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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Invoicing + Jobs

4.7 out of 5 stars
Based on 50 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Tradify, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Tradify

Tradify is the smart new tool helping tradies get their nights back. We make quoting, scheduling and invoicing easy (previously known as Smart Jobs).
For more information, check out Tradify.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Tradify, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For support visit the Tradify support center here or contact support via email.

We have been using Tradify for a year now and have been quite happy with how its handling our needs, we find it to be quite a good fit for a company in the trades industry. After experimenting with other platforms we've come to appreciate the work flow it provides from quote entry to billing. The team over at Tradify are responsive to tickets and get back to you within 24 hours. We can recommend at least giving it a try to see if it fits your workflow.

Nate C. Operations Manager

Nathan Chiu  

I am an Electrical Contractor and I have been using Tradify for about 9 months to streamline my invoicing and easily send details to my accountant via Xero.
The online help staff are always helpfull.
It's a great tool for busy trades people and I would recommend

Ian Duddridge  

I have had Tradify for around 18 months now and i think it is fantastic. I run an Electrical Contracting business that is predominantly domestic but does all sorts of work.

I like how simple it is, it does not over complicate things. It allows me to see clearly what i am making on each job and it contains all of my pricing for labour and materials quoting, i track my jobs on the scheduler easily and clearly, i find it simple to use and clear to see whats happening.

I have found the support to be quick and efficient and only rarely experienced minor issues that require assistance.

I was using a program called Job Tracker which is a dedicated program for Electrical Contractors but it cost twice as much, was not as easy to use, constantly tried to sell you features, had regular crashes and the support was no where near as effective.

The best feature for my business is the ability of tradify to send the invoices straight to Xero, this save a great deal of time and also eliminates the chance of things being forgotten.

Highly recommend Tradify to any small/medium business look for a simple straight forward program to keep track of your daily business needs.

Ben Lusted  

Tradify is excellent for our Plumbing business. We have a team of busy employees and it is easy to use, train and maintai. It save lots of time on management and invociing and the job tracking is great.

The biggest plus is the continued support and constatnt improvements. highly recommended.

Jimmy Wasson  

I have been using Tradify now for a few months at my plumbing company. I have used a few other software systems which were great but when you compare pricing and ease of use Tradify is certainly a key winner for my business. I look forward to their growth and future updates (hopefully a link to my phone calendar with my scheduler) but all in all a very good software at a great price. once i have my update its a 5*. Keep up the good work guys

james turner  

We have worked with Curtis and the Tradify team for around 3 year now. Our team work with multiple applications and provide integrated system implementation across NZ. We have found Tradify to work extremely well for clients looking to move from paper based systems and simplify workflows. Tradify allows businesses to become more efficient day to day with a centralised job management system accessible on any device. With an easy to use diary for scheduling, simple job management interface both desktop and mobile and ability to upload documents/files on jobs it is a great system. With Xero integration combined removal of double entry for invoicing/purchase data is excellent.

Todd Dunick  

We here at R J Crouch Ltd have been using Tradify for approx a year now and have found it a vital tool for job management. While we don't use it to its full potential it certainly help us track labour and material usage at the same time increasing profits due to less chargeable items slipping though the cracks. I would recommend to any tradesperson

Richard Crouch  

Iv been using tradify & Xero for the last 6 months. Tradify is great for organizing jobs, quotes & invoices can be easily & Quickly done, & it links in well with Xero, which make all your accounting & invoicing simple. Both Tradify & Xero are great for any business, they both save me time & money!. I highly recommend Tradify & Xero!

Bryce Anderson  

I've been using Tradify since mid last year and It has helped streamlined our jobs. One major help was that fact its good for small or large companies. Shortly after starting to use it we picked up a large contract with a building company, having Tradify helped massively in keeping track of jobs and making sure none were missed for invoicing.

Mark Mackenzie
Kenzie Air

Mark MacKenzie  

I am relatively new to Tradify, but have found it to be a very powerful yet super easy service.
The sleek and seamless integration with Xero just adds to the overall package.
My only suggestion would be to allow use of the mobile app offline for when people are out of service range, with the changes being uploaded to the cloud once they are back in civilization.
Hopefully this becomes a feature soon.

I would and have highly recommended Tradify for other small business.

Joe Crook
Shodan Electrical PTY LTD

Joseph Crook  

I've been using Tradify for about a year and love it. The interfaces are very user friendly and took me very little time to figure out most features. In the odd occasion where I didn't understand something, the online help staff were super helpful.

I would consider the integration with Xero one of the best features: invoicing honestly takes me 5 minutes. They seem to be constantly tweaking all aspects for an even better user experience.

Would recommend to any business owner.

Liam Griffin  

I have been using tradify for the last two years and I have not looked back.

When I first started my business 5 years ago I was keeeping track of all
My jobs on a carbon copy book, hand written descriptions of jobs and material. To than go home and price every item of material I had hand written that day.

Once my business grew I knew I need to find a better way.

I stumbled across tradify through a work colleague. I had a quick look and knew that this was the way forward.

I now doing do all my job info live on the job, as well as my employees.

Invoice are sent straight away, job profit and loss is seen instantly and best of all my business is a professional as it can be, because of such a software.

I have my life back and it's all due to tradify

Troy Carter  

I was so sceptical when I first looked at how Tradify would mesh with our financial recording systems. However, we are now using the full functions of Tradify to manage our jobs. Estimates are now completed on site, job status and notes are easily communicated to field operatives and supervisors. We all know where our companions are and what they are doing.

The integration with our financial accounts is great. No double entry of details, cross checks on job costs. P.O.'s, Bills, Invoicing, Job Reports easily completed and available for all our managers in real time. Personally, I have found that the purchasing methodology is very helpful, it streamlines our back office functions as the field operatives place orders from site and update our kits, items, prices, suppliers without the need for any back office intervention.

The quoting and ordering system is comprehensive and covers all contingencies. Tradify allows us to communicate to our clients our costs in simple terms, it has various functions that allow bespoke forms and themes, allowing corporate branding of different divisions.

Tradify has saved my company time and money and with the technical support available I would recommend Tradify as a solution for job management.

Markus Fitzhenry, Admin Manager, Helitec Structural Services.

Markus Fitzhenry  

If you are based in the UK I wouldn't bother with this product. There is no customer support. I have emailed on three occasions for help to no avail. Six days later I have not even received acknowledgement of my first email. It is a shame because from the outside it does look half decent. Despite having a UK number to call, if you call it during normal GMT work hours you go straight to an answering machine. Really disappointing.

Nic - Accounts  

We moved to using Tradify in November 2016. Prior to this was using a combination of WorkflowMax for all of our small jobs and Co-Construct for our large jobs. After using tradify for the past 4 month we have found it to be a pretty good, not perfect but definitely more trade friendly. We have 6 Builders using it daily for job notes, loading photos etc.
Would like to see some better reporting.

Jason Harvey - Cornerstone Building Ltd

Jason Harvey  

We could not speak more highly of our experience with Tradify over the last 1.5 years. It captures all of the essential features required including quoting, scheduling, capturing of costs and invoicing all while remaining simple and easy to use.

We spent several months looking for the right system and also engaged a specialist who put us on to Tradify.

We have never looked back and look forward to working with Tradify in the future.

Anthony, ESP Project Group Pty Ltd

Anthony Stone  

I have been using Tradify for around a year now and find it very easy to use and covers off all the things I need within my business at the moment. In the Jobs, Quoting and Invoicing aspects of the platform are very easy to use and save me a lot of time. I look further to expanding my use of the platform in the new year and using more options.
The support from the Team at Tradify is always spot on and very quick in response to any of my requests.

Mick Collins
Mick Collins Plumbing Pty Ltd

Michael Collins  

In Reply to Joe Prichard below,

Thanks for your honest feedback on the system, we take all the feedback we receive on board as it’s our number one priority to improve the system for all our users.

We would love the opportunity to chat further about this with you, however we’ve been unable to find your name or details in our system to get in touch - so please reach out to us at support@tradifyhq.com as we would love to continue this discussion.

We’re working hard to create a solid system that can bring value to all tradespeople from water blasters to locksmiths and everyone in-between.

Denym @ Tradify

Denym Bird  

I honestly dont know what all these 5 star reviews are about. We are so annoyed at this system that I felt compelled to tell a different version. We have used Tradepro, Jobsheet, GeoOp then iTrade now Tradify.

We are a slightly bigger firm with 8 tradesman
Do you remember all the promises from GeoOp about how they were going to be the next latest and greatest thing. Then the disasters, the offline blackouts, the slowdowns, the features that never happened, the simple bugs that never got fixed, the useless customer support. Tradify has all the signs of being another GeoOp again.

Tradify looks very good when you first sign up and get in.
The dashboard looks simple enough to use, but it is next to useless it actually fails to show where any given job is at any given moment, it is just clunky and not easy to navigate.

Mobile App
This is ok actually, but it is not sophisticated enough to handle materials,Its missing basics like purchase orders, stock control, quick lists, health and safety.Its offline functionality is zero,

There is no indepth reporting in here, it is so basic it is almost hard to believe, there is no way to manage a business from the reporting.

Quoting is a joke in this platform, its ok if you are doing a simple quote to waterblast a house or change a lock. Trying to quote a 3 bedroom house is a farce, it has no bill of materials, its merchant price book management is woeful.

I could go on and on about how disappointing this platform is compared to how much hype we were sold on it. I think that is what gets my back up the most. It's ok to say, hey we are a starter level package, and we are good for up to 4 people in a simple service business.

There is no one in the business who seems to actually knows what happens in a real trades company. They just don't have the technical depth to understand how to solve complex workflows.

Best of luck on improving the platform guys, but be honest with everyone, dont oversell what you dont have yet.


Joe Pritchard  

Our company started using Tradify as soon as we heard it was a NZ software and also the fact we were having a bit of difficulty with our previously used software. Tradify was so simple and easy to use. We use it for all our scheduling, appointments, invoices and even emails! Tradify has made doing business so easy. They also have a live chat where you can ask questions about the areas you are needing help and the team are awesome. They reply so quickly and will try to help you out wherever you need it. Our company loves Tradify and will be continuing to use this. Thanks guys!

jesse parsons  

My accounting services company has many franchisee clients who were struggling to manage the front end of their business on a cost effective basis. Tradify came up as the viable alternative not only due to cost , but it was much more user friendly and so confidence was gained almost immediately by them in relying on this software. Also it was easy to tailor Tradify to suit the financial reporting set up required in their Xero.

Now the word is spreading amongst the other franchisees that the support team at Tradify are keen to help set up their scheduling , manpower allocations , and their timely billing to their customers ; and best of all at no set up cost !

And the initial good experience is ongoing since the tech support is excellent and seems to be available even outside of normal business hours which is great when the franchisees are so busy with their clients during the day.

I look forward to becoming a partner/ reseller for Tradify in Australia as I want to be able to support other business clients as well , and this product is ideal for the trades type businesses.

Nah Adams
AMG Service Corp.

Martin Adams  

We have been using Tradify for several months now and Xero. We are finding that we have more control on our jobs and invoicing. In the past it has been very hard to get job sheets and invoices done as it always seems to be the last thing you want to do after a days work. With this system it is done as you go. Our computer savvy employee has taken to it easily, the dinosaur is taking longer but is getting better every day and can see that it will work so it is worth the challenge to keep going and learning.

Sharon Baker  

We are a small but growing electrical contracting business. We were previously running our jobs using a paper system and finding it difficult to properly prepare for jobs/materials/scheduling and keep up with the paperwork etc.

Tradify has completely changed the game for us - the guys on the field are so much happier as all of the job details (times,materials, notes, tasks, quotes, photos) are at their disposal. Everybody feels like they have more control/ownership in the day-to-day of the business.
We are utilising the productivity and financial reports to increase efficiency and profit margins. It links seamlessly with Xero which is fantastic. I can keep track of product pricing comparisons with suppliers to save a bit extra.

The support from Tradify has been really great aswell - always prompt and happy to help out and they're always working on ways to evolve.

Ashalin Browne  

We started with Tradify right at the start of our business and have enjoyed it ever since. Easy to set up and self teach as to how it works. Its been great out in the field utilising the App as well. We don't use it to its fullest potential as yet but as we grow we are looking forward to learning more. Fast turn around time between my questions and their answers. Love the new look.

Charlotte Martella  

Nelson Garage Doors has been using Tradify for over a year and found it to be easy and intuitive to use in the office and out in the field, the recent upgrade to the platform has only made it better.
The real benefits to us using Tradify are:
All information of each job is available on our smart phones and is up to date,
No physical Job Sheets required that could be lost meaning the chance of lost revenue,
Easy to schedule jobs and keep track of time spent on each job,
Notes on jobs updated in real time and easy to read,
Able to schedule follow up visits and servicing for warranty conditions months or years forward,
Use of job notes makes invoicing quick, accurate and informative to customers,
The integration with Xero is seamless and keeps all our customer records and job information in one place.

A great App with excellent support and back up.
Nelson Garage Doors


Craig Peattie  

We been using Tradify for a year now and has made a tremendous difference to the way we run the business. No more lost job sheets with cost that got missed of invoices!.
We can now see where we are with all the current jobs easily.
The connection to Xero saves double typing and time as well.
Customers say send me the invoice over to which we reply its already in you inbox!
Using the app on an iPad makes invoicing on the job very easy.
If we have had issues or question we get a quick response from Tradify,and have used webinars to get help very effectively.
They seem interested in feedback and want to genuinely help you.
The sort of support you don,t get from some big names in the software market.

Tradify has just become a very useful tool we use every day to get the job done more quickly and has been almost automatic to us every day on jobs.
The new version removes many of the restrictions that where in place on the mobile app and makes it truly mobile without having to go back to office if you use a tablet.

I would be happy to recommend this to any trades business.

ian webb  

I have been using Tradify for over a year now and it was the original reason I moved to Xero for my accounting program. Together they have allowed me to keep track of my hours and materials better then ever before.

Tradify's support and developer teams are always eager to assist and to implement ideas from their clients. Their platform used to require Microsoft Silverlight which meant it would not run on Chrome but they have now redeveloped the interface and that is now fixed.

I'm currently beta testing the new interface and I can't fault it so far. I have looked at other options but non have the features of Tradify at their price.

Happy to recommend it to anyone.

Diego Campagna  

We have been using Tradify since it was known as Smartjobs and continue to value it in the day to day running of the business. Our field engineers all have the Tradify App on their phones and can easily access or upload any information relating to a particular job.The entire process from producing a quote, through job management and to invoicing is intuitive and straight forward. There may be other similar programs available with more features, but Tradify has everything we need.

Andy Bradshaw  

We've been using Tradify for a couple of years now and it is brilliant. There is a seamless integration with Xero, and between the two we have been able to do anything, anytime, anywhere. Tradify have a great support team, and are always making continual improvements. Its been very easy for our guys on the road to use as well, and they love no more paper time sheets. Tradify has made our life so much easier - thanks Tradify!

Julie Court  

Tradify has totaly changed our business.
No more reciept juggling and we always know where we are at with our budget and time allowed for jobs

les edwards  

Tradify has given me a life again, with time out of the office at night. I tried other software and was disappointed until I switched to Tradify. It links flawlessly with Xero, enabling customers and inventory to be imported and get it instantly operational.

Job scheduling is much more efficient than other programs I have tried.

I have draft invoices waiting in Xero for me to approve at the end of the day. All labour and materials are already added to the invoice, with the only requirement needed from me is to occasionally alter the description of work done, before approving and printing.

The timesheet function instantly shows the billable hours daily and for the week, which identifies staff productivity. I can instantly see if there are hours missed being billed out, or poor staff productivity. This enables me to take the necessary action to rectify issues, which I was previously unaware of.

We use Tradify on iphone, smart phones, ipads, iMac and PCs. It works across all devices we use on a daily basis.

Gary Grey
A Grade Electricians

Gary Grey  

I Have been using "Tradify" job management system for 10 months and cannot fault it. Tradify basically revolutionised my business eliminating paper work, missed invoicing, missed materials etc. It also doubles up for staff or vehicle tracking. I have 4 vehicles on the road and simply load up the jobs on my home PC, or any other device, even smart phone, if away from the office. The team receives the job and gets it done, thank god to 'the cloud'. They can add materials, hours, photos, signatures, its all there. At the end of the job they can even invoice the client directly or simply leave it to me. I can track staff hours and pay them accordingly. There are more features I don't even utilise for my business but they are there when you want them. In the beginning my staff learned the new system in about 1/2 hour, its really easy. The support is FANTASTIC. I had a couple of live feeds and they took me through and showed me everything I needed to know. Any other questions are very quickly answered by their support staff.
Tradify links to Xero beautifully. I honestly don't know how I would ever go back to the old ways.
I can now go away on vacation, log on, load up jobs, invoice jobs, track my staff, send invoices, pay wages without the restriction of working from the home office.I am Finally LIVING THE DREAM I didn't think was possible, thanks to both Xero and Tradify Job management.

Steven Gravemade  

Hi, I started using Tradify from day one of setting up my business almost 12 months ago. It has been the perfect tool for someone like myself who is a new business owner. Very easy to use and set up and the integration with Xero is great.

Haden Bloodworth
Pinnacle Electrical Ltd

Haden Bloodworth  

Tradify is fantastic. It was great when we started using it and they somehow seem to make it better with updates.

The integration with Xero makes it easy to setup, and our field team love using it as well.

The time saved in not having to check on jobs or find where they are makes us more money than the small cost of using the system.

We are using the new Beta 2.0 in Chrome and it's brilliant!!!

If you have a small or large crew you need this system.

Liza Barlow  

Tradify has streamlined our business. We now capture 99% of our billable hours and the items we purchase to onsell. It's easy for the Techs to use and that is the key - its easy! Looking back over the year our profit has increased and our stock levels are at their lowest they have ever been!

Louise Bell  

Hi, Our business is situated throughout Australia and New Zealand. We have been using Smartjobs/Tradify and Xero for a few years now.

The Tradify system has made organising our job runs significantly, with the use of the map. over the years as the program is new, we have advised of some changes for ease of use which has always been met with a positive response, as they are always looking at improvements. Every update applied has only improved the ease of use. very little issues as a front end user has happened over the years and all been fixed or investigated immediately.

The Xero system has interacted seamlessly with Tradify and is very user friendly. All my accounting needs have been met. I have found the help centre really helpful and when I have contacted them for further assistance this has always happened promptly.

overall both systems are an asset within any business.

Kerry Roberson  

We've been using Tradify for a while now and will definitely recommend it to anyone. Easy to use and easy to learn. Makes everything so much easier. Invoicing is easy and nothing is let out or forgotten.

It also made productivity so much better in our workplace. Great system for any trades company.

Alecia Botha  

Sydney Espresso Services is an Espresso repair company in NSW, Australia. We have 8 mobile technicians completing 5-6 jobs per day each.
Prior to using Tradify, we were working on multiple platforms, which lacked efficiency. We were always behind in our invoicing which impacted cash flow significantly.
Now we use one platform - from scheduling the job, right through to processing the invoice.
Invoicing is immediate and cash flow has improved beyond belief.
It has also allowed us to increase our technical staff without increasing admin staff.

It is perfect for any business operating field technicians.
We highly recommend Tradify as a platform alongside Xero.

Ash Kotzen  

We've been using Tradify for a little under a year and we found it has everything we need. We used to send emails to our tradesmen who then used to email hand written invoices back and we couldn't keep track of what had been done or not. With Tradify, I can see what is scheduled, what is waiting, what is complete and our tradesmen invoice the jobs as soon as they're finished and send the draft to Xero for me to 'make pretty' and send to our customers. No more waiting until the tradesmen remember to do the invoice and no more forgetting about jobs. I can't recommend Tradify highly enough. And their technical support team is brilliant. We don't use every feature yet but I know it's there for when we do need it. Finally a product that works. Xero could learn a thing or two from you guys!

Penny Segalla
Bridge North Plumbing Pty Ltd

Bridge North Plumbing Pty Ltd  

Scheduling, Quoting, Purchase orders, Invoicing, Excellent Xero Integration, Great mobile solution all for a Excellent price. Awesome work Tradity. Has helped us organise our business in so many ways, from efficient scheduling to getting payments on time. It's one to try if you are looking for a great system to organise your business.

Russell Kennedy
Appliance Repairs Ltd

Russell Kennedy  

We switched from shuffling papers to Tradify in Jan this year due to increase in staff numbers and not being able to get a good gauge on what suburbs were performing well in regards to advertising. As a business we can't be happier the more time you put into Tradify the more you useful data you can extract to benefit you business. After using Tradify for 7 Months we now have dumped most of our advertising due to poor performance and Tradify helped us back this up by tracking where our job are located. The scheduling and quoting work well with all team members alerted as soon as a new job is uploaded in the system. as well as enabling them to adjust their schedule if they need time off and accounting for all hours within the time sheet function. Would love to see it link to our calendar and or alert the users of what time to leave to reach the next job. The guys are always contactable to resolve any issues ASAP which is crucial in our Plumbing business. Keep evolving and Keep up the great work Tradify!!

David McCarthy
David McCarthy Plumbing Pty Ltd

David McCarthy  

tried to install and asked me to change web browser to firefox. Tick. Asked me to download silverlight Tick. Tried to fool me into changing search engine to that horrible disgusting BING untick. Could not figure out how to sign in but had a beautiful bland blue screen. untick.
to hard for me and i give it 1 star

Brian Burke  

Heat Force Ltd is a small but diverse HVAC business and we looked a number of job management systems to help bring order to our business and better manage our job scheduling and quoting systems. A key function we needed to do well was estimating and quoting as we had developed our own in-house system to meet our needs and we struggled to find anything else that was flexible enough to adapt to the wide range of scenarios and customers we deal with. We found the Tradify item management, quote creation, job scheduling, and billing to be easy to customise to our needs and to provide us with the high quality outputs we require to present to our clients. The mobile app also gives us complete connectivity to the system in the field and our field staff are able to upload job notes, photos, costs etc all from our job sites with ease. The integration with Xero is also excellent and we now use Tradify for all our purchasing and billing with the data pushed through to Xero for reconciling. The ability to customise any number of templates for a wide range of email outputs has also allowed us to standardise our communication with our customers and decreases the time taken when personalising invoicing etc for our customers.
Tradify is an excellent solution for any trades / jobs based business and we are happy to recommend it to anyone looking for a solution to their job management issues.

Hamish Martin
Heat Force Ltd


Hamish Martin  

I have been using Tradify for at least a year in my maintenance business. I wish it was around when I had a larger construction business previously, would have made life much easier!
Any queries are dealt with promptly and work-arounds designed if I do come against an operation that is not easily dealt in the current system. However the fixes to the limitations I have experienced were then incorporated into future releases. So top marks for service and ongoing improvement.
I also recommended it to my partners in another business and they are also very happy with it.
Great product.

Steve Zeiger  

Tradify does most things we want it to. We run a small business with 3 technicians and a couple of salespeople and Tradify is a good way of scheduling and invoicing our work. The added benefit is that it is compatible with Xero which our book keeper loves. No package is perfect but Tradify has been the best we have found and we will continue to use it moving forward.

Nick Sperryn-Jones  

We've been using Tradify since before it was known as Smart Jobs - can't rave about the system enough - easy to use/learn system, there's always help at hand and the system is saving us so much office time and giving us a GREAT data base system.
Easy emailing of invoices/receipts from the iPad keeps Greg's time at jobs to a minimum, allowing him to focus on the clients and their pets instead of paperwork.
Being able to schedule jobs to the minute and seeing where we have times available for appointments makes getting to all those who require us simple and easily formatted or changed if/when required - our appointment times and days are a breeze to schedule, having the client information at my fingertips back here at the office and being able to advise if Greg's running to schedule out on the road by seeing 'completed' jobs keeps clients updated and informed without me having to call or bother Greg for updates throughout the day... happiness all around!
The fact I don't have to be a computer 'whizz' to understand and run Tradify means I am forever recommending it to others with small / medium or large business's... you can adapt it to fit your needs and it will grow with you if you plan to expand ... well done Tradify ... keep up the great work!
>^..^< Greg & Alie Wakelin =^..^=
Pet Doors R Us
the 'Back Door Cat Door Man' Limited

Alie Wakelin  

We've been using Tradify for a while now and it works well for us, moving from the paper based job sheets (which was painful at the best of times) to managing our jobs in Tradify.

The App is crucial for our team - in the workshop and out - if the boys haven't recorded details on a job, they can do it on their smart phones from anywhere and we can continue with the invoicing.

Its great how the time sheets are collated from the time entered on a job or just as non billable and simple reporting to identify how productive our boys really are... or not!

We don't use Tradify to its fullest potential as its not required but what we do use is great and has saved us hours when invoicing, as well as less headaches.

The support team are quick to respond and will follow up by phone if needed, thanks guys.

Upson Contracting Limited

Tracy Rigby  

We have a small business with a few employees. We decided to give Tradify a crack 18 months ago and we haven't looked back. Before Tradify we operated with a diary and paper job sheets/work orders - there was paper everywhere. Since using Tradify we have found a massive reduction in jobs being missed also improved time keeping and material logging which has significantly improved our bottom line. One of the best parts of using Tradify is their support and their continuing effort to improve and develop the program.

Steve Holland  

We have been using Tradify for almost 18 months now and it has been the best decision we have made for our business. The app is very user friendly, especially for some of our staff who haven't used computers a lot.
Being able to know exactly where Employees are up to, any anytime of the day on their jobs is so useful. We have used Tradify through two major storm cleanups and I can honestly say I don't know how we would have been able to keep up with all the work without this.
From knowing where our staff are and keeping an up to date scheduler from day to day and by the hour. Being able to upload photos for insurance purposes from the location so our office staff can access them immediately, to uploading work orders.
A major plus for us is having the GPS system to get us to the job locations has been invaluable.
On an office base view to have Tradify linked to Xero for accounting purposes has been great. It means a lot less work load.

Woodvale Tree Services Pty Ltd.

Danielle Jarvis  

Great app and excellent support from the team. We've been using it for 18 months now.

If there was a way to integrate my personal calendar to the scheduler I would be absolutely delighted. I believe they are working on that ....

Reefcosa Electrical Services

Dean Kenway  

Although a nice looking product with many powerful features the many bugs with both desktop and mobile apps caused us to look elsewhere.

This is not the first time I have described a Xero job add on like this, it seems to be quite a common trait..

Dennis Green
Pipe Dreams Plumbing & Heating

Dennis Green  

We are a small business with very diverse income streams. Finding a package flexible enough to work immediately without having complex set up and complex training was something we were looking for. We had been using an existing job tracking system, however, this was nothing more than a card based system which added to the admin burden.

We looked at a few Xero add ons and tried a few out. These were overly complex and leaning towards what Xero does anyway. One of the larger considerations was we wanted a package that would be logical and used "plain language" so our "tradies" and apprentices would feel comfortable using.

We discovered Smart Jobs and after playing with the trial decided to purchase a subscription within days. This app was seamless and easy for everyone to understand and use during the transition from our old job package to Smart Jobs (there really was no transition, everyone just took to the package and started using it).

Previously we were struggling with administration, ordering parts, quoting, invoicing, scheduling and matching orders to jobs for example. Now using Smart Jobs these processes are streamlined and what is a surprise is our staff using the system are self managing work to a level we did not feel was possible. The turnaround with quoting jobs is vastly improved, the invoicing is itemised to a high level of detail and project planning is simplified and easy.

The introduction to Smart Jobs to our business has seen an increase of job completion by freeing working time away from manual administrative process.

Smart Jobs integration with Xero is seamless and it is an add on that does so much that Xero doesn't (I did notice a lot of job or business management apps seem to duplicate the Xero functionality with out adding much in a practical sense of job management).

I recommend Smart Jobs highly (but would't want to give my direct competition the edge we have with this App ;-).

Donald Inman, Director Multivolt Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Appliance Repairs

Accounts Multivolt  

I have been very happy with Smart Jobs, and have been recommending it to other small business and trades.
It is simple to use, and provides a lot of instant services, such as route management and integration with Xero, with relatively few commands.
The best thing that I have found is the technical support- quick and helpful responses.
As above, the Smart Jobs team is willing to listen to my requirements, and tailor a solution accordingly- this alone provides great value for money.

As a small business owner/operator, I couldn't do what I need without Smart Jobs (and I did trial others first!)

Simon Jupe, Owner at Hindmarsh Pest Control


Simon Jupe  

At Centrefit Services Pty Ltd we started our business not really knowing what software was right for us. After reviewing many internet sites and trialling various application for the smart phone, we quickly came to realise that Smart Jobs in conjunction with Zero was the only way forward.

We have been using Smart Jobs since our business started in January 2014 and we cannot do business without it. It's ability to send jobs out to our technicians in real time and invoice the customers is both reliable and time saving.

The team at Smart Jobs have been open to modify the program to suit our business; and in our eyes, this is a fantastic initiative because it shows that they CARE about our business.

For anyone who would like a verbal reference, please do not have hesitate to contact me on 0424 059 646.

Mark Pearce, Director, Centrefit Services Pty Ltd.

Mark Pearce  

When I first decided to Smart Jobs, I really hoped I'd made the right choice. I am totally delighted with the package and the tremendous amount of support Curtis and Smart Jobs has given us. We found a few problems and got a swift response each time. Sometimes it was helping me to learn more about the system, other times it was in response to a comment.

The willingness to listen to customer response and initiate improvements - gives us a great sense of confidence. We know we have chosen a great partner to work with us in our future expansion.

Veronica Peirce, Finance Director, Team Super Ltd.


Veronica Peirce