful add on which we have used to construct a financial model on the back on. This would not be possible without QWD Excel Integration. This software an be used to easily and quickly produce dashboards and it has proven to be an incredibly useful for our business.

Bryan Corfield  

Quick Win Development has the best customer support in the industry. Responses to emails were helpful and nearly instantaneous. I have worked with a variety of different add-ons and I have to say that this is far and away the most helpful one by far. If you have ever had to compile a financial statement from multiple entities, you understand how difficult and frustrating it can be. This tool makes the hardest part of that process nearly instantaneous and is so easy to use! I love it!

Charlie Zigmond  

Finally - no more Banklink.

This add-on allows us to generate the old Banklink coding report for the few clients who still like their paper.

QWD allows us to easily generate this report for all clients within a few minutes.

The online tutorials are very good and Ruairi (the developer) is great to deal with and always happy to help.

Highly recommended.

Michael Henderson  

I have been looking for a product that will allow me to basically automate my own personal set of financial reports that I set up for a particular group of clients. With a bit of Excel knowledge QWD does the job that I need and does it well. Now I can simply make sure the client's Xero file is up-to-date and with a click of a button their monthly financials are done, how I want and in my own format.

Great stuff and great support too. 5 stars.

Varis Klimaitis  

Great tool for reporting.

We have several Xero accounts, and this lets us automatically generate consolidated statements for all of our reporting. Service was good too--fast answers to questions.

Would recommend.

Frank Beling  

Excellent tool that allows you to link any number of output reports to a detailed table linked to Xero. This allows you to customise reports once, then update the content by simply updating the source table. I would recommend to all but especially those who want to get that little bit more detail from their reports.

Peter Davies  

Excellent time saver, although need to be good on excel it's a very cost effective tool.

Jane Kilpatrick  

For the busy and forward looking Accountant this is a massive time saver, provides seamless data extraction from Xero, speeding up the process of Management & Final Accounts production. Very powerful add on

Duncan Jones  

Fantastic tool to automate reporting and get extra information out of Xero that is not available through the standard reports. It is particularly useful for us for reporting on categories and I can see it becoming more useful the more we use it.

Brendan Toner  

I just wanted the comfort of having a back-up of all my data on my own server and QWD does the trick and its easy and flexible when you want to extract any data. Love it.

Simon Gubbins  

Thanks to QWD we speed up comprehensive monthly reporting for almost 30 companies to a level that makes it possible to improve our services even more. Using the tool is easy and the data extracted can be manipulated fast to put it in the format you need. Fully recommendable!

Terp Admin  

An excellent way to extract data from Xero without having to manually export reports and copy paste. Makes building custom reports much easier without having to learn how to use the Xero API yourself.

Also a fan of the one off upfront fee pricing structure. Other developers charge ongoing monthly fees for apps that offer much less functionality and flexibility.

Michael McManus  

Had a client who wanted to work out interest and admin fees for overdue accounts. Was dreading it. Was able to use QWDs Excel Integration to extract the invoice data, run some macros and generate the interest and fees. It now takes about 2 minutes to run each month!! Well worth the license.

Peter McCarroll  

We spent a fair amount of time looking for a great Excel integration solution, and this tool is by far the simplest and easiest to use. We need to consolidate 6 Xero companies and refresh functionality makes that so quick to report each time we add changes. I also love this tool for extracting billing information and invoice detail quickly and in a format I can then build reporting from and refresh easily. Ruairi's support is also excellent and very responsive. The training videos are great and get you 99.9% of the way there. Great product at a great price.

Nichola Gardner  

I agree with the reviews to date. We have over hundred entities setup in Xero. Excel Integration Tool is an easy way to extract data from Xero across all companies without having to login into every single one of them. I find the Batch Export function particularly useful.

Great value for money! Great customer service!

Helena Stafford  

This is the best Xero Add On available for reporting. We use it for our reporting, which includes the consolidation of a group of 10 companies. None of the other reporting tools caters fully for multicurrency consolidations. Most of the other Add Ons are not flexible enough and thus frustrating.

At this price, one cannot make a mistake in buying. No monthly fees. Just a fair purchase price. The support is also excellent.

Louise Wolf  

The QWD Excel tool is a really useful way to extract and analyse data. It has allowed me to build weekly dashboards and cashflow reports. An excellent way to unlock data in Xero.

Sean Bundy  

I trialed numerous add-on software to Xero to allow our company to accurately forecast our cashflow without having to perform any double entry. None of them had the features we required.

The QWD integration with Excel has provided us with everything we need to feed our cashflow spreadsheet directly from Xero. It has become an indispensable part of our financial planning.

I would highly recommend this to all Xero users.

15/5/2015: Update. I emailed Ruairi from QWD just 4 days ago to make a suggestion for an enhancement to the integration. Lo and behold, he responded today with a new version of the software with the feature I had requested. Thumbs up!!

Nathan Funston  

Simple way to analyse data using the power of Excel. We use this for Job Tracking

Ray Lee  

This add on fills the gaps that Xero reports don't cover. I especially like the views and the flexibility it offers to filter and arrange your data as you prefer. If you love Excel you will love this add on.

A&R Accounts  

Wonderful way to capture data straight from Xero and produce custom reports & Dashboards in Excel.

Juan Velasco  

Amazing! QWD helps me to work more efficiently. It is very easy to use and save me many tedious work.

Foresight Admin  

Simple to install, reasonably simple to set up & use. I've found it incredibly useful on a lot of occasions and absolutely invaluable in one area. We use one of Xero's trackng fields for project numbers and Xero doesn't particularly like it. We used to run a monthly report on them in Xero, but recently passed some sort of threshold with the numbers of projects we are reporting on. Xero falls over every time it tries to run the report. This excel add on handles it perfectly - quicker & more reliable than Xero itself. Without it, we'd have had to completely change the way we use Xero or even leave it behind completely.

Really useful product to Excel users who are at least moderately proficient.

Traevis Goode  

I find the Excel Integration tools very useful for month end procedures and use it to export data to excel templates and power pivot for reporting.

chris parker  

When I first changed to Xero I sorely missed the reporting tools of my last accounting system. If it was not for this add on I would have had to go back as I cannot extract sales information in the format I need. QWD Excel Integration Tools allows me to get any info I need in the format I need. Gold!

Gary McDonald  

This is an excellent tool for Excel/Xero integration. Highly recommended.
It has enabled us to automate components in our Excel based workpapers.

We have developers that use the Xero API. This makes it easy to extract data from Xero to use for proof of concept product ideas. Design teams can easily see what is available via the API withing having to use high level technical resources. Great for prototypes.

Max Telford  

Exactly the tool that I was looking for- was very excited to have found it. Works beautifully, haven't noticed any glitches. Be sure to check out the tutorials - I am a fairly advanced excel user and the tutorials taught me a few useful things.

Brendan Nolan  

5 Most Obvious Reasons that you should use QWD Excel Integration Tools :

1. For the first time since our accounting forefather in Mesopotamia, Xero is talking with Excel. Forget the dark days of translating for Xero and Excel, and let them actually work for us. With QWD Excel Integration Tools, you get to download every single data you have on Xero, in neat excel format.

2. Data are presented in nice neat excel table, preformatted, much easier for your precious eyes, much less time spent to tidy up, compile and look for errors – you know how much a headache it is to do these over Xero’s “beautiful” interface while your kids are playing wow next door.

3. Do not get limited by the spoon fed reports Xero provide. Extract only the relevant data, prepare your own tailor made report, that suites your organizations real need, without a click of button, this is a nice neat app that will improve your value to the organization, doesn’t matter you are a book keeper, an accountant, a manager or a business owner.

4. Once off payments, forever updates. You cannot actually believe – it is too good to be true, nearly, it is not a monthly subscription product.

5. Obviously the developer is aiming for something way bigger than this little app. With their cloud backup service “ledgerbackup” there are just no more sleepless nights praying for good health of Xero CEO (and bless their servers); and do not get me wrong, backup is vital, cloud backup is one of the efficient and cost effective way to protect your financial intellectual assets, doesn’t matter how big or how small your organization is going to be. But, if you are overly-cautious nut-head like I do, there are never enough cloud backups and cloud backups of cloud backups will give me any good night sleep. A piece of black and write print out works best for me, a .xls that I can hug and kiss will just do, so, you know, in case of zombie apocalypse, internet goes down, we still get to enjoy our time on our beloved reports, budgets and payable.

Alan Cheng  

This is a great and price appropriate add-on feature. Whilst I am a fan of Xero's its biggest weakness is it's reporting options. It is very frustrating to know that your data is in the software but not being able to run reports with the desired filters to produce your report. This add-on helps overcome this issue with the added benefit of not needing to extract reports into excel as a simple click of the refresh button from within excel and the data is refreshed.

Lisa Geier  

I've used this add-on to create some customised reports for one of my key clients. It has allowed me to dig into the Xero data and present it in ways not possible in Xero. It does require a reasonable working knowledge of Excel to do so, but it does open up a very useful means of generating many different reports if you have that knowledge.

Peter Illingworth  

As Finance Manager of a not for profit organisation I am all for anything that reduces costs, boost efficiency, and basically makes life easier for the team. This add on does all of the above. And I have to agree with the other reviews about the top service and response from Ruairi. I posted a question and had a reply with the solution within hours.

Brett Kennedy  

This application combines two great products and allows you to leverage the data captured in Xero and use it in any way you like.
Flexible and affordable.

mi-fi Accounts  

As someone who extensively reviews products in the Xero eco-system I was blown away by the high calibre of enthusiasts that continually rave about QWD Excel Integration Tools.
If you are offering any form of value add-on service to your clients – then you must have QWD Excel Integration Tools in your tool-kit.
You will find unlimited uses for it, but at a very elementary level, you can use it to backing up your Xero data – here is a short video I created Backing up Xero data using QuickWinDevelopments Excel Integration Tool

Heather Smith  

One of the weaknesses of any accounting system will be its ability to easily extract data. Unfortunately Xero is no exception here.

However, the QDS Excel addon cost effectively bridges the gap within Xero to allow users to easily report in Excel without having expert Excel skills.

I recommend it for anyone using Xero who needs the extra reporting capability and has at least a medium skill level with Excel.

Craig Corby  

We are an outsourced accounting firm using Xero as a fund accounting solution for non-profits.

The QWD Excel addon is simply the best tool we've found for extracting data from Xero to enable us to create Donation Statements, Fund Detail reporting and Consolidated reporting across multiple locations.

A good working knowledge of Excel is a plus but if you are used to reporting in Excel you will find the addon a snap to use.

Greg Thomas  

Easy, intuitive, very helpful and time saving! It makes data inmediatly processable and saves you the copy-paste-cycle from Xero to Excel. Reporting is becomes child's play.

katja kaiser  

With quite a lot of clients we have standard management reports in Excel. This makes it very easy to get the data out and link it to other information for additional analysis. Especially useful for tracking code reporting, as that is not well catered for in the Xero interface itself. Can see that we could take this much further for account enquiries, balance sheet reconciliations etc

Paul Winnan  

Reporting is Xero's Achilles heal. The QuickWin add-on addresses this weakness by giving you access to all of the available Xero API, so you can make your own reports. It gives you access to all of the basic tables, plus a few extra views. If you don't understand databases, this is still very useful as the YouTube guides take you through the basics of how to make this work. I recommend this to all my clients.

David Bryon  

We migrated our general ledger from CODA to Xero. Part of the decision revolved around being able to extract the data fro Xero in a quick and efficient manner in order to be able to produce management and annual reports and accounts. Quickwin Development have provided just the right tool for this. The Quickwin excel add-in allows us to quickly interrogate the Xero and produce our reports as quickly as we used to. Excuse tghe pun, but it was a quick win for us!

Andrew Knatchbull  

This is a great time saving addon especially if you are spending a lot of time exporting various reports from Xero into Excel. I can drill down on Sales by Item reports instantly, create simple dashboards and easily analyse data. Thank you!!

Effie Gelagotis  

So far so good, this add-in is incredible and not only useful just for Xero. We are using it for consolidation and this really does the trick. Intuitive and just what is needed to add an excellent accounting package. Thanks!

Jonathan Levy  

SO simple, yet SO powerful. I had been searching for an add-on that would enable me to filter sales invoice data by invoice branding theme - QWD added it based on a simple email request from me before I had even purchased their tool. Outstanding!!! Needless to say, I paid them without delay and it's proving worth every cent. Have also purchased the Outlook tool for my time and billing - the best by far. QWD rocks!

Update on 26-Feb-2015: Stand by my original review and rating. Been using this for approx six weeks now and it remains one of my most useful Xero helpers. It has also encouraged me to improve my own Excel skills in order to make the most of its functionality :-)

Sonet Venter  

This is the best add-on you can ever buy. It allows you to create your own report in your own format - and customized to your business. I cannot even begin to tell you how insane crazy good their support is. I'm extremely thankful to everyone at QWD for their Excel Integration Tool.

Vincent De Leon  

Very powerful tool for reporting. I have just started to use QWD but I can see the potential to use this as financial/management reporting. Excellent value for money. One-off charge NO ongoing or annual subscription cost.

Daniel Regulla  

For anyone frustrated by Xero's limited reporting capability this app is a must. It cracks open the Xero API black box and allows anyone one a few basic excel skills to construct their own custom reports. I have also been using it with MS access, drawing the raw data into Excel and then connecting to my database. Many people have commented on the developer's responsiveness and I can confirm that. Questions were answered within minutes and solutions offered soon after.

XCentral Accounts  

This add-on will pay for itself in an hour! I have barely scratched the surface of what it is really capable of (lots of great training videos still to watch), but I was able to access a client table with over 14,000 line items today, and use Excel to intelligently detect the errors in the data, and then go back into Xero to correct. Priceless.

Mark Naude  

The tool is saving us a lot of manual work to prepare reports. Very easy to get lot of information on Excel. Use the trial and you will be convinced in minutes.

Ignacio Campo  

Really good tool if you have experience with excel. I am currently using it to help produce consolidated reports for a client who has a number of Xero ledgers. The ability to pull the information automatically into excel allows you to customise the reporting anyway you like.

Nick Dickson  

This tool is great as it accesses a lot of the data available via the API. The developer is also really reponsive which is always great.

Mark Lawton  

As our organisation has very unique reporting requirements, I went looking for a tool that would meet our specific needs. When I found QWD, my problems were solved. The flexibility the excel integration tool gives is unparalleled. Now I can construct reports exactly to our requirements. Plus the developer is very responsive to any questions that I have. I highly recommend this add on.

Matthew Bird  

This tool is very useful for extracting information from Xero. Especially when you have more than one Xero subscription. Has enabled me to save a lot of time. The tables that get updated work really well. Highly recommend.

Gus Mair  

A great product to allow you to easily pull a lot of the Xero data into Excel to allow greater reporting. I have used it to set up a consolidated report with 14 group companies and two different currencies. The clients are amazed at how quickly we can update any changes posted to the Xero ledger. Highly recommended and a great spur to learn more about Excel!

Warren Keogh  

This is a must have tool for anyone using Excel with Zero. It provides instant access to the Xero data with no programming - it just works!

-Easy to install and configure
-Integration with Xero takes just minutes
-Saves us hours of time each month, paid for itself within days

Thanks QWD!

Dean Northey  

I love this add on as it enable me to create endless customise reports for my clients using Excel functionalities. I would recommend this to anyone who is comfortable with Excel.

If this can also be modified to work with Access that would be so good.

Keep up the good work!

Linh-Co Dang  

This is the best add-on to integrate Xero data with Excel. An absolute must have for anyone serious about business analysis. The capability and flexibility of this tools allows for multiple connections to separate Xero organisations, allowing easy comparisons and benchmarking, whilst still retaining the transaction level data for easy issue identification and rectification.

We use it to ensure data quality and provide transaction level reporting that is flexible and variable, without being restricted by 'pretty' formatting, headings and query parameters.

Andrew Syme  

This product is excellent and can be used to provide extensive reporting and when combined with Excel/VBA this makes a very flexible and scale-able reporting tool for Xero. The support from the company has been excellent and is highly recommended

Travis Rosevear  

I have been using the Quickwin Development Excel add-on for several months now and couldn't live without it. Reporting in Xero is very good but the ability to drop raw data into Excel gives you infinite possibilities. The interface is tricky to set up but the instruction are excellent so you shouldnt have any problems. Once set up it is very straightforward to pull data tables into Excel.
Once your Excel model is set up its a simple matter to refresh the link to Xero and pull down the latest month data.

I use it every week for:
- data quality checks - download invoice lines and check nominal codes / tracking codes against various "rules" we have to ensure staff are coding consistently. Also as part of this can look at nominal codes used for each supplier code, a great way to identify rogue nominal codes.
- Job costing transactions - I know Xero don't like or recommend too many tracking codes, but we are using it for Job costing and with this add-on you can produce list s of transactions by tracking code, which is great for finding transactions booked to our various jobs. I haven't found an easy way to do this using the reporting tools.

I also use it for countless one off queries.

Thoroughly recommended, relatively cheap and in my experience the support is first class.

Andrew Wardle  

Very useful tool which helps accountants who need excel as a comfort blanket for reporting. It is very useful to pull different companies into the same dashboard for reporting to board level.

Christine Vaughan  

Great add-on tool, allows flexibility in reporting and formatting. Also, nice that there is a one-off charge for this add-on, rather than ongoing costs!

Angela Davies  

We've integrated QWD's Excel add-on into our Excel/VBA monthly management reporting process.

In terms of time saved, we anticipate the add-on paying for itself in the first month.

To be able to produce customised timely reports from Xero efficiently is valuable!

Martin Fitzpatrick  

QWD Excel integration tools have opened up Xero Transaction files so we can now give our clients the sales analysis our clints have been screaming out for and have been missing. This is was a game changer for us and well worth the investment.

Saved us from having to move two clients off Xero and back to Quickbooksonline.

Daryl Bonney  

We looked at a few Excel plugins - our immediate need is to support the migration of a client away from Sage onto Xero, whilst enabling the business to continue as is. Our ideal was, therefore, to simply use the same spreadsheets we use for reporting to start with, moving the data source from Sage to Xero.

The QuickWin plugin was the best bet for this, and we've trialled without problems. Now we've bought a number of licenses and we're busy using it - initially to ensure continuity within the business, but I'm sure as we get more proficient with it, we'll be using it for loads of other stuff.

Brian Senior  

Just a quick note to let you know I purchased your Excel Integration software. I think it is excellent and it will save me heaps of time with Xero. I have 5 companies and I can now bring all the data into Xero quickly and with zero errors.

Dean Holmes  

These tools are a fantastic way of extracting data from Xero for reporting and analysis. It has proven to be especially useful for extracting data across multiple company files for comparison and reporting. It refreshes quickly, and speeds up repetitive tasks and data manipulation.

Michael Amaro  

A really useful tool. We use QWD Excel Integration Tools for consolidated reporting. It has enabled us to build a series of Excel Workbooks which can be updated at the click of a button. The time saved pays for the license fee many times over.

Ruairi is extremely helpful often responding to our queries within minutes. The online help videos are also very instructive making it easy to get started using the addon.

Matthew Brazier  

Excellent. I use it every day. Xero reporting is good but this is the quickest and easiest way to grab numbers and build custom reports. Easy to install and link to Xero and I am surprised at how quickly the data can be downloaded and later refreshed. Has some pre-built BI analytics as well. (I did try some of the other excel based products and this is better).

Angus Johnson  

Great enhancement to the in-built Xero reporting capabilities, with the refreshable data link the tool allows between Excel and Xero allowing for efficient creation of custom reports in Excel, including reporting on tracking code data.

Ian Jagger  

With limited reporting in Xero itself, this tool is essential for developing quality Excel Reports. The add-in eliminates any need for spending big $$$ developing your own tools and cost next to nothing.
Ruairi has been really responsive with any queries we have had.
All in all a great service.

Matthew Hodder  

Essential for flexible reporting and extracting most of what you need. The developer has also demonstrated great flexibility in adding improvements I had requested at virtually a moments notice.

Greg Borchard  

I have found the excel add-on from QWD to install quickly and easily, to work well with Xero security, intuitive and easy-to-use but with good you-tube videos. The sample reports are an awesome feature, these are all set up and when you refresh the data of the organisation you select populates with the filters you select. It has tracking category as a field you can drag and drop into your pivot tables.This product enables automation of reporting, flexibility and power of reporting. Well worth the small investment.

Jack Schierhout  

Essential Xero add on for anyone who wants to back-up or analyse their Xero data in Excel.

Trial is free and took me just 10 minutes to set-up and sync data from Xero. Recommended.

Ray Badminton  

For any person who prefer to get data from Xero into Excel quickly and without the hassle of copying and pasting, this is real good tool. It also includes information that is not in Xero reports, but sometimes useful to have, such as unique id's etc. Definitely worth the small investment.

Jacques Malan  

Absolute lifesaver. I needed to export all employee data from Xero and this tool went most of the way there while Xero allowed me to extract very little through its own reports. There was one important part I was missing and Ruairi built it in the next day so I could get all the data I needed!

Very happy to have found this and Ruairi could not have been more helpful or efficient.

Joanne Smith  

The QWD Excel Integration Tool allows us to customise reports to our clients specific needs. Reports can maintain links to Xero which can be refreshed as required. It makes the reporting process in Xero effortless and seamless, and allows us to provide accurate, timely & well presented custom reports to clients.

Tanya Titman  

Its early days for me and I'm still using the trials, but this add-on is just what I need and gets around some pretty serious reporting deficiencies in Xero. Very helpful supporting services and incredibly responsive too. I'm sure Xero could learn from him!

Peter Harding  

Love it, worked perfectly.

14 day free trial, lots of features, robust overall far more than I expected. This is a Xero essential for anyone even mildly interested in reporting.

Support from the developer was quick,friendly and I cant recommend this enough.

Robert Barrett  

Awesome add-on!! With access to all available data in Xero, synced directly to excel, the possibilities are endless. This add-on outperforms all other add-ons I have seen, and I have seen a lot.

The support is also second to none. I have received almost instant reponses to my queries directly from the developer.

David McKellar  

Still getting around with this, but it is fair to say it is a very good and easy to use add on.

Alex Chen  

This is an awesome product.

I've tried several other reporting Xero add-ons and they all good at what they do, but only allow very limited tailoring, which hasn't worked for a single client of ours.
This allows so much I can not think of any limitation, other than my excel skills.

If you only have half a brain with excel you will be able to do more with this than anything else I've seen so far, its that good for reporting, KPI's, dashboard, etc.
It even allows you to consolidate different companies and budget data.

Also, Ruairi is great at responding to all my queries.

Buy this before they put the price up or start charging subscription, it is a Gem

Gideon Lawrence  

There is no need for any other reporting addon. QWD (Quick Win Development) does everything you can dream up in the report arena. Thanks to the developer, the program is running in XP as well if the DotNet and Office Runtimes are downloaded, then the VSTO file is run from an IE8 window. With Excel Pivot Tables, Data Tables (WhatIF Analysis), Regression Analysis, Budgeting, Consolidated Company Reporting, Payroll Analysis, and most importantly, Xero Data BACKUPs are all under the hood of QWD.
Thank you so much !

Please can XERO make the BANK RULES API available so that we can all manage Bank Rules more effectively.

Jet Convert  

Very good addon! I am a business adviser and I have clients wanting to report on job profit and loss, but the tracking in Xero doesn't provide enough reports. Now that I can export general ledger details to Excel and with pivot table, all required reports can be done in a flash. Love it!

Tony Wang  

This section is for addon reviews. If you have any questions about my addons, you can email me at ruairi@quickwindevelopment.com . Or open a discussion in the Using Xero Addons Section. I'm always open to questions, feedback and suggestions.

Ruairi M  

It seems like a very thoughtfully designed app.

I noticed that there is no upload capability.

I wonder why.

David Wilson  

QWD provides a great option for Xero users who want flexibility and value. Many other reporting add-ons require a monthly subscription based on the number of clients supported. With QWD, a one time licensing fees allows me to create and tailor reports to my client's needs. Once I create the report for one client, I can easily use the same template for any or all of my clients. No additional fees each and every month. The support and additional functionality that Ruairi provides for users is exceptional! The pride he has in is work is obvious. Thanks for a great reporting solution that complements the strengths of Xero!

Kyle Pace  

Exporting data is usually a chore but with QWD you can easily get the data you need and create your own reports specific to your needs. QWD lets you refresh that data easily as you update xero. Having the flexibility to report how I want and given the nominal price of QWD I strongly recommend this product to anyone wanting a simple, elegant and workable solution to report on xero data.

Timothy Cocaro  

A great add-on for any user of Xero that has a basic understanding of Excel. It is easy to use and makes the information in Xero easly available. I have received quick responses from the developers to my questions. I highly recommend it.

Matthew Stokes  

Very flexible. Tool provides good templates and examples. You need a bit of Excel pivot table skills in order to really make best use of the capabilities. Recommended.

Peter Shepard  

This is an excellent add-on from QWD - the product we've been waiting for! Its a fact of life that accountants use Excel because no business reports or operates in the same way. This product allows live integration with Xero giving you the best of all worlds and addresses one of Xero's big weaknesses. Highly recommended.

Matt Wakerley  

Great Add-On for Xero to assist in the reporting for Tracking items.

This provided the reporting functionality that is lacking in Xero in this area, and provide valuable reporting.

Great Product!

Allanah Nieuwenhuizen  

Excellent Add-On! And excellent service from QWD

I am sure that I am only using a fraction of the functionality available in this Add-On as I am not a super Excel expert. However, what I am using is saving me at least a couple of hours every month calculating commissions.
I really like Xero, but its reporting is so limited and this was the best Excel add-on to help me.
I run my own small business and could not justify the sort of monthly fee many reporting providers charge for a product that is far more complex than I require. This one does what I need and at a very reasonable price.

In addition, Ruairi has been very helpful. He has politely and patiently explained things that I had misunderstood.

I recommend this Add-On

Jayne Reddyhoff  

Great Add-on! Thanks QWD!

I can do everything I need. If I can't, simply send a request, all done! Just so much value in it!

Jerry Zhao  

This is a must have add-on for every accountant.

It is not everyday that you get blown away by a great product and awesome customer service - for example, whilst evaluating the product I raised a few questions and enhancements...within hours the enhancements were implemented into the live product.

Thank you QWD.

Jonathan Gaunt  

VERY cool set of tools for those who know what they are doing in Excel. I've used this with several clients to create customised dashboards for their workflows like this one here.

Dan - Ocius Digital

Daniel Fairbairn  

An excellent tool for anyone wanting to link Excel to Xero. I found an issue with part paid invoices showing the total invoice amount rather than the remaining amount due - 15 minutes later there was a new version released with an extra Amount Due column in the report! Well worth the money.

Jon Day  

This is sensational! Probably saved me weeks of coding. So easy to use (see Ruairi's video) and actually works as advertised. What really blew me away is that about 5 hours ago I emailed the developer and asked for a feature. He instantly responded, we parlayed the design a couple of times, and he has just released it in the product! Unbelievable. This is one responsive developer. Never mind the fact that I'm in Australia and he is somewhere in UK. I've rarely been more impressed. 110/100. Oh, and I never heard of the product or company prior to 8 hours ago. So this is genuinely an independent review.

John Cromie  

As a Chartered Accountant, I have yet to find a reporting module in an accounting system that is worth using so do all of my Exco, Board etc reporting in Excel.

QWD has released an Excel tool that is able to extract most of the data from Xero giving us accountants significantly more flexibility to report without having to export, copy and paste etc. Plus there is data that is not available from Xero currently.

QWD is also very quick to respond to suggestions and questions and they certainly are on the right track to set us free from the awful Xero reporting module. Thank you QWD. You have made my life easier!

Update 25th May 2014 - this is still the best Excel integration tool for Xero I have found, plus the support is very, very quick when needed.

Update 13th September 2016 - nothing changed, even though the big online reporting tools have grown significantly, I still find they do not have enough flexibility so being able to import Xero data straight into Excel is still the best reporting solution for me.

Murray Barnetson  

Ideal for those who are most comfortable with Excel - good range of data can be pulled from Xero and then you can do what you want with it!

Kudos to dev team!!

Ewen Bishop