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QWD Excel Integration Tools

Started by Xero API -   in Add-on Reviews |Reporting

4.8 out of 5 stars
Based on 22 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and QWD Excel Integration Tools, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About QWD Excel Integration Tools

QWD Excel Integration Tools gives you direct access to Xero. Build the reports you want with the data you need using the power and flexibility of MS Excel.
For more information, check out QWD Excel Integration Tools.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with QWD Excel Integration Tools, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For support contact QWD Excel Integration Tools via email.

24 Customer Reviews
Ideal for those who are most comfortable with Excel - good range of data can be pulled from Xero and then you can do what you want with it!

Kudos to dev team!!

Ewen Bishop  

As a Chartered Accountant, I have yet to find a reporting module in an accounting system that is worth using so do all of my Exco, Board etc reporting in Excel.

QWD has released an Excel tool that is able to extract most of the data from Xero giving us accountants significantly more flexibility to report without having to export, copy and paste etc. Plus there is data that is not available from Xero currently.

QWD is also very quick to respond to suggestions and questions and they certainly are on the right track to set us free from the awful Xero reporting module. Thank you QWD. You have made my life easier!

Murray Barnetson  

This is sensational! Probably saved me weeks of coding. So easy to use (see Ruairi's video) and actually works as advertised. What really blew me away is that about 5 hours ago I emailed the developer and asked for a feature. He instantly responded, we parlayed the design a couple of times, and he has just released it in the product! Unbelievable. This is one responsive developer. Never mind the fact that I'm in Australia and he is somewhere in UK. I've rarely been more impressed. 110/100. Oh, and I never heard of the product or company prior to 8 hours ago. So this is genuinely an independent review.

John Cromie  

An excellent tool for anyone wanting to link Excel to Xero. I found an issue with part paid invoices showing the total invoice amount rather than the remaining amount due - 15 minutes later there was a new version released with an extra Amount Due column in the report! Well worth the money.

Jon Day  

VERY cool set of tools for those who know what they are doing in Excel. I've used this with several clients to create customised dashboards for their workflows like this one here.

Dan - Ocius Digital

Daniel Fairbairn  

This is a must have add-on for every accountant.

It is not everyday that you get blown away by a great product and awesome customer service - for example, whilst evaluating the product I raised a few questions and enhancements...within hours the enhancements were implemented into the live product.

Thank you QWD.

Jonathan Gaunt  

Great Add-on! Thanks QWD!

I can do everything I need. If I can't, simply send a request, all done! Just so much value in it!

Jerry Zhao  

Excellent Add-On! And excellent service from QWD

I am sure that I am only using a fraction of the functionality available in this Add-On as I am not a super Excel expert. However, what I am using is saving me at least a couple of hours every month calculating commissions.
I really like Xero, but its reporting is so limited and this was the best Excel add-on to help me.
I run my own small business and could not justify the sort of monthly fee many reporting providers charge for a product that is far more complex than I require. This one does what I need and at a very reasonable price.

In addition, Ruairi has been very helpful. He has politely and patiently explained things that I had misunderstood.

I recommend this Add-On

Jayne Reddyhoff  

Great Add-On for Xero to assist in the reporting for Tracking items.

This provided the reporting functionality that is lacking in Xero in this area, and provide valuable reporting.

Great Product!

Allanah Nieuwenhuizen  

This is an excellent add-on from QWD - the product we've been waiting for! Its a fact of life that accountants use Excel because no business reports or operates in the same way. This product allows live integration with Xero giving you the best of all worlds and addresses one of Xero's big weaknesses. Highly recommended.

Matt Wakerley  

Very flexible. Tool provides good templates and examples. You need a bit of Excel pivot table skills in order to really make best use of the capabilities. Recommended.

Peter Shepard  

A great add-on for any user of Xero that has a basic understanding of Excel. It is easy to use and makes the information in Xero easly available. I have received quick responses from the developers to my questions. I highly recommend it.

Matthew Stokes  

Exporting data is usually a chore but with QWD you can easily get the data you need and create your own reports specific to your needs. QWD lets you refresh that data easily as you update xero. Having the flexibility to report how I want and given the nominal price of QWD I strongly recommend this product to anyone wanting a simple, elegant and workable solution to report on xero data.

Timothy Cocaro  

QWD provides a great option for Xero users who want flexibility and value. Many other reporting add-ons require a monthly subscription based on the number of clients supported. With QWD, a one time licensing fees allows me to create and tailor reports to my client's needs. Once I create the report for one client, I can easily use the same template for any or all of my clients. No additional fees each and every month. The support and additional functionality that Ruairi provides for users is exceptional! The pride he has in is work is obvious. Thanks for a great reporting solution that complements the strengths of Xero!

Kyle Pace  

It seems like a very thoughtfully designed app.

I noticed that there is no upload capability.

I wonder why.

David Wilson  

This section is for addon reviews. If you have any questions about my addons, you can email me at ruairi@quickwindevelopment.com . Or open a discussion in the Using Xero Addons Section. I'm always open to questions, feedback and suggestions.

Ruairi M  

Very good addon! I am a business adviser and I have clients wanting to report on job profit and loss, but the tracking in Xero doesn't provide enough reports. Now that I can export general ledger details to Excel and with pivot table, all required reports can be done in a flash. Love it!

Tony Wang  

There is no need for any other reporting addon. QWD (Quick Win Development) does everything you can dream up in the report arena. Thanks to the developer, the program is running in XP as well if the DotNet and Office Runtimes are downloaded, then the VSTO file is run from an IE8 window. With Excel Pivot Tables, Data Tables (WhatIF Analysis), Regression Analysis, Budgeting, Consolidated Company Reporting, Payroll Analysis, and most importantly, Xero Data BACKUPs are all under the hood of QWD.
Thank you so much !

Please can XERO make the BANK RULES API available so that we can all manage Bank Rules more effectively.

Jet Convert  

This is an awesome product.

I've tried several other reporting Xero add-ons and they all good at what they do, but only allow very limited tailoring, which hasn't worked for a single client of ours.
This allows so much I can not think of any limitation, other than my excel skills.

If you only have half a brain with excel you will be able to do more with this than anything else I've seen so far, its that good for reporting, KPI's, dashboard, etc.
It even allows you to consolidate different companies and budget data.

Also, Ruairi is great at responding to all my queries.

Buy this before they put the price up or start charging subscription, it is a Gem

Gideon Lawrence  

Still getting around with this, but it is fair to say it is a very good and easy to use add on.

Alex Chen  

Awesome add-on!! With access to all available data in Xero, synced directly to excel, the possibilities are endless. This add-on outperforms all other add-ons I have seen, and I have seen a lot.

The support is also second to none. I have received almost instant reponses to my queries directly from the developer.

David McKellar  

Love it, worked perfectly.

14 day free trial, lots of features, robust overall far more than I expected. This is a Xero essential for anyone even mildly interested in reporting.

Support from the developer was quick,friendly and I cant recommend this enough.

Robert Barrett  

Its early days for me and I'm still using the trials, but this add-on is just what I need and gets around some pretty serious reporting deficiencies in Xero. Very helpful supporting services and incredibly responsive too. I'm sure Xero could learn from him!

Peter Harding  

The QWD Excel Integration Tool allows us to customise reports to our clients specific needs. Reports can maintain links to Xero which can be refreshed as required. It makes the reporting process in Xero effortless and seamless, and allows us to provide accurate, timely & well presented custom reports to clients.

Tanya Titman