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Create Delivery note/packing with one click

Started by tony stock in Feature Requests | Idea

Can we have a simple feature that allows a one click option to create a delivery note from an invoice that has already been reconciled. My customers always pay me up front so I normally reconcile their invoice quite quickly. Their goods are then sent out to them several days later at which point I need to print a delivery note for the delivery driver. I currently have to take the payment off of the invoice in order to change the invoice to a different template and then after printing the delivery note revert it back again to the original invoice and re add the the payment....bit of a pain just to produce a delivery note!!
Official Xero Reply
Hi everyone, with little presence from us recently, I'm pleased to update today with more positive news surrounding the idea of packing slips.
While the custom template may be straight-forward once setup, we appreciate it can be tricky if you’re unfamiliar with custom branding in Xero, and that the two-in-one invoice/packing slip template doesn’t work for everyone.

Our invoicing team's developed a basic new way to print invoices and basic packing slips in Xero’s new invoicing experience, and we'd like to offer early access to all who've been involved here to be able to test and provide feedback on this feature.
If this is something you'd like to get onboard, please fill your details in the form here and the team will add you to the test group for early access - Keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks for the new option when printing in new invoicing.

Before getting ahead of ourselves, we do want to be upfront that this development is intended to be a simple solution for those businesses that need to print packing slips, and know that there are ideas expressed within this discussion beyond what we expect to deliver.
For the time being, focus is on Packing slips and we don’t have plans for further scoping Delivery Notes. We understand some of you may choose to stick with your existing method or explore third party apps.

We’ll return to update everyone here on developments.

Kelly M (Community Manager)